Anthony Morrow is Officially a New Jersey Net

The Warriors, as it turns out, don’t have to wait seven days. The Warriors already decided they weren’t going to match the four-year (Sorry, I keep making this mistake) three year, $12 million offer from the New Jersey Nets.
So general manager Larry Riley decided instead to trade Morrow to the Nets so the Warriors can get something for him. What did they get?

A $2 2.6 million trade exception (the figure CSNBA’s Matt Steinmetz had is indeed correct) for the Warriors. This trade exception is basically a coupon that allows the Warriors to acquire another non-free agent from any team for up to $2.6 million. The Warriors have a year from today to cash it in.

ANTHONY MORROW: “I feel like I made the right decision for myself and my family. I’m really thankful to the Warriors. Class act. They gave me my first opportunity, my first chance. Never any hard feelings or anything like that. It was just a beautiful situation to be in.”

Morrow figures to have chance to start in New Jersey. He’ll be competing with the likes of Courtney Lee, Travis Outlaw and Terrance Williams — all who can play shooting guard. Still, that was better for Morrow than sitting behind guard Monta Ellis, who averaged 40-plus minutes last season. What minutes Morrow used to get a small forward have been given to Dorell Wright and Reggie Williams.

Morrow said the icing on the cake is being close to three former Warriors. He is really good friends with Kelenna Azubuike, who is now with the Knicks. Morrow will also have familiar faces in the area in forward Anthony Randolph and center Ronny Turiaf.

MORROW: “I’ma miss my homies. I’ma miss the fans. I definitely looking forward to going back there to play (against the Warriors). … It’s a blessing that I can still be close to the three guys. Really a blessing to be in that situation.”

Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2010

    So we got NOTHING? HORRIBLE MOVE! Are you kidding me???

  • Squall

    good move. whats next.

  • Mike

    Too bad the Warriors couldn’t get back the #1 pick they gave to New Jersey for Marcus Williams.

  • Bleep

    #1 pick? You are pretty pessimistic about the W’s chances next season, and optimistic about NJ’s chances in the lottery.

  • robert rowell

    yeah, kid, the feeling is mutual. guys like him, although pretty one dimensional, are valued pieces to any team. he can light it up from outside better than 95% of any of the players in the Association. 3 mil a year is a steal for that type of player.

    unfortunately, the W’s was not a place where AMMO could really flourish. guys like him who cannot consistently create their own shot benefit from the double teams “star” players get. no one besides monta requires a double team and rarely were he and monta out on the court at the same time.

    here’s wishing him the best, although im not sure NJ is “the best,” lol.

  • Let’s Get Free

    Good move. It was between Morrow and Reggie Williams, and Williams is a more complete player, more athletic, and better equipped to play the three.

    Marcus, can you explain the trade exception in more detail? Does that affect the Warriors’ salary cap?

  • Hook Mitchell

    Wish we could have kept Morrow…

    Deadly shooter with unlimited range.

    Yes I know his flaws. Can’t dribble. Slow feet. Poor defender.

    But atleast we get a $2million trade exemption that we won’t use…

  • Marcus Thompson

    Let’s Get Free,

    It doesn’t impact the cap until they use it, which is partly why in the past they haven’t used it.

  • robert rowell

    reggie williams, dorell wright, udoh, brandan wright, etc, etc, these aren’t guys that are gonna take us to the playoffs let alone win a championship. neither of the wright brothers have played more than 45 games in a season with 9 combined seasons between them. williams is a fine #7 or 8 off the bench, but penciling him into major minutes just shows how devoid of real talent the W’s are. udoh, well, his wrist hurts, real bad.

    say what you want about maggs and his awful contract but before you give LR a reach around for the recent bell/gads trade remember that CM put up 20 a game off the bench. who is picking up that slack? it certainly isn’t any of the above players.

    i read a poster on another board saying the W’s “make their own bad luck,” and this offseason so far certainly seems to be another example of it.

  • A’s in 2010

    How in the world anyone can think losing an asset for nothing is a “good deal” is beyond me. You guys must be PR plants.

  • Aussie Warrior

    I’m over this team. They’ll let the exception rot, just like this team has rotted away for the past decade and a half. The new owner can’t come soon enough, and neither can a new GM, but what will they have left to work with? If you a drew a list of all the players who have been dealt or left to walk since the “we believe” playoffs and compared it to the “assets” we have on hand, it would make for some ugly reading.
    The fact that we missed out on a top 5 pick (in part because of those meaningless late season wins) makes it harder to deal with as a fan. I just can’t see this team competing for years, regardless of the new ownership.

  • Corny

    The writing was on the wall for Morrow when Reggie Williams scored 29 points in a variety of ways against Phoenix and then followed it up with 23 against Memphis. He was also not as terrible a liability on defense as I thought he might be, and that was without a training camp.

    Morrow could shoot the heck out of the three, and was learning to expand his game, but he was still limited offensively and couldn’t play D. I loved the kid and I hate to see him go, but I understand.

  • Mike

    Why is it a $2 mil trade exception instead of $4mil, the value of the contract? The Warriors got nothing back so $4mil-0=4mil, right? $4mil might get a good player later this year when teams are trying to get out from under the luxury tax and the Warriors have a different owner.

  • Mike

    Uh bleep, I should have said first round pick instead of #1 pick. And it’s lottery protected, but it’s still a first round pick that the Warriors gave away for a player they never used.

  • John Starks

    Morrow was the homie. Couldn’t help but root for the guy…

  • Sammie :)

    why didn’t New Jersey just wait a week and not have to give up Anything? The way this team is going we’re going to be forced to watch Don Nelson suit up again and play small forward. Loyal fans followed and lived and died with the guys who played when the roster fell apart due to injuries and those guys, the ones with the most heart, are pretty much gone (Buike, Turiaf, Morrow, Tolliver—plus Maggette and Randolph)…..Udoh won’t play until after the all star break…..Wright is still rusty in summer league…..this is pathetic…..

  • JimPunkrockford

    AMMO!!??? sweet nickname. it took till the day the guy is not a Warrior to hear it? lame of me.

    damn, that #1 for Marcus is this year, ouch.

    team getting new look though can’t be all bad.


  • Marcus Thompson

    Robert Rowell,

    The Warriors don’t need a SF who can get 20 a game. They need somebody who can create offense for others. Somebody who can guard players like Rudy Gay, Kevin Durant, Caron Butler, Trevor Ariza. Somebody who can stick a 3. Maggette was good, but the Warriors aren’t good enough to pay $10 million for a one-trick pony, no matter how good his one trick is. Maggette belonged on a veteran team with a chance to win. Period.

    And for the record, nobody said the guys you name would take the Warriors to the playoffs. But you forgot one name on your list: Corey Maggette. Only he costs more thanall the players you listed combined.

  • baybay

    oh forget it

    Riley go get Micheal Jordan on the team!

  • slamdunk

    The 2 million trade exception really sounds like they got nothing for Morrow, unless the club actually uses it for someone. Hopefully the new GM will know what to do, because I just don’t trust Riley/Nelson/Rowell.

  • WILL

    HORRIBLE MOVE! we are gonna regret letting this guy walk over nickels and dimes

  • deano

    As I understand Trade Exceptions, a team cannot us one in combination with cash or a player to acquire a new player. So, what can you get for $2MM? A smile from Cohan.

  • Jeremy

    Another head scratcher…. Letting possibly the best shooter in the NBA go instead of a 4 year $12M deal? Doesn’t make sense especially not with a bench of B. Wright (already hurt), Udoh (already hurt), D. Wright, Bell, Gadzuric, and Radmanovic. The Warriors can definitely use a backup SG.

  • robert rowell

    marcus, none of those warriors can guard anybody you named, either. i’d rather have maggs on the bench, not my fault some dufus in the FO overpaid for him. but it’s done and we used up two of the years on his awful contract, might as well stick it out for another year or even half year until his trade value goes up higher than two scrubs that won’t come close to matching a quarter of what that “one trick” pony can do.

    of course nobody said they were gonna take us to the playoffs, because nobody expects the playoffs out of this squad. i see that as a problem, because in the Association half the teams make the PO’s every year. we’ve made them once since i became old enough to drink. (which coincidentally has come in handy november through april)

    bottom line is, the W’s need to match the production they’ve lost, not just with maggs, but to a lesser extent morrow, az, ronny too. i mean, they have yet to replace sjax’s production and that deal happened 9 months ago. look, i’m under no illusions, nobody we’re talking about (sjax excluded) is even a starter on any marginally talented team, which is my problem. we need starters, not guys who’ve played sporadically whether due to injury (wright) or lack of ability (other wright).

  • Pedro

    Use the $2M trade ex (espn is reporting $4M?) and trade for Ramon Sessions, Brandon Rush, Raja Bell, Matt Barnes, Aaron Afflalo, Chuck Hayes, Antione Wright…all these players will be around $2-3M and will be a nice role player to fill out the rotation.

  • joe wolfe

    last time dubs got a trade exception (JRich) they didn’t end up using it

    cheap bastards

  • john king

    Why are people some people so worried about who will pick up Morrow’s slack?
    Curry, ellis and Lee will average about 20 ppg a piece. Williams averaged 15 ppg last year. So he will probably put up similar numbers. Add a healthy Biedrins and some production from Brandon wright and Udoh (when he’s healthy) and they’ll have plenty of offense.

    The warriors are the highest scoring team in the NBA. That wasn’t their problem. They needed defense and rebounding and so far they have done a pretty good job of adressing those issues. I think Dorrell Wright will average 10 points and 5 boards if he is receiving significant minutes.

    Warriors aren’t done yet!!

  • lobo

    it is sort of amazing how almost everyone is almost always right….when you put your mindset in a “i’ll never be disappointed because i have no expectations” you will feel a whole lot better about this mess. i will say riley’s work has exceeded any expectations as he is on the bridge trying to help fix this perfect storm….i give him credit for that.

  • Marcus,

    Many sites are reporting this as a 3 year, $12mil deal. Are you sure it is 4 yr, $12mi? Please confirm.

  • Gunner

    The people who say “Good move” are GSW plants for sure.

    Great that you are reading this blog.

    You all get a FAIL and I wish you all get fired by the new ownership!


    Stephen Jackson, Belinelli, Maggette, and now Morrow.


  • 100% Dub’s 4 life

    The warriors made this move to get more of the new guys on the court. The team wasnt going anywhere with they guys they gave up so geting fresh meat @ orecal was the best thing to do. David Lee is and all star, the kid from baylor is gna play defense and rebound as well as Wright. We have plenty..plenty of offensive..Can we rebound and play defense?? that is the reason for the Lee,Wright Edoh of w/e his name is..

  • DKnight007

    Letting their best shooter besides Curry go in Morrow is yet ANOTHER stupid move by the LOOOOUUUUSSY Warriors!

    Ugh! LOL

  • Cranky Teacher

    Um, folks, this was not a trade-trade. Morrow was leaving because GSW didn’t want to match the contract. The exception throw-in was just NJ’s billionaire not wanting to sweat out the next week wondering if we’d surprise match the 4$ mill per deal.

    It seems ridiculous to act as if this was a trade and then critique it as such — Gunner, A’s in 2010, etc. I give credit to Riley for getting *something* for a think he’d already lost.

    I think what is interesting is that the Warriors seem strangely committed to keeping Monta now. I mean, if he was really on the block, wouldn’t we be stockpiling 2-guards? Or not.

    Wasn’t it the consensus that our backcourt is not longterm compatible? Yet there seem to be zero rumors of Ellis being traded this winter. I suppose that would need to come from a new owner. Oh, I guess I just answered my own question.

    Also, a new owner may be more willing to use trade exceptions than Cohan…

  • DKnight007

    A’s in 2010 Says:
    July 12th, 2010 at 5:14 pm
    How in the world anyone can think losing an asset for nothing is a “good deal” is beyond me. You guys must be PR plants.

    Utter stupidity isn’t it??

  • Cranky Teacher

    Stephen Jackson is the only guy I miss of those others are mourning. I mean, Bellinelli? Maggette? C’mon, get real. You guys are in love with the scoring, no-defense players Nelson loves, yet you have turned on Nelson.


    Even JRich wasn’t all that. Never upped his game to the next level.

    The Warriors biggest problem in the Cohan era is not drafting well (play it WAY too safe), picking crap coaches, crap GMs, and alienating the few legitimate stars they do stumble upon (Webber, Sprewell, Arenas, Jackson).

    Trading away one-dimensional players for a sack of donuts ranks way down on the long list of Cohan Admin crimes.

  • DKnight007

    Azbuke, Randolph, Morrow and Turiaf GONE for an overpaid David Lee and some scrub Wright??


    “Genius” moves! hahahaha….yeah riiiiiight!


  • MWLX

    It’s pretty obvious by now that anyone with the handle of “A’s in 2010” is attracted to alternate realities.

  • petaluman

    Count me among those who hope we are getting back the 1st round pick we traded for Marcus Williams. I’m sorry to see Morrow go. Our beyond-the-arc shooting will miss Azubuike and AM, but DW is an intriguing player. We needed more size at the 3 to compensate for our backcourt of Curry and Ellis.

  • fillmoe mike

    I would hate for some of you guys to be the gm..you get to attached to players..we needed defenseive help, rebounding, and smarter players..imo riley has done a decent job this offseason..we added talent with david lee and dorrell wright…not to mention D. Wright is a pretty good athlete and a great defender!!also david lee came @ a bargain…I don’t think we overpaid for him @ all.also I like the backcourt of monta and steph curry, as long as curry does most of the dribbling

  • Gunner

    Cranky Teacher,

    No one is mourning those players. We are pissed because they were given up FOR NOTHING. For cap relieve. For expiring contracts. For scrubs.

    Maggette, Morrow, Stephen Jackson etc ALL HAVE VALUE. And you DO NOT GIVE THEM AWAY FOR NOTHING.

    How are you going to build a team if your talent flow is negative?

    Lost Baron -> Sign Maggette (not great but oh well) -> then traded Maggette for scrubs (FAIL)

    Found Morrow in NBDL (nice) -> Morrow turns out to be a NBA worthy player (nice) -> THEN GIVE HIM UP FOR NOTHING (FAIL)

    Traded for Jackson and made a run (nice) -> Jackson wanted to be traded -> traded him for scrubs and expiring contracts (FAIL)

    This is negative talent flow and this is why we are disappointed.

    We are not mourning for Maggette/Morrow/Jackson.

  • Cranky Teacher

    Overpaid players with long contracts do not have trade value, Gunner, unless your owner is willing to go into the luxury tax.

    And many players can help a contender but not a team like the Warriors: Specialists, “cancer” guys, etc.

    Problem with Warriors has been having no larger vision, and no ability to deal with the “Hollywood” side of the game — which is about the megastars.

    In baseball, wonks can wax philosophical about gaining tiny edges in multiple trades and it adds up to something. But in the NBA, most players are just not that important — it is your stars that make everything go. And not just stars, superstars.

    Right now, the best the Warriors can do is believe Curry can be a superstar and build entirely around him for the next few years. In the short-term, then, it makes sense to DUMP contracts like Maggette and SJax sense they are not the future.

    The deal that was actually risky was the one that tossed off Randolph. But if a team can watch a guy up close for several years, they may have a pretty good idea of his ceiling.

  • WarriorDragon

    Dorell Wright will avg.6/4 at SF. He is a BACKUP.

  • WarriorDragon

    GS should of kept Randolph. GS lost a 20/10 player. But Randolph is a PF. David Lee is a good trade-off. We’d need scoring at SF. GS SF history is 50+ scorer. GS need scorer.

  • WarriorDragon

    GS history at SF… Bernard King, Chris Miullins, Antawn Jamison… all 50+ scorer.

  • WarriorDragon

    This include GSW history of SF Rick Barry. Another 50+ scorer.