Lee Agrees to Deal with Warriors, Stage for S&T Set

The biggest hurdle in the deal involving Knicks free agent forward David Lee and Warriors forward Anthony Randolph is LeBron James. Nothing happens until he decides.

The next biggest hurdle was whether Lee wanted to come to the Warriors. That is a hurdle no more, not as much anyway. The Warriors and Lee have all but agreed in principle to a six year deal totaling about $80 million, team sources told me. At an average of about $13 million per year, Lee would become the Warriors highest-paid player. If he signs it.

Who could stop him from signing it?

* LeBron James. Since technically, Lee is signing the deal with Knicks (who would then trade him to the Warriors), the Knicks would have to do the deal. They aren’t going to do it until they are officially out of the LeBron sweepstakes. As far as the Warriors are concerned, one source told me, the Knicks have not given up hope. Signing Lee would take eat up their cap space and take them out of the running for LeBron. Not going to happen. Of course, if LeBron chooses the Knicks, which few expect will happen, the deal is dead anyway. The Knicks would have to renounce Lee to make room, ending all sign-and-trade capabilities.

* New Jersey. After saving up for LeBron, all the Nets have to show for themselves is SF Travis Outlaw (five years, $35 million). They might be desperate for Lee, who is the biggest name left on the free agent market after LeBron decides, and top the Warriors offer. If Lee wanted to, he can take the Nets offer and end the Warriors’ sign-and-trade hopes. He could only get a five-year deal, though, while a sign-and-trade gets him a sixth year.

* Minnesota. Or any other team looking to sign-and-trade for Lee. The Knicks love Randolph and already envision the longest frontline in the league: Randolph/Stoudemire/Gallinari. But if a team likes Minnesota comes with a package the Knicks like better than what the Warriors are offering, the Knicks could take it. The Timberwolves, Nets and maybe even Phoenix (OK, not Phoenix) could try to trumph the Warriors’ sign-and-trade offer for Lee.

The Warriors and free agent power forward David Lee has agreed to contract worth about $80 million over six years, according to team sources.
The deal paves the way for a sign-and-trade with the New York Knicks. Golden State would send forward Anthony Randolph, center Ronny Turiaf and swingman Kelenna Azubuike to New York in exchange for Lee.
The deal is still not official. Lee would have to sign the deal as a Knick then get traded to the Warriors. Sources said that won’t happen until the Knicks know for sure that LeBron James is not going to New York. Signing Lee would eat up the salary cap space the Knicks have reserved for James.
The possibility also exists that another team, such as Minnesota, could up their trade offer to the Knicks, ending the Warriors’ sign-and-trade deal with New York. Also, a team like New Jersey could still come in and offer Lee more than the Warriors and steal Lee away.

Marcus Thompson

  • Boz

    NO! No no no no no no no no no.

    Worst… deal… ever…

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Just a “TURRIBLE” idea. Seriously, I really think Cohan is trying to punish Warrior fans for booing him at the All-Star game. What an idiot!

  • stan


    real question: do the Warriors think for one second about how their fans will perceive any of their moves? ever?

  • Josh

    GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m not violent but END RILEY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is not helping his career.

    Only NY and Steinmetz likes this trade is that not a hint?

    Have we not overpayed enough players? A new CBA and good youth work (Thunder anybody).

    Minnesota save us?

    Lebron save us?


    If only to not be the only team in 10 years to let NY get the better end of a trade?

  • A’s in 2010

    the front office needs to G.T.F.O. NOW!!!

  • TownLove


    Do you know who else is included besides AR? I really hope they keep Turiaf.

  • jsl

    Lunacy. Idiocy. Absolute stupidity.

    A very bad defensive team trades one of its better defenders for the worst defending four in the NBA. Plus, as a sad last joke to the fans he’s screwed for 15 years, the Lunatic Cohan saddles new ownership with an additional $65MM hit — just as the NBA is about to dramatically lower the cap (i.e. at the end of this season).

    Yes, it’s monumental idiocy. But what can you expect from this crew of absolute dunces?

    Our only hope? That LBJ saves our lunch and wants to play in NY. And that looks increasingly doubtful.

  • J


    It would be Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf and Kelenna Azubuike for David Lee.

  • Bleep

    “One of its better defenders”, Jsl? A bit of an exaggeration, and even it is isn’t, it is damning with faint praise. The truth is, Randolph looked lost most of the time on defense, and tended to get hung out to dry by anything looking like a head fake.

    Get it done, Riley!

  • Legacy510

    Well if Lee comes to us what can we do, but hope for the best. It can’t be any worse than the Murphy, Dunleavy days.

    I would line us up like this…

    Biedrins(for now)

    Honestly Biedrins is not the answer at the 5 IMO.
    But that’s what we get for not taking Monroe.

    I know some scouts had certain opinions about Monroe’s athleticism, but seriously…

    Could Biedrins really be all that more athletic than Monroe?

    Baf decisions by the Warriors front office AGAIN, but all we can do now is hope for the best or root for another team.

    I’m a Warrior fan. I’ll root for the Heat as my second place team if Lebron goes there, just to see them dethrone the LA Fakers.

  • Sleepy Freud


  • frenemy

    This is absolutely stupefying – $80 million and losing Randolph and Buike? I wish I could say I was surprised but this group continues to make the most idiotic moves possible.

  • Wander7


    This Cohan and Co sticking a mace up the fans’ butt before taking their last breath….

  • Hook Mitchell

    This would SUCK…

  • Vegas Bill

    Lee is just like Troy Murphy when he was a Warrior. Getting 20 pts and 10 boards on a HORRIBLE team. We already have guys who can get us 20/10 for waaay less money. Even if AR only gets 12pts and 6 boards. Ronny and Morrow can get 8/4 combined can’t they? What happened to getting better defensively?? Lee plays 0 defense!! He has been rated as one of the worst defenders in the league. Even Kawakami knows this: http://blogs.mercurynews.com/kawakami/2010/05/05/my-3rd-annual-nba-no-defense-team-starring-turkoglu-maggette-and-jeff-green/

  • Legacy510

    Looking at some highlights on Udoh, I would have him and Lee on the court at the same time. Udoh would create a mismatch at the 3 position for all of SG’s in my opinion. He hustles, plays defense, rebounds, has some post moves. At 6’10 and with his work ethic, I could see him DEVELOPING into a more aggressive, defensive minded Lamar Odom at the 3 position.

    David Lee is a lock at the 4. Imagine what Curry could do with big, athletic, skilled players that run the break like Lee and Udoh?

    My only problem now is Biedrins. I think he sucks honestly. I wish there was a way we could get a legitimate center.

    What about Monta for Jefferson?

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Highest paid player! This was bad enough when the rumor was 6 years at 10 mil per!


  • Legacy510

    I keep hearing the knocks on Lee’s defense. That’s why we need a defensive presence at center IMO.

    If we could get Jefferson for Monta we could look like this…


    Monta is the flashy, scoring, pick, but Curry proved last year that he could get the job done without Monta.
    Jefferson and Udoh would make our frontcourt more defensively sound, as well as providing scoring down low with Lee.

    What do you guys think?

  • A’s in 2010


    Lee’s agent Mark Bartelstein told ESPN.com on Thursday that reports that a deal with Golden State is done are premature.

    “There are a million things going on right now,” Bartelstein said. “We are still talking to five different teams about different scenarios. David hasn’t made up his mind and nothing has been agreed to. I’m not sure where all of this stuff is coming from.”

    Yes!! Please fall through… :pray:

  • Earl Monroe

    #10 Funny you bring up Murphy because Lee is only slightly better than Murphy,
    Lee shot his ass off for a horrible Knick team, he did rebound but most of his games came in the East a weak division.

    This one is going to be painful, but when Randolph starts to go off on the league,
    Riley and Nelson will be long gone.

  • Legacy510

    Well I’m gonna say it once again. The biggest person on the Warriors that needs to go is Biedrins. He is not a quality center in my opinion.

    I’m fine with leaving the roster as is as long as we can move Biedrins and get a legit center. I would trade Biedrins and Monta for Al Jefferson and Brian cardinal from the Timberwolves.

    That is a much improved roster.


    Curry and Buike are capable scorers in the backcourt, and Buike plays defense.

    With your frontcourt all 6’10 and taller, and defensive and rebound oriented, that sounds like a good, well balanced team.

    Monta and Biedrins for Al Jefferson, Brian Cardinal and 1 million of that money we saved by trading our second round pick away(because the contracts have to all add up evenly), is a well balanced, competitive team.

  • Deftoned40oz

    Legacy aka David Kahn,

    Hey wtf is up with your Al Jefferson obsession? Do u watch basketball? First, he’s not a 5. Secondly, he is definitely not a defensive presence…actually the farthest thing from it. Apparently giving up 112 ppg wasn’t enough for u.

  • Deftoned40oz

    haha now monta and biedrins for jefferson and cardinal. crack is wack man…

  • MWLX

    I really like getting Lee, an All-Star who plays hard all the time, for Randolph, the immature, inconsistent head case. I hate giving up both Turiaf and Buike. Why all three? Is it a salary thing? And who’s going to play the 3?

  • Livermore Joe

    I… just… can’t believe this. David Lee for 80 MILLION DOLLARS?!? Who in their right minds thinks that’s a good idea?!? Why can’t Cohan and his band of idiots just leave things alone for a month? You know, when somebody COMPETENT will be in charge!

    So angry now.

  • some guy

    #9 Bleep, he’s probably talking about Turiaf, no?

    i’m not going to knock David Lee. bad team or not, he’s a good player. but 6 yrs %80 mill at age 27? plus there’s going to be a new CBA? plus you’re giving up on a 21 yr old non-stiff big man & a high energy cheap big man?

    Riley keeps talking about making moves for the W’s future. but Udoh & now Lee show that he’s only thinking about now & trying to save his job w/ a 35-40 win season. he’s obviously banking on keeping his job at least through this season. this is effin ridiculous.

    David Lee is the kind of player who makes you just good enough to contend for the playoffs, but not make the playoffs. then you’re stuck picking 9-14 which makes the chances of drafting a star lower than 10%.

    hope the Kings will move to San Jose. i’m tired of this endless Golden State Warrior/Oakland A’s cycle of yearly turnover.

  • sartre
  • Chris Webber

    If this is true…

    LOL. $80 mil for a second tier player. LOL at the Warriors front office.

    Nelson wants to make sure he goes out with a bang one last time.

    Welcome back Tom Gugliota v.1.0.1


  • DKnight007

    hahaha LOL…OMG

    One last stupid deal by the LAME DUCK owner and his LAME ASS management team as a big reminder to Warrior fans of how crappy they were!

    This deal will bite them in the rear as always and then Warriors will be looking to get Lees’ contract off the books in 2-3 years. LOL

  • phil

    Why all the negativity?

    Lee is a proven scorer and since this is a trade, the W’s still have their mid-level exception for a defensive minded 3 like Ronnie Brewer and possibly to resign CJ or Morrow (probably just Morrow).

    With Curry, Monta and Lee plus Morrow and Williams and Wright off the bench, the scoring is solid. So the 3 and 5 can focus on defense and rebounding, which is realistic. And Udoh looks to be a solid defender.

    And why are people putting Udoh at the 3???? He’s even less of a three than AR.


  • DKnight007

    phil Says:
    July 8th, 2010 at 5:07 pm
    Why all the negativity?

    Uhhh…because it’s the Warriors and their stupid moves giving up on potential….ahead of a guy they will over pay for and will look to trade and get rid of the contract in 2 more years anyways?

  • Aaron

    i cannot believe how many people are against this move. randolph is not a very good player right now, and has not done anything to show that he will ever be more than mediocre in the league. to give that up, along with 2 roll players, for one of the most efficient offensive players in the league? sign me up

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I hope Cohan rots very very slowly in hell.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Ellison, call David Stern and have him block this trade!

  • Jeremy

    I cannot believe Riley made this deal without forcing them to take Beidrins. Just absolutely disgusting. Welcome back to the salary cap hell they had just started to work their way out of.

    I guess we just have to pray that, despite overwhelming evidence, Beidrins is not getting progressively worse and more injury prone.

    Happy to have Lee, furious they dealt Randolph without shedding Beidrins’ nightmare of a contract while he still had any value.

  • phil

    I don’t like losing Randolph, but Lee makes Biedrins better and makes AR expendable. Lee can score and he can rebound, so Biedrins does not need to do as much. AR still hasn’t figured out what his game is and without scoring from 4 or 5, you need some outstanding defense or rebounding or something. AR was never going to deliver that.

    This move gives Biedrins a year to prove he can be a double-double guy without as much pressure. Yeah he’s overpaid, but the W’s had to do something.

    And Udoh looks like he knows what he can do and is very good at a lot of things, which also makes AR expendible. Randolph was never going to be a 3 or a great 5 and Udoh has as much potential at the 4 as AR.

    I would rather have given up Biedrins or Wright, but then the deal would never have happened and the W’s would be in for another year of mediocrity. This way they have a chance and can define their roles better.

    I like this deal.

  • gswhoopsfan30

    I don’t quite understand why warriors fans are getting so angry about this. We’d be getting an all-star!!! Not only that, but Lee is young and getting better every year. He’s statistically the best center in the league. Stop your bitching. Riley actually made a good move this time.

  • Playoffbound

    Legacy 510

    Let me get this straight… You would rather have Morrow (a specialty player) or Williams to play the 2 spot and get rid of Ellis (our best player) because they are going to be an upgrade defensively at that position? LMAO… I love those guys, but defensively, they are worse than Ellis….I don’t understand your logic here…

  • Jake

    I would have never traded Randolph, Don Nelson abused him on a regular basis. The same crap he tried to pull on Chris Webber he pulled on Randolph. Lee is going to be another stiff. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. Randolph has the chance to be a very special player. I can’t wait until the new owners clean house of this lousy management staff.