Does Post-Nellie Era Begin Now or Next Year?

New co-owner Joe Lacob just did an interview on KNBR with Ralph and Tom. One of the interesting tidbits in it was about what he’s going to do with the coach. But he has a bit of a a dilemma.
Lacob said what everybody else already knows: the Nellie era is done. And Lacob said in the interview that he wants a young coach in the new era (he listed Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks as an example). But the question he has to answer is when will the era end? Now? Or after this coming season?

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Warriors Agree with Jannero Pargo on Two-Year Dal

The Warriors, according to agent Mark Bartelstein, have reached an agreement with free agent guard Jannero Pargo.
The 6-foot-1, 185-pound combo guard gets a two-year deal at the veteran minimum, which is $1.14 million for him this season ($1.27 million next season). Pargo, 30, is entering his eighth season. He played scarcely for Chicago last season, averaging 5.5 points in 13.2 minutes.
Pargo gives the Warriors a veteran point guard who can score, which is what they lost when they signed and traded C.J. Watson to Chicago. Pargo will compete with Jeremy Lin for minutes behind starter Stephen Curry. Pargo’s presence give the Warriors some reliability at the position while Lin develops.
Pargo’s best years came during a two-season stretch with New Orleans. He was a vital bench player for the Chris Paul-led Hornets, averaging 9.2 in 2006-07 and 8.1 points in 2007-08. He spent 2008-09 overseas.


Jeremy Lin Personally Invited to Play in Yao Ming’s Charity Game

Wanna know how big time Jeremy Lin is?

Houston Rockets center Yao Ming is having his annual Charity basketball game in Taipei on Wednesday. All-World center Dwight Howard is playing.  So is rookie point guard sensation Brandon Jennings. And NBA’s Most Improved Player Aaron Brooks.

But with a lineup like that already set, Yao Ming felt the need to pick up the phone and call Lin personally to invite him to play. Lin accepted and is leaving tonight. Not bad for a guy who would be doing well to get 10 minutes a game as a rookie.

LIN: “I’m extremly excited and honored to have been personally invited by Yao Ming to participate in his charity game. I can’t wait to meet him and be a part of this special event.”

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Stephen Curry Meets New Owners Today

I caught up with Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, who is in Las Vegas for Team USA training camp. Curry has a good chance of making team as one of the most consistent shooters in camp. If he does, he will play in the World Championships in Turkey next month. The last Warrior to represent the U.S. was Chris Mullin on the Dream Team.

I got his opinion on various Warriors topics. He did say he is supposed to meet with new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber on Friday at a Team USA function. He said he hasn’t heard from them yet, but looks forward to talking with him. Tried to find out if he would suggest any front-office moves, but he wouldn’t bite. Anyway, Curry’s take on a few things …

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Warriors Signing Bay Area-Product Jeremy Lin

I got an email from a reader the other day. The amount of exclamation points tipped me off to the excitement of the sender.

The Warriors fan said he emailed new owner Joe Lacob asking Lacob to sign Jeremy Lin, the Palo Alto-bred guard from Harvard. And the fan could not believe that Lacob took the time to respond to his email. So you can imagine how excited that fan will be when he finds out that Lacob not only answered the email, but he also … excitement warning … ANSWERED HIS REQUEST!!!!!

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C.J. Watson to Chicago?

A team source confirmed reports that C.J. Watson’s days as a Warrior are nearly over.

It’s not official yet. But the combo guard Golden State discovered in the D-League, who grew to be a reliable reserve the last two seasons, is likely heading to Chicago in a sign-and-trade. The Warriors are getting a future pick (I’m told second-round, but haven’t confirmed that) from the Bulls, while Chicago gets a back-up for star guard Derrick Rose. They are still working on details right now.

UPDATE: Watson is signing for $7 million over two years three years, $10.2 million with a team option on the third year, a source said, with the Warriors, who will then trade him to Chicago. If they don’t get a player in return, the Warriors should get a traded player exception.


Peter Guber: “You have to be inspiring, not just perspiring.”

Sorry for posting this so late. After I wrote my article, at Starbucks of course, I had lunch and went to see Inception with my wife. Somehow, after talking with Peter Guber, new co-owner of the Warriors, I had a craving to go watch a film.

I had a good conversation with Guber, who – much like his partner Joseph Lacob – got back to me practically right away. He sounds like you’d expect a Hollywood producer to sound – quick tongue, modern lingo, emotive tone. Not surprising that a guy with such an extensive resume in film production uses movies as points of reference.

Three things I walked away thinking: he’s passionate about this, he is going to be hands-on in making sure this venture doesn’t fail, and – though they’re not saying – they have a strong idea of how they are going to proceed.
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