Warriors Narrow Field to 4, Including Ellison & Mastrov

The field of 11 bidders have been dwindled down to four, and they will be informed that they made it to the final round on Tuesday. I’ve been told Larry Ellison is one of the finalists, and no one I’ve talked to has disputed that. But, of course he is a finalist. He’s Larry Ellison. Another finalist, I’ve learned, is Mark Mastrov, founder of 24-Hour Fitness.

The four final bidders were chosen based on their ability to close quickly, which includes having the finances ready  and being approved by the NBA.

So what happens now?

* Over the next three to four weeks, the four finalists will get to dive into the Warriors data. That includes player salaries, naming right’s contracts, media deals, sponsorships, etc. Much of the stuff was outlined in the book they sent out before they accepted bids, but the finalists will have a chance to verify and look deeper. They will also get to interview management and tour the facilities.

* After that, the four finalists will submit binding bids, including a deposit. If one bidder jumps up significantly higher than everyone else, they will win the sweepstakes. If, say, two bids are close, they will get invited to another round.

* Once the winning bidder is identified, a purchase agreement will be signed, and the agreement will go to the NBA Board or approval.

It is feasible, technically, that the new owner can be identified by July 1, when the free agency period. That would be ideal since Golden State needs some renovations to be a legit playoff contender next season. Also, if the in-coming owner wants new management and/or a new head coach, getting an agreement before the free agency period begins, or even early in the period, would allow the Warriors to be in the running for some of the best available candidates while they are on the market.

Marcus Thompson

  • hi

    Triumph is coming soon. I’m going to listen to Wu-Tang the moment Ellison is owner.

  • Tony

    Marcus, will each of the final bidders be aware of the amounts bid by the other parties or is it a blind process where only the bidder is aware of the offer they make? Blind auction or open auction?

  • deano

    If we had known this at the beginning of last season, when Monta was saying that he couldn’t play with Curry and Jack was saying that he couln’t play with anyone, we would still have been smiling; and we would have grinned right through the season.

  • mostlydownwarriorfan

    C.R.E.A.M=Cash rules everything around me..cream get the money dolla dolla bill ya’ll. That is what this bid is going to amount o.

  • Aperacer

    Marcus, What to you know about Monta buying a house near Memphis? Is that signaling somehting or just a nice crib close to his home town?

  • Grey Warden

    I guess this is where Ellison’s lawyers and tax accountants go to work over the Warriors financials and whatnot, tell him what the value of the franchise is, and then he makes up a bid.

    Ellison: hmm now that I’ve look at the financials, how about a bid of $310 million instead of $315 lol

  • Fierce South

    “Golden State needs some renovations to be a legit playoff contender next season”

    Just some renovations? =) I hope Marcus was being sarcastic.

    I think they seriously need to change the entire roster with the exception of Stephen Curry. Just re-tooling the roster somewhat thinking it’ll become a legit playoff contender is fools gold.

  • Jay

    Who are the other two groups?? Are they former NBA players/owners……..

  • Steve
  • A’s in 2010

    The China bidders are probably one of the 4.

  • would be happy w/ mastrov who is known 2 a seagle relative but kenny’s guy is ellison…. if he can run a team like he run a business we will never be enbarass 2 be warrior fans again

    @ #1 hi: its ALLWAYS a good time 2 listen 2 wu tang clan

    ODB lives!!!!

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • robert

    Dwindled implies that there were 11 guys standing around and 7 wandered off and didn’t come back; I think you meant widdled down.

  • OregonGuy

    Whoever the new guy is I hope he is better for the fans than Cohan. Can he be worse? Without a doubt. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • YukDaDuke

    The Warriors should try to pry Beasley from Miami, he would absolutely wreak havoc in the Warriors offense, putting up college like numbers. How about trying to trade the #7 pick and possibly throwing in another player? Also seeing if Iguodola is available from the sixers, possibly for Monta? How sick would that be….

    pg curry
    sg iguodola
    sf beasley
    pf randolph, wright
    c biedrins

  • YukDaDuke

    I meant the # 6 pick….Just for thought too sixers roster would be pretty sick…..
    pg Jrue Holiday/Lou Williams
    sg Monta Ellis
    sf Evan Turner/Thad Young
    pf Elton Brand/ Speights
    C Samuel D

    pg Chalmers
    sg wade
    sf wesley johnson?
    pf free agent Boozer/Amare
    c Oneal/ Demarcus Cousins?

  • Jeremy

    Whoever the new guy is I pray he understands you make more money by putting out a superior product on the court compared to the rest of the NBA. The market is there, the fans will come, ESPN loves the Warriors… all that needs to happen is for the owner to ensure star players and a winning team are on the court and the franchise value will shoot through the roof.

  • D W

    I would love to see Mastrov become owner if Ellison doesn’t. I believe Mastrov would keep the team in Oakland. However, as close as he still is to a certain business partner whose Magic is very productive, Mastrov wants to literally own the Warriors. Is Earvin Johnson willing to give up his piece of the Lakers? Not likely, so where will Mastrov find another partner? This is Ellison’s biggest advantage over Mastrov, to counter staying next to 24-Hour Fitness’ Eastbay roots.

  • D W

    I don’t know how many ownership bids include building a new arena in San Fran next to AT&T Park, with the Giants gaining a piece of ownership. I do want to know if the NBA would prefer if the Warriors stay in Oakland and change its name to Oakland so to recognize where Bill Russell built his greatness. It would be a tremendous honor if Commissioner Stern considers Russell’s impact in determining the Warriors’ future, both in ownership and in name. I don’t believe that Monte Poole is the only one in the Eastbay that would demand removing the ‘Golden State’ moniker. Sounds too generic, doesn’t it? Often subject to nasty disses from the Chuckster and many more.