What’s next for the Warriors? Join our live chat Friday at 10 a.m. to talk about the sale and more

Our Marcus Thompson II will be on hand Friday at 10 a.m. for a live chat to discuss the ramifications of the Warriors sale. Join us then as Marcus breaks down what the team’s next moves may be.

Jon Becker

  • SickOfSmallBall

    Who would be in the mix for the new Coach/GM position?
    And, as a fellow STH, do you think Lacob would consider polling us to see what percentage want Nellie to stay or go? Can you suggest this to him? 🙂 It amazes me how much the hard core fans want Nellie gone, but we’re still stuck with him!

  • Hook Mitchell

    I see nothing wrong with Nelson coaching this season.

    Final season of his contract.
    Let him finish it out as new owners get acclimated.

    See what coaching canidate are out there after this season.

    Robert Rowell on the other hand MUST GO NOW !!!

  • dan


    I thought the bidding was supposed to be secret , rigth?

    Clearly, Cohan did not want to sell to Ellison. He refused to sell to Ellison before.


    Do you believe that Cohan tell his friend Lacob about Ellisons bid?

    I don’t like Lacob and Guber.

  • TownLove

    “One source said Ellison didn’t believe Cohan had such a high bid until it was too late.”

    Wow! Ellison tried to call Cohan’s bluff and ended up looking like an idiot.

  • MWLX

    Main question is, when do the new owners think the sale will become final? I’ve seen reports it may take two months. That would put the transition just a few weeks before the season starts. Smart business people are just not going to comment on personnel changes until the deal is done. Ask away, Marcus, but don’t expect answers.

  • DKnight007

    Paying 450 million is idiotic for the lowly Warriors.

    This dude is going to need lots of luck to turn this franchise around.

  • jsl

    MT: Enjoyed the chat — but didn’t get my Q answered. So, I’ll try again:

    Has anyone heard anything — or seen anything — of Goose this Summer? Seems like a lot now depends on whether he’s the old Goose or the cooked Goose of last year (i.e. Goose a la Nelsone).

    Do you know anything about his condition, practice, size, mind-set?

    BTW, hie thee to a theater ASAP and catch “Inception” — which is just terrific. It’s a thinking person’s blockbuster, well-cast, well-acted, well-written, well-edited, and well-shot. (Well, well.)

    The key sequence involves four, separate “dream” levels — and yet if you’re paying attention it’s not at all difficult to follow. Enjoy!

    And then give us some scoop on Biedrens.

  • J-Walk

    How about we all rally around the new owner, support him and his organization, be passionate fans and DROP ALL THE NEGATIVITY. I guess changing your tune on how you feel about the Warriors is like trying to turn around a cruise liner. It’s a new day. Let’s rejoice!

  • Gswjerry

    All I wanna c is a winning product and productivity on the court so first work on makin the playoffs then bring us home a title

  • Burney

    Are we going to morph from the ABA style run n gun offense to an NBA championship style pick n roll offense? Can they please turn Lee/Biedrins/Curry in to Stockton/Malone and run 1000’s of pick n rolls?

  • Sleepy Freud

    Dan! I just spoke with Lacob and Gruber and they said you are a snnot nosed brat with zero knowledge of basketball. They said your expertise was basketweaving. Now get back to your weaving!