Warriors Ready to Ship Randolph to Knicks for Lee … Waiting on LeBron

Would you like the Warriors acquiring David Lee if they could also keep guard Monta Ellis?

That is a distinct possibility depending on LeBron James’ decision tomorrow. Multiple sources told me the Warriors have an offer on the table that sends forward Anthony Randolph and other pieces to New York in a sign-and-trade deal for Lee.

If LeBron announces he is going to New York, in order to make room for his max contract, the Knicks would have to renounce Lee to free up the cap space. That would end the sign-and-trade possibility and the Warriors’ chances at Lee. But if LeBron doesn’t say the Knicks when he announces his decision …

… Then the Warriors are “in the game” for Lee. One source said the Knicks have at least three sign-and-trade offers on the table in case LeBron opts to play elsewhere. But the Warriors like their chances, considering Randolph is a hot commodity. The Knicks really like Randolph and weren’t so high on Ellis. Certainly, the contracts have something to do with it.

I have not confirmed who the other players are, but the obvious candidates are center Ronny Turiaf, swingman Kelenna Azubuike and forward Brandon Wright. It’s possible an expiring contract is in there (Vladimir Radmanovic). But, from what I’m told, the Warriors advantage is that they can offer players, which the Knicks’ need.

Of course, Golden State would have to work out a deal with Lee for a sign-and-trade to happen, even if the Knicks like the Warriors’ offer better. One source said the Warriors will not offer a maximum contract, but the Warriors could go as high as $13 million in the first year of a six-year contract (that would be $78 million excluding raises). With Chicago signing Carlos Boozer, that is one less team the Warriors have to worry about. However, New Jersey can still outbid the Warriors. Plus, Lee could, in the end, prefer to land elsewhere.

Warriors’ management, I’m told, is excited at the prospect of adding Lee to Ellis, Stephen Curry and center Andris Biedrins. That would give them four positions set and address their rebounding disparity.

Definitely risks involved. If the Warriors gave Lee $10 million a year, no raises, that is $60 million committed. To do that and give up Randolph, whew, that is a lot. But, Lee is a 20-10 guy who has proven himself. He is more of a win-now guy than Randolph. I think Randolph has star potential, but I understand if the team wants to cash in potential for certainty. Still, if Lee isn’t a 20-and-10 guy … I’ll just say it’s risky. But I definitely like Lee with Monta than Lee inexchange for Monta. The effectiveness of Lee will depend a lot on Biedrins. If he gets back to what he was, and he would have help on the boards, that would go a long way to helping this potential Lee deal pay off.

Oddly enough, one source was convinced the Warriors can pull off this big a deal without onwer Chris Cohan pulling the plug. With the sale pending, it would seem adding such a big contract is off limits. But I was assured it was not, and if everything falls in place the Warriors will do this deal. The belief is that getting Lee does not hurt the value of the franchise.

Why not?

* Because they aren’t giving away one of their big draws (Curry, Ellis), though one could argue Randolph is a big deal to Ws fans

* Because they are getting an All-Star. I’m told president Robert Rowell and even Cohan are excited about adding Lee

* Because all they really did was replace Maggette (and whoever they threw in) with Lee, so it is pretty much revenue neutral for this season

Marcus Thompson

  • rarf

    Im o’k with this lee thing.Warriors still a young power forward and his name is BRANDON WRIGHT.

  • DKnight007

    sartre Says:
    July 7th, 2010 at 4:48 pm
    @DKnight007. Does your day job involve carrying a sandwich board declaring ‘the end of the world is nigh’?
    I understand how frustrated many fans have been by the unbelievable ineptitude of the front office and ownership. The amount of money involved is a concern (as it is with virtually any player who commands that price) but this doesn’t seem like such a big gamble. Lee has been a fairly consistent player who has steadily improved his game to the point of becoming an all star. That’s a strong résumé.

    Guess what?? The Warriors are still LOOOOOUUUUSYYYYY!

  • Mike

    You’ve gotta believe the Nets will be willing to pay more than the Warriors. No need for them to trade the Knicks anything. A sign and trade only makes sense for Lee to accept if it means he gets a bigger contract from the Warriors than the Nets will offer straight up. Not happening.

  • pixellatedspace

    Another horrible trade by the Warriors. If there is a God please intervene.

  • ddog

    It makes little sense to have a management team that is clearly on on its way out make several extensive decision that will effect the long term fortunes of a franchise.

    Given this franchise, and given this management team, it makes even less sense.

    Warriors Management: Please. Don’t. Touch. Anything.

  • mbuchel

    Lee’s 20-10 is only impressive if you don’t know anything about basketball except box scores. By that measure, Corey Maggette was a great get for the Bucks because he’s an efficient scorer. But I doubt anyone who follows the W’s thinks trading Maggette for a bucket of hot wings was a bad idea. Lee will make the W’s worse, not better.
    The idea that the outgoing regime would making any decisions like this is idiotic. So it makes perfect sense.

  • DKnight007

    ddog Says:
    July 7th, 2010 at 5:05 pm
    It makes little sense to have a management team that is clearly on on its way out make several extensive decision that will effect the long term fortunes of a franchise.

    Given this franchise, and given this management team, it makes even less sense.

    Warriors Management: Please. Don’t. Touch. Anything.

    I can’t wait for Rowell, Riley, Nellie and Bob Fitz to get the heck out of here!

  • DKnight007

    sartre Says:
    July 7th, 2010 at 4:48 pm
    @DKnight007. Does your day job involve carrying a sandwich board declaring ‘the end of the world is nigh’?
    I understand how frustrated many fans have been by the unbelievable ineptitude of the front office and ownership. The amount of money involved is a concern (as it is with virtually any player who commands that price) but this doesn’t seem like such a big gamble. Lee has been a fairly consistent player who has steadily improved his game to the point of becoming an all star. That’s a strong résumé.

    The acceptance of continued losing is in itself a LOSERS mentality!

  • David Wood

    Typical Warriors fan mentality here- ‘David Lee is an All-Star! He’s better than any PF we’ve ever had! He puts up 20/10!’ Well guess what- he put up those numbers on a bad team and he made the All-Star team once in a conference that doesn’t have a ton of PFs. How many times has David Lee taken his team to the playoffs? Oh right, zero. Even Corey Maggette went to the playoffs once, and look how that turned out. Everyone’s getting way too excited over these good-stats-on-bad-teams players.

  • WarriorDragon

    I believe Udoh can play BIG SF. Since he game like Wilkins, possess a good 3 pts shot, got moves like Julius Erving with that reverse layup in the highlights. GS will have a BIG line-up.

  • gary

    David Lee is a true PF, a 20/10 player on a bad team, and an All Star. AR, BW, and the rookie are all unproven and projects under development. As for fit on the Ws, who knows?

    We have a guard-oriented team with nothing notable at the 1, 2, and 3 positions. I’d go so far to say that nothing is of value (except small contracts) at 2 and 3. And there is no skill at the 1. Now take a look at the Lakers and see how we match-up underneath. Ridiculous currently.

    Picking up a proven, All Star 2 is a great idea, if we can make it happen. Let’s add some bulk.

  • petaluman

    The only way for Lee to get 6 years is via a S&T (NY has Bird rights on him). The Nets could offer him a max deal for 5 years, though. The math gets complicated, because Bird rights also include the ability to give 10.5% annual raises, whereas the Nets could only offer 8%.

    Bottom line: Lee could get the most total $ and years via a S&T, even if it’s not a max offer. However, as a FA he has total freedom of choice. If our competition really is the Nets and Twolves, we actually don’t look like that bad an option. Of course, we don’t know who else is trying the S&T route.

  • Mark

    I like the trade. Randolph has upside but is far from a proven commodity. Lee is a bonafide PF who can rebound and is solid on offense. He wont have to play center since Beans will still be on the roster allowing him to play better defense. With the trade I think the Warriors are guaranteed a playoff spot.

  • A’s in 2010

    ” I’m told president Robert Rowell and even Cohan are excited about adding Lee ”


  • Gunner

    Cohan, please just sell the team and disappear from Warriors fans’ lives.

  • About Time

    Hate to lose the young fella but kinda sick of waiting for AR to develop into a star….we finally might have the inside threat we’ve needed for quite a while. No more silly jumpshots unless their open and we could dump it into Lee or Udoh. We can screen and roll with chicken Curry and Lee Kum Kee all day! Hopefully Biedrins and Wright can get into the mix and stay healthy for petes sake! Resign Morrow and CJ. Now all we need is Josh Howard to accept the MLE and we’re ready to roll. GET THIS DEAL DONE RILEY!

  • http://hoopshype yanni c

    David Lee is a bonified allstar who rebounds and brings alot of intangables. He is the type of team player that G.S. needs to take the next step. True Randolph has tons of talent… but no head…G.S.should jump on this if true.

  • Gunner

    This deal depends on so many things:

    1) Lebron signing with NY – unlikely to happen because NY with Stoudemire and Lebron is probably not as strong as the current Cavs.

    2) Lee needs to like GS – unlikely because no players want to play for us nowadays

    This deal is extremely unlikely because it depends on (1) AND (2)!

    Dream all we want. But I think our only hope is a new owner who has the pockets and willingness to build a winning team (Ellison instead of those private equity guys who probably wants to spin the franchise to make money off it)

  • The wise

    Thats so stupid… The knicks would do it because they already know randolph will be better than lee.smh Lee for biedrins maybe but not randolph. Curry, monta, and randolh should all be players that are off limits.

  • Steve
  • permabear

    Between Ellis and Randolph, I’d keep Ellis any day. Randolph, while admittedly still young and immature, has been the picture of inconsistency. There are times he plays brilliantly and other times he’s sleeping on the floor. I prefer players that have a consistent motor. Biedrins has the motor. Injuries held him back last year. If he can return to the form of two years ago, he’s a double double added to Lee’s double double. Rebounding issues will be a thing of the past. Curry, Ellis, Morrow (or other), Lee and Biedrins isn’t a bad starting lineup. I think it’s an improvement over last year and moves the Ws in the right direction.

  • AQ

    this is a good trade, because it allows the warriors to gain talent immediately and not just be loaded with potential. Randolph still a few more years from being great. Next season we can add more talent when we get more cap space since we no longer have corey maggette. With Lee this team will be a lot better.

  • Hook Mitchell

    I would only involve Randolph in a deal if it was considered a BLOCKBUSTER trade.

    David Lee does not qualify as a BLOCKBUSTER deal…

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  • robert rowell

    there is no god, so he isn’t up there in the clouds listening to your prayers, fellow W’s fans.

    david lee == troy murphy

    so by that logic alone, you know we want him and are willing to overpay to get him.

  • K-Dubb

    Believe or not, this is actually a good trade. For those of you who state that Lee is is a “glorified version of Troy Murphy” obviously haven’t seen Murphy or Lee play. The difference is while both grab a decent share of boards, Lee is more of a defensive rebound specialist who actually gets physical with opposing players while Murphy would only chase uncontested boards and get abused in the paint. And while Randolph has “potential”, he hasn’t proved anything since he has been with the warriors other than the fact that he plays with alot of emotion, which doesn’t help you win games if you don’t control them.

  • Greg

    This proposed trade is a disaster. Lee is a horrible defender. Give Randolph his minutes per game and I guarantee Randolph puts up better numbers now and has way more upside. Another short sided, stupid proposal by a management team that needs to go.

  • Greg

    If I were one of the bidders they should put one of the stipulations should be that the existing management team cannot do any additional changes to the roster. Hopefully Lee signs with the Nets so they can save the Warriors from themselves.

  • jj


  • WarriorDragon

    He’s a 6’9 Troy Murphy allstar. I can live with that, we’d cannot game Lee in the middle, it ain’t gonna happen. That will cut into Biedrens PT. Is this deal on the table? If it’s a rumor out to the media, it’s a dead deal IMO.

  • All Pro Steve


  • J-Walk

    I initially was against trading Randolph along with Monta for Lee. If we can keep Monta and Wright while shipping off Randolph with maybe Azubuike and Vlad, then you have to do that deal. This team is unbalanced. Wright, Randolph and Udoh are too similar to each other. They need a low post guy who you can run the offense through. Someone who can play the pick and roll, hit a mid range shot consistently and rebound. Lee is all those things. This trade makes the Warriors better. Lee is just entering his prime and he is an all-star. What more can you ask for when deciding to trade away your vast potential. You get Lee and your set at 4 positions, assuming Biedrins can come back to previous form. Now you use your mid level on a solid 3 and your talking a young up-and-coming team.

  • Jeremy

    I would give the Knicks two options:

    A) Randolph and Beidrins
    B) Wright, Azubuike, and Radmanovic

    If the Knicks want the W’s best young player, the have to take the Warriors worst contract. If they want financial flexibility along with guys who can play, they have to take the bigger risk on the young player. If they say no to both, who cares. The Warriors still have valuable trading chips.

    I only want Lee if he can play with Curry, Monta, and Randolph but getting rid of Beidrins’ in a package for an All Star is worth it.

  • johnny

    a stupid contract proposal like the one with Lee can only hurt the franchise value as part of the sale process. I bet this doesn’t go thru.

  • Daneroner

    I see Randloph with the poetential to be a Chris Bosh type player!! Im not saying he will be Bosh but pretty close. After the Draft I dont know if I can good through another bad move. What we should do is just get rid of Nelson now!!! Everybody knows he is gone when the new owner takes over. THERE SHOULD BE NO BIG MOVES UNTIL THE NEW OWENER TAKES OVER!!!!!!

  • woefulwarriors

    I can’t imagine Lee approving this whole thing, and he does have to accept the offer to make it work, doesn’t he?

    Randolph does have more athletic potential, no doubt, but at a very low likelihood of coming to fruition. His brain is the size of a peanut and he will never develop to his full potential. I say trade him and be done with it. Let him be the Knicks problem. Warriors will miss the playoffs either way. As a positive, we dump Radman and his contract (and I can’t for the life of me understand how he gets that much money). We won’t have new owners in control of things for several months yet at the earliest, and by then free agency will be over. So, now or never to f around with things for little reason….one last time for Rowell, Riley and Nellie.

  • WarriorDragon

    Listen… this is what GS can do. Start Randolph at 4, and Udoh at 3, Biedrens in the middle at 5. GS don’t make any trades.

  • Scoreboard

    Randolph doesn’t want to play for Nellie that is pretty obvious. Ship him out, Lee is a stud. Plus who cares? As a Warriors fan I must say we can’t get any worse! :)

  • WarriorDragon

    Randolph will be happy at 4. Udon can stroke the 3s and have moves to the basket. GS don’t even need players.

  • WarriorDragon

    GS don’t even need Mike Miller. GS save some money and they are below the cap. Just sign fillers as bench players.

  • WarriorDragon

    This is the line-up:

    PG- Curry 6’3
    SG- Monta 6’3
    SF- Udoh 6’10
    PF- Randolph 6’10
    Center- Biedrens 6’11

    Triple tower line-up with glass cleaners/shot blockers

  • Tony H

    You people are like beaten dogs – you’re so used to the W’s screwing something up, you’re wincing. To equate David Lee to Troy Murphy is idiotic and simplistic – hey, look they’re both white (though maybe you should look at Murphy’s rebounding numbers before you just write him off as some failed white guy). The W’s haven’t had anyone close to him in boards since they sent him off.
    As spectacular as Randolph can be, that’s all you’re focusing on here. Potential. Do you really think he’ll be a 20-10 guy? Because that’s what David Lee is. And he’s a beast. He averaged 11.7 rebounds the past two years. And if you think he’s just a slow white guy, get on YouTube. Even Tolbert was on KNBR tonight, contradicting Ralph by talking about how the guy jumps out of the gym. Randolph can be great – if all the stars align and about 34 things happen all at once – including him growing up. Lee is an All-Star and has the dedication and mean streak the W’s need. This trade is a no-brainer. The W’s need guys like him. I love Randolph, but he’s unstable, inconsistent, and couldn’t run a pick and roll like D. Lee if his life depended on it.

  • some guy

    ugh. do these losers not realize that Monta & David Lee are (according to Synergy’s defensive points per possession) 2 of the worst individual defenders statistically in the NBA? they look like horrible team defenders as well. in Lee’s defense, he was playing C instead of his natural PF… still, give the statistics, it’s unlikely that he’s an avg defender at the PF position.

    that was the whole problem with Jamal Crawford. JC’s less of a problem in Atlanta b/c they have good, versatile defenders like Marvin, Josh & Horford surrounding him, but when JC was a Warrior, his no defense, no rebounding self only exacerbated the dubs weaknesses.

    Curry is also probably going to be a below average defender & Andris, if healthy, is probably average. Morrow or Reggie W. don’t have the size to adequately defend the 3.

    getting some role playing defenders isn’t going to help much when you’re running 3 defensive sieves out there 40 minutes each night.

  • Chris Webber

    If they W’s do this trade. Then this management is far more reatarded than the Twardzik era.
    David Lee is a hollow stat player. He’s also old. He hasnt helped the Knicks go to the playoffs.
    How is he going to help the Warriors at 27. He’s reaching his peak and doesnt play defense.
    If the Warriors do this trade. They are just plain dumb.

  • WarriorDragon

    Udoh will will be a 30/10/4 SF. That’s the stats I give him in his rookie year. Allstar stats… it’s a mismatch at the 3 spot.

  • WarriorDragon

    Curry need to dish out more dimes. Like somewhere 12-15 assists, I can see Curry going 22/12 PG his second season.

  • Mullin Fan

    Donnie Walsh vs. Larry Riley/Rowell is a complete mismatch. Anthony Randolph is the most talented Warriors big man since Chris Webber. (That trade didn’t work out so well and actually Lee’s stats and Gugliotta’s numbers are pretty similar.) Randolph is 20 years old. Lee was playing for Florida at 20. Lee for all his great numbers has been in the same number of playoff games as Marcus and everyone posting on here. Knicks have averaged 28 wins in his 5 seasons. Remember how excited everyone was when the Raiders got Jeff George

  • WarriorDragon

    This is the numbers:

    Udoh- 30/10/4
    Biedrens- 12/12/2
    Randolph- 18/10/2
    Monta- 26/4
    Curry- 22/12

  • Tdubb

    I would prefer no trade, but they need a legit PF and Lee is it. Randolph will probably be a star but he has not proven it yet. Its all potential, Lee has proven he can play in this league at the PF. Yes in the East on a bad team but 20/10 is 20/10 and Randolph didn’t do it here on a bad team. I think Lee does fit here with Curry and Monta.

    If you want to see, grab the footage of the 2007 All Star Rookie game, Monta and Lee looked really good together. I know it was against other rookies but it was nice, check the tape. If the Warriors are going to compete in the West, the team needs a more traditional core and not the Nelly hybrid. I still want a SF, Ronnie Brewer?

    Here’s my lineup



    Find me two free agents (trade Vlad)

  • Mano de Nada

    Tom Gugliotta: 2010 version.

    YA THINK maybe D’Antoni’s uptempo no D system pads stats like Nelsons?

    How many powerless power forwards does this team need anyhow?

    “Lee is proven legit PF and an elite rebounder” on a number of SUCKARSE defenseless lottery teams that went NOWHERE (so at least he’ll fit in with the Warriors).

    UNTIL COHAN SELLS it’s all BS, really. May as well trade Curry to the Lakers now for Jordan Farmer and get it over with…