Curry finishes 2nd in ROY Voting, But Who Will End up Better?

Reke ROY finished with 24 more first-place votes than Warriors guard Stephen Curry. No doubt Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans deserved Rookie of the Year. I just heard the best explanation (and from a Curry supporter): Evans became the front-runner the first couple months of the season. It was his to lose and he never lost it. Despite Curry’s stellar production starting with January 1, Evans never gave voters a reason not to vote for him. He stayed consistently good throughout.

With that said, knowing what Curry did down the stretch, that annual question now comes to mind. The same question that always comes up when there are two stand-out rookies: who will have the better career?

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“The Greatest Game I’ve Ever Been A Part Of”

You could not script a season-ender more fitting than the one the Warriors experienced Wednesday night in Portland. The ridiculous injury bug, the rise of their rookie point guard, the importance of the D-Leaguers, the freakishness of Monta Ellis — it all was encapsulated in this one game.

On the surface, it was a meaningless 122-116 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. Portland knew its postseason slot (No. 6) before tip-off and played without its key players (injured guard Brandon Roy, ill forward LaMarcus Aldridge, center Marcus Camby). And the Warriors had nothing to play for since their postseason hopes had long since been dashed.

Still, this game will be memorable.

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Nellie is Winningest Coach Ever

The celebration wasn’t like the one I heard about in Toronto, which from all accounts was moving and emotional and spontaneous. Wednesday had some cool moments:

*His family and friends, some 20 people, including his wife joy and his daughter and grandkids, took pictures with each other on the court. They had several homemade signs.

*The standing ovation he got from the Timberwolves fans. As the game was winding down, departing fans walked by the bench to congratulate Nellie, even though the game was still going on. When the horn sounded, the PA guy made the announcement, and everyone stopped and applauded.

*The locker room soda shower. They had Gatorade, the G2 bottles, but those don’t fizz like soda..

STEPHEN CURRY: “It was pretty fun. We had little Sierra Mist cans. We shook them up and sprayed them on him. The smile on his face. Gave him the game ball, he gave a little speech. It’s a great moment for him.”

ANTHONY TOLLIVER: “We didn’t have any champagne, so we improvised. He hasn’t had a championship yet, so we wanted to make this as special as possible. We thought he might be mad, but he is on Cloud 9 right now.”

NELSON: “I only bought one sport coat. I’ve got a problem.”

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NBA Awards Ballots Released

Got my ballots for the postseason awards today. I got four of the six, plus All-NBA ballott.

Let’s start with what I did not get and who I would’ve picked (easy to say off top since I don’t have a vote). I did not get the Rookie of the Year ballot. That race has been narrowed down to just a few candidates. If I had a vote, my top choice would have been …

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