Maggette to Bucks is Waiting on Milwaukee

The Journal Times reported trade talks between Milwaukee and the Warriors, with the Golden State sending Corey Maggette to the Bucks in exchange for center Dan Gadzuric and guard Charlie Bell. Sources have confirmed for me  that the talks exist and the Warriors are interested.

So why isn’t this deal done? Doesn’t it seem like a no-brainer?

However, the offer was discussed weeks ago before the Bucks backed out. The negotiations have been on and off, but could resurface, if they haven’t already, since guard John Salmon’s told the Bucks he’s opting out. Milwaukee, especially with All-Star big man Andrew Bogut coming off injury, seem to be in desperate need of offense and reliable help for Jennings. Warriors fans know Maggette can score.

The Bucks are known for their defense. But getting Maggette gives them a veteran 20-point scorer. Corey was such a good scorer this year, that Warriors fans who once despised him started giving him respect. I certainly gained a lot of respect for Maggette this season. He was the consummate pro. He showed up when he was hurt, even when the team didn’t want him to. He was always supportive and humble. From my view, he handled a bad season for the team as well as you can ask.

Plus, he played 70 games, 30 minutes per, and averaged 19.8 points on 51.6 percent shooting, plus 5.3 rebounds. That is more efficient than Salmons, who with Bucks averaged 19.9 ppg, 46.7 FG% in 10 more minutes per game. Plus, Maggette is a better rebounder, especially if he goes back to SG in Milwaukee. He seems to be exactly what Milwaukee needs, instant and reliable offense to support Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings.

Plus, Milwaukee would shave a little salary this season. Next season, they are way under the cap because Michael Redd would be a free agent. So they would have just Bogut, Jennings, Maggette and Ersan Ilyasova under contract, and a team option for Carlos Delfino. Still plenty room to make moves despite Maggette’s $10M.

The Warriors are interested in this deal. Sounds to me like Milwaukee is the hold up, as the Warriors would like to make this deal happen. Why? Certainly not because of the players. The Warriors don’t need a guard. And they don’t need a third-string center, especially not after the draft. But this deal seems to be a good one for the Warriors because of the salaries:

Maggette = 3 years, $30.8 million

Gadzuric = 1 year, $7.2 million

Bell = 2 years, $7.9 million

The Warriors would completely free themselves from the last year of Maggette’s deal, which is $10.9 million. They would also shave more than $6 million worth of salary for next season.

Golden State would be adding $1.5 million in salary for this coming season, as Bell and Gadzuric are on the hook for $11.1 and Maggette will make $9.6. But that is well worth it. Gotta believe even the current ownership wouldn’t hold back off a measely $1.5 million increase, especially since they just got $2 million for No. 34. And they still aren’t near the luxury tax. But if Cohan is scoring every nickel he can get, the Warriors should still be able to do that deal. Even if it means they can’t re-sign Tolliver and Chris Hunter. I like Tolliver, but oh well.

The Warriors have to get rid of a big contract if they have any chance of getting a difference maker in here. I would not be opposed to using the No. 6 to get rid of one of those contracts. But this is a chance to do it without sacrificing a pick or taking back a horrible deal. Plus, Gadzuric, an expiring contract, would be a nice piece to have for a future deal.

The Warriors would be adding two players who they have absolutely no use for. But I would still do it. I think they would to. But Milwaukee is gun shy, which makes sense, or they want more than just Maggette in return. The only two reasons I can think of that this deal isn’t already done and announced.

Marcus Thompson

  • Scotty

    Warriors basketball, where trading for two players you have no use for qualifies as a good deal. Awesome!

  • J Canseco

    This cycle never ends. Remember when Andris Biedrins was a key/core piece that needed to be locked up? Two years later he’s an albatross that will be eventually moved for more worthless, expiring contracts.

  • dj

    What are you smoking scotty? Getting rid of a blackhole like Maggette is addition by subtraction

  • haastheman

    I want more for Mags. No more 6’3 shooting guards please. Exactly when would either of these players play on the team we currently have? I’m ok trading the pick if it helps us get rid of a large contract, and we bring in a bonafide player. This looks like two loser teams trading loser players.

  • Jelloman

    I don’t understand how people can complain about a SF who scores 20 PPG on 52% shooting. Yes, Corey’s overall game is limited, he never passes and his defense is mediocre, but he also seems a lot more mature than he once was. He stopped making 3’s, so he stopped shooting them. I thought he was a great contributor last year.

    Gadzuric still has gas in the tank… but if they don’t re-sign Tolliver I’m going to be pissed. Tolliver is all upside. I think he will turn out to be a really good player for years to come.

  • Boycott_CC
  • Derek

    The same idiots who are touting Rudy Gay are happy to see Maggette traded, when in fact Gay and Maggette are the exact same player.

    Maybe the dubs can and will trade these two bozos along with rodmonovich for a real player from a team looking to save money.

  • haastheman


    Are you out of your mind! Rudy Gay is raw. He plays under control, and understands the game of basketball. Not only that, he understands what most NBA players don’t,(which is the most important thing to know) what he can and can’t do. Most players have no idea, or just don’t care, what they can’t do. They must not because they continue to do it. We need Rudy Gay

  • Wers

    Bucks won 46 games last year so calling them a “loser” team is inaccurate and ignorant.