Warriors Ready to Ship Randolph to Knicks for Lee … Waiting on LeBron

Would you like the Warriors acquiring David Lee if they could also keep guard Monta Ellis?

That is a distinct possibility depending on LeBron James’ decision tomorrow. Multiple sources told me the Warriors have an offer on the table that sends forward Anthony Randolph and other pieces to New York in a sign-and-trade deal for Lee.

If LeBron announces he is going to New York, in order to make room for his max contract, the Knicks would have to renounce Lee to free up the cap space. That would end the sign-and-trade possibility and the Warriors’ chances at Lee. But if LeBron doesn’t say the Knicks when he announces his decision …

… Then the Warriors are “in the game” for Lee. One source said the Knicks have at least three sign-and-trade offers on the table in case LeBron opts to play elsewhere. But the Warriors like their chances, considering Randolph is a hot commodity. The Knicks really like Randolph and weren’t so high on Ellis. Certainly, the contracts have something to do with it.

I have not confirmed who the other players are, but the obvious candidates are center Ronny Turiaf, swingman Kelenna Azubuike and forward Brandon Wright. It’s possible an expiring contract is in there (Vladimir Radmanovic). But, from what I’m told, the Warriors advantage is that they can offer players, which the Knicks’ need.

Of course, Golden State would have to work out a deal with Lee for a sign-and-trade to happen, even if the Knicks like the Warriors’ offer better. One source said the Warriors will not offer a maximum contract, but the Warriors could go as high as $13 million in the first year of a six-year contract (that would be $78 million excluding raises). With Chicago signing Carlos Boozer, that is one less team the Warriors have to worry about. However, New Jersey can still outbid the Warriors. Plus, Lee could, in the end, prefer to land elsewhere.

Warriors’ management, I’m told, is excited at the prospect of adding Lee to Ellis, Stephen Curry and center Andris Biedrins. That would give them four positions set and address their rebounding disparity.

Definitely risks involved. If the Warriors gave Lee $10 million a year, no raises, that is $60 million committed. To do that and give up Randolph, whew, that is a lot. But, Lee is a 20-10 guy who has proven himself. He is more of a win-now guy than Randolph. I think Randolph has star potential, but I understand if the team wants to cash in potential for certainty. Still, if Lee isn’t a 20-and-10 guy … I’ll just say it’s risky. But I definitely like Lee with Monta than Lee inexchange for Monta. The effectiveness of Lee will depend a lot on Biedrins. If he gets back to what he was, and he would have help on the boards, that would go a long way to helping this potential Lee deal pay off.

Oddly enough, one source was convinced the Warriors can pull off this big a deal without onwer Chris Cohan pulling the plug. With the sale pending, it would seem adding such a big contract is off limits. But I was assured it was not, and if everything falls in place the Warriors will do this deal. The belief is that getting Lee does not hurt the value of the franchise.

Why not?

* Because they aren’t giving away one of their big draws (Curry, Ellis), though one could argue Randolph is a big deal to Ws fans

* Because they are getting an All-Star. I’m told president Robert Rowell and even Cohan are excited about adding Lee

* Because all they really did was replace Maggette (and whoever they threw in) with Lee, so it is pretty much revenue neutral for this season

Marcus Thompson

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  • Doctor K

    Interesting. Okay, now I have a reason to be pissed at LeBron! LOL

  • http://ScrewWarriors.com Don Nelson

    That has got to be the opposite of true and the opposite of a good trade. Does Nellie/Riley still have financial ties with New York, or are they trying to kiss up to Lebron?

  • sleepy freud

    Great news, but I would keep Braden Right and move him to SF. Sweet!


    SMH is all I can say…Riley just trying to pad his resume before he leaves. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ridiculous.

  • http://ScrewWarriors.com Don Nelson

    Why Dont they throw in Biedrins too? WHo the f is going to play 4? The draft pick has already picked up Wright Fever and is injured.

  • yuri

    Keeping Biedrins huh? God help us and his osteitis pubis.

  • Matt

    This would be a big mistake. I don’t see how taking on Lee’s huge new salary whilst dumping their most promising young big man in at least a decade would do anything to save this front office’s (Riley’s) job. Lee is just like those that have come and gone before him here: he makes the stat sheet look nice but does nothing to impact games. Randolph is raw as can be, but STILL, even at 20 years old, he impacts games! This team is going nowhere with or without Lee, so why not be patient and let this kid develop. It’s not like his nemesis, Nelson, is going to be sticking around much longer anyway. Good lord, I am just about done with this franchise.

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  • joey

    Lee just isn’t that good and in two years we will be desperate to get rid of his overpriced contract. Don’t do it!

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  • rebuild

    Is Lee really worth building around? Isn’t he the second coming of Troy Murhpy? Why not send Udoh and a bunch of junk like Vlad instead?

  • Maurice Brown

    Who is Randolph ? Does he have a last name?

  • Greg

    Awful – I’d so much rather send Ellis than Randolph. Good Lord this ownership change can’t happen soon enough. Awful.

  • Dresden

    God, I hate this team.

    We don’t need Riley and Rowell tinkering with the roster. What we need is for them to get the hell out of here as fast as possible and to take the fat man with them.

    The idea of giving up the only special young big man this team has had in 20 years for Lee is beyond asinine.

    The fact that some in the media are co-signing this nonsense is almost as bad.

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  • A’s in 2010


  • A’s in 2010

    Udoh gets injured. Now the dumb az front office is gonna trade Randolph and severely overpay a stat padding, no defense loser.

    what a horrible, horrible day.

  • Bleep

    This is Randolph’s 3rd year of being promising. I’d rather have Lee! I’d rather not give them Wright too though. He could be a good complementary piece.

  • …scotch

    “Warriors’ management…is excited at the prospect of adding Lee to Ellis, Stephen Curry and center Andris Biedrins”

    Can we interpret that to mean Andris has recovered from his health issues? What say your sources??

  • Mike

    Matt, can you point to any evidence to substantiate that Randolph “impacts” the game more than Lee? Lee was top 10 in defensive rebounding percentage and total rebound percentage last year. Warriors had the worst defensive rebound percentage in the league last year, adding Lee to a hopefully healthy Andris Biedrins will go a long way ensure minimal second chance points for the opposition.

    Randolph is has shown potential, but that’s it. Lee is proven legit PF and an elite rebounder, something that the Warriors sorely need. We don’t need another perimeter oriented tweener at PF, we need size.

    So far, the only “impact” I’ve seen from Randolph is dribbling aimlessly and launching ill advised jumpers. He’s improved no doubt, but still very inconsistent and raw. Lee however is still young, has good size and athleticism, and is good at pick and roll offense. I fail to see how this is not a slam dunk trade for the Warriors.

  • jaz0ne

    “severely overpay a stat padding, no defense loser.”

    We have Ellis on the team. Might as well get another one.

  • John Starks

    Dubs must keep Ellis. If for nothing more than tempo, which most of the team is currently built for. There are few guys in the league that match Ellis’ pace.

    Having Lee WITH Ellis would be ideal. It makes giving up Maggette sound much better. When you replace his scoring and you get a rebounder/paint presence in the process, you’ve actually done quite well.

    For the love of God, just don’t suck any more. I’m not expecting to go .750, but can we at least not be a laughing stock? I’d be perfectly fine if we went .250 and lost every game by 3 or less.

  • G

    I think this trade is great for the Warriors. I’m tired of them being a team filled with potentially good players. Lee is an all-star. when was the last time we had one of those?? If somehow we can grab Mike Miller with the mid level exemption, the W’s look like a playoff team if healthy.

  • WarriorDragon

    I guess David Lee will START at PF. GS cannot SIT a 20/10 player. Udoh will come off the pine in his rookie year. GS need to get a quality SF. I guess Lee can play minutes behind Biedrens. I trade Monta for a quality SF plus a 1st rounder in return. Maybe, GS will wait for the injury prone Mike Miller to make up his mind where he wants to play.

  • DKnight007

    Since Marcus states, Cohan and Rowell want Lee, than that to me is bad news in itself!

    It’s the LOOOUUUSY WARRIORS and there history of stupid moves!


  • lobo

    no one in their right mind wants to come here until the dusts settles…if idiots nos. 1 and 2 like the deal that is a good enough reason to stay away. i have always said that randolph etc never “worked on” getting better as they hate this place and want out…i really mean that….if a trade goes down as much as i really love ellis, the team is better off with randolph/wright

  • David Wood

    I can’t believe they’re seriously considering this. If they do this trade I’m officially done as a Warriors fan, regardless of the sale or not. David Lee is a glorified Troy Murphy, and they want to pay him 60 mil and trade him for Randolph?!? This is exactly why bad teams stay bad. They panic and trade away their best potential for proven overrated players.

  • Corny

    People keep saying that Randolph is promising, but he shows almost nothing in the way of big man basketball skills every year and he seems too hard headed to learn. We’ll see, but as of now he just seems like an extremely atheletic, low skill forward who thinks he’s better than he really is.

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  • Willy

    I was hoping to dump Ellis and keep Randolph. Daggumit!

  • Michael

    Please no! At $13M to start, Lee is far too expensive. The Warriors just got out from under Maggette’s contract. They (and most of the fans) don’t need this.

  • WarriorDragon

    Rumors has it Udoh injured his left wrist on a 36inch vertical tomahawk dunk, he wants to show Chris Cohan all his dunks, I don’t know if GS has film of his workout for the owner. That’s just a rumor.

  • sartre

    I don’t see how you could pass on that deal. To get something of value when dealing you generally have to sacrifice something you’re reluctant to lose. I’ve been energized and excited by Randolph’s best moments of skill and athleticism but there just hasn’t been enough evidence of growth in him as a player. Even when healthy last year he remained inconsistent and prone to boneheaded plays. I appreciate he is young and that Nellie’s man management skills were appalling with him. But on balance getting an all star player who addresses major team deficits (rebounding, low post scoring) and who is still relatively young with a good temperament and work ethic makes this a winning trade. He is also an excellent screen and role man who could develop a great combination with Curry. Add a good wing defender (Wright, Brewer) with the MLE and we’ve got a far more competitive and still young team with some depth off the bench.

  • WarriorDragon

    I don’t know where Randolph will play, the Knicks just sign Stodemire. Maybe Randolph will play center. The Knicks will have to promise Randolph some big time money when his rookie K is up.

  • Squall

    Anthony Randolph for David Lee

    is just like

    Chris Webber for Tom Gugliotta

    An athletic potential star PF for a stat padded, sub-par defensive PF.

    Why pay all that money to Lee when the collective bargaining agreement is going to change NEXT YEAR?!?!?!

  • DKnight007

    A’s in 2010 Says:
    July 7th, 2010 at 3:49 pm
    Udoh gets injured. Now the dumb az front office is gonna trade Randolph and severely overpay a stat padding, no defense loser.

    what a horrible, horrible day.

    Giving Lee a big contract will be another stupid move by the Warriors.

  • John

    With Lee and Biedrins anchoring the defense inside the key, look for teams to score 100 pt a game in the paint

  • http://ScrewWarriors.com Don Nelson

    Cmon is this April Fools Day, or Just Anyone fools Riley?

  • johnny


    this is a horrible deal for the W’s. Lee stinks.

  • Gwydion

    Are there a pair of handcuffs big enough to keep the Warrior fron office out of trouble?

    Just more stupid crap. Randolph is going to be way better than Lee.

  • DKnight007

    David Wood Says:
    July 7th, 2010 at 4:06 pm
    I can’t believe they’re seriously considering this. If they do this trade I’m officially done as a Warriors fan, regardless of the sale or not. David Lee is a glorified Troy Murphy, and they want to pay him 60 mil and trade him for Randolph?!? This is exactly why bad teams stay bad. They panic and trade away their best potential for proven overrated players.


  • DKnight007



  • dave

    This will be another in a long line of huge mistakes for the Warriors- Randolph will be a star and Lee falls on his face

  • Bleep

    I can’t believe people are against this. Getting 20/10 would be Randolph’s dream. It would only happen if he reaches all of his potential, which isn’t a certainty at all. And don’t tell me Randolph currently plays any better defense than Lee. Sure, he can block shots, but is usually way out of position when doing so.

    Lee is a much better player than Randolph right now, and will be for quite some time — perhaps permenently. These sobbing posters seem to think that potential is destiny.

  • Josh

    With the new CBA coming why would you overpay anybody other than a top 10 player? Adding Lee is a Knicks’s trade from the Thomase era. Yes Randoplh is unproven but Lee was the only rebounder on the team and can not play D for his life. He is Biedrins with a jumpshot and a lot less D. So someone please pull the plug on Riley’s phone. Please send hate mail ASAP.

  • sartre

    @DKnight007. Does your day job involve carrying a sandwich board declaring ‘the end of the world is nigh’?
    I understand how frustrated many fans have been by the unbelievable ineptitude of the front office and ownership. The amount of money involved is a concern (as it is with virtually any player who commands that price) but this doesn’t seem like such a big gamble. Lee has been a fairly consistent player who has steadily improved his game to the point of becoming an all star. That’s a strong résumé.

  • WarriorDragon

    Randolph hate playing outta position. Randolph can go 45/10 against a small team in the NBA at the 4 spot. I just don’t know about this swap. Lee is a good player who can play the 4/5, Randolph just want to game at the 4 spot. I think the coach need to keep player at their natyral position. This is a good deal for GS, but GS gotta pony money for a PF, when they drafted a future PF in Udoh.

  • WarriorDragon

    Maybe GS can do a 3 way deal to get an allstar SF, they gotta move Lee to another team, but GS like Lee game so I just don’t see that happening. Biedrens can go 30/20 in a game, so it’s hard to take Biedrens outta the middle as a starter.

  • aka17

    This is a total shock and from now on I will never buy a single ticket for a worrior’s game if they trade AR
    this is a crappy Org.