Let the Bidding Begin at … $450 Million?

Practically the entire Bay Area waits to see what comes of the negotiations going on right now for the purchase of the Golden State Warriors. But the process is being held up. The so-called imminent sale keeps getting held off. Why?

Perhaps it is because no one has hit the number owner Chris Cohan has in his head: $450 million.

According to a source with knowledge of the negotiations, Cohan, at this point, will not take lower than $450 million. No one has hit that mark yet, so the impasse has set in. Cohan and his hired guns are trying to at least get his minimum, and the potential suitors trying to sell for less.

Will Cohan take his team and go home or eventually come down off his minimum price?

Will the bidders cave and give Cohan what he wants or will they take their offers and go home?

Matt Steinmetz from CSN Bay Area is reporting there is a bid above $400 million on the table, but Cohan wants more. When I check that through a source, the response was “Duh?” So it looks like Cohan can sell the Warriors for a record price, but he wants to shatter the record.

That’s where we are right now. Not sure how long we’ll be there.

Marcus Thompson

  • Willis

    The bidders should all just walk away and let the IRS throw greedy Cohan in jail.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I get that the Bay Area is a top market and all, but in this economy and with the Bobcats having sold for 175 million, holding out when you have a record deal is obscene.

    The worst possible scenario is going to be Lacob spending everything he has to get the team, putting the organization in dire straights from the get go.

    I am so tired of NBA player egos and “star” driven crap and Stern’s BS and this happens ON THE EVE OF A LOCKOUT!?!?!? Advice for Cohan: run, hide, and never show your face in the Bay Area again.

  • Latrell Sprewell

    “Motherfucker” pretty much sums up the last 15 years since that douchebag Cohan took over the team. I hope Larry Ellison gets the team and then continuously flys his Gulfstream jet over Cohans house every fucking morning at 4am.

  • poppy

    just buy it you rich asshole
    what is a few more mil

  • DAG

    Cohan just sell the team you asshole!

  • Geo77

    It’s official. Cohan is now the most despised owner in sports. The man has overcome all obstacles to claw his way to the top, the pinnacle of fan hatred. How’s it feel to be the most hated guy in the Bay Area Chris?

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    Don’t be worried. Cohan has to sell, he knows it. He’s trying to bluff.

  • Jim in Clayton

    Cohan is by far the worst owner in the Bay area, oh wait Al Davis is still around.
    Anyway Cohan has done dumb things and will continue to do dumb things so we may never have a sale.

  • Trent

    Someone needs to donkey punch Chris Cohan.

  • Mano de Nada

    He sued to get the team. Cat’s been a bee-utch since the get go really, anybody who expected anything else hasn’t been paying attention.

    Rewarding Cohan for his years of incompetence seems insane.

    As much as I hate to write it let the jerk sink with the albatross around his neck then.

    He certainly doesn’t deserve hundreds of millions for being such a consistent loser; even his kids boo him at home!

  • jdb

    The only thing that this owner responds to is the prospect of losing money. Don’t buy season tickets unless the team is sold. If Cohan retains ownership, threaten advertisers with a boycott if they sponsor the Warriors in any way; don’t watch or listen to games; don’t purchase any Warrior gear. Let the franchise die on the vine until Cohan has to sell.

  • 808Pacific

    Cohan is a greedy bastard.

    I too hope now Ellison doesn’t fork out the money Cohan wants.

    If Cohan keeps the team, I hope to God NOBODY goes to watch any of the games.

  • The Sear

    It is so typical of the disaster that is Chris Cohan would go out this way.Trying to milk record money for a franchise he did his best to destroy. This incompetent boob doesn’t deserve record money for what he did to a once proud and now a laughingstock franchise for 17 years.

    We fans feel like we have been in a very dark hole for almost two decades now and of course Cohan ridiculous greed just drags this on.

    If there is a sports hell, then this guy will burn.
    He and his stupid minions have been a complete
    embarrassment to the bay area.

    As they say good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • JimPunkrockford

    so the chronicle is reporting the other bidder is guber. i have made false promises before but not this time, if peter guber is the new owner i am out! i will make a big public fuss as i leave.

    people wanting david stern to help out ellison by making a call, better be careful what they wish for. i don’t know if ellison has a personal relationship with stern, but be assured guber and stern are buds.

    oh i fear this is all going to go down the worst possible way…..

  • lobo

    mwlx 23

    amen regarding the language and quality…but watcha’ gonna’ do as the fox runs the hen house. fans are anxious and that is their only means of expressing themselves…cut ‘em some slack on this one.

    anything the media writes as you said is surely purposely leaked and totally disregarded by ellison…he will not over pay nor will be bid against himself…he did not become ellison by accident!!

  • JayDub

    Does Cohan and his handlers really think they can bully Ellison at this game? Ellison handles multi billion dollar mergers. Cohan is a cockroach to him! I just hope Ellison gives the roach enough to scurry away

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    At least no one’s talking about losing Anthony Morrow for nothing and Raja Bell being cheaper than Dorell Wright anymore…

  • http://michaelstoys@yahoo.com mike

    we got rid of cohan finally, i did not watch at the oracle for the past 4 yrs, we got rid of the dumbest owner stupi as.. fu.kin pig and worst owner in nba history, i hope that the new owner will be like george steinbrenner the owner of yankee savvy and winner attitude so we can win championships. peace