Warriors Want David Lee

Sure, the Warriors have three power forwards already. Still, they have their sights set on Knicks All-Star PF David Lee.

Several sources told me the Warriors are trying to do a sign-and-trade with the Knicks for Lee. I’m not sure of all the details, but I would call it a long shot. Probably nothing will happen until LeBron James makes up his mind. And there is no telling what kind of domino effect his decision will have, so it could be possible. It would likely require guard Monta Ellis (though in my opinion, Lee is much more appealing if he can play with Ellis and Stephen Curry). And, yes, the Warriors will probably have to overpay to get him.

Lee averaged 20.2 points and 11.7 rebounds last season, which in this market just might land him a max contract. I don’t think he’s a max contract player, but he might end up having New Jersey and Miami and Toronto bidding for him, which will certainly help his pockets.

The Knicks have offered Amar’e Stoudemire on a five-year, $100 million deal according to the NY Times’ Howard Beck. If the Knicks don’t get LeBron James, they will be in a scramble for Plan Bs and Plan Cs. I’m told they like Monta Ellis, but not sure if they like him enough to present him and possibly Stoudemire to their fans as the back-up plan to LeBron. Maybe they’d want a center more and take Andris Biedrins plus other stuff. Certainly, what the Knicks want factors in to sign-and-trade scenarios.

GM Larry Riley is going to have to sale Lee on the Warriors. Doesn’t seem like a hard sale for a guy who met with the Timberwolves (who would have to do a sign-and-trade). If Lee is choosing, I don’t see why Minnesota would be a more desirable place to land than with the Warriors. But New Jersey, Miami, Toronto – those are certainly nice options.

The Warriors’ stance has been if they trade Ellis or Biedrins, they would have to get someone great back. Is Lee that? He’s a 20 and 10 guy and All-Star. His style of play fits the Warriors. But is he good enough to move Ellis? Is he the difference-maker the Warriors’ need? Or will acquiring him and moving Ellis leave the Warriors still in search of another piece?

If you get Lee, Randolph or Wright has to go (probably Randolph because he has the most value). Is Lee worth losing Ellis and Randolph? I like Lee, not as a main guy but as a sidekick. Warriors fans will love him because he hustles, he boards and he finishes. And his game has improved.

* Don’t forget to factor in the sale stuff. Count me among those who just don’t believe the Warriors will be able to acquire someone with five years and $60 to $70 million on their contract. Not until the new owner comes in. Plus, giving up a ticket-seller like Ellis seems like an automatic no-no until th enew owner is identified.

To be sure, the new owner doesn’t have to be in place yet, or even announced. They could just know who it is, run it by him and get a yea or nay. But it seems like at least that would have to happen before a major move like trading for David Lee could be done.

* By the way, I’m told the Warriors have little to no interest in Al Jefferson. Despite being a beast down low, he has knee issues and he’s slow. He’s not a good passer out of the post and he’s expensive.

Marcus Thompson

  • squirmywormy

    Good stuff marcus. You rock the party. No to Lee if it’s for Randolph and Ellis. That’s too much. I’d do it for Ellis straight up, or Ellis and Wright.

  • AJ

    David Lee is a good player. I would trade Biedrens for him, but not Ellis. After seeing the contracts given this week to Darko, Gooden, and Salmons – Monta is a bargain. If Monta was in the open market RIGHT now – he will command more than $11 mil per season!

  • A’s in 2010

    I don’t see why Randolph would have to go, AR and Lee would make a good combo. Trade Biedrins for a small forward(Prince).

  • Honestly, I like david lee, but the knicks weren’t’ successful with him, which means he won’t help us anymore than he likely helped the knicks. He rebounds hard, that’s cool, but if it comes at the expensive of giving randolph the opportunity to grow, play and develop, it’s another hopeless move in the warriors history. Monta is a true talent, I wish we can sit back and figure something that makes a little more sense for us really trying to get better. We have no future, we’re willing to auction everybody off, for no progress. Mullin was actually getting us better…now i don’t even know what we’re doing as a franchise.

  • JustPuked

    Riley has such limited vision. He wouldn’t even make the playoffs in most fantasy leagues.

  • Agreed, Lee for Ellis is solid. For Biedrins would be amazing. But I don’t think it happens. Wright, and I believe in him a lot, can be given up in either case because I don’t think Udoh can be traded yet and he has lower value than Randolph at this point.

  • Schaefdoggy

    They should pull the trigger on an Ellis-Randolph / Lee-Gallinari trade and head into the season with this line-up:

    PG Curry/Bell/Watson
    SG Williams/Morrow/FA SG
    SF Gallinari/Azubukie
    PF Lee/Wright/Udoh
    C Biedrins/Turiaf/Gadzurick

    Sign a FA guard like Earl Watson, Luke Ridnour, or Roger Mason.

    I would buy tickets to see this team play. Let’s get a new owner(Ellison), new GM (Mullen, bring him back!)and new Coach (Del Negro/Keith Smart maybe?) and we will be competing for a play-off spot!

  • WarriorDragon

    Most of the players mention in trades are BENCH type role players. GS do not want Prince! Deng! or other BENCH type talent. Biedrens and Monta are allstar QUALITY players. GS will NOT be short change by other trading partners.

  • Ct

    dont trade MONTA, does that need to be the summer slogan? Why are we trying to trade our best player…YEs, I said it..he still is better than Curry…is it too far fetched to want to @ all star caliber guards on our team?

  • playoffbound

    Lee is a nice player, but giving them Ellis plus some is too much…. Plus, he will command max money. I can see the fan base bashing him a few years from now like they are doing Ellis… I think it would be better for the club to keep the roster, wait for the new owner, and see if any of the young bigs develop. Let’s see what we have with a healthy roster. Let’s see what Curry and Ellis can do with our bigs healthy. I’m not buying this Monta Ellis is too small to play defense crap. If I do recall, he held his own and if not bested Joe Johnson, Brandon Roy, Danny Granger, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant to name a few. Those guys are pretty much unguardable by guys their size and Ellis held his own do to his quickness… Now if we give up Beidrins, Gazuric, Rodmonavich, and Bell or any of the expiring contract for Lee, then I’m all for that…. I don’t mind stock piling talent and being a deeper team like Phoenix was last year with a second team that can spell the starters…

  • manus

    Ellis for Lee would be a good trade. Lee is a low maintenance, team player.

  • deano

    Who GSW trades to NY in a Lee deal depends on how much the Warriors are willing to pay him on a 5-6 year contract. If it’s $11MM/yr, then the trade would be straight up for Ellis. If NY wants Ellis and Wright or Randolph, then GSW would have to agree to pay Lee about $14.5MM/yr. Lee would be a vast improvement over either Randolph or Wright; and we do not need to keep both of those players, because they are similar types. But $14.5MM/yr for 6 years is a lot to pay for Lee.

  • BFD

    Trading Biedrens and a bench player for Lee makes sense for both teams. With Amare getting the ball at PF, Lee no longer fits the Knicks. they need a defensive athletic center and could add some good players from the Warriors. The Warriors need Ellis – if he can learn to hit the three he will be unstoppable, and now that the PG fantasy is over, Ellis is an all-star at the 2, with some backup minutes from Bell and others. It depends what other offers are out there for Lee. Play along but don’t touch Ellis.

  • Brian F

    I totally agree with Playoffbound. Lee is a nice player but a max contract player? Are you kiddin’ me? I guarantee you that all of us Warrior fans will be complaining about that contract in a couple of years. He does not have a back to the basket game (which is what we need), and he is an average to below average defender. He is a nice complimentary player but on a good team he would be the third option. There is no way I’d give up Monta for Lee. The Knicks were horrible with him which should tell everyone that he is not a difference maker.

  • Eric

    Is this supposed to excite me?
    more of the same

  • Tdubb

    I agree with Brian and Playoffbound, Lee is a good player but not a star and surely not max money. Monta has much more of an impact on a game than Lee does. We drafted a PF. It’s an impact SG or SF this club needs. The player needs to be able to do what a Baron Davis, Mitch Richmond, Marc Agguire type could do, command a double team!

    We’ve got the 6’10-6’11 club already. Maybe its me but I see Randolph as the next KG the skills are there, it’s the mind set. Put him at center and find a Perkins type (Turiaf, Udoh,Gadzurich) to do the heavy lifting. This team has Boston type pieces minus Paul Pierce. Find me a SF, get me a coach that coaches defense and a hungry bench. See ya in the playoffs! One last thing, Ronnie Brewer would be a fine piece, athletic and plays defense not a great scorer, somebody call Memphis and tell them Radmonivch is on his way. Sorry about the names I didn’t have the Euro Dictionary.

  • petaluman

    1) Lee won’t get a max contract offer from the Warriors
    2) Knicks won’t trade Lee until they’re done fishing with their cap space
    3) If it does happen, NY is likely to ask for one of our PF prospects in addition to Monta. They could add Wilson Chandler in return.
    4) This deal seems a very long shot to happen

  • rd3

    i ‘d prefer to trade Ellis/Wright for Z. Randolph. 20 and 10, operates from the post, and compliments our existing long, athletic bigs well. ellis gets to go home and play with a big ball handler in Mayo. works for both sides. I’m only willing to tradeEllis for a difference maker.

  • HMan

    DUMB, DUMBER, DUMBEST idea yet !
    For Lee.

    Don’t trade Ellis unless you get a SF or a Guard to complement Curry.

    Let the new GM run this team.

  • WarriorDragon

    I will play Lee at center. I ain’t gonna give up Monta, I offer Randolph and fillers, that the best I will put on the table for Lee. I will not trade Monta unless we’d get a good small back of allstar quality plus a 1st rounder in the future. I don’t care if it is 2015 1st rounder.

  • WarriorDragon

    David Lee play BIGGER than 6’9. I can live with that in the middle, I give both Biedrens and Lee equal minutes at center. I will trade for Allstar David Lee, I thought about it, he will improve GS rebound and defense, plus he can score inside/outside. We’d give the Knicks a summer league PG as a throw in.

  • WarriorDragon

    Randolph is a former LOTTO player. Lee is a former mid 1st rounder, we’d are trading an athletic PF for Lee, that is a good deal for David Lee.

  • WarriorDragon

    Amare Stodemire is a Knicks. Knicks want a PG in the worst way from GS, we’d ain’t gonna trade a PG to the Knicks for David Lee. The best we’d can do is PG Jeremy Wise, a 10/10 assist PG plus Randolph or Wright for Lee.

  • Jeff

    If the Knicks would trade Lee & Gallinari for Ellis & Biedrins I think the Warriors should to it. This team needs some new blood.

  • Bill

    please don’t get rid of Monta…….we could use Lee…but we need to have a back court too…..Wright, Randolph and Azubuike are all coming off serious injuries…maybe none of them will be what has been projected….Wright has been 3 years of braces on his teeth and waiting to compensate us for losing JRich….Biedrins is the underperformer of the bunch….he regressed….Randolph has trade value but also star potential….the hurdle here is we don’t have ownership in place and yet the old front office is still making dizzy haywire decisions….Epke Udoh? I’d rather resurrect Manute Bol and let him stand in the lane blocking shots with his petrified hands upraised…..we let Raja Bell go to keep Tolliver and then we dump Tolliver and Bell is headed to the Lakers….Riley is in way over his head….Nelson is already picking out where he wants to park his chaise lounge on the beach in Maui….the whole thing is terrible…but keep Monta if only for the excitement of things….the philosophy of addition by subtraction has been tried for years and years by this team and it down right sucks….

  • haastheman

    I’m ready to get rid of monta, but …. I don’t know if Lee is the man to do it for. What we need is not another Power Forward. What we need is a dominant swing man. That’s it. That’s the answer to the question. We need a dominant swing man of appropriate height to play his position. A 2 that’s between 6’5 – 6’7 or a 3 between 6’6 – 6’8. We can give up any one or two players except curry to get this player and we would be fine. Can we make this happen? Please

  • Barry Thurmond

    Why Bail out the Knicks and be left with Mr. inflated stats guy?

    Monta is unique, athletic and physically tough. Let someone else pay David Lee 14 million. The Warriors have some nice contracts with players who could break out with good coaching.

    In the NBA an asset has become linked to the contract. Monta has a good one, someone is about to sign Mr. 20 touches with no one else rebounding to a bad one.

    Give Anthony Randolph 20 touches this year and make sure no one else rebounds then we will see who has stats. With that said how do you think the Randolph/ Wright vs. David Lee match-up will look towards the end of Lee’s new contract?

    2 words… blocked shot!

    It better not be Larry Riley on his way out of the league. The Warriors best move is to stand pat for now let everyone else get caught up in the inflation of the summer of Lebron. Get a good coach and GM and be in legitimate position to contend in the future.

  • DKnight007

    W’s want David Lee??

    Wow….who cares!

    One of the greatest free agency periods in NBA history is going on right now and guess what??

    The Warriors are NOT players….AT ALL! What a joke!

    The Bay Area is like the 6th biggest market in the country and they can’t get anyone significant to come here do to ownership and organizational incompetence! Sad!

    Wish the sale of this franchise occurred a month ago!

  • DKnight007

    Warriors trading Ellis for Lee would be another stupid move in a long line of stupid moves for this franchise!

  • fillmoe mike

    I agree trading monta eliis is not going to make us a better team…and trading him for david lee is simply retarded..but I tell you this much,if monta does go to nyc ill be happy for him because then more people could see how good a player he is……..but this would be one of the dumbest moves this franchise could make….

    Also @ 11 mil per season monta ellis is a bargain….if he was a free agent he would begetting like 16-18 mil a year considering his talent and only being 24…

    We should get a dominant 3 man….a 6’8 small forward that plays defense and is very athletic..

  • Harp’s Dubs

    What about Monta for Josh Smith in ATL? I’ve pushed for that one since last summer (proposing a sign and trade before they inked him to his deal). I would love to see Smith’s and Randolph’s skill sets together as our two starting forwards.

    There are only a few good, young shooting guards that I’d like to see us pursue and that are attainable:
    NJ – Terrence Williams (1)/Courtney Lee (2)
    Tor – Demar DeRozan
    OKC – James Harden (maybe attainable)
    Hou – Trevor Ariza (more of a 3 than a 2)
    Den – J.R. Smith

    I’d love to see what a backcourt of Curry and Williams could do with a front court of Smith/Randolph and either Turiaf/Biedrins.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Donnie Walsh in NY is said to covet Biedrins. I’m not sold on Monta to the Knicks for David Lee, even as a straight-up trade. But how about this one:

    Biedrins and Radmanovic to the Knicks for Eddy Curry (expires in 2011) and Danilo Gallinari?

    This rids us of Biedrins’ long-term contract and gives us a promising young small forward.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Please don’t trade Monta! Throughout the whole SJax situation he was the consummate pro! He always played hard and he’s very underrated! Biedrins and filler/picks for Lee maybe, but even there I think Andris can bounce back. He’s young!

  • inmypjs

    I doubt Knicks would want to trade Gallinari. How about Ellis and Biedrins for Lee and Chandler? That would work.

  • Kyle

    Lee for Biedrins – intriguing.

    Lee for Ellis – not intriguing.

  • Dave R

    I do not understand all this love for Monta. he has already said he does not want to be here. A “team” has players who want to play together. Biedrens has regressed and unless he can get his free throwing up to 60% is useless. All David Lee did when playing us is score 37 with 20 rebounds and 10 assists. I don’t consider that “limited”. Monta never played as a “team”

  • manus

    The Chicago Bulls are now interested in Lee. The Warriors have got to get off the pot and get this deal done. The more team players the Warriors have, the more fun it is to watch them. Get Lee.

  • DKnight007

    It’s not about “love” for Monta….it’s about getting REAL value for him in return.

    David Lee is NOT true value for Monta and I don’t care how anyone tries to spin it.

    The Warriors should have tried to trade Monta to Philly for that #2 pick and grab either Favors or Turner! That would have been value!

  • robert rowell

    @28 when did monta say he didn’t want to be here? never. your kind of narrow minded view of ellis says a lot more of your obvious distaste for him as a person (though, you don’t know him, do you?) than thinking about the situation based on logic and b-ball sense. like it or not, monta is the best player the W’s have, no one else is close. perhaps curry in 3 or 4 years, but we’re talking right now. trading ellis for peanuts is just silly.

  • Boycott_CC

    Sounds like it’s going to be Anthony Randolph for Lee:

  • nbalegend87

    Biedrins is not an All-star. The knicks would not want him anyway. look at his stats.

  • Ya’ll think its costing the owners money to lock the gates, not sign paychecks and tell everyone to go home?