Who Stays? Who Goes? A Look At the Roster …

The rise of Reggie Williams has put a little twist in the future outlook of the Warriors’ roster. Not a dramatic change, I don’t think. But his presence certainly makes it interesting.

No doubt, the Warriors need changes. Several, big changes, in my opinion. I am not completely sold on the injuries as the reason for the terrible season. Sure, they’ve had a lot. But I didn’t think this was a playoff team even if healthy. So unless scrapping for an eighth seed is the goal, the Warriors need significant roster changes. So I’m gonna play GM for a moment.


PG Stephen Curry – No way they can let him go. He is face-of-the-franchise material. I know he doesn’t have the athleticism of players who usually get that title, but I’d take his hoop IQ over speed, his outside shot over hops, his passing over size and strength. Those kind of intangibles are too valuable. You have seen guys who are super athletic but don’t have those intangibles, and they don’t work well. But you have seen players without all the physical attributes, but they survive with high school and IQ (Nash, Billups – who is big and strong, but not known for quickness or hops, at least not at the peak of his career). This dude is way more of a floor general than I thought he would be, and he can score. That is a rare combination. Plus, you don’t have to worry about him off the court. Even if they get Kentucky’s John Wall, I still think Curry stays.

SG/SF Reggie Williams – Amazing how this dude just got here and already he’s a keeper. They have him under contract for dirt cheap next year. Whatever you could get for him (by throwing him as filler in a trade) won’t be worth not seeing if this guy is the real deal. Because of his passing, he could wind up even better than Kelenna Azubuike.


G Monta Ellis – Right now, he is the Warriors’ best player. He is the opponent’s top priority. He is the most dynamic. Ideally, a guy like that, you want to keep around. Two things, however, make him a candidate for departure: his $44 million remaining over the next four years and his compatiblity with Curry. (I am more convinced he and Curry can play together, though not totally). Plus, I still think he, other than Curry (who is off the table), is the most enticing figure the Warriors have on the roster. If you move Monta, you had better not miss. The kid is an All-NBA caliber player in the making. The only way you save face in trading him is that you came out good in the deal.

PF Anthony Randolph – He is still a budding talent, though he is less of a lock than one might’ve thought. He has too many skills and so much intensity. Under the right coach, he can flourish. If it takes him to get a proven big man, I can understand that.  But he had better be proven. Otherwise, it is really risky to move him.

SG Anthony Morrow – His stock has dropped of late, no matter what the coaches say publicly. He still has the potential to be a really good player. He has a special talent, so the Warriors would be wise to try to take advantage of that. He’s got a lot of work to do this summer, and he will do it. He’s that dude. He’s made strides this season. But the Warriors also need to do more to help him along, instead of waiting for him to grow certain skills.

C Ronny Turiaf – He is cheap and productive, though he doesn’t give you big minutes. He would be much better if he could rebound, and stay off the injury report, but for $4 million, you can’t be greedy. His passing and midrange jumper are valuable assets to the Warriors style of play. With that said, the Warriors need a low-post scorer and a beast on the boards. If it takes him to get that, I’d be willing to give him up.

SF Kelenna Azubuike – If he doesn’t opt out, which from talking to him I don’t think he will, he would be a cheap and reliable player (provided he recovers from his knee injury). He can score in two ways the Warriors need — getting to the rim and sticking the 3 — and he rebounds and defends. That is a lot for $3 million. If it takes him to fill a big hole, I wouldn’t be mad. But otherwise, he’s a keeper.

F Anthony Tolliver – He has played well enough to stick around next year. Good rebounder. Excellent energy off the bench. Needs to work on his shot, but he can make some. Not a bad reserve to have, and for cheap (which the Warriors need). But if he’s played well enough to be included in a deal that benefits the Warriors, I wouldn’t mind that.


PF Brandan Wright – I really like this dude’s game, at least what I saw in training camp. Still, it’s time for the Warriors to make a decision on one of these guys. I don’t think you’re set a PF with him and Randolph. They are too similar in body type and defensive ability. If you are going to run with two PFs, they need to be contrasting for change of pace. I could see Randolph and Brandon Bass as a tandem. Not sure how much value Wright has, considering his injuries. But you could at least see. I wouldn’t have a problem with him coming back at all. But that means another season “evaluating.”

G C.J. Watson – He is perfect guard off the bench for the Warriors. He can play two positions, and he can score. He has gotten better at getting to the basket and finishing. But he’s too valuable for the up-and-down minutes he gets with the Warriors. Plenty teams need a good back-up point guard, more than the Warriors who have Ellis and Curry pretty much sharing PG. Watson plays mostly SG with the Warriors anyway. He is more valuable to a team desperate for a capable back-up point.


F Corey Maggette – He is a beast on offense. His scoring efficiency is off the charts. But he is simply not what the Warriors need. They need a small forward who is a playmaker. They need the SF to be one of those do-it-all type of players, second-PG-on-the-floor type of guys. Maggette is not that. Warriors also need a defensive stopper at the 3, because their SGs are too small to defend the elite SFs or big SGs in the league. That is not Maggette’s game. He is a scoring machine and good rebounder. The Warriors are paying a lot of money ($10M a year) for something they don’t need so much – scoring. Plus, for his sake, he needs to go. He’s at his peak and he doesn’t have many years left. Unfortunately, his contract will be hard to move.

C Andris Biedrins – Not just because he had a bad year, but because the Warriors can’t afford to pay what he’s making for what he’s offering. At his best, he’s a rebounding finisher who can run the floor and guard (certain) bigs. They can’t bank on him becoming a low-post presence. But they sorely need one. Moving Maggette and Biedrins gives them the chance to get more bang for their buck.

PF Vladimir Radmanovic – Anthony Tolliver has made him unnecesary. His value to the Warriors is as a $6M expiring contract.


F Devean George – His locker room presence has been good, and he can give you spot minutes. And he’ll be cheap. But he won’t play a significant role.

C Chris Hunter – Nice size and some skill. Good to keep around. But you can find that in other places.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ken

    I understand that the fans are clueless about Radmanovic, because they have not seen him do much.

    However, a professional sports journalist should recognize that he has been injured during the entire time he has been a Warrior, so we really have not seen his best.

    And, a sports journalist would note particular games where Radmanovic has been the best W defender on the court, despite his injury.

    Moreso, a sports journalist would consider that Phil Jackson made Radmanovic a starter in EVERY ONE of their 21 playoff games, including all the NBA Final games. This is less than 2 years ago.

    Note that Vlad has never played one minutes for the Warriors in his normal position, SMALL FORWARD (at 6 foot 10 inches).

    So, only a competent sports physician can really tell us whether Radmanovic would be a valuable player for the Warriors.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Trade Randolph? are you guys crazy…

    Ice Cube wants to buy the Dubs.

  • ice cube

    I want to buy the Dubs

  • http://readaboutgoldpriceperounce.wetpaint.com/ Gold Adam

    I seriously can’t believe it. I hope Wayne Rooney is ok for the world cup!


    Sorry Ken but Rad stinks. Nellie put him out there to stretch the floor and if he isn’t knocking down shots he’s not that useful. Yes, he’s played defense a couple of times but not enough to warrant any consideration as a solid defender. Your assertion that only a physician can truly tell whether Rad is valuable is kind of ridiculous.The guy is trade fodder and that’s it. No offense if your a big fan of his, I’m just saying.

  • Hook Mitchell

    It’s ok to start vlad at SF if u got Kobe odom bynum n gasol.

    I like vlad. Think he has a nice jump shot but gets very uncomfortable when u crowd him.

    I like maggette also. A perfect 6 man if all u want is a scorer off the bench.
    The warriors can score no doubt bout it.
    We need Corey to give us a little more than just scoring.

    Same thing with andris. His rebounding is good but we need more than that.

    Curry. Untouchable
    Reggie. Turiaf. Randolph. Morrow.
    All keepers … Unless u can get a blockbuster trade in return

  • warafan

    AR is a thin / fragile / lazy / night club bum…TRADES him / No excusess….He’s not even measuring up the Chris Webber (did he win any championship — NO)…We need professional players not kids, not lazy bump…when the team played / you’re in the night club… Talented is not enough. Heart / Desires…

  • Ken

    Mr. FJG_SON :

    What you say is correct about what we saw of Vlad, but it is clear that he has been injured the entire time he has been a W.
    That said, I would say that no one on the Warriors must be kept – it all depends on what you get in return. The usual reason to not offer a player is because he is both important to the play of the team AND he is beloved by the fans.
    The Warriors current position in the table means that no one fits that description. Again, one may think that Ellis or Curry fit that description, but if you get someone like CB4 in exchange, then the fans forget the former players, especially if the team wins.
    Oh, and I think MT is certainly right that our D-leaguers performance per dollar, means that it is a no-brainer for all 3 to get contract renewals, unless the draft or trades end up increasing the number of incoming players, and there is no room.

  • A’s in 2010

    Curry, Randolph = untouchables

    Buike, Reggie, BWright, Ronny = keepers, on bargain deals. Non-starters but they give us stability.

    Morrow, CJ, Hunter = welcome back on 1 yr offers

    Vlad = keeper because of big expiring contract

    Maggette = untradable(3 yrs/$32M+injury prone)

    Tolliver, George = expendable

    Monta, Biedrins = need to be shopped. 23 years young, both very productive when healthy. Good trade chips, imo. Biedrins, I think he’d fit better on a conventional team. Monta to Memphis for Rudy Gay(who Curry has openly said he’d love to play with). You got to see if you can get that done.

  • Ron Meisler

    Get Boozer in a sign and trade.

    Give up Monte for him and Wright. Wright since I see AR as a back up long term at Center and PF and eventually a 32-36 minute man. Keep Tolliver, Turiaf and Biedrins.

    Here is your 4-5 combo
    C = Biedrins – Turiaf – Randolph
    PF = Boozer – Randolph – Tolliver

    1, & 3
    By committee until the positions are resolved. Lots of fouls to give up and lots of points too. be had.
    SF = Miller – Maggette – Azubuike -Morrow
    SG =Morrow – Miller – Watson – Azubuike
    PG = Curry – Watson

    That is 11 players. Kep George another year and continue to try Hunter on for size.

    Then see what the draft might blow in

  • http://foxblows.com Foxblows

    PG- Steph, Monta, (2nd round draft choice)
    SG- Monta, CJ Watson
    SF- Azibuke, Reggie Williams, Maggette
    PF- Randolph, Tolliver (may be better than Randolph, certainly more coachable.
    C- Hunter,Turiaf hopefully subbing for a VERY VERY Good big that we trade for or draft.

    Trade for a Big: Magette, Brandon Wright and Biedrins. It would not hurt to have either of these in 2011. We are so close and peope dont realize it. We need a bona fide 4 (Bass?) and/or a legit 5 who can rebound! .

    Keep all the DLeaguers
    Gotta Go: Biedrins – Woosed out totally this year. 15% FT, Cannot defend pick and Roll, Will not run the pick and roll!

  • brandonbeard

    Hey everyone I just wanted to say one main thing about this conversation. Chris Hunter needs to stay, manly because he play well when he gets in the game and he is a big body who can score and finish at the rim. Corey needs to stay as well becasaue he has brought another dimension to our team. He can play multiple positions and can guard almost anyone. Monta can go while his value is high because he is a hog and he has let some of this stuff go to his head. Beidrins has to go because he is not very good, and he is too small to defend down their, and more importantly he does not have the heart if you ask me. So thats what I think

  • Kobe Bryant

    I need C.J. Watson on my team.

  • earl monroe

    your team at the rec center?

  • http://n/a Moneer Mujaddidi

    Before I start I have to say, Seeing Monte in a different uniform will literally bring tears to my eyes… Okay so Vladamir WALKS up and down the court.. he WALKS.. You need to get rid of this guy. Devean George plays pretty hard but this guy is going to retire soon… so get rid of George Vladamir Andris (Andris is a failure now.. even tho he was injured He is not a very talented player) … finally trade MONTE IF U CAN GET AN AMAZING PLAYER OR PLAYERS IN RETURN… cj is playing to good as of late to b traded

  • Songwriter123

    I agree we should trade with Detroit, including our presumably #4 for their #7, but I think we should get Rodney Stuckey in the deal, that is, a Baron Davis sized guard to go with Curry and/or Ellis.