Sources: David Lee Deal Done, Becomes Official Friday

One source cautioned that a “curveball” could come any minute. But multiple sources confirmed the Warriors are under the impression they have acquired free agent power forward David Lee is expected to become a Warrior on Friday. And they’re elated.

The Warriors and Knicks have agreed to a sign-and-trade, sending the All-Star power forward to the Warriors. In exchange, the Warriors are sending the Knicks forward Anthony Randolph, center Ronny Turiaf and swingman Kelenna Azubuike.

The deal can’t become official until tomorrow because the NBA offices are closed. But Friday, the league will be notified and start the process of approving the trade. As one source put it, “unless Denver calls and offers Carmelo …”

Lee’s deal, which starts at about $11 million per year, comes out to slightly less than $80 million over six years.

Marcus Thompson

  • sartre

    I really like the trade for the many compelling reasons presented by earlier commenters. But despite their limitations I enjoyed supporting the three players we’re shipping out and only wish them the best. Turiaf’s blocks, big-body, team-focus, and boundless good humor were a welcome component of the team. Randolph could infuriate with his bone-headed plays and lack of offensive efficiency but he gave us exhilarating flashes of high-energy brilliance and some hope for the future. But the player I’ll miss the most will be Buike – good defender, handy rebounding small, could effectively drive to the basket, and a fine three-point shooter. He’s the kind of glue guy that is often under-rated. Yet all three were banged up last year and I’ll feel a little less nervous about prospect of further injuries with them gone.

  • Erik

    What a horrible trade..

  • http://trivalleyherald.com dwayne

    Finally a deal that makes absolute sense! Loved all three players that the warriors gave up, but thats like loving the smelly old guard dog that you just can’t put down. They were not helping us win games. As a GM you have to recognize significant weak spots on your roster and fill them accordingly. Don Nelson is what you should be upset about and not the addition of a very good player that will keep us from getting significantly outrebounded game after game. Nelsons ridiculous line ups have put us in positions of being beaten even in games that we have out played the other team. Does the Houston game ring a bell with anyone when we were just flat out kicking their tail only to have nelson pull the bigs and put Corey Maggette at center and then watch a 24 point lead dwindle until it was a six point defecit with 2 minutes left in the game then he decided to put the bigs back on the floor only to have effectively killed all the momentum of the team by watching maggette flop play after play and not get one damn rebound but jack up shot after shot. As a coach, this is a very good move. As a fan I,m sad to see players i like go. (As for the dog analogy, if he can’t protect the house any more he needs to be replaced)All 3 of those players stayed injured period!
    David Lee bangs bodies scores and boards, if Brandon wright stays healthy along with udoh we will have a very nice front line to go with Andres. I like the deal and appreciate the hard working player that is coming in.

  • haastheman

    hmmm… let’s wait and see. Curry may be the best young player in the league. he could be better than steve nash. I truely think that as long as we have Curry, and surround him with NBA calliber players, we will be competitive. Adding David Lee to Curry gives him a legitimate player who understands how the game of basketball is played. Athletes and Scorers are common, but men who know how the game of basketball is played are rare.

  • mayo63

    Marcus, was a 2nd round pick also part of this deal going to NY?

  • Mark

    Now that the Lee deal is done, do you see a chance that Richard Jefferson makes sense as the 3? Is it feasible?