Warriors Take Udoh, Disappoint Fans

Turns out the Warriors weren’t throwing smoke screens. The Warriors did indeed take Baylor PF Ekpe Udoh and not Georgetown center Greg Monroe.

Fans clearly wanted Monroe and responded at the Warriors’ draft party at Oracle Arena by booing the pick, and I’m told there were chants to trade the pick. The Warriors are clearly happy with Udoh over Monroe, who didn’t impress the Warriors in his workout. Golden State already has three centers on the roster. But they also have two power forwards, which has fans befuddled.

ONE FAN’S RESPONSE: “Another Brandon Wright! Same M.O. We need a beast.”

I’ve been told that the Warriors were not impressed with Monroe’s athleticism, and lack thereof, and he was raw and not ready to play. The Warriors don’t want another young player to have to develop, which is part of the reason they said they got Gadzuric, because he was a veteran who can give them some minutes if they needed them.

Udoh, at 23, is short on upside but is ready to play. One guy told me he was just as good of a defender of big men as Monroe. Stephen Curry said “he is an athletic big man who plays above the rim and will fit with the Warriors.”

Either way, welcome Ekpe Udoh.

Marcus Thompson