Randolph, Wright, Williams, Udoh on Warriors Summer League Squad

It is a surprise to me to see Anthony Randolph on the Warriors’ summer league squad. Nonetheless, the Warriors’ three power forwards will be on the same team starting July 9. Brandan Wright, Reggie Williams and rookie Ekpe Udoh are all on the roster. Guards Stephen Curry, who has Team USA camp in late July, and Anthony Morrow, who is a restricted free agent, are not on the roster.

As far as who they play, the Warriors will face off against John Wall (Washington) and Greg Monroe (Detroit). Here is the full roster and schedule:

2010 Warriors Summer League Roster
Pos./Name        Ht/Wt        Age    College/Country    Last Played For
F Brandan Wright    6-9, 205    22    UNC        WARRIORS
F Anthony Randolph    6-11, 225    20    LSU        WARRIORS
G/F Reggie Williams    6-6, 210    23    VMI        WARRIORS
G Will Blalock    6-1, 200    26    Iowa State    Reno Bighorns (D-League)
F Ekpe Udoh        6-10, 240    23    Baylor        Baylor
G Jeremy Wise    6-1, 165    24    So. Miss.    Bakersfield Jam (D-League)
F Joe Ingles        6-8, 194    22    Australia    CB Granada (Spain)
F Andre Brown    6-10, 240    29    DePaul        Al Jalaa Aleppo (Syria)
G Brian Chase        5-10, 170    28    Virginia Tech    C.B. Valladolid (Spain)
C C.J. Giles        6-11, 240    24    Oregon State    Al Riyadi (Lebanon)
F Kasib Powell    6-7, 220    29    Texas Tech    AS Trikalla 2000 (Greece)
G Jason Rich        6-3, 205    24    Florida State    Maccabi Haifa (Israel)
F Tremaine Townsend    6-9, 225    23    Cal St. Northridge    USK Praha (Czech Republic)
G Kashif Watson    6-4, 190    23    Idaho         Idaho
G Ben Woodside    5-11,185    24    North Dakota St.    Gravelines Dunkerque (France)

2010 Warriors Summer League Schedule

Friday, July 9                   New Orleans Hornets               7:00 p.m.#               COX Pavilion

Saturday, July 10             Detroit Pistons                         5:00 p.m.#               COX Pavilion

Sunday, July 11               Washington Wizards                5:00 p.m.#               COX Pavilion

Tuesday, July 13              Miami Heat                              7:30 p.m.                 Thomas & Mack Center

Thursday, July 15            Phoenix Suns                           3:00 p.m.#               COX Pavilion

# Indicates LIVE on NBATV

Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2010

    AR/BW/Udoh = block party

  • MWLX

    Good coverage today, Marcus. Keep it up — we’re starving for off-season news.

  • Brandan Wright

    Hey Marcus, Hows my shoulder feeling? Am I 100 percent? Who’s your bet to start at PF come opening day?

  • Gunner

    Someone please buy this team, otherwise Riley will trade Randolph for a 2nd round pick.

  • Sume

    Play the youth! Looking forward to the forwards – Randolf, Wright and Udoh. Length and quickness. Who needs a center. Play all three along with Monta and Curry. I keep dreaming.

  • haastheman

    Can’t wait. I’ll be front and center, as I was for the last two summer leagues. However, i was looking forward to seeing Curry square off against Wall, but, seeing if Chase or Blalock can be a back up point guard may be worth not seeing Curry in the long run.

    Although, it does seem like an interesting line-up when the players with the biggest chance to make the team are 2’s and 3’s, and we don’t seem to have many new faces there. With that said it will be interesting to see what C.J.’s little brother(Kashif Watson) can do.

  • WarriorDragon

    It good to see a trple tower line-up of Ugoh-6’10 Randolph-6’10 Wright- 6’10.. Brandon did not shrink. I want to see a fly swatting contest. Those kids gonna clean the glass and have a dunk party. It’s good to see the players work on their game. Ugoh… show me the 36inch vertical Julius Erving “windmill dunk”.

  • WarriorDragon

    Wise gotta show some PG skills. I ain’t asking 15 assist per game, just about 10 assist is good enough to be Curry backup. Wise, 10/10 assist should make the team

  • DKnight007



  • dubfan

    Hey, DKnight…how about some new material…or are you content to cut and paste the same crap every time you “contribute” something to this site.

    A lineup of the “big 3” plus curry and ellis is certainly intriguing…don’t know if it can or will be successful, but it has my interest piqued…

  • Legacy510

    Denver is looking at shopping Carmelo. His contract is 17 million. I say offer Monta and either Rodmanovich or Gadzuric for Melo.

    Curry, Buike, Melo, Randolph/Udoh, Biedrins. That makes for an interesting start to something here in Oakland.

  • Legacy510

    Then I would trade Randolph, Watson, and Devean George to Memphis for OJ Mayo.

    Than we would look like

    Curry, Mayo, Carmelo, Udoh/Wright, and Biedrins.

    Bell, Buike/Morrow, Williams, Udoh/Wright and Turiaf/Hunter off the bench.

    I think that’s a playoff tean right there and it will fill up seats, IMO.

    Bottom line is we are not going to the playoffs anytime soon with our current lineup. And the only players that we have that will generate any significant interest from other teams are Monta, Curry and Randolph.

    Curry is the future so we have to move Monta and Randolph in order to get some players in here that can make a difference and get us back into playoff contention.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I like your thinking in trying to acquire Carmelo, though I think it would take more than what you’re proposing.
    Probably more like Monta, Radmanovic and Anthony Randolph for Melo.
    Then, trade Wright and Biedrins to Minnesota for Al Jefferson.

    Our line-up would be pretty damn good with Curry/Bell and Buike/Morrow/Williams in the backcourt and Melo/Williams and Jefferson/Udoh/Tolliver and Turiaf/Gadzuric up front.

    Denver would go for it because they get a proven scorer in Monta, Vlad’s contract off the books next summer and a potential-laden Anthony Randolph.
    Minnesota does it to free themselves of Jefferson, while getting a legit center in Biedrins and a good complement at the 4 in Brandan Wright.

  • Legacy510

    Harp’s Dubs I like your thinking too.

    I think a starting lineup of Curry, Buike, Carmelo, Udoh, and Jefferson would make alot of noise in the West. That’s a 7 or 8 seed in my opinion.

    I’m not too thrilled about Buike or Morrow at the starting SG position. In my opinion they’re both backups. But it is more defensively sound and has 3 proven scorers in Curry, Carmelo, and Jefferson.

    It’s sad that we can make better GM decisions from our living rooms than Riley can at Warrior headquarters.

  • petaluman

    Thanks for the SL info. The Las Vegas action is always a great break from the dreary months of no basketball, and the games are very entertaining.

    However, outside the roster guys and Udoh, there’s not much room for any of these guys to make the team. If CJ doesn’t come back, maybe one of the PGs here could be a 3rd stringer. It looks like Blalock, Wise, Chase, and Woodside are all in that mix.

    The team’s big need is a quality starting SF. If you get a chance, could you post your thoughts on this? It sounds like Riley is hoping to acquire one in trade. This makes sense – the MLE is not going to get us a proven starter. Have you heard any rumors of SFs on the trading block? What do you think we would have to offer in trade?

    If a trade doesn’t work out, are there any FAs out there that you think will go for the MLE or less, and could come in and start for us at SF?

  • Pboss


    It Free Agency day… Where you at? Oh yeah, there’s nothing to report till this team gets sold. Just had a thought I would like to throw out there. What about Josh Childress for the mid level? Solid veteran guy coming back to the bay and plays the position most needed by the W’s. Could probably be had for the MLE. Makes too much sense to happen, right?

  • WarriorDragon

    The “big 3” is interesting frontline. I believe they can take out the 4 summer league games with wins. It’s a confidence winner. The guards just lob 10 assists, that’s like 20 pts easily, GS get a BIG lead and cruise toward the end with the guards practicing their shooting FG%. Just give it to the bigs and get that big lead. Then, the guards can work on their jumpers without losing the game.

  • WarriorDragon

    The “big 3” can attack any type of defense. I don’t care if it’s ZONE all 4 quarters. GS can still get that big lead and win the games. This is possible only if a team possess 3 skywalkers. GS got the skywalkers. Udoh will not be triple or double team.

  • mark

    I was hoping to see Omar Samhan on the Warriors SL team

  • deano

    Summer League can be a tease. Last year, Randolph showed great improvement, dominated SL and then regressed to his former cluelessness once the regular season started.

    Still, it is a valuable transition for the rookies and a chance for the final roster players to learn each others’ games.

    Our SL team this year is heavy in the front court, but weak in the backcourt. We will be able to compare the effectiveness of Randolph, Wright and Udoh, which will be very important to GSW’s planning for the next season.

    The SL would be even more valuable if GSW could make a trade now for Memphis’ two first round picks: SG Xavier Henry and PG Greivis Vasquez. Then we would have a 1-5 lineup of players who will be on the final roster.

  • Legacy510

    Yahoo is reporting that Randolph IS NOT playing in the Summer League. Perhaps because he is being shopped and they don’t want to risk injury?

    What’s the truth? Is he playing in SL or not?

  • Randolph is the 2nd best player on this team. Wait until Curry is passing to him instead of Monta looking him off and forcing another terrible shot. Wright might be ok but is not going to be as good as AR, and we pissed away the 6th pick on a backup. Trade Monta and Wright for AlJeff, and send Dre and all the expiring contracts for anything. Sign someone to play the 3, there is J Howard, Brewer, TMac, Gay, make a trade, whatever. Just no more short guys that shoot too much.

  • Steve

    Legacy510, this was from Matt Steinmetz’s chat the other day. Who knows, Randolph might play a little just to get the cobwebs off his game. Hasn’t played much in quite awhile.


    From LatinHeat:
    Randolph late addition to the roster in summer league… why do you think he’s playing? Auditioning for a trade maybe?

    Matt Steinmetz CSN:
    I wouldn’t read anything into that. I don’t think he’ll play. I think they put him on the roster in case a guy gets hurt or they need a guy. Guy’s got nothing to prove in summer league. Had a great summer last year and didn’t mean much heading into season.

  • WarriorDragon

    Randolph is a TALENT. He’d did not play well cause the sporadic line-up changes. GS goes 4 guard one forward, then another line-up, the guy get mix up playing outta position. I don’t want any trades for Randolph and Wright unless GS see what they’d do playing their own game. I say if the 2 guys play GS goes 4-0.

  • WarriorDragon

    There is the video clip of Udoh playing his game, in the one article saying he’s a bust? LOL… I don’t even know what league he’s talking about, it must be another player, just check out the 2.33 clip.

  • WarriorDragon

    Omar Samhan is a SF. I like to see the kid game. He can be a good off the bench player.

  • WarriorDragon

    I like Udoh’s video “Human Highlight Film”. It show Jason with the hockey mask, LOL.. they say he’s the nightmare. It’s some funny stuff.

  • WarriorDragon

    Omar Samhan got a good stroke for a bigman. I’m gonna get some replacement points for the lost Magette 20ppg at the 3 spot.

  • WarriorDragon

    We’d need bigman who can stroke the points. I’m tired of seeing shots go south, GS get blown out, why are these players in the roster???

  • WarriorDragon

    Randolph ain’t auditing for a trade. He wanna better his game. He’s gonna work on his jumpers. Anthony is tired of dunking on centers and forwards. Udoh will do the dunking.

  • WarriorDragon

    GS will NOT trade their bigs unless there is significant talent going back to GSW. We’d ain’t gonna give the Bigs away for NOTHING.

  • WarriorHeart

    The dubs should resign Morrow and trade Ellis for O.J Mayo and Thabeet as soon as possible. That would leave to scorers off the bench with Reggie Williams, plus they will still have the defensive direction which they are headed in (i like the directrion they are headed by the way props to Gm Riley) & 14 man roster with 2 being designated to Bakerfield. Udoh (injured) & Thabbeet. Lets face the facts the only reason Radmonovich is still there is because his contract and Gadzuric provides Veteran backup until Udoh or Thabeet show they can play with the big boy! Don’t get me wrong i also like that they acquired Bell & Gadzuric they need some veteran Leadership they had to many Young Players with potential that may never pan out. Plus to many of the same type of Player. I can see playoff contender with this roster.