Morrow Gets Offer Sheet From Nets

Warriors guard Anthony Morrow has been offered a three-year, $12 million contract from the New Jersey Nets.
He has not signed the offer sheet yet. But he is expecting to sign it Monday. Once he signs it, it will be sent to the Warriors (via fax I presume). From the point they receive it, the Warriors have seven days to match.

I talked to general manager Larry Riley and, as expected, he wouldn’t give so much as a hint. He just said he expects somebody will give Morrow an offer sheet. But if Morrow signs the offer sheet Monday, assuming the day the Warriors receive it counts as Day 1, Riley will have until July 18 to make his decision. What should he do?

What I’ve been told by various people in the recent past was that the Warriors were hoping to keep Morrow at the right price, but that price was closer to $2 to $3 million a year. No doubt, people in the Warriors front office have been shocked at the high contracts that have been doled out and have adjusted their barometer for how much players will cost. So I don’t think they’ll arbitrarily look at $4 million and say “Whooooa, that’s waaaaay too high!” As was the case with David Lee — who I’m told the Warriors knew would cost them at least a bit more than their wish price, but did not mind because they wanted him — it should come down to an on-the-court decision more so than a money decision. (If you would keep Morrow at, say, three years, $9M, why not four for $12).

So what Riley has to decide is whether Morrow still has a key role on the Warriors. The backcourt is pretty much set with Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis. So the minutes are scarce. Charlie Bell,  who the Warriors envision as a defensive SG, fogs things up a bit. The Warriors want a point guard – preferably CJ Watson – to back up  Curry. So if Watson backs up Curry and Bell backs up Monta Ellis, where does that leave Morrow?

At small forward is the easy answer. But the Warriors have Reggie Williams and they plan to get a true small forward. That makes Morrow’s return look bleak.

But then there is the flip side. Morrow is one of the best shooters in the league, if not the best. A team so reliant on offense needs consistent, reliable shooters. As many 3-pointers as they shoot, one would think the Warriors want Morrow.

Also, Morrow is a tireless worker, which usually leads to steady improvement, so he could turn out to be something special. For what amounts to a relatively small amount of money, per NBA standards, why not hang on to him instead of losing him for nothing?

Plus, the Warriors found him and groomed him. Can they just let him walk, let another team benefit from their discovery?

Riley has seven days. The clock starts Monday.

Marcus Thompson

  • JFK

    Seriously, this is a steal compared to what JJ Redick just got. If we don’t match… I will lose all hope for this organization (even though I already did).


  • JFK

    Just saw your tweet Marcus:

    “For the record, my gut tells me Morrow is gone. That’s gonna hurt”

    Isn’t Morrow a fan favorite and one of Curry’s best buds on the team? Why does it seem like this organization will do whatever it can to rip the heart out of its fans? Why?

    I am serious. Why?

  • Jeff

    Please, for the love of God, match the offer sheet and keep blackboipacino a warrior!

  • Jeff

    Please, for the love of God, match the offer sheet and keep @blackboipacino a warrior!

  • A’s in 2010


    This front office sucks so bad, even the easiest decisions are hard for them.

    Morrow is an ASSET. And that deal is a bargain compared to what Korver and Redick got. You don’t let him walk for NOTHING. Keep him, he’s a valuable piece not just on the court but as a trade chip.

  • A’s in 2010

    Let me add that Morrow was one of the core pieces David Lee spoke about when he was interviewed by Fitz. Morrow is key, you need shooters out there with Curry/Lee pickNroll. And it’s already been said but he is a Curry guy. What message are you sending to the face of our franchise by letting Morrow go?? Easy decision, match that deal.

  • JimPunkrockford

    can another team besides the nets make an offer? is the time limit there open ended? seems like a lot of teams need NBA caliber players that get paid around the 4-5 million mark. let’s face it the knicks needed em’ and got them in azubuike and turiaf. all these teams that need to fill rosters are in desperate need of these kinds of players/salaries. seems like there would be more interest.

  • DNR

    One problem I have is if they don’t match, they are essentially letting him walk over a nickel and dime 1-2M. That’s spare change when you look at the Lee deal. Morrow is popular, and losing him over 1-2M difference over 4 years is wrong. This is a good kid, hard worker, feel good story, popular with fans, lights out shooter who will make someone a winner. They’ve just kicked 3 core young players to the Knicks and now they’re gonna let this one walk too? Unforgivable. The other problem is if they let him walk, they’ll over pay some junk vet like Ronnie Brewer 20-25M over 4 years, and make the team worse.

  • Deftoned40oz

    “(If you would keep Morrow at, say, three years, $9M, why not four for $12).”

    think u meant “3 for $12” but yea i get it. for real, 1 mil more per year over what u were expecting to pay anyway kinda seems like a relief to me with all these stupid ridiculous contracts bein handed out this year. riley should be kissin thorn’s ass in nj after seeing what the bulls are offering redick.

    morrow is a gym fiend, 1st one in, last one out. cant really D anyone up yet but u see how hard he works and is gradually improving in other areas. i remember him actually drivin past some dudes last year and finishing pretty nicely around the rim. he couldnt do that the year prior.

    he’s a good teammate, can play 2 positions, and has great chemistry with reggie n curry. dude is only going to get better. to be honest i really havent even wanted to get a true sf cuz it woulda dipped into morrow n reggie’s minutes anyway. rather match morrow’s offer sheet n use whatever is left for cj or another backup pg. bell shouldnt even see the court…

  • The W’s disorganization will not match. The Nets are going to get a heck of a prospect!!!

  • Pure shooter who works hard and gets NBA experiance becomes deadly shooter and I mean deadly. Don’t even wait 7 days match it or u will regard it.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Marcus, I’ve been commenting on your site for about 6 years now, and I’ve never been as serious or adamant as now: The Warriors need to match that offer! Morrow is the best shooter we have! When he gets in a groove he’s amazing! 4 mil/yr is a steal, especially in this market!! How can I get in Riley’s ear to tell him how important this is?

  • cb

    We need to keep Morrow. Bottom Line. 4 mil a year is not that much. Morrow is only going to get better and I am sure someday he will get a huger contract than that unless the Warriors match that offer. 4 mil a year for Morrow, I consider a bargain at this juncture in the NBA. Anyways, Morrow is a shooting guard and he could find his way into the starting lineup if the Warriors decide to go with a 3 guard lineup and 2 big men or Morrow would backup Ellis at shooting guard. Charlie Bell can play the 1 or the 2, so he could backup Curry at point and get a small amount of minutes, but he is there for his veteran presence. Gadzuric is a beast and shot-blocker who will spell Biedrins at Center. Swingman (guard/forward)Reggie Williams is a guy to keep an eye on as the season nears. This kid is something special and might find his way into the starting lineup at small forward. Brandan Wright and Ekpe Udoh will be the backup forward. And forward Radmanovic will be the veteran reserve, also on the Warriors bench.

    PG Stephen Curry
    SG Monta Ellis
    SF Reggie Williams
    PF David Lee
    C Andris Biedrins

    PG Charlie Bell
    SG Anthony Morrow (pending)
    SF Ekpe Udoh
    PF Brandan Wright
    C Dan Gadzuric
    F Vladmir Radmanovic

  • Will

    Morrow should be the one backing up Monta NOT BELL. Why would you let Morrow walk when he is a hard worker and a fan favorite? A 1-2 Million $ difference should not be the wedge that drives Morrow from the Warriors!

  • jj

    crazy not to match that contract when a 36 yo ray allen just got 10 mil a year when morrow is an even more accurate shooter

  • Dubs Downunder

    Match it. Morrow is a good deal.

  • Andrew Hutchinson

    How much are we expected to take? There is a tipping point. Either they sign Morrow or that’s it for me. The Kings are not that far away.

  • Tony Hicks

    Match. Can’t let your two best shooters leave the same off-season. Plus his all-around game is getting better every year. A deal at these prices. Match.

  • Tdubb

    Bobby Rowell, Larry Riley, match it, match it, match it! No one on that team works as hard as Ant does at his craft. He is a character guy and does whatever it takes. He’s a pro! He’s into the game from the bench when he’s not playing and ready to go when he hits the floor.

    Morrow made great strides between year 1 & 2 and I suspect we will see more in year 3. 12 mil might not be what you wanted to pay but the market is dictating this one. Do this one for the fans and reward a kid who’s earned it. Just consider that offer from the NETS sour grapes because they wanted LEE.

    82 games is a long season and you’ll need Ant along the way and he’s proved he can make a difference. Your locker room needs chemistry, you need guys who embrace their role, YOU NEED ANT AND the SLINGERS ROLLING IN FROM THE BENCH! Shooters like him are rare in this league, PAY THE MAN!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I agree that Morrow should stay because he’s a good kid, loves to work and is friends on and off the court with Steph. We need to continue to make Curry happy.
    If we match the Nets offer, here are the moves that should follow:

    Trade Biedrins, Wright and Radmanovic to ATL for Josh Smith and Zaza Pachulia

    Trade Monta to PHI for Andre Iguodala

    Re-sign Tolliver, Watson and Hunter

    PG – Curry/Watson
    SG – Iguodala/Morrow/Bell
    SF – Smith/Williams
    PF – Lee/Udoh/Tolliver
    C – Pachulia/Gadzuric/Hunter

    If we make those trades with ATL and PHI, we would essentially be bringing their best players (no disrespect meant too Joe Johnson) to join the Knicks best player from last year, adding to Curry, our best player.

    I think Philly does it because Evan Turner looks more like a 3 than a 2 and they need a consistent scorer, which Monta is and Iggy is not.
    Atlanta does it to free up more space next year (Rad’s and Wright’s contracts both up), get a legit center so that Horford can play PF or to see if Wright can be their PF with Horford at the 5.
    I cannot believe Monta will be happy being paid less than David Lee and I don’t believe he and Steph are a complementary backcourt.

  • Ron Meisler

    Morrow and Watson are the backups the Warriors need at 1,2 & 3. Along with Ellis , Williams and Curry they they will score more points than Run TMC did back in the day, and with the big boys in the paint to kick the ball back to the perimeter, they will break the NBA record for 3 pointers. Bell is a nice addition for depth, but the depth chart should look like this

    PG Stephen Curry
    SG Monta Ellis
    SF Reggie Williams
    PF David Lee
    C Andris Biedrins


    F-C Ekpe Udoh
    PF Brandan Wright
    F-G Anthony Morrow
    GG C J Watson

    C Dan Gadzuric
    PF Anthony Toliver (Look at has stats and sign him especially with Udoh injured)
    GG Charlie Bell

    This leaves room for a couple of D leaguers

  • MWLX

    All this talk about Morrow being a great shooter…. yea, when he’s wide open. He has not been a good shooter when closely guarded (unlike Ray Allen), and has not been a clutch shooter late in close games. Not to mention his defense, which was probably worst on the team, with a deer-in-headlights look to match.

    I just don’t think he’s worth it, and I think we can find another shooter to take his place. Let him go.

  • JIm

    Seems to me since the warriors had Morrow at their Draft party that they were planning on resigning him unless of course if the offer sheet was some crazy amount, but 3yr/12 mil. doesn’t seem to be a crazy amount

  • J-Walk

    Every good team needs a guy like Morrow. Someone who can be a reliable deep threat on a consistant basis. Just look at what the Bulls paid to fix that weakness. They way overpaid to pry Redick from the Magic. Not to mention what they gave Korver. I think Morrow is better than both of them and would be much cheaper. In fact, this is the first smart move the Nets have done this off season. To me, yes the price is a little more than you probably expected to pay for Morrow. However, he was in demand and the market is expensive for this years free agent crop. I say if you are willing to give 4 mil to Turriaf to be your back up center, then 4 mil for a player like Morrow who has a specialized skill that all good teams need is well worth it. Match the offer and use him at the 2/3 from the bench. I still go out and get a 3 who may be a little off the raidar. Josh Howard anyone?

  • TrutH

    Warriors are set right now at the 1,2,4 and 5 starting positions. Even if Morrow re-signs, he is a bench player. I’d much rather give Josh Childress or Josh Howard the MLE and have a starting 3. Dorell Wright would be the other option but I dont think he is worth the full MLE. Warriors have already cashed in potential for production right now, why stop now. I would love to go after these 3 small forwards, if the Warriors cant sign either of the Joshes; ( in order ) Granger, Iguadola and L Deng. Granger is highly unlikely, Iguadola is possible because the Sixers got Turner and Deng is pretty unlikely as well. I’d offer B Wright, (re -sign) Morrow, Radmanovic’s expiring contract and this years # 1 pick ( top 10 protected, but would be willing to go lower, say 6 or 7). That would leave us with a good starting 5, but a weak bench. I wouldnt worry too much about the bench because Warriors are good at picking up D leaguers.

  • jsl

    Morrow’s now out of our “cap” availability. Great planning by our inimitable FO.

    Good luck, Anthony. Curry’s starting to feel lonely around here; wonder where HE’LL be in three years?

  • Bleep

    Hey JSL #23. You are uniformed. Luxury tax ceiling is not an issue. Did you even read the article?

  • haastheman

    Charlie Bell can not be the reason we give up Morrow. That’s rediculous. Bell is decent now, with no potential, and is often injured. Morrow should be backing up monta, and bell should be used in a deal to get a three or a draft pic.

  • Leftshot

    JimPunkrockford, the way it works is:

    1. Teams can make offers to Morrow all day long.
    2. The clock starts when Morrow signs an offer sheet, and it’s reported he’s going to sign the Nets offer sheet on Monday.
    3. At that point the 7 day clock starts. No other team can make him an offer. Only the Nets and Warriors are in play.

    The Warriors match, they got him. They don’t, the Nets got him.

  • Leftshot

    David Lee gives the Warriors an inside threat to both score (20PPG) and pass (5+APG). Having Morrow to play the inside out game with benefits both players and the whole team.

  • AJ

    everybody is forgetting – you’re talking about our dumb a$s owners who hasn’t given up possession of the team yet. They are a nickel and dime organization! Reddick is getting $19 million for 3 years? Who can they sign better than Morrow for $12 million? I’m sure Josh Smith wants more than $4 mil a year. Even an old T-Mac wants more than that?

  • Gjon S

    Looks like you guys are getting dorell wright
    so that means they probably arent gonna match

  • Gjon S

    looks like you guys are getting dorell wright

    nets gettin morrow

  • AJ

    Dubs going to sign Dorrell Wright. Two wrights don’t make a wrong

  • Dr. Jeff (W’s fan since 1970 !)


  • will


  • Dee C.

    How many pure shooters are in the NBA today? Duh? Not many! There are far more “basketball players” in the NBA than “pure shooters”. Which means “pure shooters” come at a premium. My theory is if you can’t shoot, you are a limited player.

    Did Riley happen to catch the Warriors summer league games? Hope he could see there were no “pure shooters”, or shooter’s period for the majority of the teams playing. The Warriors have a pure shooter in Morrow. Match the offer Riley, because next season the Warriors (YOU) will basically disband the team in efforts to find a “pure shooter”.

    Thus far the Warriors look like a team moving in 10,000 different directions at once. Lets get less athletic, so we can rebound. Why don’t we start playing defense, then we can give up shooting, and scoring? As a GM Riley, it is ok to incorporate all of the above attributes so the Warriors are a decent basketball team. The Warriors will continue to be the laughing stock of the league. I am soooooo tired of seeing former Warrior players be traded away, or leave here to thrive in other situations.

    It seems Riley, and Nelly still have no clue on how, and what it takes to build a team. I did not even mention building a winning team, or playoff team. Just building a team. This is horrid.

    Oh…and before Riley inserts one more excuse about not being able to do much because of the ownership situation that is a bunch of crap! Look at the team he created with signing of David Lee! Lee is a “good” player but not for the Warriors. Lee is just a younger Troy Murphy.

    Bottom line: Resign ANTHONY MORROW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • phil

    Bleep Says:

    >Hey JSL #23. You are uniformed. Luxury tax ceiling is >not an issue. Did you even read the article?

    I re-read the article and don’t see anything about the cap. If the W’s sign Dorrell Wright for 3 or 4 (or 5?) and the only FA money the W’s have is the Mid-Level exception (about 6 mil), then they can’t sign both. The luxury tax has nothing to do with this, the cap does.

    Isn’t that the way it works? Anyone have definitive ruling on this?

    I love Morrow, particularly how hard he works. But after signing Lee the W’s badly need a defensive 3. And Dorrell Wright shot 39% from 3 last year, so he meets more needs at about the same price.

  • The Bay

    Morrow is gone…Sign and traded to nets for a 4 million exception.


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