Former Warrior Manute Bol Died Today

Manute Bol died this morning at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville, Va. He was 47.

He was hospitalized on May 12 with acute kidney failure and a skin disease known as Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome. Bol’s friend, Tom Pritchard, announced Bol’s passing in a facebook message this morning. Pritchard is the executive director of Sudan Sunrise, an organization fighting revive war-ravaged Sudan, Bol’s native country.

Bol, the tallest player in NBA history at 7-foot-7, played two seasons for the Warriors (1988-89, 89-90) before returning in 1994-95, when he played just five games. In his first season with the Warriors, he averaged 4.3 blocks and knocked down 20 3-pointers with a famous over-the-shoulder set shot. Bol led the league in blocks that year, as he did his rookie season (1985-86) and ranks 14th in NBA history with 2,086 blocks.

The last several years, Bol has been an ambassador for good, especially in Africa. He exhausted his NBA earnings and risked his life effecting change in Sudan through peace efforts and educating children. Even while hospitalized, he was raising $18,000 to put a roof on a school under construction in Sudan.

He spent his entire basketball fortune and survived attacks on his life to save and improve lives in and around Sudan. He lost hundreds of family members in an ongoing war but saved or educated at least that many with peacemaking efforts.

David Aldridge wrote about Bol’s condition Monday on NBA.com. He wrote Bol had operations remove his gall bladder and a gallstone last week and his condition was stable.

Marcus Thompson

  • tom

    I am saddened to hear of Manute’s passing. He was always a class act & great fun to watch as a ball player. RIP.

  • Willy

    Amazing person. He will be missed.

  • A’s in 2010

    R.I.P. Manute


  • Son of Ahmed

    Bol was endeared by fans, teammates, and management. He left a great legacy and will be remembered fondly by many on this sad day.

    RIP Manute.

  • his ruka


  • This is a very sad story. If you would like more information about Steven Johnson’s Syndrome and how Manute Bol passed away, please read my website:


  • Hook Mitchell

    Rest In Peace Mr. Manute Bol

    Definitely pour out a little liqour.

    Fire it up. Put it in the air.

    I wish I can say that I’d do the same with my NBA earnings as he did.

    A true role model future generations should look to as a good example instead of all the fancy sparkly crap I see every day.

  • RCG

    I remember seeing him play for the Warriors. He was fun to watch and you could tell he really enjoyed being on the court. Sad ending to a life well lived.

    Warriors fans will not forget you, Manute!

  • Kinglear3

    Enjoy reading your articles. How about writing about the status of the injured Warriors?