Chris Bosh Vents After Loss to Warriors

I wasn’t in the Toronto locker room after the game, so this is all courtesy of other reporters. But this is some good stuff. Not sure how often he says this stuff, but it sounds like he is quite fed up. Losing to the Warriors by double digits just doesn’t sit well with him.

The Raptors now hold the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference. Not too long ago they were No. 5. If Chicago gets its act together down the stretch, Toronto could miss the postseason all together. That certainly isn’t the way to convince Bosh to stick around.

“We’re not playing basketball the way we need to. I guess for some reason, we don’t like to secure a lead and we don’t like to win basketball games.”

“That’s the only thing I can think of. We come out here, we talk about it, we have a billion meetings. We can talk all we want. Unless we do it, it really doesn’t matter. We talk about the third quarter. We talked about the third quarter uesterday. We talked about it at shootaround today. And we go out and do the same thing. So I don’t know. We just lack execution.”

“Just do it. Act like you care. You know, we need to do the things that win. We don’t do the things that win. I’m going down playing offense on their side of the basketball court and their bench is louder than we are. That doesn’t make any sense. They’re not playing for anything. We’re trying to make the playoffs. We’re maybe trying to get a fifth seed, but that’s like slipping every day. We can’t even tell. This isn’t playoff basketball. We’re supposed to be gearing up for the playoffs. Their bench and players are more active than ours is. They get more stops. They get more offensive rebounds. Everybody’s doing everything.”

“It’s like if you look on the schedule right now and see Toronto, I’m sure people are checking something in the win box. I can understand if we lose the game going down fighting. We’re not fighting at all.”

“It ain’t confidence. You just play. If you got feelings and stuff like that, this isn’t the sport for you. Plain and simple. The real world isn’t for you if you have too many feelings. If somebody’s hurting your feelings, you go out there and you play basketball and you play tough because nobody cares about how you feel. Nobody cares if you’re on a 10-game losing streak. Nobody cares if you’re on the road. The only think people care about is if you win a basketball game. That’s it.”

“I don’t know. I’m glad I’m not the coach. I wouldn’t know what to do either. I don’t know how many times you can change it, how many speeches you can give. I don’t know how many lineup changes there can be. I don’t know. The coaches can only do so much. We have to take control of this team because time is ticking and it’s counting down and if we keep playing like we are right now, we’re going to be on the outside looking in.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Hook Mitchell

    A team depleted with injuries?

    Playing D-league players and still challenging teams?

    Excitng up tempo style?

    Front office is quentionable but how can u be mad at their effort?

    I’d take this over years past.

    Ryan lorthridge.
    Vonteego cummings.
    David wood.
    Brian cardinal
    Marc Jackson
    Todd fuller.
    Scott burrell

    them days was horrible

  • Jaydubya51

    I don’t understand cap space so this may not work. I like what Houston is doing with young guys that seem to move without the ball and give it up if someone has a better shots.
    Personally I thought the Warriors looked better when neither Corey or Monta were on the floor. I want to keep draft picks and get better up front. When Corey is the leading rebounder something is wrong. I’d like to be a player in the free agent market for the right player, one that does not bog down the offense and can play defense.
    Could you get Atlanta to bite if you offered either Corey or Monta with Andris for Al Horford and a few of their free agents to dump to free up some cap room? Then could you get Utah to swap Paul Milsap for Corey/Monta. I want to keep the rest of the current “core”. That improves the frontcourt considerably and monies for a free agent, maybe not enough for one of the really big names but then you have money to sign your number one, Wall or Turner if available. I’m thinking that gets you a lot closer to the playoffs with potential to grow. Just a thought.

  • Jaydubya51

    Just to add to above, since Warriors will probably draft no sooner than 3rd and Wall & Turner will probably be gone a good choice for need would be Georgia Tech’s Derrick Favors especially if my other trade suggestions were possible. He could contribute at the defensive end right away and eventually be adequate offensively because of his athleticism. Seems to have a good attitude. Good selection even if the other things don’t materialize.

  • white hate

    Bosh has more heart than our whole team.

    The Warriors starting 5 for Bosh.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Hook Mitchell, it’s the same damn people…and without Curry, how would our season look? same as every year. We’re mad beyond that point. We’re infuiated, we don’t have any more patience or sympathy for BS like this. It’s over. No more crap. We boycott.

  • Hook Mitchell


    without curry I wouldn’t even watch games

    prolly wouldn’t keep up as much or look at box scores.

    Atleast when I tune in it isn’t boring ball without players that interest me.

    Btw. Tolliver is a flash in the pan.
    Another Brian cardinal. I hope we don’t resign him.
    Just let him get s nice contract somewhere else.

    Hunter is a Big soft/finesse C. Me no likey.

    Reggie Williams I loved ever since college at VMI.
    He is a true talent worth keeping. Especially when it looks like CJ is gone

  • Whack-A-Dub

    CJ is actually a restricted FA.
    So is Morrow.
    They could both be back, more pissed than ever. Let Tolliver go. Let hunter go. Let nellie go. I hope Cohan goes.

    Williams would be a keeper IF he could play defense. besides, when turner comes in next year, we could just move Williams to the two to go with buike. Yeah, it would be stupid, but what isn’t when we have the oldest coach in the league with a streetball system that takes away the credit that players like Curry and turner deserve? to me, this is a waste of time. I’d rather go 4-78 for the season and having Turner and Curry learn to play d and become another OKC than have 20 win seasons over and over again, and playing a failing system that allows everyone to run their mouths about our pussy-ball and fastbreak streetball.
    I wish we had a set offense, because Curry and turner would flourish. People forget Davidson was never a fastbreak team.

  • Hook Mitchell

    I hope we get the second pick so we can draft turner.

    I know people are going to complain bout us not drafting a BIG.
    But I’m just not sold on cousins. He just lumbers around on defense too tired/lazy yo jump or challenge shots. Gets most his boards because he so much bigger/wider/stronger than others in college.I see a lot of Erik dampier in him. Nice low post game tho. I see him as a project. I wouldn’t mind if we got him, just wouldn’t pass up on turner.

    I love turner. I see a lot of Brandon Roy/Joe Johnson in his game. A BIG guard that can hAndle/facilitate team. With him curry can still play off the ball (every now n then) like he did at davidson. Turner is smart/gifted well rounded player. Perfect compliment to curry. We’d have the smartest backcourt in NBA. Making all the right plays.

    If we can trade monta for a BIG then GREAT.I sure hope we can but doubt it.
    If not it’s Nellie small ball curry monta turner maggette andris as your/our starting 5.

  • Jeremy

    I think Turner is going to end up #1 overall after the tourney and pre draft workouts. No chance do things fall into place for the Warriors to get a bona fide superstar wing like Turner. The Warriors will prob end up with the #6

  • deano

    Hook: I’m with you. Cousins does not look much better to me than Joey Dorsey did a few years ago. Is Dorsey even in the NBA? Certainly there is no low post college player who has thusfar dominated the way Griffin and Beasley did the last two years. Unless there is a forward who is right now substatially better than Randolph or Wright, or a center who is right now better than Biedrins, there is no point in using our first round pick on a power forward.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Hook, that’s stupid. Do you know what happens if Minnesota gets pick#1? They get Turner. Same with the Nets.

    Getting the 2nd pick and getting Turner is dumb. We would have to trade up to get him.

    Turner, though is going to be a combo of Jax and Brandon Roy.

  • Hook Mitchell

    whack your right.

    T wolves would draft turner #1 overall

    kings maybe take wall #1 overall to pair with Evans.

    I just want turner. If not, then take pick your poison on a project big man.

    Unless ofcourse we can trade for a proven NBA big.

    I don’t like wright at all. Maybe because he has never really been on the court for me to fully evaluate.

    I love Randolph. I do question his shot selection at times.
    He just not content with being a hustle player rebound/run/defend.
    He has this itch he needs to scratch on the court.
    That’s when u see him rebound, dribble up court and pull a 20ft jumpshot.
    He can be frustrating at times but I LOVE him.
    I would keep/develp him
    hope he gets his mind right

  • Hook Mitchell

    As for Blake griffin and beasley dominating NCAA.

    Give a pass to Blake cuz he hurt.

    But beasley ain’t been living up to his hype.
    Doesn’t have a presence/impact on games I expect.
    Maybe that’s my fault for thinking he was going to be Derrick Coleman with work ethic/hustle and a brain.

    I still like him. So far he’s ok.
    If we end up with a pick 3-5. Wall n turner off the board.
    Would u trade it for beasley?
    I’m not sure I would even tho I like Beasley a lot

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Wow, all of a sudden, after I was bragging about turner’s ability, now people want him over Wall. Goes to show you how many good-instict Gm’s here are here in the bay.

    Keep Randolph for a year. He is 20 now, so keeping him any longer than 22 if he doesn’t develop lowers his value because now people question his “upside”.

    Wright was never good. I’m pretty sure we just picked him because he was from UNC.

    Griffin is going to be a beast…IF the clippers start to doubt him, grab him.
    That would be the biggest steal ever. Curry/Turner/Griffin.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    and beasley sucks

  • Hook Mitchell

    Blake was a beast in college.

    PF/C Knee injuries scare me. Mcdyess never was the same after his.
    Same with Kenyon Martin even tho his game has always been limited.

    Beasley was also beast in college…Not so much in NBA

    Stromile swift and tyrus Thomas were amazing in college and Became intriging prospects.

  • Perry

    There is no question Don Nelson loves C.J. Watson.

    C.J. has always been given freedom by Don Nelson…….especially in the 4th quarter.

    In my opinion, C.J. Watson is one of the toughest, grittiest, most talented and efficient back-up Guards in the league……

    I put him right up there with guys like J. Farmar…….maybe not quite as offensively gifted as Jamal Crawford or Jason ‘Jet’ Terry…but C.J. Watson is without question a very good Golden State Warrior.

    I like that 3 guard trio of Curry, Ellis, Watson in the 4th quarter.

    I think that while very small, it is a very flexible 3/5 of a unit…..

    You can add Morrow and Maggette to that trio when you are injured and desperate.

    But when healthy, you can add a really talented 4 and a good young 5 to that trio.

    Can you imagine a line-up of Curry, Ellis, Watson, Gasol and Bynum?

    They will have their struggles on the defensive end at times…..but you’re telling me that line-up won’t win 50 games?…

    I don’t know…..

    Ultimately, I think we need to model our organization after the Lakers…….

    We need B. Wright or A. Randolph to essentially become a Pau Gasol type player and we need Andris to become an Andrew Bynum player.

    We all know that that will never, ever happen in our lifetimes…..so we need to go after a 4 and 5 combo in my book……Chris Bosh and Brook Lopez in one fell swoop……..

    We have guys who can fit the Triangle…..Watson, Azubuike, Morrow can all hit open shots……I think Corey would struggle the most in the Triangle because he’s not as prone to sharing the ball……

    Of course, we don’t even know if Watson or Azubuike will even be back next year…..Radmanovic another question.

    Let’s start modeling our organization after winning franchises……

    Curry is such an adaptive player that he can succeed in any system…..

    Ellis would have to fill the role of the closer….the 4th quarter “go to” guy……

    I don’t know if he’s up for the challenge.

    I don’t put Ellis on the same planet with # 24, D. Wade, B. Roy, K. Durant…….

    These last few games have been somewhat encouraging.

    I think that with a fully healthy roster……we win that Laker game and blow out New Orleans…..

    I don’t know about tonight though……..24 god damn straight losses at the SBC Center….can you believe that shit…..we’ve lost 24 straight times at the Alamo……

  • Whack-A-Dub

    NO, no triangle. Defense. Ast. Coach for Doc Rivers or Ast. coach for Greg popavic.

  • Hook Mitchell

    I’m all for the TRIANGLE OFFENSE

    only one exception tho

    ONLY if Phil Jackson is our coach.

    Otherwise i’d take Avery Byron or doc

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Hook, hell no. The triangle is only if we want to end up like Minnesota. Seriously, the triangle is not an easy system. It’s physically greuling. You really want our players playing 182 games a season for it? No thanks. I’d rather play 82 and win with defense.

  • 4Bosh

    1st off Chris Bosh is the only one on his team who has exhibited on a consistent basis not only that he cares about winning but that no matter what, no matter who is out there to back him up, no matter who he is playing against, no matter if he decides to stay in T.O or not, no matter what goes on that he will ALWAYS give his heart a 100%.
    He skipped the road to trip to not further injure himself so he could stay off of his feet. And his new GF is from NYC so thats even more reason why he wanted to go on the trip to NYC, he just for obvious reasons couldnt. Hence why his “puppy love” gf flew to his side to take care of him and keep him off of his feet so that he could heal and go back out there just in time to whip his team into shape for play offs.