Warriors About to Sign Dorell Wright

The Warriors are close to signing a three-year contract with free agent small forward Dorell Wright, according to multiple sources.
The signing would likely spell the end of guard Anthony Morrow’s tenure with the Warriors.

According to a team source, the Warriors have had their sights on a defensive-minded, true small forward they could fit under the mid-level exception. Wright topped the Warriors wish lost, and – as it turns out – the Warriors top his.
Wrights deal is not complete, but it’s looking like his deal is three years in length, averaging of more than $3 million per year.
That is about what Morrow would cost the Warriors. He signed a three year, $12 million offer sheet with the New Jersey Nets. The sharp-shooter, who the Warriors fell in love with at summer league in 2008, is expected to sign the offer sheet on Monday.
The Warriors will have seven days to match once he does. But they probably won’t need it. Approaching the luxury tax threshhold and still in need of a back-up point guard

Marcus Thompson

  • Hook Mitchell

    I like dorrell wright.

    But I’d rather have Anthony Morrow on our roster.

    No particular reason.

    Just cuzz…

  • BBrowned

    Wright does seeem like a good pick up. Is there any chance at all of having both?

  • Swopa

    Since CJ Watson isn’t really a point guard (as anyone who’s watched him try to run a fast break knows!), it would be incredibly foolish to keep him instead of Morrow.

  • Let’s Get Free

    Morrow is a terrific shooter and . . . we’ll that’s about it. Can’t really create his own shots, doesn’t create shots for anyone else, is a poor defender. The warriors need more guys who are athletic and can defend. I’ll take Wright (and Reggie Williams) over Morrow. Good move.

  • Eddie

    Good move. Dorrell provides length, defense, athleticism, and smarts. He was also one of D-Wade’s fave players. Suddenly, the Warriors aren’t so short anymore.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Bring back Morrow!

  • robert rowell

    morrow is going to have a long career in the Association. guys with a sweet stroke (reddick, korver, etc) often become well paid, valuable bench pieces on great teams. not saying that nets are that, however, but the services of a sharpshooter are always needed.

    funny, i read here last week some commenter saying the W’s needed to trade monta to open up the 2 for morrow. i’m still laughin about that one.

  • Dresden

    Wow. Everytime I think Nelson-Riley can’t make a dumber decision they prove me wrong.

    Good luck in Brooklyn, Morrow.

  • TheLastWarrior

    Wright brothers – here we come!

  • Hook Mitchell

    Can we sign/trade morrow to nets for Courtney Lee or chris Douglas Roberts?

    Instead of losing him for nothing?

    Plus we won’t have to sign Dorrell Wright…

  • Fierce South

    Not a bad pick up. Wright might already be the Warriors best perimeter defender.

  • mayo63

    I like that he’s young and can fit in with the rest of the group. Good signing.

  • A’s in 2010

    There is room to keep Morrow and CJ even with this DWright signing. There wasn’t room for a FULL mid-level guy but at $3M/year everyone should fit.

  • crionics

    Hate to see Morrow leave.
    But for Dorell Wright…later dude.
    Can’t believe the Knicks, Nets, nor the Cavs missed out on him.
    This is getting more and more interesting by the day. The climax would be when Cohan finalize the sale of this team to Ellison.
    Ahhhhhh Yeahhhhh baby!

  • J-Walk

    I like the Wright signing. He is a good perimeter defender with size. He’s just coming into his prime too. I remember a couple years back when he tourched the Warriors in Oakland. He’s bery long and athletic.

    You have to hand it to Riley this offseason. He got ride of Maggette for two veteran back ups, traded for a boarderline star, and has addressed the teams biggest weaknesess. Inside scoring and rebounding and perimeter defense. Plus the Dubs have about 13m coming off the books next year with none of our core players entering free agency. I think the dubs are going to improve more than any other team next year besides Miami.

  • Legacy510


    I like that starting four.

    The odd man out is Biedrins in my opinion. He is not the answer.

    I would like to see us package Biedrins or Gadzuric and Wright or Udoh and maybe Radmonovich and see if we can lure Yao Ming to come over here from the Rockets.

    Imagine what that would do to the fan base.


    It’s ok to dream right?

  • jeff kempf

    defense wins championships, I believe the warriors are going in the right direction, although it is tough to lose players we have become fond of.

  • Legacy510

    Dorrell Wright also plays the 2 position at 6’9.

    How about trading Monta and a couple of role players like Wright or Udoh to Denver for Carmelo Anthony.(He obviously wants out.)

    Next, Yao Ming has an early opt out clause after this year. Remember that’s what Baron Davis did to us?

    The Rockets are on the decline IMO and no team wants to lose a star player at the last minute through an opt out clause. I strongly believe Yao could be lured to come to the Bay Area, where with our large Asian population, he could continue to be a huge megastar.

    D Wright

    Haha. It’s ok to dream right?

  • Dave R

    Looks like a very good signing. Last move needs to be Monta for OJ Mayo. Monta seems to be the only player left who really does not want to be here. If he changes his mind,fine. If not move him. We should have a very exciting team this year

  • Steve

    Some D-Wright action. I’m likin’ this a lot.


  • Sleepy Freud

    Larry Riley is going to win GM of the year!!! First Lee now Wright! This team will win 50 games and go into the playoffs as a strong 4 seed! Yahoo!!1

  • WarriorDragon

    Who is Dorrel Wright? I never hear of this player.

  • Legacy510

    I strongly believe this is not the end of the roster shakeup. I smell another big move coming that will involve either Monta, Biedrins, or Gadzuric. There’s no way we need Lee, Udoh and Wright all at the 4 position.

    Something is brewing in Oakland, and I’m excited to see if we can cap off some good moves so far with something big.

  • Brian F

    To Legacy 510

    Dorell Wright is not a Power Foward. Not in the least. He is a very athletic 3 that plays pretty good defense. In fact, he even played time at the 2 guard spot when Wade was injured or taking a breather. I’m not in love with this pickup but for 3 years at $9-$10 mil. I can live with that. With more minutes I’m sure his numbers will improve from last year. But I will say this, he immediately becomes our best defender. I was honestly hoping for the Warriors to trade for Tayshawn Prince but, again, I’m alright with this pick up.

  • Larry Riley

    Monta will not be traded.I made that promised to David Lee.

  • Legacy510

    Brian F Says:
    July 10th, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    To Legacy 510

    Dorell Wright is not a Power Foward. Not in the least. He is a very athletic 3 that plays pretty good defense.

    Hey Brian. Obviously you thought that my statement about us not needing 3 power forwards was directed towards Dorrell Wright.

    Not the case. I was talking about BRANDON WRIGHT!

    I should probably have said B Wright to distinguish him from D Wright.

  • Legacy510

    Having said that, Dorrell Wright is listed at 6’9 210lbs and can play either the 2 or the 3 position. He is also known as an outstanding athlete and defensive player. It is widely acknowledged that he was a tremendously UNDERUSED talent in Miami, and would have put up much higher numbers if he had received the playing time.

    Now look at it from this perspective:

    Kevin Durant is listed at 6’9 as well on Yahoo. I have heard figures of 6’10 all the way up to 7’0 for Kevin Durant, but I think 6’9-6’10 is more in line with the facts.

    Durant is a scoring machine but it is widely acknowledged that one of the reasons is because he regularly plays the 2 spot and often creates a mismatch against mostly smaller guards in the league.

    Don Nelson is all about creating mismatches, so I say put Dorrell Wright at the 2, a position that he is capable of playing well. As Brian F pointed out, Dwayne Wade is a 2 and D Wright took his spot when Wade was out of the game.

    D Wright is young and athletic and could develop into our version of a poor man’s Kevin Durant at the 2(SG) position.

    Then we should trade Monta for another proven talent. An explosive SF or a Center. Biedrins and Gadzuric are not the answers.

  • Grey Warden

    Haven’t seen D. Wright play. Does he have any offensive game? If not, he’s gonna be a bench player in Nellie’s lineup.

  • pixellatedspace

    Match morrow

    Lose or sign/trade watson

    I’d rather have bell be backup pg than watson if it means keeping morrow

  • Joe

    Morrow is a bad athlete and a HORRIBLE defender… He’s a taller Craig Hodges. Great Shooter but Dorrel Wright is the better decision… Also, we need to resign C.J.

  • Mullin Fan

    Why don’t they simply keep both? Morrow doesn’t impact MLE. They need more bodies since they made a 3 for 1 trade with the Knicks plus bringing in new players would count against MLE.

  • Bill

    yeah let’s blow up the whole roster and start from scratch and if we learn to like the new guys then let’s blow up that roster too…

    screw these guys….

  • Legacy510

    Biedrins is not the answer. Keep working the phones Riley. I actually like what you’re doing so far.

  • Aussie Warrior

    Redick offered a $20 million, three-year deal. Korver three-year, $15 million deal. Are either of these guys better than Morrow? Hell no. Morrow at $12 million over 3 is a smart play. If the team was that concerned about defense then they would not have traded away our only 3 defenders in Randolph, KA and Turiaf. The guy is flat out the best shooter in the league (on track for all-time greatness in that regard) and we’ve all heard the gym rat stories. Morrow will only get better, at both ends, so to toss him aside for nothing would be stupid…but typical Warriors.

  • Steve
  • Legacy510

    Monta is next to go. I can smell it. The Warriors are remaking the roster from top to bottom with hard working, good personality guys. Not me first, prima donnas.
    I wish we could have kept Turiaf, he was one of the good guys, but that’s the nature of the business sometimes.

    Monta and the expiring contracts should net us something big, in a sign and trade. But Monta scores 25 a game so I wouldn’t trade him for anything less than a legitimate star. Melo or Yao Ming, nothing less.


    D Wright

    sounds at least respectable, possibly even challenging for an 8th seed.

  • Legacy510

    I know I said that I wouldn’t trade Monta for anything less than Melo or Yao Ming.

    But I would be remiss not to add Al Jefferson to that list.

    Another rebounding machine and the best post moves for a center in the NBA. And I would match the offer for Morrow while I’m at it.

    D Wright

    equals PLAYOFFS in my book.

    The bottom line is that by acquiring Lee and D Wright, without having traded Monta or Biedrins yet, it gives the Warriors some good trade options.

    Good job so far Riley.

  • jack meyhoffer

    steve says’s link was really good and makes me feel better about the trade.


    they’re a average 80 points a game
    they’re a average 30 rebounds a game
    not bad if you add the stealing of the back court,
    some scoring off the bench,
    a LITTLE defense off the bench(bell/udoh)
    the money dosent matter you can allways get rid of any contract in the nba(maggette/jackson/dunleavy/kwame brown)and somtimes get a champion.

    it looked like wright hurt himself tonight though and it really wasnt talked about?same shoulder also.

    the management badness is overblown in my eyes led by the blog nazi kawakami. but the jackson extention was the worst deal made by the warriors i’ve ever seen.even worse thean foyle.the run and guns getting old too and so is nelson

    but i cant wait for the ellison or masterov era to begin. either one of the ten richest men that ever walked earth or a true warriors fan just feels great.

  • JimPunkrockford

    if the plan really is to rebuild without all the drama queens then there will be no Melo or Jefferson

  • JimPunkrockford

    doen’t seem like D. Wright can play the 2 on a team that is gonna play the inside/out game, not a good enough outside shooter. reggie threw up some bricks in the summer league today but is probably the better fit IMO.


  • Marques8

    I think Lee’s passing abilities make this trade possible. My guess is that Wright can guard a 2 or 3, but who is Ellis going to guard?

  • Hook Mitchell

    One source says:

    Monta Ellis for OJ Mayo talks back on…

    Should involve other players

  • Brian F

    To Legacy 510:

    My bad. I did think you meant D. Wright instead of B. Wright. .

  • Estabi

    I doubt Monta is going anywhere (except to the rim!). Nellie knows that a Curry-Ellis backcourt is virtually unstoppable, even though they might give up too.

    Biedrins is only going to be traded if they can get a decent center in return, which I also doubt would happen. So Nellie will have to live with some missed free throws, until the 4th quarter at least.

    Morrow will be missed, but maybe they can find a cheaper version somewhere. Rudy Fernandez is available I hear. Come on Riles, get Rudy.

  • Estabi

    ‘give up a few points too’ I meant to say.

  • Legacy510

    OJ Mayo: 17 points, 3.8 rebounds, 3 assists a game.

    Monta Ellis: 25.5 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists a game.

    And we want to do this trade because of what reason again???

    Like I said, Monta and Curry showed that they COULD play together, especially in the game against the Lakers last season.

    However Curry showed that he could run the team and have success WITHOUT Monta as well.

    That’s why I say the happy medium is that we should KEEP Monta, UNLESS we can get something of GREATER value in return, i.e a DOMINANT player at either the Center position, or a player like Carmelo, who Riley already jokingly admitted that he would trade Monta for.

    You don’t turn down a player of Carmelo’s calibur. If they were going to draft Demarcus Cousins with his reputation, then you don’t pass on a bonafide star like Melo. And then in that case, since he plays the 3 as well, then you could move D Wright to the 2.

    And for the argument that he can’t play the two because he cant shoot the outside shot…

    That is incorrect. Even though he isn’t known as a lights out shooter from mid range, he is known for his ability to shoot the corner 3 and he was the starting two guard in Miami, when D Wade got hurt.

    So that argument that he can’t play the two isn’t really valid IMO.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    If talks with Memphis heat up again and we pull the trigger on Monta for OJ Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet, we should try our best to use Biedrins and Brandan Wright in an attempt to pry Josh Smith from Atlanta.

    PG – Curry/CJ (sign as RFA)
    SG – Mayo/Reggie Williams/Charlie Bell
    SF – Josh Smith/Dorrell Wright/Radmanovic
    PF – Lee/Udoh/Tolliver (sign as RFA)
    C – Gadzuric/Thabeet

    I like us at all the spots except center, of course. But, with RadGad’s $14 mil off the books in 2011, that gives us a lot of money to throw at Yao or Horford.

  • Legacy510

    Nelson just said on his interview on ‘Warriors World’ that the entire makeup and philosophy of the team is changing. It is becoming more defense oriented.

    So we can’t just look at things the way they were in the past. This is Nellie’s last year and it appears Riley is rebuilding a team that can be successful under the new regime as well.

    Curry, Monta, D Wright, and Lee are good pieces to start something new in Oakland. Biedrins does not fit in with that nucleus IMO. Even his free throw shooting made him a laughing stock in the league last season as well.

    He is not the star center that they paid him all that money to be. Just like Murphy and Dunleavy weren’t star players in the past either when they received their huge contracts. It was a bad contract for an unproven player in Biedrins.

    It’s time for him to go and time for us to get a real center.

  • Legacy510

    Harps Dubs-
    I like your outside of the box thinking. But Josh Smith is not a SF. He’s a power forward, and we just got David Lee to start at that position.

    Smith does not have a consistent jump shot at all. 65% of his made shots came from 15 feet or closer to the basket.

    I dont see him playing the 3 for us over Dorrell Wright, who’s overall game is actually more polished at the 3 position than Smith’s.

    The following article broke down exactly what I’m saying.


  • haastheman


    This could be a good line up. If monta can stay healthy, this could be a good line up. No punch off the bench, but we might not be that bad. And the team is good enough that Nellie might actually try to do some coaching.

  • Legacy510

    Biedrins sucks. Hands down.

  • TownLove

    Im starting to really become a fan of Riley. He is making smart deliberate moves. You have to like Riley’s guts in an offseason where he could have easily sat by collect his pay and let the new Regime make chages, but instead he has made some really bold smart moves. I hope the new regime keeps him around.

    Can you imagine our squad if Cousins would have fallen to us. Oh well. We still are starting to look like a solid squad.

    Doesnt really make sense to bring back Morrow at this point. Im gonna miss him but Im really happy for him. The guy worked hard and deserves the big pay day.

  • PdelaSco

    I believe the 2010 Warriors will make the playoffs. Here’s why…

    Lets compare the “We Believe” squad to our current line up.

    Baron > Curry
    Ellis Wright
    Harrington < Lee
    Biendrens = Biendrens

    "We Believe" made it to the playoffs as the 8th seed against a supremely competitive Western Conference in 2007. I believe our current line up is equally as good, and is now competing in a Western Conference that is not as competitive.

    Here are the WC playoff teams from last yr.

    San Antonio

    Lets assume the Lakers, Dallas, Denver, Portland and Oklahoma lock up the first five playoff spots. Lets also assume that Minnesota, Sacramento, and the Clippers (they always seem to miss the PO even w/ a good team) have absolutely no shot to make it. That leaves us with the following teams that have a legit chance to make the 3 available PO spots.

    San Antonio
    Golden State
    New Orleans

    The Warriors have to beat out at least 5 out of 7 teams above which I think they can do.

  • Playoffbound

    43. Townlove,

    I agree with you. I think Riley has done a wonderful job. He got us Curry, DLee, RWilliams, Udoh, and DWright. He got rid of Stephen Jackson and his contract, and Corey Maggette’s contract. On top of that, we have some expiring contracts (Rod, Gadz) to pick up somebody else this year or next. I think the Warriors make the playoffs next year and 2nd in the Pacific behind the Lakers.

    As for Morrow, I’m glad he got his money. He deserves it because he has worked so hard for it. I hope we resign him, but if not, I wish him well and will always be a fan of his…

  • PdelaSco

    my fault for the typo. Here’s the correct version

    “We Believe” vs. Current line up

    Baron > Curry
    Ellis D. Wright
    Harrington < Lee
    Biendrens = Biendrens

  • Warrior Craig

    Wow, everyone is hating on Andris Biedrins. May I remind everyone that last year was definitely a lost year because of injury, but in 08-09, Andris averaged 11.9 points and 11.2 rebounds, while shooting 58% from the field and in 07-08 he averaged 10.5 points, 9.8 rebounds, and shot 62% from the field. The guy is also only 24 years old (I think people forget he was 17-1/2 when drafted), so there is still some upside and room to grow. Let’s see what he can do when healthy and playing the pick and roll with Curry and also not the ONLY ONE crashing the boards.

  • Sammie :)

    Riley sucks. First we give away a shooting forward like maggette and now we need a shooting forward like Maggette. Hmmmm…Dorell Wright? Six years in the league and he hasn’t made a blip on the radar? THEN we give away Azubuike and Turiaf (Randolph… whatever…) and get David Lee? So this means we Must consider Biedrins our center even though he’s afraid to have the ball lest he get fouled and shoot 29 percent….and if Nelson is saying we have a new style of play coming, he’d better go to Maui and stay NOW.
    He has never coached any other style of play except to outscore the other team. Defense is not in his vocabulary. Gadzuric? Good grief! The bench? Well, I guess it will be as empty as it was last year when everybody was injured….Quick, start scouting the D league now…. 🙁

  • LTinLA

    Beidrens doesn’t suck. he was injured all last season. You try running around with a wonky pubis?!?!

  • woefulwarriors

    The more I think about it, Josh Smith is a possibility but its Mayo more likely. I agree…Monta is likely gone unless he starts speaking up all positive about things. Centers are hard to come by so I think Beidrins is more likely to be kept over Monta (at least until new owners check-in). We could see:

    (1) Curry/CJ
    (2) Bell/Williams
    (3) Mayo/DWright
    (4) Lee/BWright/Udoh
    (5) Biedrins/Thabeet/Gadzuric

    …but I am more intruiged by the following

    (1) Curry/Bell/CJ
    (2) Ellis/Williams
    (3) JSmith/DWright
    (4) Lee/BWright/Toliver
    (5) Biedrins/Udoh/Gadzuric

  • Tdubb

    If any of you watched the Matt Steinmetz interview with David Lee, he said one of the things he asked Larry Riley was if he came would Monta, Curry and Biedrins be there and apparently he said yes. Don’t look for Monta to go unless Melo is coming. Personality aside, his stats are as good as the leagues best. Reduce his minutes and he probably would have a bigger impact.

    Dorrell Wright will be a nice fit with them. But the bench needs more help because the summer league squad sucks! Tolliver and Hunter are better than any of those bigs (less Wright)and the guards are so weak none deserve a camp invite. All they’ve got is Wright & Williams.

    With D Wright in the fold as the 5th Starter and Morrow probably gone, where is the bench?

    B Wright
    R. Williams
    Udoh see ya next year 🙂
    C. Bell
    Vlad Rad
    D Gazurich
    CJ Watson?

    Not enough fire power!

    A trade will come, Rads contract is too attractive for a team trying to reduce it’s budget.

  • PdelaSco

    Monta for Mayo is ridiculous, even if Tabeet is included. Monta averaged 25.5 pts a game last yr while Mayo averaged 17.5. Monta is a solid player and is underrated defensively. He’s a keeper. The starting 5 w/ the additions of Lee and D. Wright is solid and a potential playoff team now that the Western Conference is getting weaker.

    As for Morrow, he is a one trick pony and is expendable, especially with the emergence of R. Williams and the acquisition of D. Wright.

    Nellie will have this team dropping 115 a night and lead the NBA in scoring if they stay healthy.

    The main concern is the bench…

    Wright/ Tolliver

    We could use a solid back up at SG and C.

    Ultimately, We’re heading in the right direction!

  • A’s in 2010

    David Lee also mentioned Morrow. I hope we keep him.

  • Legacy510

    Riley is on the phones trying to pry Carmelo or Yao Ming over here as we speak. Whether it happens or not remains to see, but if Riley pulls either one of those trades off he is GM of the year, hands down.

    And for the record, Biedrins is not the answer and the Warriors front office knows it. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been trying so hard to draft Demarcus Cousins. Period, point blank.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Legacy510 – You’re probably right about Josh Smith at the 4 instead of the 3, though I’d certainly be willing to give him a shot there.

    How about Monta for Iguodala? Iggy’s a more complete shooting guard, though an inferior scorer.
    Biedrins and BWright to Atlanta for Marvin Williams and Zaza Pachulia.

    Dorell Wright and Reggie Williams are the perfect back-ups because they both can play either wing position, Wright defends and Williams scores. Neither is a starter on a good team. I’d still like to see us pick up Earl Watson as Steph’s back-up.

    PG – Curry/Watson
    SG – Igoudala/RegWilliams/Bell
    SF – Marvin Williams/Dorell Wright/VladRad
    PF – Lee/Udoh/Tolliver (re-sign)
    C – Pachulia/Gadzuric

  • Tdubb


    Where is Tolliver? Any idea what he would cost to resign him? The bench needs help. One more scorer. I see point coming from B Wright and Williams, then? All the others aren’t double digit guys. If you get the following it not enough points a night.

    Ellis 22
    Lee 20
    Curry 18
    D Wright 10
    Biedrins 10
    Williams 15

    95 points

    The defense better be real good.

  • Greg

    Tdubb, I think your scoring projections are pretty good for who you have listed. However, we’ll be playing more than 6 guys on your average night assuming we’re not plagued by injury again. I’d think you could add another 10 to 15 points to that total.

  • DKnight007

    Yeah we will see how much you like D Lee in two years after he keeps getting beat defensively and he doesn’t get his alleged 20/10 a night and is getting paid 80 million?? Hahaha…that Warrior trade reeks of desperation.

    Giving up on Randolph this early in his young career was stupid.

    Not keeping Morrow around is going to be ANOTHER stupid move for this franchise! How many stupid moves can a lame duck owner and lame front office make before being selling?? Gawwd!


  • Hook Mitchell


    At Carmelo wedding last week.

    Chris Paul made a toast and said the new big three will be in new York.

    Amare. Melo. Paul.

  • Look at dem D Wright haters now.

    What a great pickup by the Warriors.