If Reggie Stays, Who Goes?

Warriors forward Reggie Williams had 15 points, seven rebounds and two assists in 30 minutes. Most of it was in garbage time, as the game was over by half time, and most of his minutes came in the second half.

But Williams, even in meaningless minutes, continued to impress. Over his first nine games, he  averaged 12.3 points per game on 55.4 percent shooting. In his 18 days so far, he’s shown he can score, he can pass, he can shoot it from deep, and he can rebound a little. He’s certainly done enough to make the Warriors want him to stick around the rest of the season.

DON NELSON: “He’s pretty good. He still doesn’t know what he’s doing out there all the time because he still doesn’t know all the intricacies of the plays. I think if we have him for the summer in the summer league, and then in preseason, I’ll be able to do a lot of interesting stuff with him.”

But the Warriors find themselves in the same situation they were when they wanted to keep Anthony Tolliver. They have 15 players under contract. The league won’t allow a 16th (they only allowed the injury exception to sign a player to a 10-day). That means if Williams stays, somebody has to go.

The likely candidate is Devean George. He’s a free agent at season’s end. He’s played a lot more recently, thanks to the injuries, but he’s still not a priority as far as minutes go. He’s a veteran who they never expected to stick around after this season anyway. Easy call, right?

Not really. The Warriors are playing with eight guys, including Devean George (9 if and when rookie guard Stephen Curry comes back). Can they afford to let go of a guy has been serviceable? He’s shooting 44 percent from 3-point range this month (before going 1-for-3 at San Antonio). He can eat up minutes, which the Warriors desperately need.

Certainly, Golden State could waive George, petition the league for another exemption, and sign another guy to a 10-day contract. That would buy them 20 more days, albeit with a guy who would need to get acclimated. Or, the Warriors could keep George and cut Raja Bell.

Bell might not even return this season. If he does, Nellie said, it would be the last few games. Only problem with cutting Bell is that the Warriors want him. General manager Larry Riley has said he wouldn’t mind signing Bell for next season. If the Warriors cut him and another team picks him up, which is possible, the chances of the Warriors signing him back decrease. The Warriors wasn’t able to turn Raja Bell’s expiring contract into trade bait. So if he walks this offseason, the Warriors will have gotten nothing for swingman Stephen Jackson other than Vladimir Radmanovic, who has  a player option for next season.

Should the Warriors give up on Bell now and keep the healthy body of Devean George? Should the axe Devean George to keep open the chance of bringing back Bell, and find healthy bodies elsewhere?

They’ve got two days to decide.

Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2010

    Cut Devean George, if you need another body sign another 10-day Dleaguer.

    It would look really bad if we cut Raja. He can’t even sign with a playoff team now, which makes us look like we screwed him over.

    If he’s a guy you want to re-sign then you need him around the team. And if we don’t re-sign him we still have his Bird rights, he could be useful in a sign&trade.

  • ALsMouthGuard

    Bell just seems to bring a liveliness to the bench that was never there before. Even if he doesn’t play, he should have a positive impact on some of the younger guys.

  • FireRowell


    Why don’t they just cut Chris Hunter? Wouldn’t he be the easiest guy to part ways with?

  • JEY

    George is doing well now. But he’s not long term. We all know that. I think he’s got to go.

  • Bleep

    George is outplaying Morrow these days, which is pretty sad to see.

    I want to keep Williams. It seems like it would be hard to cut Bell, given that Radmanovich was a
    “throw in” in the Stephen Jackson trade: Bell was the real catch. They can’t go and cut him now.

  • endlessraine

    Cut George. It’s more reasonable and easy to call. The warriors doesn’t need his service because going to the lottery is far better. Plus, he won’t make a significance that much. Also, Keeping Bell, and we’ll have a chance to sign him again, if not.

  • I don’t see what the point of keeping Reggie is. yes he’s been playing great… but why do the dubs need him? We have one center at the moment (hunter), and two SFs we call PFs (Tolliver and George).

    What does Williams bring to the table that CJ watson doesn’t have? shooting, the ability to run the offense a little bit, what else? I’m sorry but from what I’ve seen he is not a rebounder.

    Morrow, Curry, Watson, Williams, none of them can play tough D (which will probably come with age somewhat). what’s the point in adding another? we’ve been getting murdered on the boards… am I the only one who thinks maybe another big man is a bigger need? I say scrap him and look for another center.

  • Dinohealth

    Reggie Williams is proving to me he is the real deal! He has a True Shooting rating near .650 in 9 games, while averaging .500 from 3PT, .882 FT, and 12.6 points in 23 minutes playing time. His turnover and foul stats are minimal, and manages a couple of offensive/defensive rebounds and assists in the limited time he is playing. More importantly, he runs well, is sharp with his passing/team player, and is no slouch on defense. He is doing all this, always coming cold off the bench, and has only 7 or 8 minutes per quarter to get into a rhythm! Can’t say this fellow is not showing us that he is really special and could really light things up in the NBA! He went for 18 in the crucial 4th quarter against NO! I think he has made the most of his opportunity with Golden State. It is uncanny how he seems to be able to contribute offensively at the same pace at every level he has played in (NCAA 2X scoring champ, D-league scoring leader at 26.3, NBA over 20 points (projected per 36 minutes playing time). He could really help as a potent third offensive threat at SF and spell relief for Ellis/Curry; a great man to have in the rotation once he learns the plays. I hope somebody picks this kid up (23 years-old), if we make the mistake and not keep him. It is obvious to the most casually-observing GM that he could help many teams and would be a wise investment. To me, keeping him is a no-brainer.

  • Dinohealth

    I stand corrected…Through 10 games, Reggie’s True Shooting is a phenomenal .674%, coming on .547% FG, .531% 3PT, and .882 FT! I believe he leads the Warriors in all of these categories except FT (Curry is shooting .886 FT)! Hey, didn’t want to say it, but George (shooting the best of his career, .546% TS) has had his run….time for Reggie to get on with what should be an interesting future.

  • Aperacer

    Cut George. We are building for next season.

  • Guero

    Really, who cares? How pathetic is it that we are talking about what D-leaguer to keep and which over the hill veteran to cut? Warrior talk is at an all time low. Who’s dumber, the writers of these stories, or me for reading them? Yeah, I know, easy answer

  • Guero

    Building for next season?? I would laugh, but I’m afradi I wouldn’t be able to stop, and I need to write up more witty replies.

  • brothaplease

    Are we serious? Here we go falling in love with avergage players…Every D-Leaguer the Warriors sign is the new Jem these days WTF? Cut George, Cut Hunter, Cut Azubuike, keep a sharp eye on Brandon Wright because he hasn’t given anything since being in GS (possibly cut). Keep Williams, Tolliver, Radmanovic. What the team needs is more talented, NBA ready players, who do one or two things extremly well…Front court guys who can get it done on the glass and in the paint…

  • Whack-A-Dub

    ALsmouthguard- ever since Bell has been sitting there, the W’s have sucked. Cut him and let him sign with some playoff team that may need him.

    Build for the next season to be good. Cut George. And Radmonavic saying “this is the perfect system for me” really creeped me out. Almost like he wanted to stay. Cut him.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Marcus, seriously, why write about this sh*t?

    You may as well be padding Steinmetz’ argument that the Hornets should trade Chris Paul because Collison is playing “just as well”.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    u absolutely keep williams…. u shed some dead wood like ancient deven george 2 keep this guy

    cant believe its even a question…. if only GSW could draft as well as pick d leaguers or college FAs (cept of course 4 the curry pick)…. williams is a bona fide guy 4 a good bench playa….

    SA show very clearly last nite just how important a good bench is

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Uhm, yeah, Kenny, why the hell is this even a post?

    How exciting:
    OMG guys! We’re signing another d-leaguer, who should we cut?? The injured,useless, radmonavic, the injured useless raja ball, or the old deavan george that cant even play defense because of knee issues…are you f*cking kidding me?

    This is like saying, guys heads up! We found another spoiled teenager to star on a new disney channel show about a “normal” girl that suddenly becomes famous, which show should we cut?

    What a stupid question. Seriously, I would hope we had more than this to talk about.

  • Bleep

    Ideally, we’d cut Whack-A-Dub. Then potentially we could have interesting discussions.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Bleep, I have a better idea, we’re signing another d-leaguer in Williams, right? Let’s cur Nellie. I think Coby Karl has performed better as a coach

  • Whack-A-Dub

    cut Nellie

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Marcus, make a real post- if curry continues to shoot a very high % and stays with Evans’ stats this year, can he win R O Y because Evans is out with a concussion/facial fracture?

  • Hook Mitchell

    This ain’t even a difficult decision

    cut george.

    Sign Reggie for rest of year.


  • Richard

    easy i’d cut hunter. problem solved

  • ron redwoods

    The guys who PAY DUES and show they can perform in real NBA spots are assets no matter the pedigree. Bell is okay but at BEST is a faded vet here one year as depth. Reggie W, at this point can do more and has future beyond the short term. if you’re hunting for gold,you dig and pan the POSSIBILITIES. The “automatic” finds are long ago payed out.

    George…Bell…I don’t rule out Vlad,all are possible.
    I believe Bell is quite free to sign as a FA,Vet minimum for the rest of the year if he can play. Anyhow, there wasn’t much thought to Bell as a “keeper” in the Jackson deal, it was a DUMP job.We’d have traded for your Aunt Martha if she was an expiring contract.

    GSW is doing a nice job finding VALUE in the overlooked pool of the D. Considering how badly GSW wasted rd 2 picks…even a later 1 in Belinnelli,it’s a bit ironic. Think of it as FARMING. We grow some talent and turn it into value. Trades are value for value…..at best. Windfalls are pure gain.

  • ron redwoods

    Actually, you don’t just do rest of the year,but have something for NEXT year. This year is hardly relevant. If we just do NOW I don’t think we get any RFA/Bird rights going forward. A signing for now AND at least next year gets us leverage.

  • UR Kidding, Right?

    Williams lead the NCAA in scoring two years in a row, my fellow Warrior fan dorks. The guy can play. I don’t care if he came from the D-league or Mars.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Keep Williams. Who cares who we cut. We have plenty of injured players. Ask a three-year old to choose between our injured vets.

  • Yeah he fits in great with his amazing zero defensive presence and he is scoring at a higher rate now because there is nobody on this team worth a darn so he is getting his shots. Warrior fans need to be weary of him because is he better than Morrow? Azibuke? Wright? Randolph? Someone is going to lose minutes to this guy who will more than likely figure out how to piss off Nelson or whatever coach is here next season and be at the end of the bench taking tickets and cleaning the stadium because he won’t get any playing time. Don’t make crazy moves when nobody’s future is certain. We need to be looking to add talent, not create a system where mediocre talent can get stats. STATS DON’T WIN GAMES. MONTA SCORES 25 POINTS PER GAME AND WE ARE THE THIRD WORSE TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. This franchise has zero chance at progressing. Be happy with Reggie scoring 20 points a night on a team that is in the bottom 5 of the league every year, but gloat about how you saw him from the start. Curry is amazing with his ability to turn this scrub into someone everyone seems impressed with. Why not put real talent around him and win some games? Make the playoffs? Be a respectable organization? Whatever, guess I’m just crazy for wanting to win.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Yeah, I WISH we were smart enough to make a good move…like how about draft Wall and trade him and Monta for BGriffin? How about drafting Turner and keeping him with Curry? how about making a move like bringing in a solid defensive coach?? seriously, you would think turning around an organization with a centrepiece with Curry would not be that hard, but with idiots that want to keep useless guys that would be role players on real championship teams, like Magette, Monta, and Biedrins, please-just leave. Ellison would make a better GM than the idiots that run this sh*thole

  • Whack-A-Dub

    WOW! are you kidding? I thought DeMarcus Cousins had a bad attitude or something, I didn’t know he was f*cking bipolar!

  • inmypjs

    I’d rather keep Bell over George. Bell plays much better defence and he also can shoot the three. He’s played a run and gun game in Phoenix so the Warriors is a good fit. If they waive him, the Suns or any playoff bound team will pick him up. If George is waived, nobody, not even the Nets will pick him up. So this is an easy call. Hopefully, the Warriors don’t make a dumb decision…which judging from history, they will.