24-Hour Fitness Founder Really Wants Warriors

One of our business writers, David Morrill, caught up with 24-Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov.

The story will appear in Thursday’s paper. In it, Mastrov said he has “high interest” in buying the Warriors. He also let it be known that Oracle bilionaire Larry Ellison has a challenger in the bid to buy the Warriors from majority owner Chris Cohan.

MASTROV: “I think I can do just as well, if not better (than Larry).”

Mastrov told our David Morrill that he realizes Ellison has more money. But he doesn’t think Ellison is the kind of businessman who just outbids others because he can. And if they are playing in the same ballpark, then Mastrov said thinks he has a shot.

The Warriors are putting together a book for potential purchasers. It will include what Cohan wants, among other things. Mastrov and Ellison are among the interested parties who will receive the book. The latest rumor is that a Chinese group has expressed interest.

Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2010

    I’m still mad at 24 hour fitness for charging me for three months after I cancelled my contract! That was years ago, way back in the day.

    Hopefully, Ellison buys the team.

  • robert rowell

    @A’s word. same thing happened to me, month after month they’d charge me after i’d canceled. month after month i’d have to call them and haggle. finally, i just changed my bank # (what a flipping hassle) and then 24 had the nerve to send me to collections! you know that they were sued as part of a class action for that crap. i got like three month free membership from it, never went once. 24-fitness is a hole. club one is the shizznit.

  • dan

    F 24hr club, they are a POS. I say NO to his owner and his money. Come on, Larry write the damned check and get this over with.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Larry, you better match this sh*t before we get another Cohan like this guy…

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Okay, so everybody apparently wants Byron Scott or Avery Johnson to come coach and turn us around…are you joking? Mike Budenholzer has been waiting forever to coach a young team that needs defense. With him maybe one sub-par season and then off to the playoffs.

  • taylor

    wow yall must not be ballers because everybody knows thats where the best indoor hoop games stunts on every other club… I thought this was a warriors bball blog and yall banging on one of the best place to play pick up ball from Sac to LA not mention there are always hella females. Def wouldn’t mind the owner running the Warriors there are a whole bunch of 24hr so I’m sure he is a good businessman and knows a thing or two about hoops… Yall just hater because you probably got no game yourself and cmon anyone is better than Cohan especially someone with an athletic background sorry Ellison the President’s Cup don’t count for much on the hoops court can ya dig but he would still be better than Cohan.., Its actually kind of random but I am doing a strategic audit for my last GM class at CSUS and from what I’ve read Ellison seems like a tough guy to work for not sure how that may carry over to pampered NBA players… anyways you 24hr haters go find some game and maybe you will appreciate 24hr a little more

  • John Starks

    No disrespect to Mr. 24Hr Fitness, but it’s gotta be Larry Ellison to end up with the team. In addition to simply changing the ownership, the Dubs need to add some star-power to the ownership in order to start attracting some big name free agents. Saying “Larry Ellison” opens a lot of ears. Not to mention, he’s a local boy. (IDK about Mr. 24HR.)

    And before you go looking very, very far for coaches when Nellie is gone, you would have to include Keith Smart in the selection pool. Byron Scott? Never. He was a Laker. It’s bad enough we’ve been recycling their discarded players for a few years, we have to take one of their hand-me-down coaches, too?

  • Bobby Sura

    Either/Or…Ellison and 24 hour are both fierce and successful businessmen, and ANYTHING is better than Cohan

  • Fierce South

    If the new front office settles for the el cheapo promotion of Keith Smart as head coach we’ll know the new owner isn’t very serious about winning. Smart is not a proven commodity. His interim HC tryout with the Cavs coaching Lebron was unimpressive.

  • Hook Mitchell

    At this point I don’t care who buys

    Just keep them in Oakland.

    880 corridor a hell hole?
    It got nothing but public transportation all around it
    each every stadium/arena got trafiic issues in n out
    close to hegenberger if u wanna eat before/after game

    as for 24hr fitness?
    They stat over billing n charging hella extra
    I was never a member. Just use free passes from a female friend that works there
    holla at them when they musty?
    I can always parking lot pimp
    just like at warriors raiders & athletic games

  • well it is pretty obvious there are benfits to both owners.

    Ellison has the deep pockets, but the nba has a cap so he is limited with buying his way. Could afford to pay for anything else although..coaches etc..

    Mastrov (in addition to having cash) has the NBA connections. He does buisness with Magic, Shaq, and Steve Nash, just to name a few. There is no doubt he would do a much better job at attracting the marquee free agents, just because the players all talk amongst themselves.

    Either way, they have to be better then Cohan.

  • robert rowell

    880 is a hell hole full of potholes all the way up and down the EB. if by “public transportation all around it” you mean ONE BART line and the once every 30 minute AC lines, sure, it’s got it in spades.

    sure, hook, i feel you, you want the team in the town. i don’t. picture the dub’s rocking in china basin and how good that would look for the team and the yay. much better than aerial shots of the pock marked ex-salt flat that is coliseum row. the city is where it’s at.

    one thing i think we can agree on is a big thumbs down to moving to SJ.

    i don’t think the w’s can move any time soon anyway, aren’t they under lease?

  • Whack-A-Dub

    The 24hr b*tch will probably move the playing site to hawaii or something stupid. Ellison make an offer.

  • Ken

    Quote: “But he doesn’t think Ellison is the kind of businessman who just outbids others because he can.”

    Candidate for funniest statment of the year.

    Ellison has probably spent more money on sails than the cost of the Warriors, in an attempt to beat another billionaire. He certainly spent more in legal fees on the Americas Cup than the cost of the Warriors.

    Actually Mastrov’s competing bids will make it more likely that Ellison strives to win the bidding.

  • Larry

    ME TOO! That 24 Hour guy jacked me for a month after I quit my membership! No wonder he is a millionaire. that ckocsucker has been stealin our money!

  • Hook Mitchell

    Where the hell is china basin?

    is the Old alameda navy base site in west Oakland available?
    The wayans brothers gave up on acquiring it.
    not sure if that’s even a possibilty tho.

    It’s potholes all over Oakland.
    But they maintain the roads by coliseum better than residential streets.
    They even fixing that mind boggling intersection off the high street exit
    When they done with that’s it’s gonna help the raiders and warriors.
    Maybe even the A’s if they stay.

    Born n raised. Still working and living in Oakland.
    Like the idea of ‘oakland warriors’
    But I’d rather name stay golden state.
    It’s just better represented that way.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    golden state warriors.

    Hardwood Classics Jerseys + the City Jerseys are a permanent must. Bye-bye white Adidas jerseys.

    I would love to see us go retro with the jerseys.

    The marquee needs to go back to what the city jerseys looked like (blue+gold) except it needs to be yellow with a blue trim.

    We need Pop’s right hand man to coach these guys. He’s prepared completely.

    Wouldn’t mind the San Francisco Warriors.

    Hopefully Larry lets us vote on the uni’s and the name…and for god sakes, turn this franchise around already.

  • dengel1925

    I am vehemently in favor of replacing Nelson; let me make that clear. But anyone watching the Warriors aganst Memphis this week might well have observed, “Now there’s a well-coached team!”


  • deano

    Marcus: The comments attributed to Mastrov are so adverse to a buyer’s interests that I believe he is Cohan plant. Mostrov’s statements, if sincere, would serve only to prompt Ellison to outbid him and prompt Cohan to anticipate a high price for GSW. I smell a rat, or, counting Cohan, another rat.

  • Hook Mitchell

    I like them old golden state uniforms.

    I think the ones when mullin was first drafted.

    After that the “spreewell” era jerseys were also good.

    After that the “Jamison” era jerseys were horrible.

    Golden gate red/orange jerseys are even worse.

    Bring back the OLD color schem atleast.

    That true blue and gold. Not this orange blue crap

  • Gizzm

    No china
    No 24 hour con man

    Larry Ellison or bust.

    or in tech-speak
    SELECT “Larry Ellison” from Potential_Owners

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Let me honest about the jerseys…the orange/white ones suck. Why not the wear the Wednesday’s Hardwood Classics Jersey for all home games and the City (blue+gold) to away games? Idk but Larry better let us vote.

  • Psion

    Mr. 24 is from the east bay. China basin is where the Gaints play. The talk is a SF arena would go in the parking lot next to AT&T park.

  • Psion

    Also don’t forget mr. 24 is good friends with Magic Johnson.

  • Italy 415

    Larry its not my money; but buy the team now for $400 million move it to San Francisco..GOLDMIND!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whack-A-Dub

    When is he going to show up? this fitness guy already made his move…what is Ellison waiting for?

  • earl monroe

    There is a reason the Warriors are in Oakland and not in San Francisco.
    I remember the days in SF- people on the SF side of the bay have too much going on to get to Warrior games, its a baseball town.
    The East Bay is better for hoops, what other place would support a losing team
    like this years?

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Marcus, isn’t there any news for a post..

  • robert rowell

    china basin is where the giants play, i know you know that.

    the reason the W’s are in oakland now is why a lot of you are in the EB. cheaper rent. hey, you get what you pay for. FWIW the ENTIRE bay area has supported this team, the town may have the most sad sack franchises, but the don’t have the corner on loyalty.

    keep the “golden state” moniker. it’s the most unique in pro sports. i can’t even think of a close second. i’d like to see the old blue and gold jerseys make a comeback. i’ve got a black and gold jersey — it’s a retro made by nike i think — that says “Warriors” over the chest that’s hot, but i don’t think they ever wore something like that. at least not that i can remember.

  • Hook Mitchell

    Really didn’t n still don’t kno where china basin is.

    I kno niners play on bill walsh field at candle stick point or something like that.

    Giants at PAC bell or AT&T park.

    Whatever just bring back old color scheme and keep warriors in Oakland

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Hook, candlestick park was the old stadium lol.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Please god don’t let us play at the cow palace again…i hate that place

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Marcus, can’t you post anything? nobody has made any moves towards ownership?

  • Hook Mitchell

    My SF geography is lacking. I apologize.

    I can tell u all the ins n outs of Oakland tho.

    All the cuts…

  • Hello I was just wondering do you do all the writing yourself or do you have guest writers. I’m loving your blog. Thanks.