Rookie Ekpe Udoh Out 6 Months

Six months. That’s how long the Warriors announced rookie forward Ekpe Udoh will be out of action after successful surgery to repair a torn legament in his left wrist.

And that is six months per the Warriors’ schedule, which is usually the most-optimistic schedule.

His wrist will be immobilized for 10 weeks, which means he will be just getting the cast off around the time camp starts. After that, starts rehab, which clearly the doctor thinks will take at least three months. That puts Udoh out until January, if everything goes according to plan. If recent history is any indicator (which it probably shouldn’t be because no one knows how well he heals), don’t expect Udoh back before the All-Star break.

Marcus Thompson

  • baysportsblood


  • Brytex

    Ugh. All of a sudden that second round pick that was sold/traded/whatever seems a lot more valuable. We coulda used the extra body.

  • Dub Fan

    Not good…but let’s hope he is the last of these and not the first.

  • Paul George

    Should of picked me

  • MWLX

    Don Nelson made this observation after the draft: A number of D-Leaguers are every bit as good as a second-round draft choice, and some are better (Azubuike, R. Williams). Given the Warriors’ experience last season with several impressive D-Leaguers, I have to agree with him. Loss of a second-round pick is meaningless, except that some clubs mistakenly think it’s worth something, which works to the Warriors advantage in a trade.

  • Q.

    Uhhhh,….We could of had Derrick Character with that 2nd round pick. Kid can ball!

  • jscrilla

    Classic, so is Tolliver available to play the 4 or are we gonna get to see D Wright play 4 and Lee play 5? If thats true than geez.

  • dgreen

    Man we can’t catch a break, we always draft a guy who gets injured and can’t produce right away, with the exception of Curry, and Monta, but look at Brandon Wright, can’t eve make it 10 games without an injury, this is so whack! How do you get injured in a supervised workout, and tear a ligament in ur wrist, sounds fishy to me!!! I am not buying it. This is some Bull Sizzle!!


    Adonal Foyle part II is turning into a perfect GSW…flawed player that tends to get hurt!

  • dengel1925

    While we’re talking about Larry Ellison and his involvement is sports,it ought to be pointed out that he not only won the America’s Cup but has also bought the Indian Wells pro tennis tournament (and he’s there watching matches), one of the biggest events in the sport.

  • This reminds of that scene in Star Trek II where they speak in code such that “days” means “hours” and “hours” means “minutes.” Except, you know, the reverse.

  • WarriorDragon

    Udoh can still do the windmill dunk with one hand. I think GS have to keep Brandon Wright. He can game at the 4 spot 18/10/2. It’s good GS have depth. Dorell Wright can play some backup SF/PF. He is not a SG. You do not avg. 6/4 as a SG/SF.

  • WarriorDragon

    I just don’t understand the signing of a 6/4 SF, won’t the K take up alot of cap? Dorell Wright should get a cheap K instead of a overpay K.

  • WarriorDragon

    GS should take a look at the asian guard Lin. I think he make a good backup PG, he got good numbers 17/5 assists. That is good for college numbers. He is also a good rebounder for a guard. I don’t see Lin as a SG. He’s too small but PG is his position. He seems like an intelligent player who can toss the dimes to the frontline players for easy baskets.

  • WarriorDragon

    Lin can be an 10/10 assists PG. He probaly get it as a backup spelling time for Curry. At 6’3 he is a tall PG. That is his advantage. Just have him toss the dimes for easy dunks and layups.

  • WarriorDragon

    Omar Samhan should get some backup time at SF/PF. He is tall but lack defensive prowness. He is just backup material, he can stroke the ball, GS need shooters.

  • WarriorDragon

    Cohan got a GREAT deal selling the 2010 2nd round pick for 2mm. The money can payoff some of GS franchise bills.

  • TownLove

    They really need to keep Tolliver. We obviously cant rely on Brandon Wright. That Dude cant even make through Summer League.

  • Jay

    Look yawl, there is absolutely no hope for the Dubs. The evidence is all around you. When I see Cousins dominating in summerleague I don’t know about you, but I get that same losing feeling. With Udoh hurt, it just compounds the situation. Then you start thinkin that DORRELL WRIGHT IS THE STARTING SMALL FORWARD!!! Morrow will be lighting up 3’s for the Nets!! This draft had the best 2nd round in years. So what do the Dub’s do? they trade it away not once, but twice. By the time the Dubs get ready to win the 8th playoff spot in bout 3 years, Curry’s contract will be up and he’ll leave for a huge contract in Miami. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. Curry and LeBron are supa tight. Just go ahead and enjoy Curry cause when he becomes a free agent he is definitely leaving. His father Dale will advise him to. I would too…Curry is a great player and person. Why should he have to go thru this s#%&!!

    Find another team to root for!!

  • Ewok


    Is this team cursed or what?

    Anthony Randolph for David Lee could be today’s
    Robert Parish for Joe Barry Carroll!

    Ekpe Udoh already sidelined for six months!

    Brandan Wright maybe talented but he is still fragile no matter what!

    I am not saying the team did not improve this year but we seem to settle for quality crumbs than the main entree all the time.