Maggette to Bucks is Done

The Milwaukee Bucks just agreed to send center Dan Gadzuric and Charlie Bell to the Warriors for Corey Maggette. The Warriors get rid of one of their biggest contracts (3 years, $31 million), which aids in their bid to add a difference maker this offseason.

So here is a bunch of random info you might be interested in concerning this trade:

* Maggette had three years left worth $30.78 million ($9.6M, $10.262M, $10.924M)

* Charlie Bell had two years left worth $7.9 million ($3.844M, $4.092M). Warriors have to pay a 15% trade kicker on Bell’s contract. So the first year actually costs the Warriors $4.42 million

* Dan Gadzuric has one year left worth $7.243 million

* For next season, the Warriors add $2M to their cap figure, pushing them just above $55M. (Bell/Gadzuric is due $11.6M in exchange for Maggette’s $9.6M)

* They got about $2M from Portland in the swap of second-round picks Monday

* Warriors will save more than $6 million in cap space for 2011-12, and Maggette’s entire $10.9 million  salary for the 2012-13 season

* The Warriors now have Andris Biedrins, Ronny Turiaf and Gadzuric at center. That means Chris Hunter likely won’t be back. If they draft a center Thursday, someone will have to go. That would be $23 million on the center position for next season, including the rookie scale salary for the No. 6 pick (plus 20%)

* If Warriors draft a PF, that would likely spell the end of Anthony Tolliver’s will be back. TThe D-League call-up who impressed the Warriors last year won’t have minutes on the Warriors’ roster unless someone is traded. That is probably the case even if the Warriors draft a center, since Cousins and Monroe could see time at PF. The Warriors certainly aren’t going to bid for him

* The Warriors now have three guards who can/will play the point position (Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis and Charlie Bell). That means restricted free agent C.J. Watson will probably be allowed to sign elsewhere without concern over the Warriors’ matching. Last offseason, Watson could not get a team to sign him to an offer sheet because it was understood the Warriors would match

* Gadzuric, Azubuike, and forward Vladimir Radmanovic (who is expected to exercise his $6.9 million player option) represent some $17.5 million in expiring contracts. They can’t use Gadzuric in a trade for two months, though

* The Warriors’ SFs are Kelenna Azubuike and Reggie Williams, the former coming off major knee surgery and the latter yet to log a full NBA season. Vladimir can also play SF. In any case, they really need a SF. Riley said he will be making some calls when I asked him will he try harder to move up. He did say he feels like he’s offered the most he’s willing to offer to move up, so he won’t be adding deal sweetners even though he really needs a SF now.

* If the Warriors two major needs is a good big man and a good small forward, the goal has to be get one in the draft, one in a trade. They could manuever their way into one of the SFs in the draft and scour the landscape for a big man starting July. Or they could fill their big man hole in the draft and go fishing for a veteran SF. The latter seems more feasible. Veteran big men will be high in demand and harder for the Warriors to get

Marcus Thompson

  • joe cote

    Scott Skiles is just going to love Maggette’s ‘new commitment to team defense’.

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  • IMustBreakU

    Good riddence to the black hole

  • Monta Ellis

    I want to be traded. I just can’t play here. Just can’t.

  • The Sear

    Typical garbage from a garbage franchise. Trading a terrible contract for two stiffs, wow thats news.

    Can’t get rid of Cohan, Rowell, Nelson, Riley, and Bob Fitzgerald soon enough. These guys have been a disaster and I can’t wait to see all of them asfar away from the Warriors as possible.

  • Jason

    Great move !!!! Dump Maggette and now free and clear (almost) after this year !!!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Excellent news!
    Now it’s time for us to trade Monta for Al Jefferson!
    Randolph and #6 to Philly for Evan Turner.

  • doob

    Wow, Sear, way to not see the big picture. Getting rid of Maggette’s contract (3 years left!) is a huge step in the right direction. Though I completely agree w/ you about the front office.

  • DKnight007


    Does it really matter what the W’s do?

    No matter what move they do or don’t make it will be the WRONG move! They have been making WRONG moves for years…years…and years….they one or two right moves happen once or twice every decade! LOL

    Warriors need to sign the big Dirk Nowitski!

  • DKnight007

    Trade Monte and the #6 pick to Philly for Evan Turner!

  • JB99

    Like Sear said, garbage for garbage. Funny, it seems the majority of the Buck fans are just as happy as we are to get rid of Bell and Gadzuric.

  • DKnight007

    The Sear Says:
    June 22nd, 2010 at 2:52 pm
    Typical garbage from a garbage franchise. Trading a terrible contract for two stiffs, wow thats news.

    Can’t get rid of Cohan, Rowell, Nelson, Riley, and Bob Fitzgerald soon enough. These guys have been a disaster and I can’t wait to see all of them asfar away from the Warriors as possible.


    Fitz needs to go BYE BYE! LOL I have said this for many…many years!

  • Monta Ellis

    It’s spelled M-O-N-T-A. You are obviously not a Warrior fan.

  • JustPuked

    Addition by subtraction. Won’t help the talent level of the team but should help the next management team fix this broken franchise just a little bit quicker. Looks like Riley really does want another job in this league.

  • petaluman


    Thanks for following up on the rumor!

  • ralpheroo

    Correct me if I am wrong, didn’t the W’s have the same
    situation this past February and did absolutely nothing.
    There was Speedy Claxton, Victor R and I believe Raja
    Bell. Now they have 2 Bells….ring a ding ding
    The Warriors appear to have the ability to muck it up
    and would be very happy to see if they can make this deal work

  • Jud Buechler

    This franchise is just stupid. 2 scrubs for Mags, this year’s second rounder, and the cash they received for the original second rounder.

    No wonder not free agents, draft picks, and their agents dont want them coming here.

  • Phil

    One of the greatest days in Warriors team history!!!!! Larry Riley isn’t as dumb as I thought he was. Good riddance, Corey Maggette!

  • Jelloman

    JustPuked – I hate to admit it but you’re right. I liked Maggette’s contribution last year, but the contract was a problem. The W’s are overcommitted in 2011-12 ($35M) and 2012-13 ($30M).

    I hope it’s not the main reason it happened, but shedding this contract does make the franchise more valuable. Cohan earned some future $$$ on this move.

  • Jozef

    Open your eyes people, this is actually a great deal. We free up a huge chunk of cap
    and allow more possibilities down the road, plus maggs will fit in
    better as the bucks “big 3″ than he ever did with us.

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  • Brian F

    I swear I hate being fan of this team. Could the Warriors for once get something descent in return when making a trade? Gave away J. Rich for nothing, gave away S. Jax for nothing, gave away Jamaal Crawford for nothing, and now give away Maggette for nothing. I know Maggette’s was highly overpaid but I’m not just going to give him away for nothing. And please, don’t give me the “it saves us money for another player” garbage because who in their right mind is gonna’ want to come play for this dysfunctional franchise. I bet other GM’s foam at the mouth with excitment when the Warriors are calling. Hurry up and sell the freakin’ team so us fans can really have something to cheer about. GEEZ!!!!!!

  • Will

    I almost hoped that the Warriors would get a quality player in return for Mags after his stellar 2009 season…But this works I guess.

  • albert

    No. 2 comment , the seer said if all , oh how true . wake me when Nelson is sitting on the beaches of Hawaii counting his money . Don’t for get to rid of Fitz and his views . Front line of Bedrins , Randolph , Wright for next year , what a mess that is .

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Interesting. Two tradable expiring contracts on the roster now for the new incoming owner to play with. I like this and wonder if Ellison is not already pulling some strings, having ears open to his advice being in the minority group.

    Brian F, the dysfunction will be gone soon enough. A billionaire and Curry will be able to lure players here.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    uh, also gave the Bucks the #44 pick according to ESPN. I wonder if Cohan is trying to just unload enough $ to hold off selling for another year. That would suck.

  • MWLX

    Only in the NBA does trading a valuable guy for two stiffs make an iota of sense, and then it’s just a maybe thing…. maybe they’ll get a ‘difference maker.’ For my money, Maggette was a pretty good difference maker. We’d better see someone who is darn special, or this will be another slap in the face of Warriors fans.

  • Brian F

    Wysdom Cow, I hope you are right but we are talking about the Warriors here. No matter what they do it always seem likes it’s the wrong move. And I’m with you on the 2 expiring contracts. Sounds good on the surface. But I remember us having a 10 million dollar trade exception for the J.Rich trade and we just let it expire. We did absolutely nothing with it. I have no trust in these guys at all.

  • DKnight007

    Monta Ellis Says:
    June 22nd, 2010 at 3:12 pm
    It’s spelled M-O-N-T-A. You are obviously not a Warrior fan.

    Ooops…it’s called a TYPO!

    But yes…I am a LAKERS fan first and foremost, but I try and root for the Warriors to do well…but it is just do damn frustrating with this lousy franchise! hahaha

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  • The Wisdom Cow

    All depends on the change of ownership. Without that, I am on board with doubting any wisdom behind any move they make. Once sold however . . .

  • CK

    Yeah, I don’t like giving away the draft pick, that part of it sucks, but otherwise I like this deal. Get rid of ballhog Maggette and, although I agree it may be difficult luring free agents to the Dubs, at least now it’s possible to get a half-decent free agent to sign.

  • DKnight007

    Jozef Says:
    June 22nd, 2010 at 3:19 pm
    Open your eyes people, this is actually a great deal. We free up a huge chunk of cap
    and allow more possibilities down the road, plus maggs will fit in
    better as the bucks “big 3″ than he ever did with us.

    Haven’t we heard this same crap about “great moves” before….and then they turned out to be disastrous?


  • j joseph

    best thing the warriors could have done. there is already three players i rather see play then maggette[randolph, williams,azibuke,]now they can go after david lee or staudemire and still have a draft pick.randoplh has gained 20lbs in the last couple months he’s going to be a beast trading him would be retared. for once warriors should keep their talent and not supply the rest of the league.the starting lineup could be curry,ellis,randolph,[lee,staudemire]biedrins.personally i hope they do what ever it takes to get david lee he’s perfect for the warriors.he is a rebounding machine that loves to do just that, but can give 20 points on any given night.the warriors don’t have a problem scoring do to their backcourt that’s why they need a big man that doesn’t demand for the ball.i think david lee would be like larry smith was but with more offensive skills.it’s simple get david lee!

  • DKnight007

    TRADE MontA Ellis and the #6th pick to move up and get Phillys #2 overall and draft EVAN TURNER!

    Curry, Turner and Randolph would be a GREAT nucleus for the new ownership group!

  • DKnight007

    Then sign the BIG DIRK NOWITSKI to add to that nucleus!

  • DKnight007


  • Harp’s Dubs

    @DKnight007: Monta and the #6 for Evan Turner sounds great, but doesn’t work because of the salary differences. #6 and Randolph would work OR Monta, Randolph and #6 for Turner and Elton Brand.

  • coltraning

    If Ellison were not going to buy the team/fire Nelson/Rowell/Riley, I would be with the doubters. However, this move, as the team gets ready for a major sale, looks good. A new owner, new coach, new front office and cap space means $ for a real difference maker. Ship out Biedrins, get Cousins, sign a top tier free agent, and this team could be watchable again.

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  • bob

    warriors ur so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why do you trade maggete for scraps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this franchise is hopeless

  • Silverstreak

    Dear Warriors Management, Uhm, let me see… We finally make the playoffs and your answer is to let Baron go; The one important piece you had. Ilogical. Then you come back and sign Corey to big money. Plain stupid. From this, you fall on your face as usual. Then fans cheer that you’re finally able to clean up your sh*t and get nothing in return. This is your MO after all, making reaches and mistakes and cleaning it up while we get nothing in return. Get the hellouttahere!

  • spectakdamak

    Its about time we need a team not individuals…..Monta is the the best player we have if we cant get a scorer better than him it’d be better to keep him.

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  • Cedric

    Don’t hold your breath. It’s a salary dump and nothing more until the warriors actually prove they’ll get something for expiring contracts and/or trade exceptions beside put more money in the owner’s pocket.

  • haastheman

    This trade would have made a lot more sense at the end, or middle, of last year. But today, this is not news. What does this mean? Neither Gadzuric or Bell is that good, nor do they have potential. Maggs was the only SF on the roster if my calculation are correct, and he actually played pretty good last year. It wasn’t his fault that half the team got injured, and the coach was drunk for half of the season. Wait, the coach was drunk all season, and slept through half of it. There’s a real coaching problem when you lose games because you can’t in bound the ball, and you star player likes to foul people on half court shots at the end of the game. WHO DOES THAT!

  • Chuck D

    So in 2 days we’ve traded Maggette and the #34 pick for Gadzuric, Bell, and $2 million. As an owner, I see the reason – saving money. As a fan, it’s completely disgusting. Tearing this apart, our salary will actually be over $1 million higher this season (Gadz + Bell actually combine to make more than Maggette this year), and about $6 million lower next season. And then magically, in the summer of 2012, Maggette actually becomes what we are all so excited to be getting back – a big expiring deal! So over the course of the next 2 years, we save $5 million, and will likely get no production on the court to offset what Maggette did. Nellie runs no offense, part of the reason we hate Maggette’s selfishness, but used properly (and at SF), Maggette is more than passable as a SF – not a PF.

    This trade, combined with yesterday’s move of draft picks, stinks.

  • http://cctimes ECJ

    The W’s still have Buke. He’ll probably be the starting 3 next season, unless the W’s shock everyone and draft a SF on Thursday.

  • Derek

    Larry Riley is a terrible GM. He’s nothing more than a garbage collector. Rad, D. George, Claxton, (broken) R. Bell, A.C Law and now these two bozo’s.

    The idiot wanted to trade Randolph for a big slow truck (K. Love).

    Man you’d think after all of these trade and/or trade talk he’d at least land ONE quality player. Especially considering the fact he dumped quality players Jackson, Maggette,& Crawford.

    Whats loser !