Randolph, Wright, Williams, Udoh on Warriors Summer League Squad

It is a surprise to me to see Anthony Randolph on the Warriors’ summer league squad. Nonetheless, the Warriors’ three power forwards will be on the same team starting July 9. Brandan Wright, Reggie Williams and rookie Ekpe Udoh are all on the roster. Guards Stephen Curry, who has Team USA camp in late July, and Anthony Morrow, who is a restricted free agent, are not on the roster.

As far as who they play, the Warriors will face off against John Wall (Washington) and Greg Monroe (Detroit). Here is the full roster and schedule:

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Fourth Bidding Group Identified; Process Now in Binding Bid Stage

A group led by David Bonderman, a founding partner of the private equity firm TPG Capital, was at the team’s downtown facility yesterday as part of a tour. (I saw Bobby Rowell guiding the tour and learned who it was he was hosting, but had to confirm with a another non-related source before I went live, per company policy.) That is the fourth potential ownership group Bay Area News Group has been able to identify. The examination of the Warriors, by the bidders, is now complete said one source close to the negotiations. The source said the feedback from the potential ownership groups was all positive and there is no question the Warriors will be sold for a record price, eclipsing the mark of $401 (the price Robert Sarver paid for the Suns).

Purchase of sale agreements have been submitted to each of the four finalist groups. The soft deadline for them to return is the end of the month, though after the holiday is acceptable to Cohan according to one of the sources. After he receives those bids, Cohan will decide which he accepts or if he wants to continue negotiations. If he chooses one, that group will place a deposit on their bid and the task of hashing out the particulars will being in earnest.

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Morrow, Watson are Tendered Qualifying Offers; Tolliver, Hunter aren’t

The Warriors have extended qualifying offers to both guards Anthony Morrow and C.J. Watson. Morrow’s qualifying offer is a one-year deal worth $1.029 million. Watson’s is for one year, $1.25 million.

Being tendered qualifying offers mean both guards will be restricted free agents come Wednesday at 9:01 p.m. In order to have the right to match any offer sheet they would sign (despite the salary cap), the Warriors first needed to extend a minimum contract (plus bonus) to the Warriors. Not extending the qualifying offer is the equivalent to the Warriors’ waiving their rights to the player.

That is what happened with power forward Anthony Tolliver and center Chris Hunter. The Warriors did notĀ tender them qualifying offers, giving up their right to match. Tolliver and Hunter will both be unrestricted free agents.

So what does that mean for Morrow and Watson?

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Why Warriors Chose Udoh over Monroe

I just talked with a couple of people in the know from the Warriors about why they went with Baylor PF Ekpe Udoh over Georgetown center Greg Monroe. I tried to ask all of the questions I’ve seen, and get the answers that weren’t prepared for the press conference.

For the record, I don’t agree or disagree with any of these answers. My opinion is once DeMarcus Cousins went No. 5, this draft was over. It didn’t really matter, because the Warriors needs are greater than what this draft could provide. It was either a trade, or just grab whoever and move on. That’s what the Warriors did, though many don’t believe they grabbed the best.

Anyway, hereĀ are the explanations I received to the questions surrounding their pick:

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Warriors Take Udoh, Disappoint Fans

Turns out the Warriors weren’t throwing smoke screens. The Warriors did indeed take Baylor PF Ekpe Udoh and not Georgetown center Greg Monroe.

Fans clearly wanted Monroe and responded at the Warriors’ draft party at Oracle Arena by booing the pick, and I’m told there were chants to trade the pick. The Warriors are clearly happy with Udoh over Monroe, who didn’t impress the Warriors in his workout. Golden State already has three centers on the roster. But they also have two power forwards, which has fans befuddled.

ONE FAN’S RESPONSE: “Another Brandon Wright! Same M.O. We need a beast.”

I’ve been told that the Warriors were not impressed with Monroe’s athleticism, and lack thereof, and he was raw and not ready to play. The Warriors don’t want another young player to have to develop, which is part of the reason they said they got Gadzuric, because he was a veteran who can give them some minutes if they needed them.

Udoh, at 23, is short on upside but is ready to play. One guy told me he was just as good of a defender of big men as Monroe. Stephen Curry said “he is an athletic big man who plays above the rim and will fit with the Warriors.”

Either way, welcome Ekpe Udoh.


Sleepers of the Draft

It probably doesn’t matter to the Warriors because No. 6 is too high for a sleeper, but there are some guys in this draft who haven’t gotten much attention but would be good on the Warriors. Some of these guys are good bets to wind up as stars, and we’ll all look back and wonder why they weren’t taken higher.

To be sure, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Warriors could get one of these guys. Trading down might become a more attractive option on draft day. Golden State may be looking into already and just keeping it under wraps. They don’t want more young guys, but they could get a another first-round pick and keep No. 6 if they wanted to cash in some of their depth. At least Indiana and Miami are looking to trade out of the draft.

If there Warriors did go that route, here are some guys I think will be good and a good fit for the Warriors (Ekpe Udoh from Baylor had been my sleeper, but he doesn’t qualify anymore):

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