Warriors New Logo


Now, every night will be throwback night for the Warriors.

The Warriors  have changed their logo to a modern take on the old City logo, which was the same colors but had the cable car on the inside. I am much more a fan of forward movement instead of all the nostalgia. Old logos and uniforms are tight because they are historic. Bringing them back makes them no longer historic, and lose their appeal. It’s like Digital Underground. When I hear Humpty Hump, I get juiced because it is a classic. It reminds me of fun times back in the day. But if Digital Underground came out with an album, I wouldn’t want to hear it – unless it was innovative and new.

With that said, I think the uniforms – if they are anything like the logo – will be cool, in a Boston Celtics kind of way. Simple. Classic. Would be hot if they threw some black in it.

What do you think?

Marcus Thompson

  • Incredible

    Lame. Sadly.

    They should have waited until new ownership took over and let them decide on a new logo.

    Our logo is a blue bridge? Seriously? I’m sure other teams will tremble in fear at the sight of the SF Blue Bridges coming to town!

    First, we lose Thunder. Then we lose the lightning. Feels like the team should even be called the WARRIORS anymore.

  • Aaron

    It looks like an earthquake struck just as the picture was taken.

  • Incredible

    They are probably doing this to “bridge” the gap between Oaktown and SF, and claim both sides (or really, all) of the bay. This way, it eases the transition/move to SF.

  • I like the new logo. I like it a lot compared to the current logo and colors. I dislike the color scheme being used currently with orange, and the darker blue. So this is a great start in my opinion. I’ve been dying for the Warriors to go back to their lighter blue & yellow color scheme, and this is definitely a step in the right direction. The logo as well represents the new east bay span, which will be icon upon it’s completion. Smart choice by the Warriors.

    Everything can be improved upon, but this is a great direction to go, with a recognizable and iconic symbol.

    Logos’s don’t have to be exactly what the team name is. Take the LAKERS for prime example. It just has to represent the team well, and be marketable.

  • Earl Monroe

    Copperplate is not the right typeface for the Warriors logo and that bridge is really poorly drawn, is this for real? It looks like it is I see the same typeface all over the home page, not good, hope new ownership reviews this, although most of the time the league helps teams with branding issues, so they have seen this, if in fact its a new logo, may just be in use for promotion purposes, how would they use this on uniforms? The City logo is much better and has shown in studies to be one of the most iconic as far as NBA branding.

  • Tony Hicks

    Lame. And why now? Looks like the bottom is peeling away.

  • 808Pacific

    Get the new owner were waiting for first before getting a new logo.

    New logo won’t help our cause if we still have the same three idiots in our org.

    But really as for the logo. Doesn’t look really appealing to me.

  • Frank

    “First, we lose Thunder. Then we lose the lightning. Feels like the team should even be called the WARRIORS anymore.”
    Thunder was retarded and not even part of the Warrior tradition. we might as well have had the gorilla or the philly phanatic. Warriors represent BAY AREA. the bridge is good.

    Are you a real Warrior fan? cmon now chump.

    Warrior colors are blue and gold. period. No lighting, no dumbass made up blue guy.

  • jsl

    Not a bad idea to anchor it with the “new” bridge, but this is a short-term solution that will be replaced by the new owners in a relative trice.

    I wouldn’t spend too much on paraphernalia until then.

  • Mark

    Step 1 – Drop “Golden State.” Pick and City, and go with it.

    Step 2 – What does the new Bay Bridge have to do with Warriors? Cut the PC act and pick a new mascot.

    Step 3 – Get new coach, better players, new ownership. Logos won’t help the team on the court.

  • Alameda kid

    I wouldn’t drive across that bridge.

  • Pboss

    I like it….. Huge upgrade over the lame logo we’ve had over the past 15 years. I was never a fan of the previous logo and color scheme. It was terrible.

  • Laurence P

    Please don’t hate on the logo becuase it IS in fact awesome. It’s new and it connects all the fans in the bay.

    That being said the Warriors need a new Alternate jersey as well: Maybe a picture of the cranes at the Port of Oakland, and instead of saying GS or Golden State, and maybe have some different color included also.

    This jersey would have to be referred to as “The Town” jersey haha. Still forward progress is nice…

  • Wilt Chamberlain

    This looks similar to the logo when I was on the team, only worse. Marcus hit the nail on the head. Nostalgia is just that – nostalgia. We don’t need to relive the old stuff unless you make it new. Also agree with Incredible regarding letting the new ownership make the marketing / image decisions.

    Just another front office blunder by GS.

  • JC

    Lame. Nothing exciting about this. Looks dated, old fashioned and dirty. Just like the existing ownership. Are they serious? Will the players start wearing crotch-hugging shorts again?

  • rober tcumiford


  • Doctor

    I like the new logo too. The lighting bolt theme never made sense to me. This is classy and simple. I don’t think it takes away from the “City” jerseys at all. This is a huge upgrade in many ways. I doubt new ownership will come in and try to change it.

  • A’s in 2010

    I’m just glad there is no lightning bolts or that stupid cartoon character Thunder in our logo.

  • A’s in 2010

    BTW, anyone in our front office who thinks Xavier Henry is a top 6 player in this draft should be thrown in Lake Merritt.

  • fotd

    Huge upgrade over the lightening bolt. What was that suppose to mean, anyway? Nothing wrong with a little throwback to one of the best unforms ever.

  • Twinkie defense

    Incorporation of the new bridge span… sweet.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Looks like a view from a periscope of a submarine that is moving in. The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

  • LT in LA

    There will probably be a number in the upper right part of the logo, so it won’t look as unbalanced. That being said the choice of the font is L.A.Z.Y. Design firms charge 10’s of thousands of $$ to design identity packages. To pick a font that is bundled with every operating system out there is pretty weak. Whatever…if the W’s can’t put a competitive team on the floor, who gives a crap about what they are wearing.

  • rigged

    Someone was about to jump off the bridge. I hope it wasn’t a Warrior fan 🙂

  • A’s in 2010

    Pointman has a better version, that’s not all broken up.


  • i think the old city logo looks better. not really feelin the new bridge.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Well I’ve seen the whole logo when it’s not off kilter, and I like it! Short of returning to the old “City” uniforms, this was the best thing they could have done. And of course they couldn’t return to the “City” jerseys because the team doesn’t play in San Francisco! So I think it was an excellent choice. Great way of redesigning the old logo and giving it a modern, relevant spin.

  • Joe

    I like it in basic concept and love the old uni’s with the cable car… I just don’t know how Iconic the Bay Bridge is… It’s like the other bridge in S.F. that no one outside of the area knows about… Since it is East Bay they should have put a silhouette of Too Short! 🙂

  • Ewok

    How about using the Ewok character as our new mascots?

    Afterall, Ewoks are ferocious Warriors!

    They may be small but we like to play small all the time.

    And they are very appealingly cuddly and cute. But they can be fierce as well.

    Just a thought.

  • Jeremy

    New logo is fine, the important thing is they are back to the old colors and away from the hideous navy blue and burnt orange. Now those days of Thunder can fade into a distant memory like the teal pistons unis

  • Paul

    In all seriousness, why would the organization release a new logo right before the franchise is to be sold? Shouldn’t that be a stamp for the new ownership?

    Which makes me wonder why I should spend any money on T-shirts with the new logo on it, seeing as if I were owner, I’d probably change it again in a matter of months/1 season.

  • KennySeagle, Emperor of the North

    kenny seagle thinks they should use a picture of sarah jessica parker instead 4 the new logo

    that”ll scare the oposition

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • dso

    i just dont understand why we’re using the bay bridge. if the bridge was at least finished it might make a little sense. if it was the most prominent bridge of our area then it would make even more sense. and if our name were the oakland warriors, or east bay warriors, then it would make even more sense.

    but no, our team name is golden state. yes, we may not be the representative team of california realistically, but that doesn’t mean we need to be modest with our logo or uniforms. the reason why “the city” was such a badass uniform in the first place was the implication that SF was THE city over NY. Our logo should make a similar inference, if not in comparing SF to NY, then at least to Norcal’s prominence as the representative center of california. And let’s not forget we are the WARRIORS. we’re supposed to be confident and even brash, not subdued with a modest logo of a second rate bridge

  • Steve

    Marcus Thompson should be thrown off the bridge. Seriously, “add black to it”? Black? When has black been a good color scheme for the warriors? Going back to the old school colors is just what’s needed. Their colors now suck, so does Thompson.

  • spence

    Hey Incredible…

    When is the last time a team took a look at their opponents logo and became fearful?

  • DKnight007


    The new logo is okay, but they should have kept the current colors of navy blue, white, gold and dark orange.

    Going with just a plain royal blue and yellow is another lame azz move by a lame duck franchise! Ugh!

    They need to draft Monroe or Udoh at #6 is Favors doesn’t fall by the way!

  • Sir-Veyza

    Ah ha! Robert Rowell…FAIL! Rowell has wanted a new logo for years. Geez people like the throwbacks so much, let’s use a modern take on the old logo. You never understood people like the throwbacks because they are throwbacks you knucklehead. You just had to get one more shot at putting your thumbprint on the team huh? Is that Copperplate Gothic font? Just another Fail Feather for your cap Bobby.

  • lobo

    i equate this crap to your president entertaining the duke bb team while the gulf coast is going to the devil….who in their right mind gives a rats patoot about a new logo when you have fatso the coach and a totally inept group in the dark suits running the show…gimme a break

  • ZooWar

    I heard the logo was designed by a D-League advertising firm: fitting.

  • Rydiculous

    i’m diggin the new logo but do agree that it could’ve been a little more progressive. i know it’s an homage to the old winning ways of yester-year and is definitely a play on the old fan favorite throwbacks but they could of pushed the design to a little more forward thinking.

    anywho, it’s better than what we had the past decade and a half! the warriors looked out dated and cartoonish. i would of been happy if they went back to the Run TMC jerseys!



  • Ricky

    The graphic part of the logo is just OK. However, any real graphic designer knows that the font “Copperplate” is so old school, over used and lame. Seriously. This could have been a lot better with a modern type face.

    Also, the old colors are boring and played out. Everyone loves darker jerseys. I don’t think I will be wasting my money on one of these!!

    Nice try. Not.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    I don’t mind it, I think it’s a big upgrade of the current design, although I agree that the Copperplate font choice is lazy and not appropriate. I think the reversed (home?) colors of blue on yellow will look even better.

  • A’s in 2010

    DKnight, the orange was horrible. EWww. And this shade of blue is so much better, you have bad bad taste.

  • I like them alot. Any change was an upgrade for me from the weird ass orange ones they’ve been using. A little weird they would change the logo right before the sale of the team though…

  • shobbrobb

    Too 1960ish….horrible

  • Robert

    DKnight007, I totally agree with you! Bland, too dull, lacks color and looks like a fairly good start but not finished! There is no “wow” factor to them,
    they needed new uniforms, logo etc., but this is just too dull!

  • Leftshot

    I can’t believe they’re spending time, money and management time creating a new logo in the middle of selling the team. If ever there was symbol of the inexhaustible incompetence of the current ownership and front office, this is it!

  • ska

    I would prefer it if they’d go back to using either “The City” logo, or the logo they used during the Chris Mullin years. But it’s a heck of a lot better than their current logo, I’ll give you that.

  • Erkle

    It’s the new eastern span – does that mean they’ll stay in Oaktown?

  • wildcats

    I do mind the change. The concept works for the Bay Area, but how soon will it be the SF Warriors with new ownership coming to town, and with a new arena?

  • Rich Olmstead

    This, kind folks is truley perfect. If they ever move back to “The City”, that name can also be added. This should have been their logo ever since they left San Francisco.

  • B-Ball loco

    I didn’t like the old lightning guy any better…and his name was Thunder so with OKC “stealing” that from under them what were they to do? I hope they have better color schemes than just blue yellow.

  • robert rowell

    this stinks. but like others have said, they can’t even put a competitive team on the floor, who would expect them to be able to dress them? if they’re d-leaguers, they might as well dress like it.

    this looks like something from the wnba or the mls or something. like something a freshman at the art institute would design. the new bay bridge will be finished in, what, 2014? this logo won’t even be around by then.

    see, now i think cohan and his monkeys are just thumbing their noses at us. “ah hahaha. let’s see those 15,000 losers we convince it’s a great time out wear that! Scream for that cold pizza! I SAID SCREAM!”

  • Geneff

    Horrible idea, as usual. I hope the Warriors are not planning on going into the site-seeing business, or worse – jump!
    OK bridge logo for clip art or high school team. But what does this logo have to do with basketball or the Warriors.
    Please go out and hire an art director or graphic designer.

  • Warren

    Black and gold would be tight. Sorta like the Raiders a bit. But then again… Raiders fans are insane.

  • Cranky Teacher

    Copperplate might be lazy but it is a nice font.

    The old City logo is popular precisely because it doesn’t look like any other sports logo — classic and sophisticated like San Fran. And it is retro.

    I agree with Marcus that going full on with retro is a mistake, though. Plus, as others have said, this span isn’t even built yet!

    I would probably have gone with something iconic that a “warrior” would use, like a spear or shield, but then I guess they probably worried about appearing to support violence…

  • D

    digital underground was garbage, except for the brief time they had Pac of course.

  • Cranky Teacher

    No draft news for us junkies? C’mon, Marcus!

  • not happy

    Should have kept the “The City” logo and changed the color from yellow to gold. Gold with Royal Blue. We’re not the Yellow State Warriors, man! I agree with the previous post that we should wait for the new owner and his crew to make that decision. This new bridge is screwed up anyway. Mind as well put the “S” curve on the jersey. Darn, all that hype for this p.o.s. Next time, let the fans submit their designs and the winner receives season tickets. Now that’s a winning idea.

  • Kyle G.

    The logo kinda looks like the sail on Ellison’s boat.


  • Tommyo

    To ‘Incredible’, the guy that said that the bridge is not intimidating:
    Here is your quote;
    “Our logo is a blue bridge? Seriously? I’m sure other teams will tremble in fear at the sight of the SF Blue Bridges coming to town!”
    let’s think about other intimidating NBA logos for a sec. Let’s start with the top two teams; The purple and yellow Laker logo, hmmm pretty damn intimidating! A green three leaf clover or leprechaun, hmmm pretty damn intimidating!
    Dude, think about all the NBA logos. Are any of them intimidating?!!!
    Maybe one, The Timberwolves. One thing I would say the NBA logos have done better than any other sport has captured the historical significance of their region (or former region) better than any other sport.
    Finally we get back to our Historical significance with this new logo. After all, what did thunder and lightening have to do with the GOLDEN STATE Warriors to begin with?
    Incredible, you have no clue about the Warriors and their significance to the Bay Area. Thats incredible!

  • DB4109

    MAN! Please bring back the home GOLD uniforms like the old days when the warriors were real warriors. Wear Whites on home Sundays like the A’s did back in the days. Royal Blue on the road. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL COLORS PLEASE! Who knows we might get PLAYERS like Phil Smith, Keith Wilkes, and Rick Barry again.

  • Warriors B. Good

    Marcus, since I now know you’re concerned, Digital Underground released an EP this year entitled The Greenlight EP, featuring the hit single Hyphy Hump.

  • Billy Owens

    Should have kept the “The City” logo and changed the color from yellow to gold. Gold with Royal Blue.

    I agree with this. Just add a bit more depth and definition to the “The City” logo, put Warriors around it and call it a day. I like the new colors but I’d like the yellow to be slightly darker goldish.

  • Pittsburg Pirates

    Your based in Oakland, for now; whats up with the bridge? And why do all the teams in the the east bay want to move? Oakland A’s: I think you all should pull a nets and put your logo outside giant stadium
    Radiors: Drop your quaterbacks and put som reconizable people on the squad, it’s boring playing madden 2005 on xbox 360 because 2009 and 2010 has no good players for the radiers Warriors: drop the goldenstate part, keep the W, and stay in oakland Oakland: build another stadium and hire more cops

    problem solved

  • Madman Mike

    Team Blue and Gold needs to go back to the future and embrace their past with the old Warriors Indian feathers logo! That was the best and still is. I’m part native American and it sure doesn’t offend me. Get over it. San Diego State continues to honor the Aztecs in a respectful way, why can’t G-S-W do the same? They can do it and while there at it, why don’t they tell Stanford to bring back the Indian. The Cardinal the worst mascot in sports. In fact, there is no mascot. A tree? What!

  • Great style may be good to some, but to some others, it’s garbage. Trust us, we have now suffered our share of varying views on our very own design work…