Sources: David Lee Deal Done, Becomes Official Friday

One source cautioned that a “curveball” could come any minute. But multiple sources confirmed the Warriors are under the impression they have acquired free agent power forward David Lee is expected to become a Warrior on Friday. And they’re elated.

The Warriors and Knicks have agreed to a sign-and-trade, sending the All-Star power forward to the Warriors. In exchange, the Warriors are sending the Knicks forward Anthony Randolph, center Ronny Turiaf and swingman Kelenna Azubuike.

The deal can’t become official until tomorrow because the NBA offices are closed. But Friday, the league will be notified and start the process of approving the trade. As one source put it, “unless Denver calls and offers Carmelo …”

Lee’s deal, which starts at about $11 million per year, comes out to slightly less than $80 million over six years.

Marcus Thompson

  • Aperacer

    MT2 your are the man! Fast post and good knowledge.

  • A’s in 2010


  • Fierce South

    So begins the David Lee – Ekpe Udoh era. It’s a Great Time Out.

  • Livermore Joe


  • dew

    i wonder what injury david lee will have when he comes here? torn ligament? broken pelvis? cancer wrist? all of the above? I guess we just traded 3 people wearing suits for just 1… LEGIT.

  • Hook Mitchell

    This trade SUCKS…

  • MWLX

    Lee is an All-Star, people. More rebounds per game than Chris Bosh. More double-doubles than Bosh. The only question in my mind is why we gave up three players, especially Azubuike. Who will be our starting 3, Marcus?

  • Livermore Joe

    Lee is a decent player but at that price? Makes no sense. Sell the team! Stop making moves! Leave us alooooonnnnne!

  • Josh


  • Josh


    Lee the new bad contract. Maybe he’ll see he’s going to be disappointment and change his mind.

  • J-Walk

    the Warriors just got better. I give it up to Riley who was able to get a player that a half dozen others teams were clamering for.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Curveball. Please let there be a curveball!

  • Greg

    Please Minny or Phoenix make an offer Lee can’t refuse. I am done with this team they are too stupid for words.

  • red faced don nelson

    david lee’s stats were hallow

    that knick team the past few years have been nothing short of atrocious

    no wonder cohan has owned this team for so long, by the look of some of these comments, people are applauding this move

    even if he avgs a double double w/ the warriors, it will not translate to wins

  • Let’s Get Free

    That’s a lot of years & money for Lee. The Warriors now have big money tied up in Lee, Biedrins, and Ellis. Not exactly LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh . . .

    That being said, I’m okay seeing Randolph moving on. Off the court: immature with a bad attitude; on the court, another 6′ 10″ “power forward” without a post game wanting to go one-on-one 18 feet from the basket.

  • deano

    Good trade. AR was nothing but promise, for three years. Turiaf is solid now, but showed signs of breaking down. Buike I liked a lot; but none of them are starter quality. David Lee is, and he has the ability to make his teammates better. Last season, Lee was in the top 5 in assists amongst all forwards, SFs and PFs. Top 5 in rebounds. Top 5 in FG%. Do not assume that this s a bad trade, just because its GSW.

  • phil

    MWLX Says:
    > Who will be our starting 3, Marcus?

    Don’t forget this is a trade and the W’s still have their mid-level exception. The W’s still need a 3 and now also need some depth at center.

    Next move should be to sign Ronnie Brewer as a defensive 3. With Lee’s scoring, the W’s can afford to have a defensive minded 3 and can also better accept Biedrins as a rebounding specialist.

    Then we’ll know what cap is left and whether we can use the remaining mid-level exception to resign Morrow. And don’t forget Reggie Williams, who I like a lot better as a scorer off the bench than as the starter.

    The next move is what determines if this trade works and it MUST focus on a defensive-minded 3.

  • AQ

    I like the trade, but now we still need a small forward. Do you think the warriors will use the mid-level exception to acquire some like josh howard?

  • MJBrown11

    Lee put up bloated stats on a horrible team. This is not a good trade and it hamstrings the future payroll structure. Riley is an idiot. Will the misery never end??? There is no way this team wins more than 40 wins next season.

  • Kyle

    If you like this deal, remember that when Randolph is a big star, and David Lee is on the other side of 30 getting paid more than $13 million.

  • Neetox

    awww man..Ronny Turiaf makes the team fun though

  • AQ

    17- ya I’ll remember when randolph only plays 50 games a season and doesn’t reach his potential.

  • Dreezy

    People, the season is more than 3 months away! Stop whining about a horrible trade or celebrating that Lee will be some savior; you have absolutely no idea whether this trade will be good or bad until they actually play the games!

  • J-Walk

    You have to give up something to get something. Randolph has great potential, but we got a consistant 20/10 at the 4 who will be running pick and rolls all day long with Curry and Monta. This trade makes the Warriors relevant. Now maybe you get a Howard at the 3, or someone else who wouldn’t have come here prior to the trade. Good job Riley!

  • 20 year season tix owner

    Cohan is still trying to sell tickets. He isn’t getting the offer he wants. He is NOT selling the Warriors. 

  • Kyle

    AQ – we shall see, as only time will tell.

    Larry Riley – you’re a genius! Next year will be the year! We’re so close! haha

  • Dave R

    What a fantastic trade. Do we remember the W’s getting outrebounded every game last year? Have we also forgotten what he did to us last year? I’ll remind you, 37 points, 20 rebounds and more importantly 10 assists. Here is a guy that makes everyone around him better! Randolph did not do that. Lee is a great passer, Randolph was not, has the ability to score inside or not, Randolph did not. Lee does not get pushed around when guarding stronger big men. Randolph had trouble passing after a rebound which Lee will do much better in starting the fast break. He also can play the 4 ot 5 which takes off pressure from Biedrens in crunch time. Sorry to lose Azubuike, but Turiaf became redundant with the signing of Udoh. Don’t forget that Lee is one of the best passers. Just imagine him finding, Williams or Morrow, or one of the other 3 point shooters open all season. I am so happy. Let’s just hope that the W’s stay healthy for a change and we can look forward to fighting for a playoff spot.

  • jeff kempf

    So much negativity, I watched the knicks alot last year, Lee is the real deal, does not back down, soft shot from the outside, likes to battle, rebound and play defense.
    we lose alot and I think we gain alot, everthing is a gamble. He wants out of New York and looks forword to coming here, instead of crying, lets welcome him and support our team. This is a game folks, not life and death!

  • Iokua Kahuwai

    Times have changed. Imagine the Dubs sending 3 injured players out for an All Star in return. I lime it.

  • Iokua Kahuwai

    Thatsh the Patron shpeaking. Meant to shay I like it.

  • Leftshot

    Azu wasn’t expected to be ready when the season began anyway, so the hole at SF existed all along. If the season were to begin today my guess is Reggie Williams would get the nod. But then the off season is far from over.

  • Leftshot

    P.S. Lee passes and makes other guys better like a SF, which takes pressure off of that aspect of a SF duties.

  • Steve

    Who did the Warriors just trade to get a very good high energy double-double guy who should still have his best years ahead of him (he’s still closer to 25 than 30)? Azubuike, a nice player from the D-League who improved as time passed but far from a difference maker and with chronic knee problems. Turiaf, a good shot blocker but frankly a better cheerleader than all around player. Looked out of shape last year and has had knee problems the past 2 seasons. And finally, AR, a young kid who should have a good career in the NBA, but questionable at this stage as to his eventual impact.

    IMO, this was a trade that most GMs would make from the Warriors’ perspective. You trade unproven potential for given mid-20s talent/production the VAST majority of the time. There is no question that Lee is a very good player. So is Curry. So is Ellis. AB, BW, and Udoh will hopefully join the “very good club” as well. If you keep adding very good players to your team, your team will eventually become a very good team. The Warriors are currently headed in the right direction. And with new ownership to follow, there should be more smiles than frowns from GSW fans.

  • The City

    Warriors fans are pathetic. In years past we’ve complained about not enough scoring. Now we have the best scoring backcourt in the league, and you want to trade Monta. We complain about defense. We draft a shot-blocking stud, but you don’t like Udoh. We complain about rebounding, but you don’t like a 10 rebound per game guy like Lee. What the feck? The only thing I don’t like about this trade is that we have to give up Azubuike. I like Turiaf as a rally guy, but he was often injured. AR has promise, but that’s all I’ve seen from him. Isn’t another complaint of ours, that our team only has players with upside, and not enough substance. Wake up people, we just got better with this trade. Lee will run pick and rolls with Curry and Monta all day.

  • GS Skunks Basketball

    I look at this as a solid trade, a fair one. The problem with it is this is now the team we are going to roll with. You only have a certain amount of cap space and we have max’d ours out for a long while. You have to give Larry Riley credit that he was able to turn Maggette into Lee. Granted he had to pay 30 mil more and give away a player with potential, but come on people, this is the Warriors. Players don’t sign here voluntarily. We only get free agents by overpaying them or trading for them and then overpaying them. Can you imagine LR going in and convincing Lebron to come to Oakland for less money like Riley did??. HAha. Anyways, I’m in favor of shaking it up and AR was not going to be our savior. Stephen Curry is God

  • Feekus

    Not a bit excited about this deal seems like a lot to give up for Lee. Once again W’s front office makes it hard for the fans to ‘believe’ in the franchise and its direction. First the draft pick which was a REACH and now they’re shipping off Randolph. Hard to get excited about this move.

  • SigaNoMas

    If I see Larry Riley on the street, I will punch him in the face.
    Why is he directing this parting shot at the Warrior fan base? He is sticking his “thumb” up our butts one last time.

    If the goal is to screw the franchise, why not just trade Curry for the last legs of Shaq?

    I cannot be insulted any further. I will now completely ignore the Warriors.

    No more purchasing of tickets, jerseys, hats, nothing.

    I am done watching them on television.

    I am done reading about them in blogs.

    The new owners should have stepped up and told the outgoing idots to leave well enough alone. There should be no moves until a sale is made.

    They did not make this directive, and I’m gone.

    30 years of fandom is now down the drain. I cannot take any more, and I feel burned.

    My (lack of spending) money will speak louder than my voice shared in blog comments.

    Good luck to the new owners. I hope you can overcome being totally raped by the outgoing crew.

    I hope that Cohen, Rowell, Riley, & Nelson all burn in hell after spending the millions of dollars we have given them to fund their incompetence.

    Goodbye mgmt,

    You never deserved the Oakland fanbase, and you’ve proved it every chance we’ve given you.

  • Grey Warden

    A ray of hope for the Warriors:

    Straight from ESPN:

    [quote]Lee’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, tells ESPN’s Chad Ford to hold off on the Golden State reports.

    “There are a million things going on right now,” Bartelstein said. “We are still talking to five different teams about different scenarios. David hasn’t made up his mind, and nothing has been agreed to. I’m not sure where all of this stuff is coming from.”[/quote]

  • Dubs Downunder

    Biedrins/Lee/Wright/Udoh is a great front line!

    for Curry Ellis n Morrow. nice.

  • Tony M.

    If your team is close to making the playoffs or is a playoff contender this trade is palpable. If your team is terrible and has no real hope to make the playoffs within the next few years you don’t make this trade. The warriors are nowhere near a playoff team and their best hope is to build around their youth and hope they blossom together. Instead, they prefer to build around a 70-year old coach on the verge of retirement so that they can continue to be middle of the pack and out of the playoffs, at best. Terrible deal.

  • Mullin Fan

    I hope everyone is still happy with Lee when Ellison owns the team but the Warriors don’t have any cap space to sign free agents.

  • jeff

    Shocking.. . that Riley and the Warriors were able to aquire a proven, young PF (that weighs more 210lbs) for unproven and damaged goods. Lee was one of the most sought after free agents after the big 3 and Warriors — without any cap space — did it. With a lame duck GM. Amazing.

  • TownLove

    I never would have guessed at the beginning of the summer that the Dubs would end up wit one of the prizes of the summer. Good Job Riley.

    AR needed the ball in his hands a lot to be effective and wasnt a good fit for Curry.

    I wonder what effect this will have on Morrow and Toliver.

  • Dubby

    Not saying it will happen and its a broad comparison but, when Nash and Nowitski teamed up it turned out to be a good combo. If Curry and Lee can compare halfway to that tandem they are in good shape. We’ll see if Lee can pop the 3…

  • MWLX

    The Warriors haven’t had an All-Star player in THIRTEEN YEARS. If you don’t see how this trade benefits the team now, you’re living in a dream world. Yes, Randolph might be really good in 3-5 years, but it’s also possible we’ll read about him living the high life in NYC and never maturing like he should have. I’m taking the sure thing right now. No more immature projects.

  • Tony M.

    Lee was so sought after that juggernauts like Minnesota and New Jersey were seeking his services. He was so sought after that the Knicks have been trying to dump him for 2 years. Terrible deal.

  • TownLove

    What is the squad:

    Curry/ Bell
    Monta/ Bell
    Williams/ Morrow (Maybe)
    Lee/ Wright/ Udow
    Andris/ GAdzurik

    …am I missing anyone??

  • Tony M.

    David Lee isn’t an All-Star and won’t ever be one again. The only sure thing from this trade is that the warriors will be in the lottery for at least 6 more years.

  • Bleep

    Way to go Riley / Nelson!
    It’ll be good to see Nelson go out with a bang — a good season rather than the last two train wrecks.

  • Schaefdoggy

    PG: Curry/Watson
    SG: Ellis/Bell
    SF: Morrow/Williams/Radmanovic
    PF: Lee/Wright/Udoh
    C: Biedrins/Gadzuric

    I like the starting line-up but the bench needs a little tweaking………I would say add another Center and a Guard.

    I think the Golden State fans have a lot to be excited about with new ownership on the horizon, not to mention adding an all-star PF to a team that has arguably the best back-court in the West. I say new ownership needs to speed up the sale, clean house in the front office and find a new coach. I loved Nelly Ball and the “We Believe” era but that time ended the day Baron became a Clipper. For once I am justified in my optimism for the up-coming season. Go Dubs!

  • sartre

    I really like the trade for the many compelling reasons presented by earlier commenters. But despite their limitations I enjoyed supporting the three players we’re shipping out and only wish them the best. Turiaf’s blocks, big-body, team-focus, and boundless good humor were a welcome component of the team. Randolph could infuriate with his bone-headed plays and lack of offensive efficiency but he gave us exhilarating flashes of high-energy brilliance and some hope for the future. But the player I’ll miss the most will be Buike – good defender, handy rebounding small, could effectively drive to the basket, and a fine three-point shooter. He’s the kind of glue guy that is often under-rated. Yet all three were banged up last year and I’ll feel a little less nervous about prospect of further injuries with them gone.

  • Erik

    What a horrible trade..

  • Finally a deal that makes absolute sense! Loved all three players that the warriors gave up, but thats like loving the smelly old guard dog that you just can’t put down. They were not helping us win games. As a GM you have to recognize significant weak spots on your roster and fill them accordingly. Don Nelson is what you should be upset about and not the addition of a very good player that will keep us from getting significantly outrebounded game after game. Nelsons ridiculous line ups have put us in positions of being beaten even in games that we have out played the other team. Does the Houston game ring a bell with anyone when we were just flat out kicking their tail only to have nelson pull the bigs and put Corey Maggette at center and then watch a 24 point lead dwindle until it was a six point defecit with 2 minutes left in the game then he decided to put the bigs back on the floor only to have effectively killed all the momentum of the team by watching maggette flop play after play and not get one damn rebound but jack up shot after shot. As a coach, this is a very good move. As a fan I,m sad to see players i like go. (As for the dog analogy, if he can’t protect the house any more he needs to be replaced)All 3 of those players stayed injured period!
    David Lee bangs bodies scores and boards, if Brandon wright stays healthy along with udoh we will have a very nice front line to go with Andres. I like the deal and appreciate the hard working player that is coming in.

  • haastheman

    hmmm… let’s wait and see. Curry may be the best young player in the league. he could be better than steve nash. I truely think that as long as we have Curry, and surround him with NBA calliber players, we will be competitive. Adding David Lee to Curry gives him a legitimate player who understands how the game of basketball is played. Athletes and Scorers are common, but men who know how the game of basketball is played are rare.

  • mayo63

    Marcus, was a 2nd round pick also part of this deal going to NY?

  • Mark

    Now that the Lee deal is done, do you see a chance that Richard Jefferson makes sense as the 3? Is it feasible?