C.J. Watson to Chicago?

A team source confirmed reports that C.J. Watson’s days as a Warrior are nearly over.

It’s not official yet. But the combo guard Golden State discovered in the D-League, who grew to be a reliable reserve the last two seasons, is likely heading to Chicago in a sign-and-trade. The Warriors are getting a future pick (I’m told second-round, but haven’t confirmed that) from the Bulls, while Chicago gets a back-up for star guard Derrick Rose. They are still working on details right now.

UPDATE: Watson is signing for $7 million over two years three years, $10.2 million with a team option on the third year, a source said, with the Warriors, who will then trade him to Chicago. If they don’t get a player in return, the Warriors should get a traded player exception.

Marcus Thompson

  • Incredible

    Well at least we get SOMETHING, I guess.

  • A’s in 2010

    We have the worst bench in the entire NBA. Yes, Reggie Williams is good. But BWright is gonna get hurt in training camp like usual. Charlie Bell sucks. And Nellie would rather play 4 on 5 than play VladRad.

  • Eeqmcsq

    Hey MT2, you sure about the contract length? Matt Steinmetz reports 3 yrs, $10.2M

  • Hook Mitchell

    CJ Watson is a very reliable back up gaurd.

    I’d hate to see him go…

  • The W’s should at least extend a training camp invite to Jerome Randall. He is one of those guys that gets overlooked because of his size, but he’s a gritty, smart PG who sees the floor and can shoot the lights out from 3pt range. He’s cheap, and he’s tough. I say he could do anything CJ can do.


  • Tdubb


    Please confirm this for me. Is this the 2nd player exception the W’s have if this is done. If so, how long would they have to use them and what would be the value of having them?

  • WarriorDragon

    CJ Watson to the Bulls for a 2nd rounder. It’s in the internet sport news.

  • Bleep

    Tdubb: 1 year each player exception. They can be used to trade with another team without having to give anything back. The only bad thing about them is that they can’t be combined.

  • Fierce South

    Riley totally dropped the ball in regard to CJ Watson.

    Last year he rejected a 1st round pick offer, cash considerations, and an expiring contract from the Orlando Magic for CJ Watson. Now, we lose CJ in return for a 2nd round pick.

  • I agree with A’s. We have no bench.
    I like CJ and I’m not sure we should have let him go.

  • john

    told you guys this mcguber guy was cohan 2.0…chums with him enough to get him to sell, and everyone within the org breathes a sigh of relief when he buys, which means they knows noone is getting fired? all bad sportsfans…

  • Samuel Chang

    I the fan who wrote to Mr. Lacob about picking up Jeremy Lin and he personally replied. I would be ecstatic if the Dubs sign Jeremy as Lakers and Mavs want him right now!!

  • Eric

    When we as Warrior fans are worried about guys leaving the team who were discovered in D League, it really speaks to the lack of player we’ve become used to..continue to get guys who were drafted, please…

  • WarriorDragon

    I find it hard to believe CJ Watson is worth all that offered by the Magic. A 2nd rounder for Watson is a good deal.

  • WarriorDragon

    GS should sign T-Mac with the MLE. We’d should drop 6 years and 30mm for Tracy McGrady. He should be guarantee the starting SF job. It’s VACANT and Dorell Wright ain’t the answer.

  • WarriorDragon

    This is a good line-up:

    PG- Curry
    SG- Monta
    SF- T-Mac
    PF- David Lee
    Center- Biedrens

    There is alot of scoring. I say about 120+ points a game easily. But, lack of defense.

  • WarriorDragon

    GS sign Jeremy Lin as BACKUP PG. GS need asian season tickets holder business. This is a good idea.

  • Pboss

    Ummmm…. When will Larry Riley stop? If he’s continuing to make moves, is this Lacob giving him the ok?

    Just harnessing my inner TK to find the conspiracy in this

  • WarriorDragon

    GS sign Brian Shaw as head coach. Give him a 5 years deal plus 1 option team year. Brian will get a stable line-up and we’d should be able to take the Lakers 2-2 regular season series. That’s how GS team should be guaged. GS will win 20 more games and make the playoffs. That should be the goal.

  • ComOn Cents

    Who is gonna buy tickets to see the Warriors play this coming year? The team that Fitz and others kept telling us to wait on as they will be healthy “next year” has been dismantled and sold off. It seems that the sum of the parts does not add up to Jack Schmidt based on the return we got for all those that left!
    CJ is just another cog flying off the broken spoke wheel that was the Next Year Warriors!
    Who is gonna come off the bench for this team? They got nothin’ left!!!
    The D-League is alive and well and now has a team playing in Oakland!!!
    Guber is in for FUBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jmc

    Everybody get a life…back up pg and sg r the two easiest spots to fill. They are dime a dozen. Yes we’ve all grown to like cj, just like we did wit buke and morrow but we need hoop players not likeable players…I’ll complain at the first game if the roster doesn’t look betr but its to early still to be freakn out…chill…toke a bowl, drink a pint..do wut u gotta do but chill..

  • slamdunk

    Are Lacab and Guber behind this decision, or are the 3 stooges, Riley, Nelson and Rowell, still in fire sale mode? Can’t the new owners put a muzzle on these 3 clowns before they sell off the whole team for player exceptions? Get a real GM and lose the Cohan clowns first thing.


    CJ Watson is a RESTRICTED free agent!!! The W’s are just making sure they get SOMETHING for him if they’re going to lose him anyway.

    CJ’s a decent player, but paying him over 3 million a season is crazy. He’s NOT that good.. and there are PLENTY of guys in the D league who can do what CJ does for far less than 3.5 mill per.

    Do your homework before you start flailing around like idiots. The Warriors are not “dumping” their bench. They’re getting something in return for restricted FA’s who are getting grossly overpaid to go to other teams.

  • JimPunkrockford

    the Quiet Storms twitter page is going ballistic tonight. good for him, i thought he might get a little more than 3.3 per but oh well, hard not to root for the kid. Mr.Basketball nevada his senior year, right?

  • Steve

    I hate seeing CJ go. He’s definitely not a starting NBA PG but he’s an excellent backup, and the Warriors are currently in need of more bodies to backup their starters.

    Even though the sale isn’t officially official, I think it’s safe to assume the new owners are now in control and signing off on any roster decisions that are being made and will be made. So, apparently Watson was deemed expendable by all concerned and we move on from here. Fine, just “show me the money”. In the end, it’s all about the finished product and we’re still months away from starting the new season.


    This was posted on another blog site about new Warrior David Lee.

    How Do I Love Lee?
    July 19, 2010
    Let me count the ways. — E. B. Browning

    Don Nelson, Larry Riley and the Golden State Warriors have just pulled off a trade for an all-star power forward, a trade that will define the next era of Warriors’ basketball. And in the fashion typical of our wonderful Bay Area media, it was greeted by yawns and derision. Some of these esteemed commentators, and their bellowing herds of followers, even arrived at the conclusion that the Warriors LOST this trade. In their minds, because it was executed by the “old regime,” without the approval of the new owners, then it can’t be good. And because Anthony Randolph is merely 21, while David Lee is all of 27, then Randolph automatically has a bigger upside than the all-star Lee.

    Absurd. Ridiculous. I am frankly incredulous of these opinions. Have any of these people actually watched David Lee play? Can’t they see what is staring them in the face? Here is what I see looking back at me:

    6-9 250 lbs.: Lee has the size to go head-to-head against the biggest NBA power forwards in the game. The days of watching the Warriors get steamrolled at the power forward position — of watching Harrington, Wright and Randolph getting scraped off the floor — are over.

    Extraordinary Toughness and Durability: Three years ago, Lee played 81 games. Two years ago, Lee played 81 games. Last year, Lee played 81 games. While upping his minutes to 37 per game. If you are a Warriors fan, this stat alone should have you on your knees and weeping. David Lee is not a boy, but a man, who comes to play every night, without complaint, against the biggest baddest players in the NBA. And delivers.

    Defensive Rebounding: Lee grabs close to 12 rebounds a game, 9 of those at the defensive end. His critics say this is largely a product of playing in D’Antoni’s system. What do they say about the fact that he has been played out of position his entire career, against much larger centers? Or about the fact that he’s never played with another frontcourt player who could box out? Not much.

    Andris Biedrins and David Lee will make up one of the great rebounding tandems in the league. With this trade, the Warriors have gone from one of the worst rebounding teams in the league, to one of the best. Their problems on the boards are over. You can make book on it.

    Running Ability: He’s not Anthony Randolph in the speed department, but Lee has no trouble beating his man down court and finishing. He ran the court relentlessly in D’Antoni’s system. At 250 lbs., that’s special.

    Extraordinary Pick and Roll Player: Those of you who remember the night Lee and Duhon tore apart an exhausted Warriors team at MSG have a glimmer of what I’m talking about. A glimmer. Because David Lee has never played with a p0int guard like Stephen Curry. A player who I think has already demonstrated himself as one of the top four pick and roll point guards in basketball (after Nash, Paul and Williams). Working with D-LEAGUERS.

    What goes into being a great pick and roll big man? A big body and a desire to set great picks. Extraordinary intelligence: knowing the plays, establishing chemistry with the point guard, making the right reads, the right cuts, the right shots, the right passes. Great hands. Great finishing ability. Great shooting ability. Great passing ability.

    David Lee has all of these things, in spades. Warriors fans are in for some of the most beautiful basketball they have ever seen. Beautiful half-court basketball. Stephen Curry has his pick and roll partner, and the results are going to be spectacular. I wouldn’t be surprised if Curry averaged 10 assists this season, in his second year.

    Ambidextrous finishing ability: Lee can flush it effortlessly. He can also lay it up off glass with his right hand as well as his left. Can you name me another NBA big man other than Pau Gasol who has that talent?

    Unselfish passing ability: Lee is a talented passer, who averaged 3.6 assists last year. Do you remember watching in the playoffs the rare occasions that Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol ran pick and roll? The play went like this: Kobe to the rolling Gasol, to the cutting Bynum, SLAM! The Lakers could have run that play as often as they liked, but didn’t, because it wasn’t the triangle, and Kobe had a different agenda. The Warriors, under Don Nelson, won’t have that problem.

    On the occasions that Lee finds himself double covered in the pick and roll, this is what you’re going to see: Curry to the rolling Lee, to the cutting Biedrins, SLAM! Or to the cutting BWright, SLAM! Or DWright, or Udoh, or Gadzuric, SLAM! And you’re going to see it over and over and over again.

    Because like Pau Gasol, David Lee can really, really pass the ball. And Don Nelson, unlike Phil Jackson, can really, really coach.

    Low post moves: Anyone who thinks Lee can’t play in the low post has simply not watched enough tape. Which means a lot of Bay Area media pundits have not watched enough tape. Lee has a deadly lefty jump hook, that he can hit straightaway or off the glass. And he knows how to get it: he has the body to get his position, and the handle to improve his position. He has the strength to finish his moves. And he has the passing ability to pass out of the post when doubled.

    Having said that, I think Nellie will use him most of the time in the high post.

    Nice Jump Shot out to 15 feet: Remember all of those Turiaf elbow pick-and-pops you used to pray over? Remember those Randolph and Wright baseline 15 footers you used to cringe over? Well, forget about it. David Lee will bury that shot. He cannot be left unguarded, the way teams left Turiaf and Wright and Randolph unguarded.

    Which is going to make driving lanes appear for Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry that will make them very, very happy. Perhaps not quite as happy as the Israelites watching the parting of the red sea. But close.

    80% Free Throws: In other words, a player who can and will get it done for you at crunch time. A GO-TO GUY IN THE PAINT. And the last time the Warriors had that was when? (Please don’t say Chris Webber.)

    Defense: Since the trade I have read innumerable times that David Lee is a bad defender. It always brings a smile to my face. How do these genius pundits know that David Lee is a bad defender? By his stats, his metrics? By the stats and metrics of the New York Knicks? Garbage. Nonsense. I don’t comprehend how it’s possible to know anything about Lee’s abilities as a defender judging by his years on the Knicks.

    David Lee played out of position for the Knicks, at center. And he was left alone on an island in the middle. His frontcourt partners were among the worst defensive players known to mankind. Al Harrington? Danilo Gallinari? What sort of defense would you expect a frontline of this nature to play?

    David Lee was never paired with a shot-blocker on the Knicks. He had no place to route his opponents. No traps to funnel them into. No defensive scheme worthy of the name to play in.

    That is NOT the situation in which Lee will find himself on Don Nelson’s Warriors. For one, for much of the time he will not be played at center, but at power forward alongside Andris Biedrins. But more to the point, on the Warriors Lee will be consistently paired with at least one terrific weak-side shot-blocker. Biedrins. Udoh. BWright. DWright. Even Gadzuric.

    This will make Lee an incalculably better defender than he was on the Knicks. A defender that the pundits have never seen before. Lee’s job on defense for the Warriors will be to 1) play his man straight up; 2) Stand his man up, or in other words, refuse to cede him good position; 3) On catches, guide him into weak side help, ie. blocked shots; and 4) box him off the boards. I believe Lee is more than capable of executing this job, and executing it well. 40 minutes a game, 81 games a year.

    Which leads me to two final questions for the pundits:

    1) Is defensive rebounding a part of defense? Finishing a possession with a defensive rebound? Because if so, then Lee is automatically a better defensive power forward than the Warriors have had in years. The Warriors’ defensive rebounding is going to take a quantitative leap with Lee on the team. Guaranteed. Which I think means their defensive metrics are also going to take a quantitative leap. Which is to say nothing of their fast-break, and the most important stat of all, point-differential.

    2) Did the pundits actually watch Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph play defense these last few years? Did they watch them get steamrolled in the paint, get pushed around the court, get knocked to the floor? Did they watch them get injured?

    There is simply no comparison between David Lee and these matchstick men. David Lee is not a 20 minute man, he is a 40 minute man. David Lee is not a 40 game man, he is an 81 game man. David Lee is not a fragile gazelle who shies from contact. David Lee is a 250 lb. man who is big enough and strong enough and tough enough to play straight-up against the best big men in the league. And dominate.

    The idea that that will not improve the Warriors’ defense is laughable.

    If you are of a bitter and depressive state of mind, like our Bay Area media, then go ahead and mope and pine over the loss of Anthony Randolph’s promise. I think I know better. I think that if Andris Biedrins is finally healthy, and Don Nelson is retained to coach the extraordinary team that he has assembled, then a new golden era of Warriors basketball has dawned.

    Beginning now.

  • J-Walk

    Lets see, starters:

    2nd team

    3rd team

    The rationale for not signing Watson and probably Morrow for that matter is the price tag. 3+ mil a year is a lot for a guy who isn’t going to play more that 10 to 15 minutes baring injury. They still need another point, however, they aren’t in dying need since Monta and C. Bell can play there. Even R. Williams can play some point forward. Better to get someone cheap for an end of the bench player. Maybe the Choice kid from the summer league.

    I think it’s a good move to keep the payroll down in order to add a more significant piece at the trade deadline or next off season with the expiring contracts. I like C.J. but it’s not like he won a lot of games for use.

  • Gunner

    After this season, they are at ~$42M plus or minus a bit. Are they trying to target some free agent next year? They can potentially have ~$15M in cap room next year…

    I am not sure if anyone wants to come though. Ask the Knicks and Nets.

  • J-Walk

    Thanks for posting that Steve. That is what I’ve been trying to say ever since this trade went through. The Warriors are going to be so much better. By better I mean it like how the post reads. The level of play is going to be something a lot of Warrior fans have never seen. I would compare it to 88′ when Mullin came back after he was treated for alcoholism. He came back such a better player, along with Mitch being in his rookie year and Hardaway being a rookie the next year. They were night and day better than anything I had ever seen dawning a Warrior uniform. The Run TMC era was born. This is the first time, maybe even before that era where I see balance in the starting 5. Each ones skills complements the others.

  • MacG

    I’ve read the follow-up article. A problem signing your proven reliable backup point for $3M per annum? Really? I’ve kept my mouth shut for a long time now, but this guy has just been a pro and more than done his job. Wow. More power to you C.J. Keep up the good work. You’ll be a solid NBA fixture for some years.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Steve is either the president of the David Lee fan club or the new PR guy for the Warriors. Either way, I agree that the trade was a good one for our Dubs. Remember, the combined total of games played by Turiaf, Azubuike and Randolph was about the same as David Lee. That alone makes the deal worthwhile.

    4 more moves we need to make:

    1) Use the trade exception from C.J. (around $2 mil) to give Anthony Tolliver a three year deal for $6 – $7 mil.
    2) Use the $2.6 mil trade exception from Morrow to give Earl Watson a 3 year deal for $9 mil.
    3) Trade Monta for Igoudala. I’m sorry, Monta and Curry is just not an ideal pairing. Iggy’s a better all-around player than Monta, though not nearly the explosive scorer.
    4) At the trade deadline (when Udoh is finally healthy), trade Biedrins, BWright and Radmanovic to ATL for Josh Smith and Zaza Pachulia.

    We’d have an excellent bench, size up front, elite athletes (and defenders) at the wings and a starting four (can’t count the centers) that could compete with any team in the league and would defintely make some noise in the playoffs. Check it out:

    PG – Curry/Watson
    SG – Igoudala/Reggie Williams/Charlie Bell
    SF – Smith/Dorell Wright
    PF – Lee/Udoh/Tolliver
    C – Gadzuric/Pachulia

  • OHH MG

    Well the owners are talkin about filling seats, they should swoop in to sign Jeremy Lin since he’s a local product and he’ll attract the Asian fanbase.

    I don’t think the owners approved the David Lee trade and if the team isn’t gonna sign Ammo for 4M/yr why sign CJ for anything close to that. CJ isn’t even a pure PG, he’s more of a SG.

  • Jeremy

    CJ was/is a good player but he never looked to me like he wanted to be here, and it didnt seem the Warriors wanted him back. I assumed he’d be gone before last year, let alone resigning this season.

    Glad they got something for him, but they should’ve given him to Orlando last year for their 1st rounder. Could’ve traded up 4 picks and had the SF answer in Quincy Pondexter.

    Time to sign Hunter and Tolliver to 1-year deals and Roger Mason Jr to a 2 year $8M deal.

    Harp’s Dubs-

    C’mon… would you trade Josh Smith and Zaza for Beidrins, Wright, and Radman? That’s a video game deal, no chance the Hawks would do that even if those three Warriors magically stayed on the court for more than 2 weeks.

    No chance the Sixers deal Igoudala for Ellis either. That’s at least a much fairer deal, but the Sixers are going to hang onto Andre at least until it’s proven they cant win playing Turner, Igoudala, and Holiday together.

  • Mike 117

    It’s obvious the Warriors front office wants to gut the team. The only question is why the incoming owner appears to approve of the dismantling. The only thing that needs to be dismantled is the front office/coach (Rowell, Riley & Nelson). Looks like another basketball dysfunctional owner is coming in. The Warrior fans just can’t catch a break.

    By the way, Steve must be David Lee’s agent or just high on something. Lee is just a Troy Murphy clone, nothing more. He’ll be watching the playoffs from home like the rest of the Warriors. Good luck to Randolph and Watson. Hate to see you go, but I’m glad you guys got out of the GSW black hole.

  • Jeremy

    @ Steve

    Agreed D Lee is going to be a beast offensively for the Warriors, the likes of which we have not seen since Webber’s rookie year. A couple of criticisms:

    1) He will not be paired with Beidrins much on offense or defense because Beidrins is rarely healthy, and when he is constantly in foul trouble because he is consistently off balance on defense.

    2) He will rarely be paired with B. Wright is always hurt. He won’t be paired with Udoh till Jan or Feb since he’s already hurt. We are now down to D. Wright and Gadzuric. Not good…

    3) The writer notes he will not be playing Center, but will always be paired with at least one “terrific weak-side shot-blocker”. He then lists B Wright and UDoh amongst those, but if they’re in the lineup with Lee, Lee is probably playing center. He then notes how bad of a defensive player B Wright is 3 paragraphs later.

    The Warriors still need to find a center who can stay on the court to keep Lee at PF. Hopefully the Warriors sign Chris Hunter back and have him back up Beidrins instead of Gadzuric.

    Should be a lot of fun to watch Curry, Lee, and Monta play together on offense though.

  • Hook Mitchell

    LOL at the “video game trade” quote.

    Good post by Steve.
    I didn’t want to get rid of Randolph.

    But I do see the idea of his potential/abilities to better compliment the warriors.

    But then again.

    I’ll believe it when I see it… Come game time.

  • Jeremy

    It’s laughable that some think David Lee is a Murphy clone. Murphy makes a living outside the paint, Lee makes a living inside the paint. Lee is beast, Muprhy is.. well the opposite of that. But they’re both tall and white and have averaged a double-double.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Jeremy: The Hawks want to move Horford to the 4, so need a real center. I agree the key to the deal is Wright’s and Biedrins’ helath. If both are healthy, I think it’s a go because ATL gets a true 5 and a back-up to Horford in Wright, not to mention Radmanovic’s $7 mil expiring. If Marvin Williams is playing well at the 3, expect a trade of Smith for a center. That gives ATL a starting line-up of Bibby, Johnson, Williams, Horford and Biedrins, with $17 mil in cap room (Crawford and Radmanovic) in 2011.

  • Q.

    Acie Law baby!

  • Jeremy

    They may want to move Josh Smith, but they’re not going to just give him away for the 3 bad players. Radman’s expiring is nice, but Wright hasn’t played in over a year and is hurt again, and Beidrins has played in less games for the 3rd consecutive year, can’t make a shot outside 5 feet, create for himself or others, or hit a free throw and is signed to a big, long contract.

    If they want to move Horford to the 4, they could always move Smith for an upgrade at PG since Bibby’s getting up there in age. Josh Smith, Bibby, and Crawford for Chris Paul and Emeka Okafor is much more likely the talent level of what the Hawks would be looking to get back from a top level talent like Smith. Probably makes both teams better right now and in the future as well…

    If you were a Hawks fan, on a scale of 1-10 how pissed would you be if your team traded one of most dynamic, athletic players in the league for guys who can barely stay on the floor for a perennial lottery team and $7M in cap room next year? I’d be at about a 45 on that scale.

  • Jim Gone Fishing

    Isn’t it pathetic that the front office gloats over its finds in the D-league, but signs and trade them for peanuts: a middling trade exemption, a 2nd round pick, and trade filler. Way to go! I read Devaen George wants to return to join the ferocious 2nd unit of Bell, Gadzuric, B Wright, Radmanovic.

  • DKnight007

    Wow…trading another talented backup spot starter in CJ Watson…..way to blow up the team lousy Warriors front office!

  • petaluman

    Congrats to CJ. He’s a good kid, has worked hard, and deserved a decent contract. What a crazy year, though – he got almost twice what he was being offered last year.

    The Warriors might have considered matching it more if they hadn’t acquired Charlie Bell recently. He’s owed 8M over the next 2 years, and 7M/year for 2 undersized backup combo guards is a bit steep.

    Marcus, is there any indication whether the FO will now look elsewhere to acquire a veteran PG, or continue to focus on signing a big and possibly a wing to fill out the depth chart? I wasn’t that impressed by the SL team PGs.

  • DKnight007

    Another STUPID Warriors trade!?!?


    Let the Warriors FIRE SALE continue!


  • Q

    Marcus Williams baby!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Jeremy: Like I said, the two players’ health is the #1 issue. If AB is healthy and producing double-doubles again and BW is healthy and looking like a potential stud, ATL goes for it. Those are big “ifs”, but by the All-Star Break, we’ll have a pretty good idea. IF those two are healthy and performing and I’m a Hawks fan, I like the trade because of Biedrins’ $9 mil salary, the option on Wright’s contract and the $7 mil salary relief to combine with Crawford’s $10 mil. They could use that cap space to pursue a top-notch PG (Tony Parker?).
    I don’t think the Hornets do that deal because trading Paul indicates Collison’s the starting PG and Bibby would be his back-up. I agree they’re probably pissed they took on Okafor’s contract and would love to dump it on ATL for Crawford’s expiring contract, but they’d need a center back. Peja’s contract finishes next summer, West has a player option and without a superstar (i.e. Chris Paul), they will not lure any FAs to NO. That means a team of Darren Collison, Josh Smith and spare parts – Yuck!

  • Jeremy

    There is nothing to indicate Wright will be healthy. Beidrins hasn’t been effective and healthy in a year and a half and his health has gotten progressively worse for 3 seasons now. There is no way they will be the centerpieces in a deal to bring a stud player like Smith. It just is not feasible, probable, or anything short of a fantasy.

    The Hornets would be a potential playoff team still now with Collison, Thornton, Peja, West, and Smith as a starting 5 with Bibby, Crawford, Aldrich, Songalia, and Posey off the bench (or swap Collison/Bibby and/or Crawford/Thornton). Extremely deep and talented team. The owners are bleeding money Crawford, West, and Peja off the books after this year plus no Okafor contract gives them a lot of flexibility.

    The Hawks having Paul, Johnson, Williams, Horford, Okafor in the starting 5 with Zaza, Damien James, and Jeff Teague off the bench would be a pretty impressive lineup. The bench is a little light, but the starting five can play with anyone.

    Regardless of our disagreement on the Hornets, the Okafor/Paul for Smith/Bibby/Crawford deal was just an example of the level of talent they’d be looking for, not necessarily something that New Orleans would jump at. They don’t want to move Paul… but they may have to is why he was an example. The point being, Josh Smith is not being dealt to the Warriors without them including Curry.

  • While paying CJ was a bastardly remedy, anyone checked the free agent pool of PG’s available? Are we going to play Tolliver at backup PG? There is nobody that we could use at all, let alone anyone cheaper. If we sign Earl Watson I hope Lacob goes straight into Riley’s office and donkey punches him.

  • COhanHater

    make no mistake i love my dubs but im no warriors homer, but to be fair to beans, did you know he JUST turned 24..like JUST…u dont give up on that kinda talent, i think its a reflection of our training staff…getting all our players hurt constantly, not beans…not to mention Don Nelsons horrid mind games have affected him, and especially if ur not that good in english and cant defend yourself in a foreign country? Dude…get Nellie out, play beans a full season wit a developed Steph Curry for the pick and roll like BD glory days, and hell be knocking on the all star teams door again for backup center in the west…and no i didnt stutter..

  • Bill

    gut the team
    Stern should step in and stop these moves until new ownership is in position..
    this lame duck fire sale is depressing…
    we rooted hard for these guys and now they’re just scattered all over the league to help other teams…
    screw it…
    I may not even watch next year…and I’ve been watching since Fred Hetzel and Paul Neumann!

  • DKnight007


    The Warriors are going to REALLY SUCK again next year!

    They have NO BENCH and NO versatility!

    Bunch of idiots!

    The new Ownership should be looking forward to being in the Lottery AGAIN next year!

  • haastheman

    David Lee hurt already. Lee hurt a finger practicing ith team USA. Injury doesn’t look serious though, he’s going back to practice

  • grimm

    I like the kid Lin from Harvard give him a shot he’s got some game and he’ll only need to play 10-15 minutes and I’m sure he’ll play better than CJ did his first go at it at way less than 3 Mil. These new owners are trying to make this a destination and relevent on TV and ESPN. Let them own the team for a minute before you put the franchise in the trash heap. The people hatin should have used that on Cohan the Idiot HE ran the club into oblivion. Let’s try to get a respectable team first and then build up towards a playoff team. Lebron, Wade and Bosh are on the way and Mullin, Chamberlin and Thurmond aren’t waiting in the wings Let’s start a new legacy with the first step.

  • robert rowell

    um that kid from the ivy isn’t gonna back anybody up this year. the W’s still need a back up PG, still need a starting SF, hell, they basically need a whole new team.

    whoever wrote that ridiculously long post has either not lived through the last 16 years of hell or was drunk and high the entire time. if you don’t understand why W’s fans are frustrated, then you haven’t been paying attention and if you haven’t been paying attention, then you’re probably not a fan and if you’re probably not a fan, why the hell do the rest of us care what you say about us?

  • robert rowell

    what i really meant to say was: i wonder how hard it was to type all that juggling lee’s nuts?

  • Dubfan

    To D.Knight – you are an astoundingly predictable asshole. You contribute absolutely nothing to any if these conversations except repetetive garbage. Why do you even bother posting anything? You always say the same thing and never have anything of even the remotest intelligent nature to say.

    I’m just sayin’….

  • WarriorDragon

    Good bye CJ Watson. I know you will go 40/10 assists when you play GSW. Good luck!

  • WarriorDragon

    Bulls CJ Watson v. GSW Stephen Curry. CJ Watson go off for 40/10 assists. Stephen Curry go off for 40/15 assists. It should be a good match-up!

  • RolePlayer

    CJ Watson signing for all that money is nearly impossible for the Warriors to match. Honestly, they shouldn’t even consider it. The Warriors should just be happy to get something in return while being extrememly happy for CJ and wishing him the best in Chicago. Watson deserves everything he is getting for his hard work, but he got overpaid. We got Lin for only 500K this season, that will be a bargain for what he can bring to the Warriors filling in the same role.

  • Mike 117

    “It’s laughable that some think David Lee is a Troy Murphy clone”

    Laughable?? The David Lee I watched last season scored mostly on jumpshots. He was a good rebounder, poor defender. He wasn’t going to get the Knicks into the playoffs and their front office felt that he wasn’t worth the money he was asking for. After Lebron passed on the Knicks, they couldn’t wait to ship him out to the first team dumb enough to meet his contract demands and the Warriors were standing first in line with their checkbook open.

    I expect Randolph to have a breakout year in NY. It doesn’t matter if Lee plays center or PF, he’s going to get pushed around because the league’s better big men all play out west. Gasol, Dirk, Duncan and others are going to take turns trashing this guy. That is when he gets off IR, because I just heard he’s already injured. What a waste.

  • Jeremy

    Murphy lives at the 3 point line and grabs loose ball rebounds. Lee plays in the paint on both sides of the court AND hits jump shots.

    He’s faster than Murphy, quicker than Murphy, better rebounder, better passer, better inside scorer. He’s much stronger, and leaner than the pudgy Troy. Murphy can’t run the pick and roll, that is David Lee’s forte. A 6’9″ 250lb PF who’s a poor defender and dominates the pick and roll is much more similar to Carlos Boozer than Murphy.

    I’m not arguing he’s a superstar capable of carrying that team on his back and putting them in the playoffs despite being surrounded by the likes of Danilo Gallinari, Chris Duhon, Eddy Curry, Wilson Chandler, and Al Harrington… but I don’t think there are 5 players in the league who could get that motley crew to the postseason, even in the East.

    Who cares about losing Randolph. Not including Beidrins’ contract instead of Turiaf/Azbuike was the real issue of that deal. Now they Warriors have 3 big contracts tying up most of their payroll for the next 5 years and none of them are superstars. Curry is going to need a big extension in a couple seasons and by that time Beidrins and his progressively declining health will likely be one of the worst contracts in basketball.

  • DKnight007

    Dubfan Says:
    July 20th, 2010 at 11:38 pm
    To D.Knight – you are an astoundingly predictable asshole. You contribute absolutely nothing to any if these conversations except repetetive garbage. Why do you even bother posting anything? You always say the same thing and never have anything of even the remotest intelligent nature to say.

    I’m just sayin’….

    I have said plenty comments of substance….you need pull your head out of your ass…you delusional loser Warrior fan and realize the team is going through a FIRE SALE!

  • Found this site on through my friend and I’ll be back soon.