Who Stays? Who Goes? A Look At the Roster …

The rise of Reggie Williams has put a little twist in the future outlook of the Warriors’ roster. Not a dramatic change, I don’t think. But his presence certainly makes it interesting.

No doubt, the Warriors need changes. Several, big changes, in my opinion. I am not completely sold on the injuries as the reason for the terrible season. Sure, they’ve had a lot. But I didn’t think this was a playoff team even if healthy. So unless scrapping for an eighth seed is the goal, the Warriors need significant roster changes. So I’m gonna play GM for a moment.


PG Stephen Curry – No way they can let him go. He is face-of-the-franchise material. I know he doesn’t have the athleticism of players who usually get that title, but I’d take his hoop IQ over speed, his outside shot over hops, his passing over size and strength. Those kind of intangibles are too valuable. You have seen guys who are super athletic but don’t have those intangibles, and they don’t work well. But you have seen players without all the physical attributes, but they survive with high school and IQ (Nash, Billups – who is big and strong, but not known for quickness or hops, at least not at the peak of his career). This dude is way more of a floor general than I thought he would be, and he can score. That is a rare combination. Plus, you don’t have to worry about him off the court. Even if they get Kentucky’s John Wall, I still think Curry stays.

SG/SF Reggie Williams – Amazing how this dude just got here and already he’s a keeper. They have him under contract for dirt cheap next year. Whatever you could get for him (by throwing him as filler in a trade) won’t be worth not seeing if this guy is the real deal. Because of his passing, he could wind up even better than Kelenna Azubuike.


G Monta Ellis – Right now, he is the Warriors’ best player. He is the opponent’s top priority. He is the most dynamic. Ideally, a guy like that, you want to keep around. Two things, however, make him a candidate for departure: his $44 million remaining over the next four years and his compatiblity with Curry. (I am more convinced he and Curry can play together, though not totally). Plus, I still think he, other than Curry (who is off the table), is the most enticing figure the Warriors have on the roster. If you move Monta, you had better not miss. The kid is an All-NBA caliber player in the making. The only way you save face in trading him is that you came out good in the deal.

PF Anthony Randolph – He is still a budding talent, though he is less of a lock than one might’ve thought. He has too many skills and so much intensity. Under the right coach, he can flourish. If it takes him to get a proven big man, I can understand that.  But he had better be proven. Otherwise, it is really risky to move him.

SG Anthony Morrow – His stock has dropped of late, no matter what the coaches say publicly. He still has the potential to be a really good player. He has a special talent, so the Warriors would be wise to try to take advantage of that. He’s got a lot of work to do this summer, and he will do it. He’s that dude. He’s made strides this season. But the Warriors also need to do more to help him along, instead of waiting for him to grow certain skills.

C Ronny Turiaf – He is cheap and productive, though he doesn’t give you big minutes. He would be much better if he could rebound, and stay off the injury report, but for $4 million, you can’t be greedy. His passing and midrange jumper are valuable assets to the Warriors style of play. With that said, the Warriors need a low-post scorer and a beast on the boards. If it takes him to get that, I’d be willing to give him up.

SF Kelenna Azubuike – If he doesn’t opt out, which from talking to him I don’t think he will, he would be a cheap and reliable player (provided he recovers from his knee injury). He can score in two ways the Warriors need — getting to the rim and sticking the 3 — and he rebounds and defends. That is a lot for $3 million. If it takes him to fill a big hole, I wouldn’t be mad. But otherwise, he’s a keeper.

F Anthony Tolliver – He has played well enough to stick around next year. Good rebounder. Excellent energy off the bench. Needs to work on his shot, but he can make some. Not a bad reserve to have, and for cheap (which the Warriors need). But if he’s played well enough to be included in a deal that benefits the Warriors, I wouldn’t mind that.


PF Brandan Wright – I really like this dude’s game, at least what I saw in training camp. Still, it’s time for the Warriors to make a decision on one of these guys. I don’t think you’re set a PF with him and Randolph. They are too similar in body type and defensive ability. If you are going to run with two PFs, they need to be contrasting for change of pace. I could see Randolph and Brandon Bass as a tandem. Not sure how much value Wright has, considering his injuries. But you could at least see. I wouldn’t have a problem with him coming back at all. But that means another season “evaluating.”

G C.J. Watson – He is perfect guard off the bench for the Warriors. He can play two positions, and he can score. He has gotten better at getting to the basket and finishing. But he’s too valuable for the up-and-down minutes he gets with the Warriors. Plenty teams need a good back-up point guard, more than the Warriors who have Ellis and Curry pretty much sharing PG. Watson plays mostly SG with the Warriors anyway. He is more valuable to a team desperate for a capable back-up point.


F Corey Maggette – He is a beast on offense. His scoring efficiency is off the charts. But he is simply not what the Warriors need. They need a small forward who is a playmaker. They need the SF to be one of those do-it-all type of players, second-PG-on-the-floor type of guys. Maggette is not that. Warriors also need a defensive stopper at the 3, because their SGs are too small to defend the elite SFs or big SGs in the league. That is not Maggette’s game. He is a scoring machine and good rebounder. The Warriors are paying a lot of money ($10M a year) for something they don’t need so much – scoring. Plus, for his sake, he needs to go. He’s at his peak and he doesn’t have many years left. Unfortunately, his contract will be hard to move.

C Andris Biedrins – Not just because he had a bad year, but because the Warriors can’t afford to pay what he’s making for what he’s offering. At his best, he’s a rebounding finisher who can run the floor and guard (certain) bigs. They can’t bank on him becoming a low-post presence. But they sorely need one. Moving Maggette and Biedrins gives them the chance to get more bang for their buck.

PF Vladimir Radmanovic – Anthony Tolliver has made him unnecesary. His value to the Warriors is as a $6M expiring contract.


F Devean George – His locker room presence has been good, and he can give you spot minutes. And he’ll be cheap. But he won’t play a significant role.

C Chris Hunter – Nice size and some skill. Good to keep around. But you can find that in other places.

Marcus Thompson

  • Josh

    The dream of Ellison…….
    1. Goodbye Nellie
    2. If money is no issue why not buy out Maggette and Radmonivic? What’s an extra 20 plus million? It’s nothing if you look at his past spending to win.
    3. Grab a free agent


  • TownLove

    Good post MT. A top three draft pick may change everything.

    Im not sure about Randolph. He regressed this year prior to the injury. If AR needs to bring the ball up the court in order to be effective then that may conflict with Curry being the floor general.

    Im starting to lean towards keeping Wright and cashing in on AR’s overhyped “potential”. I think Wright may be a beter long term fit for this team.

  • TownLove

    Im not buying the Ellison pouring ridiculous money into the team theory. If money is no issue with Ellison, then why is he haggling with Cohan over a measily $50 mill. Thats not enough money to add one big name FA.

  • Bleep

    #1: Even after buying them out, they still count against the cap. So no free agent.

  • Bleep

    Don’t you think that Randolph could end up another Tyrus Thomas? He didn’t seem much more in control this year than last. At least Wright is under control. If Wright shows he can rebound, I don’t see why he wouldn’t fit better on this team than Randolph.

  • Jeremy

    If the Warriors could actually move Maggette, Beidrins, and Vlad I would be shocked. Especially Maggette… he is maybe the most difficult player to deal in the league right now.

    The return for those players is going to depend heavily on the lottery and subsequently who they want to get at the top of the draft. I don’t think they can move the pick without getting another top 6 or 7 pick in return, a borderline superstar who is still cheap, or a superstar player in return.

    I really want to see the D-leaguers back. I think Morrow and Watson are allowed to sign elsewhere. Vlad must be either dealt or bought out they can’t afford the roster spot to keep him till the deadline as a trade asset. At least one of Maggette, Beidrins, or Ellis has to go as part of a multi player deal. If they do get #1, they must take Evan Turner or parlay the Wall hype into a huge deal for someone who better fits their team.

    PG- Curry
    SF- Azubuike, Williams
    PF- Tolliver
    C- Hunter Turiaf

    These are the only locks IMO. Best case scenario would be to see Bosh, Boozer, David Lee, or Jefferson be brought in by sign and trade or just trade along with drafting Evan Turner and getting rid of two of the contracts of Maggette, Ellis, and Beidrins.

    If the Knicks signed Bosh and lost out on LeBron/Wade I wonder if they’d consider a sign and trade of Monta for David Lee?

  • pdxraider

    I don’t understand why anyone likes Wrights game. Yeah, he’s had a couple of nice dunks, but can never stay on the court and appears soft. I’ll agree with the rest of your list, minus one. Biedrins, with a good passer ala B. Davis, Curry was and could be a good role player and still average a double-double for a center spot thats hard to find superstar material. Then draft a big. Even if we slip to 4 or 5 pick. My fave D. Cousins-just run his ass everyday, all day. If he can keep up, he’s a man-child. Oh and send Wright and/or Maggette to Cle. for Leon Powe. Go Cal but mostly go WVU, beat dukee!

  • pdxraider

    Swap Ellis for D. Lee, would be awesome

  • Mikke 117

    I disagree on several points:

    Must Stay:
    Stephen Curry
    Anthony Randolph
    Andris Biedrins

    Curry is on his way to becoming the franchise player ahead of Monta. Once he learns how to play defense, he’ll be an all-star. Randolph’s problem has been Nellie who’s notorious for making or breaking talented players. Under the right coach, Randolph also has the talent/skills to be an all-star. Andris is a legit center who except for his free-throw shooting can be a good role player. All the Warriors need from him is 12 points/12 boards a game and a couple blocks. They have enough scorers. You have to balance scorers with a couple of good defensive players, that’s what Andris and Ronny bring to the table.

    Should Stay:
    Anthony Morrow
    Ronny Turiaf
    Kelenna Azubuike
    Corey Maggette
    Reggie Williams
    Anthony Tolliver
    CJ Watson

    Morrow has worked hard to become a good player, but do you cut into his minutes to develop Williams who has better all-around skills? If Morrow can be packaged to obtain a better player, Williams looks capable of taking his place. Turiaf isn’t a strong rebounder, but he’s a good defensive player and passer. There’s many elite big men in the West and you have to have someone to guard them. This is where Turiaf and Biedrins fit in. You can’t have Randolph and Maggette trying to guard guys like Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard. It won’t work, Nellie hasn’t figured this out yet. Azubuike is one of the top sixth man in the league when healthy. The W’s might be tempted to package him for a quality player. I say keep Maggette because he is one of the few players on the team besides Curry and Monta who can create his own shot and finish at the rim. The W’s can’t live by the 3 all the time, they need a forward who can attack the basket which Maggette does very well. Maggette showed me he deserved to stay when he held his own against Lebron earlier in the season. CJ has become a decent backup PG, he’s become better at running the offense, but is still a shoot first PG. If Orlando offers him a decent contract again, he’s probably gone. Tolliver and Williams have earned roster spots. They both showed they have the skills/talent to make the roster. Give them at least two seasons to see how good they are.

    Should Trade or Let go:
    Monta Ellis
    Brandan Wright
    Vladimir Radmonovic
    Devean George

    Monta’s game doesn’t compliment Curry’s as well as it should. He needs lots of touches to get his rhythm, problem is so does Maggette. The offense doesn’t flow very well with these three on the floor together. If the W’s can trade Monta for OJ Mayo, I’d say do it. The W’s need to commit to either Randolph or Wright. Right now, Randolph has shown flashes of becoming a great player. Wright has yet to show what he can do. I think splitting minutes between the two is counter productive. Pick one and move the other to fill roster needs. Radmonovic could be an attractive expiring contract to another team. It appears that Tolliver may be a better undersized 3rd string center than Vladi at a bargain price. If Vladi can’t be moved, his outside shooting makes him more valuable than Hunter. If George doesn’t mind signing for the vet minimum and riding the bench, bring him back for another year. If he finds minutes elsewhere, no big loss. He’s a good role model for the younger players. Chris Hunter needs to go. He has a NBA body, but plays soft and can’t make a lay up to save his life.

    Last, but not least…
    Nellie and his so-called boss Riley need to go. Nellie, please get your record and go back to Maui to retire. You’ve got your big pay day, now enjoy life and go spend it somewhere. We the fans deserve a winner and I’m not talking about the NBA lottery which is the only place you’re good at taking the team to.

  • GSWFan24

    I see Azubuike, CJ Watson, Vlad Radman, and Andris as the must be moved in the Dubs current situation. I think Monta’s a keeper despite conflicts in the past with Curry. With a strong frontline, they can play together just fine…

    PG- Steph, Monta, (2nd round draft choice)
    SG- Monta, Reggie Williams, (Evan Turner?)
    SF- Possibly Evan Turner, Reggie Williams, Maggette
    PF- Possibly Wright/Randolph, (Favors or Cousins if no Turner)
    C- Turiaf, Tolliver, Hunter

  • warafan

    Trade / Cut. A. R. too lazy, too thin, too fragile

    M.E. too selfish / turn over ratio too high. don’t know how to play team game..

    50/50 list… keep or let go is still ok.

    A.B. can’t shoot free throw, too thin, too fragile

    V. R. can’t score,

    C.M. need to develop to play team game or best to come off the bench to spark plug the team

    CJ W. come off the bench…
    D.G. too fragile, play too soft.

    Need…Draft or FA or Trade…

    a true Center 7’0′ 250 lbs
    SG 6’7″ Evan Turner type…

  • dan

    Name a 220lbs PF who dominate the painted area. Name one please

  • warafan

    Chris Bosh,

  • GregC

    Don’t sleep on Brandan Wright. He was really making strides last summer before he got injured. I heard he really held his own in the North Carolina alumni Basketball games.

    Unless you can get someone proven, I say keep both Randolph and Wright into the season, then see what you can get.

  • TownLove

    Why do guys think Cousins is so out of shape and cant run. The guy played on the fastest team in College Basketball and played really well.

  • Squall

    Demarcus Cousins is a headcase, no thanks.

    Evan Turner all the way.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    MT, great assessment – I agree 100%. Having said that, here are the moves we could/should make, hoping we get the #2 overall pick.
    1) Draft Evan Turner with the #2 pick
    2) Trade Monta to the Pacers for never-used T.J. Ford and Indiana’s pick (hopefully #4) and draft DeMarcus Cousins.
    3) Trade Maggette, Biedrins and Randolph to Detroit for their pick (#6?), Tayshaun Prince and their big salary/bad sign, Charlie Villanueva. Draft Al-Faoruq Aminu with that pick.
    We get more financial flexibility with T.J. Ford and Prince coming off the books in 2011 and get young, good talent.
    2010-2011 Warriors
    PG – Curry/Ford
    SG – Turner/Williams/Azubuike
    SF – Prince/Aminu/Azubuike
    PF – Wright/Villanueva/Tolliver
    C – Cousins/Turiaf/Hunter

  • sartre

    I’ve love to see the dubs get Evan Turner or the hyped John Wall (even if only for trade bait), but we’re better off speculating about who will be the likely best 4th or 5th pick given how badly Washington and Detroit are playing. The odds of a top three pick are sadly diminishing as the regular season closes. My guess is Wesley Johnson, if he’s still available, might be the best choice.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Wait wait wait…anybody have a clue that AR and Wright are both at 220, right now? Why do people give up on them so fast? AR is working out with CB4 in the summer and his trainer right now. The guy could top bosh’s weight by 5 lbs by the end of the summer?
    And he’s in the same category as Monta?I understand Wright, and everyone else going, but Randolph is 20! Seriously, how fast do you guys give up on someone that’s not the immediate hero?

    How good would Curry be on the t’wolves if their plan went through and got Curry+Evans? He would look horrible! We’d never see him get any touches, nothing!
    Curry would have no name in this league. Because he’s here, and he’s 22 now, we’re keeping him, especially with the superstar potential he’s shown us.

    In my opinion, throwing away AR or Wright would be dumb, especially AR. If he stayed sub 220 for the next season or so, I’d consider it, but the guy is really committed to bulk up just to make himself look good on paper. Why are you idiots giving up on him just like that. If you trade anyone trade Wright. How stupid.

    Ronny should never go. His shotblocking ability is too rare and too valuable.
    Morrow could develop into a scoring machine.

    Wright could turn out to be a great backup to Randolph…
    And these two guys need a good coach. Nellie seems to be the problem here.

    The only sensible thing you wrote here is that the Warriors need a do-it-all 3 that can rebound + defend without mainly scoring. A.K.A Evan Turner.

    Marcus, I know we were desperately waiting for an article, but try reading what you’re saying here.

  • warafan

    ok where AR best fit is…. Hum ??? Night Club…. I didn’t see Nelson was with him????? just another cancer…. We need to stay away from this kind of player…

  • warafan

    How many coach can turn D-league players to NBA players?…. so who is the problem here…. players with no heart / no desire / no self respect / so….get rid of them…..

  • gary

    “Must Be Traded” guys…

    You’re kidding, right, MT????

    You can’t give these guys away, much less put them in a trade. Vlad Rad is the only one with value… an expiring contract. CM and AB are deal-killers for any trade.

    All the GMs who want to sign the guy who just set the worst FT percent record, and a small forward who never passes (CM) please get in line for this trade. Yeah, right. And take a look at their outrageous (and lengthy) contracts… nutty stuff.

    Any GM who suggest signing either of these 2 Ws commits professional suicide.

    Bottom line: Untradeable

  • too short

    Morrow is very limited and should not be re-signed. Sorry, he will not be a scoring machine; all you need to do is guard him a bit. Slow, bad handle.

  • TownLove

    Im willing to wait for a player as long as they are progressing every year. I didnt see that in AR this year. He regressed. Listening to Nellie, it sounded like Wright was making better strides than AR. I definitely like AR and he has all the talent in the World. Im just not convinced that he will actually reach that potential. I think we can cash in on his ‘potential’.

  • Cadillac

    Here is my realistic dream roster for the 2010-11 Warriors. Pick-ups in free agency and draft.

    G – Stephan Curry
    G – Monta Ellis
    F – Evan Turner, Derrick Favors (Draft – Ohio State, 6’7″ forward, G Tech 6’9″ forward)
    F – Blake Griffin, Caron Butler, Carlos Boozer – Trade
    C – Amare Stoudamire – Trade

  • Tdubb

    Marcus great topic! We’ve talked and you agreed Turner is the best draft selection. His size and play making ability make him the perfect fit for this club.

    Who to keep here is pretty simply really. If you’ve watched most of the GSW games and I have, no matter who they are facing the bench or lack there of is a huge factor. And the lack of a low post threat. So working backward from that approach who do you keep and can afford.

    Hunter and Tolliver have proven they can play and make a difference. Match them against most benches and they would hold their own most nights. And they are considered NBA rookies so there is room to grow. Radmonavich is making 6K next season and its an expiring contract, you could trade him and pay them 1k contracts.

    Williams is a no brainer, he is a player. I love Morrow’s shot, work ethic and improvement. You can never have enough dead on shooters, the Bulls Championship teams made Paxon, Kerr and Hodges stars. Azibuke if healthy stays too, my big guard defender and slasher.

    I would love to keep Watson but I know he’s gone. Here’s what my team would look like 2010-11

    PG – Curry, Ellis, Watson if there is a way
    SG – Williams, Azibuke, Morrow
    SF –
    PF – Randolph, Wright, Tolliver
    C – Turiaf, Hunter

    Andris, Maggette and Rad, traded and gone. Let a trade dictate the SF position. Monta or Wright go if a dominant player is available but that’s unlikely.

    Draft Wall, Turner, Cousins or Favor. Marcus made the point before, are you building just to make the playoffs or the big prize? Your future competition are the Lakers, Thunder, Blazers, Denver and Utah.

  • Tdubb

    Let me add, if you could pry Andre Iguodala from Philly in a trade, do it! He fills that SF need immediately and Philly has put him out there before and hell if Dalembert gotta come too at least he can play in the middle. And yes I know he has a big contract too but he’s a shot blocker and rebounder.

  • kookaburra

    It is shocking how quickly people have given up on AR. The guy is 20 years old, was the youngest in his draft class, and we have all seen enough to say this guy will definitely not be a star down the road?

    For a team in the Warriors position, that just makes no sense. Our best chance at acquiring players to bring us to the next level are through the draft, and so to trade our #1 draft pick away of two years ago, who fills a position of needs… I just don’t get the philosophy.

  • deano

    Marcus: Nice post. You offer sound reasons for your categories and for your placement of the players in them.

    The large “Should stay,but” list accurately reflects the flexibilty GSW should have in pursuing a dominant big. As you say, that is their primary need right now. Everything else – who stays,who goes,and who gets drafted – revolves around that. I think that who goes is Ellis, plus whoever else is needed to get the big guy.

    On an ironic note, your description of the type of small forward that the Warriors need (and the type that Maggette is not) made me think of one perfect fit — Stephen Jackson. Too bad he gave up on this team. Too bad he bolted before he saw what Curry would become.

  • warafan

    AR at best will play 50 games / year. too skinny / too lazy / 20 or not trade for his potential now. you not 21 yet? what r u doing in the night club….(drinking????)… don’t falling love w/ potential….

  • petaluman

    Coming into this season, I wasn’t really worried about getting into the play-offs. We needed to resolve questions at 2 important positions on the court, PF and PG. Unfortunately, the BW/AR competition was side-tracked by injuries to both of them. We still don’t know much more about what they can give us a year later. The jury is still out on the ME as PG project, but that’s been rendered less important by SC.

    The only important “must trade” is VR. His 7M expiring deal can be added to a starter salary for a big deal, or a young prospect for an established starter. By starter pay, I mean ME, AB, and CM (>7M). I think they’re all expendable for the right trade, but may be too early in their contracts to trade easily. They all have 2 (CM) or 3 years after next season on their deals.

    The next tier of players price-wise (>3M) are RT (2 years remaining), and expiring deals for KA and BW. I think that they all represent fair values, and would only trade them in a bigger deal.

    Other players under contract (<3M) for next year are SC, AR, RW, (and AM?). Did we sign Morrow for 2 years? It would take quite an offer to part with Curry or Randolph. No one’s likely to offer anything worth trading the latter 2 for.

    Currently on roster, but with deals expiring this year are CW, AT, CH, and DG. I like Watson on this roster, but he may have earned a bigger role than we can give him. There’s definitely a place here for Tolliver, and Hunter has a chance to stick, as well. All of these guys chances here may well depend on who we draft. Only CJ could yield anything, via a sign-and-trade.

  • dan

    Bosh 220 ? don’t think so.

  • warafan

    Bosh 245lbs / we do not need a 220 PF period… we can convert Hunter to PF… and draft trade a true Center 7.0″ / 250 and up with Ronny back up…

  • Marcus Thompson

    I definitely agree with those of you who say Wright is going to be more stable and reliable. But I am not ready to give up on AR. Like TownLove said, if I can cash in on AR hype, I might do it and just ride with BW. But to me, that is riskier than keeping Wright and trading Randolph. Wright has had two shoulder surgeries and doesn’t rebound consistently (which is problems if he is playing 5 in a small lineup or next to Ronny).

  • coltraning

    Nice list, but I would keep Hunter. He is a very nice piece as a backup, and the best offensive center of Turiaf, Biedrins and him. I also do not buy AR. I am going to come out and say what others are alluding to: He is a DUMB player. Curry’s intelligence was obvious and glaring, and AR is the opposite in terms of bball IQ. It is not a coincidence why many Ws fans have taken to calling him “special” Anthony, Look in his eyes: No one is home.

    Move him and Biedrins while the hype is still there for a real 4,ala Milsap or Vareajeao

  • warafan

    PG Curry / Watson
    SG Even Turner / William / Monroe
    SF AK /Tolliver / CM
    Pf Hunter / Wright / Ronny (would be nice if have Bosh)
    C Trade (1st or 2nd round) Draft 7.0′ 250 and up / Ronny T. / Hunter

    Now we can compete with Lakers / Spurs / Dallas etc..

  • oaktownlar

    #21 Gary is right: AB and CM are un-tradeable. If CM had one, maybe two years left, you could see him go to a playoff team that needed another scoring option (as Jamison went to the Cavs) to make it over the hump. But with several years left? No way. As for AB, the worst thing is he just doesn’t seem to want to work individually to improve. OK, he had a nagging injury this year, but his lack of developing a single post move, a halfway respectable foul shot, and even picking up some muscular pounds describes his entire career.

  • some guy

    the truth is none of these guys has any real value outside of Curry. even Randolph is a guy who hasn’t really done anything and who’s rookie contract is about to expire.

    their best player (Monta)’s value is OJ Mayo & Hasheem Thabeet.

    seriously, Vlad may be the 2nd most valuable trade piece they have on account of him being an expiring; either him or Turiaf (teams can always use a cheap, decent big men).

    unless they want an aging star, no one is going to give you a good young star for all the good young role players the W’s have. #1, the W’s need to draft superstars. #2, acquire bigs who can defend the low post, rebound, as well as help their poor perimeter defenders.

  • commish

    I know I’m a broken record but dude, Nelson has to go: no ands, ifs or butts. No matter who is on the roster that crummy coach will mess with their heads unless they are “cheap” (inexpensive) D-Leaguers who will love him for giving them a chance in the NBA. Get rid of Nelson for once and all and Riley with him. Then we can figure out how to build a winning franchise. Nuff said.

  • fillmoe mike

    Very nice post marcus….I agree with town love…I wouldn’t trade brandon wright or anthony randolph..y?there still young and raw…they both just need more seasoning……I would however trade corey and andris..

  • Dr. J

    This year’s draft has no superstars. John Wall better talk to former Kentucky players Rex Chapman, Kelenna Azubuike or Tayshaun Price about getting a jump shot. He’s not going to get to the basket with defenders playing ten feet away. As for his teammate, DeMarcus Cousins, he’s not a dominant defender or rebounder and what will he do offensively? A slam dunk is not a go-to move, and he’s not as good as two guys, Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard, who relied on it early on. Evan Hunter (Ohio State) and Wesley Johnson (Syracuse) will be serviceable pros, but neither has the one skill in their game that will transform the Warriors or make them an All-Star.

  • Tony

    My answer would be to think outside the box! A big who can shoot, (Channing Frye type), a four who’s a beast down low(Dejuan Blair-type), a three who can initiate the offense and defend. The bench is up for grabs, as 80% of the current roster are really bench players, and have excelled in their roles for the most part. Also, I’m not ready to give the keys to Reggie Williams as of yet! He’s done a great job in 20 games, but I’m not so sure he’s much different from Maggette, aside from the salary.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Re: Wright and AR. It takes bigs awhile to develop and to find out what you have. I recommend against trading ripe fruit at seedling prices?

    Let’s see what we have in Wright and AR next fall. I think that they could make a nice pf combo.

  • Hook Mitchell

    Don’t trade Randolph UNLESS u get a blockbuster in return.

    I don’t like the small guard back court but we don’t know how they’d perform with a true legit BIG MAN.
    That being said I doubt we can get one without trading monta.

    Wright may have a better head than Randolph but he plays so SOFT.
    I’d rather have Randolph intensity.
    He just needs to stop taking 20ft pull up jump shots off the dribble.

    Hope we can get turner.
    I’d even trade monta to whatever team drafts turnerto obtain him.

    If not. It’s another project big man.

  • earl monroe

    Marcus, great commentary on Curry.

  • HannibalX

    If you look at the Lakers roster and then look at the Warriors, NO ONE here is a keeper. Our roster wouldn’t even match their bench players. You can continue to kid yourself, but the Bay Area is used to 16 years+ of bad basketball – period. New owner needs to build a championship caliber team. Defense, height, heart.
    No Keith Smart, no Riley, Rowell, Mullin.
    We need a championship. Stop aiming for mediocrity (“the Warriors are at .500 for the first time in 5 years…”).
    Keep Barnett/rid Fitz.

  • Victoria

    I love Corey. I don’t know why Warriors fans love to see him go. During this difficult time, George and Hunter have pulled us through some really tough times. We need a deep team, that if and when our starters are injured we have a good fall back. Not having to pull up from D’s several times during a season. There will be injuries, there is no reason why the Warrior’s can’t go at least to playoffs next year if we can field a deep bench. Sort out the money issues. Make it more exciting and ticket sales will be back into the green and get the fans pumped on taking ownership of thier team, not “fair weather fans”!!!!!!!!! We are loyal, no matter whats happening, but pull in the people we lost!

  • ACC

    Before we figure out who stays and who goes, it really boils down to who will be the new owner. Once that has been established then it will domino down the drain.

    Just curious, has Jim Barnett ever coached before? he seems to be a nice guy and connects well with players whenever he does random interviews.

    Jerry West, IMO, would be the best candidate for GM.

    Warriors have already addressed their problem at PG in Stephen Curry, what they need right now is a big shooting guard, a power forward and a center. Chris Hunter, Anthony Tolliver and Ronny Turiaf are good as backups.

  • jsl

    Excellent analysis, MT. May be the post of the season.

    I don’t agree with all of your conclusions — I’m higher on BW (who I do NOT think will be injury prone now that he’s had the surgery) and Goose (who I think has simply had his confidence destroyed by Nelson) — but you make good arguments.

    Glad to see you’ve come around fully on Curry. Now here’s a prediction: Curry next year will be markedly better than Nash next year. We’ll see.

    P.S. to ACC: Barnett would be a terrific coach, if he were able to gather a small, effective group of YOUNG assistants. But, at this point, I seriously doubt he’d want to give up the comforts of the “booth” — where he excels — for the rigors of coaching. And, tho he WAS tough as a player, he just might be TOO nice now.

  • Don

    We stay at the bottom because we are always in love with the next guy. Unless we are getting value for value, keep what we have. Give AB another year to improve. Williams has shown good stuff, but who is ready to keep him over KA who has proven himself over 2 years. All of a sudden we should get rid of ME too? The only one I see is CM because we never should have signed him in the first place. This knee jerk reaction is what keeps us from improving. Go no further than Portland. They kept people and kept getting better. We need a new owner, that I would trade for, a new GM, an energetic coach who teaches defense and we’ll be ok for next year.

  • Ken

    I understand that the fans are clueless about Radmanovic, because they have not seen him do much.

    However, a professional sports journalist should recognize that he has been injured during the entire time he has been a Warrior, so we really have not seen his best.

    And, a sports journalist would note particular games where Radmanovic has been the best W defender on the court, despite his injury.

    Moreso, a sports journalist would consider that Phil Jackson made Radmanovic a starter in EVERY ONE of their 21 playoff games, including all the NBA Final games. This is less than 2 years ago.

    Note that Vlad has never played one minutes for the Warriors in his normal position, SMALL FORWARD (at 6 foot 10 inches).

    So, only a competent sports physician can really tell us whether Radmanovic would be a valuable player for the Warriors.

  • Whack-A-Dub

    Trade Randolph? are you guys crazy…

    Ice Cube wants to buy the Dubs.

  • ice cube

    I want to buy the Dubs

  • I seriously can’t believe it. I hope Wayne Rooney is ok for the world cup!


    Sorry Ken but Rad stinks. Nellie put him out there to stretch the floor and if he isn’t knocking down shots he’s not that useful. Yes, he’s played defense a couple of times but not enough to warrant any consideration as a solid defender. Your assertion that only a physician can truly tell whether Rad is valuable is kind of ridiculous.The guy is trade fodder and that’s it. No offense if your a big fan of his, I’m just saying.

  • Hook Mitchell

    It’s ok to start vlad at SF if u got Kobe odom bynum n gasol.

    I like vlad. Think he has a nice jump shot but gets very uncomfortable when u crowd him.

    I like maggette also. A perfect 6 man if all u want is a scorer off the bench.
    The warriors can score no doubt bout it.
    We need Corey to give us a little more than just scoring.

    Same thing with andris. His rebounding is good but we need more than that.

    Curry. Untouchable
    Reggie. Turiaf. Randolph. Morrow.
    All keepers … Unless u can get a blockbuster trade in return

  • warafan

    AR is a thin / fragile / lazy / night club bum…TRADES him / No excusess….He’s not even measuring up the Chris Webber (did he win any championship — NO)…We need professional players not kids, not lazy bump…when the team played / you’re in the night club… Talented is not enough. Heart / Desires…

  • Ken

    Mr. FJG_SON :

    What you say is correct about what we saw of Vlad, but it is clear that he has been injured the entire time he has been a W.
    That said, I would say that no one on the Warriors must be kept – it all depends on what you get in return. The usual reason to not offer a player is because he is both important to the play of the team AND he is beloved by the fans.
    The Warriors current position in the table means that no one fits that description. Again, one may think that Ellis or Curry fit that description, but if you get someone like CB4 in exchange, then the fans forget the former players, especially if the team wins.
    Oh, and I think MT is certainly right that our D-leaguers performance per dollar, means that it is a no-brainer for all 3 to get contract renewals, unless the draft or trades end up increasing the number of incoming players, and there is no room.

  • A’s in 2010

    Curry, Randolph = untouchables

    Buike, Reggie, BWright, Ronny = keepers, on bargain deals. Non-starters but they give us stability.

    Morrow, CJ, Hunter = welcome back on 1 yr offers

    Vlad = keeper because of big expiring contract

    Maggette = untradable(3 yrs/$32M+injury prone)

    Tolliver, George = expendable

    Monta, Biedrins = need to be shopped. 23 years young, both very productive when healthy. Good trade chips, imo. Biedrins, I think he’d fit better on a conventional team. Monta to Memphis for Rudy Gay(who Curry has openly said he’d love to play with). You got to see if you can get that done.

  • Ron Meisler

    Get Boozer in a sign and trade.

    Give up Monte for him and Wright. Wright since I see AR as a back up long term at Center and PF and eventually a 32-36 minute man. Keep Tolliver, Turiaf and Biedrins.

    Here is your 4-5 combo
    C = Biedrins – Turiaf – Randolph
    PF = Boozer – Randolph – Tolliver

    1, & 3
    By committee until the positions are resolved. Lots of fouls to give up and lots of points too. be had.
    SF = Miller – Maggette – Azubuike -Morrow
    SG =Morrow – Miller – Watson – Azubuike
    PG = Curry – Watson

    That is 11 players. Kep George another year and continue to try Hunter on for size.

    Then see what the draft might blow in

  • PG- Steph, Monta, (2nd round draft choice)
    SG- Monta, CJ Watson
    SF- Azibuke, Reggie Williams, Maggette
    PF- Randolph, Tolliver (may be better than Randolph, certainly more coachable.
    C- Hunter,Turiaf hopefully subbing for a VERY VERY Good big that we trade for or draft.

    Trade for a Big: Magette, Brandon Wright and Biedrins. It would not hurt to have either of these in 2011. We are so close and peope dont realize it. We need a bona fide 4 (Bass?) and/or a legit 5 who can rebound! .

    Keep all the DLeaguers
    Gotta Go: Biedrins – Woosed out totally this year. 15% FT, Cannot defend pick and Roll, Will not run the pick and roll!

  • brandonbeard

    Hey everyone I just wanted to say one main thing about this conversation. Chris Hunter needs to stay, manly because he play well when he gets in the game and he is a big body who can score and finish at the rim. Corey needs to stay as well becasaue he has brought another dimension to our team. He can play multiple positions and can guard almost anyone. Monta can go while his value is high because he is a hog and he has let some of this stuff go to his head. Beidrins has to go because he is not very good, and he is too small to defend down their, and more importantly he does not have the heart if you ask me. So thats what I think

  • Kobe Bryant

    I need C.J. Watson on my team.

  • earl monroe

    your team at the rec center?

  • Before I start I have to say, Seeing Monte in a different uniform will literally bring tears to my eyes… Okay so Vladamir WALKS up and down the court.. he WALKS.. You need to get rid of this guy. Devean George plays pretty hard but this guy is going to retire soon… so get rid of George Vladamir Andris (Andris is a failure now.. even tho he was injured He is not a very talented player) … finally trade MONTE IF U CAN GET AN AMAZING PLAYER OR PLAYERS IN RETURN… cj is playing to good as of late to b traded

  • Songwriter123

    I agree we should trade with Detroit, including our presumably #4 for their #7, but I think we should get Rodney Stuckey in the deal, that is, a Baron Davis sized guard to go with Curry and/or Ellis.