Warriors Take Udoh, Disappoint Fans

Turns out the Warriors weren’t throwing smoke screens. The Warriors did indeed take Baylor PF Ekpe Udoh and not Georgetown center Greg Monroe.

Fans clearly wanted Monroe and responded at the Warriors’ draft party at Oracle Arena by booing the pick, and I’m told there were chants to trade the pick. The Warriors are clearly happy with Udoh over Monroe, who didn’t impress the Warriors in his workout. Golden State already has three centers on the roster. But they also have two power forwards, which has fans befuddled.

ONE FAN’S RESPONSE: “Another Brandon Wright! Same M.O. We need a beast.”

I’ve been told that the Warriors were not impressed with Monroe’s athleticism, and lack thereof, and he was raw and not ready to play. The Warriors don’t want another young player to have to develop, which is part of the reason they said they got Gadzuric, because he was a veteran who can give them some minutes if they needed them.

Udoh, at 23, is short on upside but is ready to play. One guy told me he was just as good of a defender of big men as Monroe. Stephen Curry said “he is an athletic big man who plays above the rim and will fit with the Warriors.”

Either way, welcome Ekpe Udoh.

Marcus Thompson

  • Hook Mitchell

    I see him as a stromile swift type player.

    Not bad.

    Would rather we trade down but we prolly had no takers.

  • haastheman

    And exactly what has Stromile Swift done?????

    I hope that we either trade him, or Biedrens. They seem like similar players, so maybe they drafted him to take Biedrens spot. Whatever the case, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Sleepy Freud

    Best pick of the draft!!! Great job by the W’s!!! We will be a 7th seed in 2011!!! I am so happy!!

  • warriorsscore110

    Stromile Swift was decent, but you certainly hope you can get more from the 6th overall pick. We got a dealt a bad hand with the 6th pick and the Warriors made the worst of it. Hopefully their is a trade that will happen soon, because they just got a guy worse than Randolph and Wright and is older than both.

    If Larry Riley really wanted to do a good job he would bring Kevin Pritchard in to do his job. Larry Riley, you suck.

  • A’s in 2010

    Gadzuric is an expiring contract, not part of the future. He should have ZERO impact on who we draft.

    BW and AR are younger than Udoh, and more talented. They’re the future. Udoh is such a wasted pick.

    Where’s the beef?

    They deserved to get booed.

  • This just in: Warrior’s Fan committ group suicide after they burn down Oracle Arena!


    Udoh!!! CMON!!!

  • Bleep

    It’s not like we left Michael Jordan on the table. Time will tell, but is Monroe really that much better to cause such an outcry?

  • YoHan D. Man

    I do not see the logic in this pick. Udoh has ZERO offensive game, continued to get served in pre-draft workouts and doesn’t seem to have the upside that one could hope for. I see this pick and recent trades (for ZERO talent in return for immediate cash) as a parting shot from Cohan as he shares his inner-most heartfelt feeling to the fan base “Middle-finger me? no, middle-finger you W’s nation”. Sell the franchise and leave the talent pool bare? Thank you for everything cohan. Please sell the team and climb under a heavy rock.

  • ChrisCohenASS

    If a separated at birth Brandon Wright Twin is the best you you could get- Fine ! But Larry Imbecile Riley could attempt to make a trade like the other big boys in the league. Larry- start looking for that scout leader job in Milwaukee as soon as the sale is complete.

  • A’s in 2010

    Monroe is only 20, three YEARS younger than Udoh and more productive. C’mon dude. Udoh is the oldest player drafted since Rafael Araujo. A competent GM trades down late lotto and still gets him if he wants. Patrick Patterson is a beast and he went 14. I can’t wait till Riley is gone. Last year he got lucky. If Curry didn’t fall to us he would have drafted Jordan Hill.

    Hurry up and buy, Mr. Ellison.

  • dan

    Monroe sux. The guy could barely jump. Udoh probably sux. I would have drafted another SG like Henry and wait til next year’s draft.

  • JoeSez

    GSW now have a Taj Gibson PF Only Warriors burned the 6th Pick, not the 26th to get that kind of player.

  • MWLX

    A lot of ignoramuses pretending to be draft experts. Give it a rest.

    Riley and Nelson nailed it last year with the Curry pick, so they’ve proven they know what they’re doing. Udoh is a major shot blocker, and he’s gonna be fun to watch, especially if he’s on the floor with Turiaf.

    This does not change my mind that the Maggette trade was a mistake, leaving us a hole at small forward. It will only make sense if they’re planning to fill it with LBJ.

  • Hook Mitchell

    This just shows how blessed we were last year when curry fell right into our laps.

    Larry riley’s legacy will be he drafted curry and cleared cap space for the owner.

  • Clueless in ORacle

    Another wasted pick, another wasted year. I can’t wait for this clueless band of nitwits to clear out.

    Come on Larry, save us from this stupidity and buy the team. Till then I’m not spending a dime at Oracle.

  • Guero

    Nelson and Riley “know what they are doing”?? Are you serious?? Jesus, that’s about as dumb a comment that could be posted here. Christ, how bad do they have to screw up this roster before you would say the sucked?? This roster is an absolute joke. A fricking joke. Curry was nothing but dumb luck. Lightning struck last year, but it didnt before, and wont strike again, especially this year. No imagination in drafting, trading = the definition of Riley. At least the countdown to new ownership, and with any god whatsoever, new management and coaching has begun. Please lord, let it (the sale) happen soon!!!

  • hector

    nobody even spoke on aminu who could have potentially filled both f spots trading down would have probably been the business but i would stll like to believe that a warriors trade involving one of our PF prospects is in the making the problem is who and a what position do we have to fill as Steph is the only warrior anybody is willing to commit to

  • sartre

    I hope he turns out to be a good rotation player – maybe he is a Taj Gibson and Monroe will be a Jordan Hill. I like that he can defend, rebound, block shots, is mature and professional, and has a high BB IQ. What I don’t understand is why we picked another power forward. Last year Riley promised us beef and we got Mikey Moore and Devean George. This year he said the dub’s needs were at center and small forward. And what he does is trades our only true small forward in Maggs (I support the trade for lots of reasons but it leaves us even lighter in an area of identified need). One of his stated reasons for the Maggs trade was not having him take minutes from Wright and Randolph. Who exactly does he think Udoh is going to take minutes from? And if he is only going to be the third or fourth (behind Tolliver) option at power forward then he is not going to immediately contribute much. Under those circumstances we might as well have gone for a younger, good upside player in a position where we could do with rebounding and defense – Aminu at small forward.

    The pick must be a trade piece. How else does it make sense? Or they’re waving goodbye to Wright or Randolph. But that surely can’t be the case based on one of the reasons Riley claimed was behind the Maggs trade. I don’t expect to necessarily agree with a pick (and who ultimately knows how it will turn out?) but I expect some logical or strategic consistency from the person primarily responsible for making it.

  • baysportsblood

    Crushes fans. The Warriors are dead to me right now. I have zero words right now.

  • Dee

    I was pulling for them to pick him after seeing film. He is by far the most polished of anyone that I saw. He was more fluid and comfortable working around the basket. He made a couple of 3 pt baskets without looking dumb (actually shot it smoothly). He had mid range game, without playing it sacrificing the ability to be a force in the paint. I never saw monroe take a jump shot on film (though he looked good around the basket), neither did cousins. Udoh also showed that he knows how to make passes out of the post (which is big when you have a shooter in Curry and a slasher in Ellis). Dynamite pick, precisely cause he fits in so well with the pieces the warriors have. Put him at the Power Forward, and Randolf at the SF.

  • John Starks

    I’m not at all upset with Udoh. I’m quite happy with it, acutally. (I like Wright but, sad to say, he’s injury prone. He may get back into top form, but the Warriors have wasted too much time waiting for him to heal 100%. Time to go another direction.) Plus some room to make more trades, this pick not be a bad move.

    Now take either Beidrins and/or Wright and/or Gadzuric and/or that other guy and trade up for a center with average numbers and a defensive presence. You could go with Rony for a slightly higher tempo.

    Now only if the dang owner would sell to somebody who’s willing to go $1 over the cap and you might get a top tier free agent to join this squad of exciting young talent and insane fans.

  • Richard

    Riley and Nelson have proved once again their season with the warriors is over.They should be replaced after the new owners take over.I beleive this will be their last job in the nba.What they did to Chris Mullens will happen to them.Nellie you sucks i dont care how many games you won.You have messed up every team you have coach they were worst off after you left.
    Please dont make another move with the warriors.Thats my prayer.I know with your ego this will not happen.You can bet you are history.Goodbye and so long.

  • Steve

    The most recent drafts have been anywhere from “who knows?” (BW), to “promising” (AR), to “great” (Curry). If 5 years from now these 3 players are doing great and helping the Warriors win lots of games, playoffs included, the Nelson-led regime will look pretty damn good in retrospect.

    As for Udoh, what’s all this nonsense about 23 being too old to take in the lottery? If he has 5 great years with the Warriors he’ll still be in his 20’s with lots more to give. He was a late bloomer so this kid still could and should have plenty of upside left to his game.


    I didn’t think this draft had any can’t miss players so I was completely open to whomever the Warriors decided to select. Whenever Nelson has been around GSW has never picked any stiffs like Todd Fuller, Patrick O’Bryant, or Ike Diogu, so I’d be surprised if Udoh doesn’t play well.

  • sl

    Riley knows what he is doing because he drafted Curry? Tell me who else would he have drafted last year with Curry there??? And he gets kudos for that? How about congratulating him for walking and chewing gum? ESPN is the draft experts who are laughing at the Warriors. Everyone is laughing at them. They didnt trade up, trade down they drafted a guy who no one believed was the 6th best player. Riley Rowell and Nelson will be FIRED under the next owner , becasue he will have a brain. Check out how many people will employ them because “they know what they are doing……

  • john

    The ONLY reason we got Curry last year was because the stupid Timberwolves took Flynn.

  • J

    This was a very very weak draft on impact players once you got beyond Wall, Turner and Cousins. I wasn’t really high on Monroe, he’s pretty soft and not very athletic in my opinion. But as with all drafts you never really know who is going to turn out to be a player. The Warriors desperately need a rebounder and interior defender, how badly did the Ws get destroyed on the boards game after game. Udoh is at least an option to address those issues. Their gonna have to make decision between Wright and Randolph and hopefully be able to trade one of them 4 either a small forward or shooting guard. I’m not mad at the pick because for once we picked someone known for defense and rebounding over just scoring. There’s gonna be some more moves between now and the season I believe.

  • TownLove

    Warriors just got 6th pick in a five player draft. Wasnt much to choose from. Sac properly tanked the end of the year and ended up getting the prize of the draft. Dam it sux being a Warrior fan. This team cant get sold fast enuf.

  • aig

    that was an aweful pick. We couldnt trade up for Cousin? If it was a weak draft, then get down lower. The prob with drafting players high is you are stuck at least 3 years trying to see if they can pan out.

    Another year…another 6-9 skinny dude…we suck again.

  • Blueskies

    I wonder how many of those making comments have actually seen Udoh play? The games that I watched, he was all over the floor, blocking and rebounding. He was the proverbial pogo stick jumper, with quick jumps and good vertical. At 237, he’s no beanpole: slender waisted, but check out his chest and shoulders His game is nothing like B Wright’s or Randolph’s. Potentially, he’s more like a Dennis Rodman, w/o the eccentricities.

  • Missionrancher

    The Warriors can’t pick big men. Every thing they have picked above 6′-8″ in the last 30 years has been junk. They should just stop trying and stick to G’s. What a waste of our time and their money. Even their 2nd round G’s become stars. So stop trying to pick big and just trade a 2nd round star.

  • Brian

    Curry is a good player because he has a good head on his shoulders, not because he is an athletic freak. Udoh is not a physical monster, but he is nowhere near the string bean that Wright and Randolf are. Also, he has an extremely good head on his shoulders just like Curry; much smarter, better spoken and mature then Randolf or Wright. Udoh is not just another athletic numbskull with length. He came out of nowhere BECAUSE he was smart and mature enough to take his game to another level.

    We could certainly use another heady player on this team to pair with Curry. Its been a long time since we’ve had smart, heady players. We already have the athletes. Curry and Udoh can both serve as leaders amongst the younger players. He’s a lottery pick because of what’s between his ears. Very refreshing.

    If you’re not an athletic freak in the NBA, you can still make up for it with your brain. Udoh has a chance to be a very good player in the league.

  • Marques8

    It seems to me that the Ws under Nelson and Riley have shown they know basketball talent. Curry was a great choice. A lot of the names that are getting thrown around were Mullin choices. I doubt neither Nellie nor Riley wanted Eric Dampier. Until Big John gets here and brings back the golden arm, you have to draft to play the game they are set up to play. That game calls for a big man who can protect the rim when the other team’s guards get by our guards, which is pretty often.

    You have to realize the Ws could have made no move that would have pleaed Tim. When they have the fire sale, maybe he can go too.

  • blazed

    If the Warriors were going to select Udoh, they should’ve traded down and gotten something out of it because he would’ve been there at the 10-14 spot. Udoh can block shots, but so can Randolph and Wright. If the Warriors were going to move Biedrins, they should’ve drafted a Monroe (or a center) to replace him. Gadzuric is just a loaner for now and Turiaf is at the end of his contract. Monroe would’ve been the safe pick because he’s been consistent and was a potential lottery pick last season too. On top of that, Monroe plays in the Big East…IMO to be the toughest conference there is. Pitt, Louisville, UConn, Syracuse, Georgetown, West Virginia…and the list goes on.

  • DKnight007

    In the great words of one Jim Mora Sr:

    In my Opinion…the Warriors organization just SUCKS!!


  • DKnight007

    sl Says:
    June 24th, 2010 at 9:20 pm
    Riley knows what he is doing because he drafted Curry? Tell me who else would he have drafted last year with Curry there??? And he gets kudos for that? How about congratulating him for walking and chewing gum? ESPN is the draft experts who are laughing at the Warriors. Everyone is laughing at them. They didnt trade up, trade down they drafted a guy who no one believed was the 6th best player. Riley Rowell and Nelson will be FIRED under the next owner , becasue he will have a brain. Check out how many people will employ them because “they know what they are doing……

    Oh and Bob Fitzegerald needs to be FIRED also!

  • OregonGuy

    Remember the video where Nelson was singing the praises of Monroe, the same one where he said there were 6 great players and then changed that to 7?

    Some people aren’t able to pick up the BS factor, but what I think Nelson was actually doing was sending a misleading message to Sacramento, hoping they would take Monroe. Didn’t work, but it sure fooled a lot of Warrior fans.

    I love the pick.

  • OG Warrior Fan

    So I hear that the Warriors picked U-duh because:

    1) He mentioned that he wanted to be here.

    2) He actually wore a suit to impress us.

    3) Monroe had a bad workout.

    Did it ever occur to the FO that maybe he intentionally had a bad workout because he didn’t want us to draft him? Everyone knows that if the Cousins wasn’t available then Monroe would have been King’s next choice. Heck, even the Pistons would have taken Monroe if they had our pick. Doesn’t that mean something to Riley? Sure, Monroe may have limitations but that’s not basketball decisions you’re making by drafting U-duh. If other teams perceive Monroe as the better choice, then just maybe, he’ll have some trade value for you to work with?

    I’m not proposing that we trade whoever we just draft but if we have pieces that other teams want, then just maybe we’ll be able to work out a package deal to get the real big men we need or possible an established veteran small forward? Sometimes, I wonder what the staff and management personnel do in the FO – folding paper planes and tossing them around while the Warriors organization sinks deeper and deeper in the dirt. I really hate being a Warrior fan for over 2 decades and sometimes, I question the value of loyalty. Sigh….

  • Ultimate Warrior

    This was disappointing because he is another Adonal Foyle or Brandon Wright. 7’6 wingspan shot blocker who Nellie will let rott on the bench. How about this dream scenario? Trade Monta to Detroit for Prince and a future 1st round pick. Then Sign Ray Allen or TMac to the mid level exception, sign Patty Mills to back up Curry? We take care of the holes at 2 and 3 and add some senior experience to offset all the youth?

  • DKnight007

    Ray Allen is DONE….stay away from him!

  • W’s Fan for Life

    Those of you bagging on Riley are just plain off your rocker. What else was he supposed to do – there wasn’t anything to do. Monroe??? Really? Udoh was a great pick since there wasn’t anyone worth picking (I really liked that SG out of OK State though – even if it was way too high to pick him) and if you can’t trade for a player with NBA experience, then you pick the best player you on the board.

    Udoh will be better than anyone drafted below him!

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  • Jamal

    Hook! Where you been? I’ve been looking for you.

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