24-Hour Fitness Founder Really Wants Warriors

One of our business writers, David Morrill, caught up with 24-Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov.

The story will appear in Thursday’s paper. In it, Mastrov said he has “high interest” in buying the Warriors. He also let it be known that Oracle bilionaire Larry Ellison has a challenger in the bid to buy the Warriors from majority owner Chris Cohan.

MASTROV: “I think I can do just as well, if not better (than Larry).”

Mastrov told our David Morrill that he realizes Ellison has more money. But he doesn’t think Ellison is the kind of businessman who just outbids others because he can. And if they are playing in the same ballpark, then Mastrov said thinks he has a shot.

The Warriors are putting together a book for potential purchasers. It will include what Cohan wants, among other things. Mastrov and Ellison are among the interested parties who will receive the book. The latest rumor is that a Chinese group has expressed interest.

Marcus Thompson