Warriors Signing Bay Area-Product Jeremy Lin

I got an email from a reader the other day. The amount of exclamation points tipped me off to the excitement of the sender.

The Warriors fan said he emailed new owner Joe Lacob asking Lacob to sign Jeremy Lin, the Palo Alto-bred guard from Harvard. And the fan could not believe that Lacob took the time to respond to his email. So you can imagine how excited that fan will be when he finds out that Lacob not only answered the email, but he also … excitement warning … ANSWERED HIS REQUEST!!!!!

The Warriors are close to landing Lin, a player who wasn’t drafted but is already somewhat of a cult figure. A source told me Lin and the Warriors are hammering out a two-year deal. The first year has a partial guarantee and the second year is a team option, I’m told.

I highly doubt it was because Lacob got an email from a fan. Lin had a good workout with the Warriors. And, after his play in summer league, Lin has been on the Warriors radar. Other teams were looking at Lin. But no doubt the local kid, who led Palo Alto High to a Division II state title in 2006, waanted to play for his favorite team.

Certainly, training camp with Lin and point guard Stephen Curry going at it should be pretty exciting.

Lin, who played for the Dallas Mavericks summer league, is wildly popular for  having a game loaded with charisma. (Click here to see highligts) He is known for handling the ball and getting to the basket with some flair, making him a fan favorite at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas last week. Especially a certain showdown with John Wall. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s Asian-American, which is a rarity in the NBA, and his Ivy League background, makes him an underdog people want to root for. That he’s from Palo Alto makes him a perfect fit for the Warriors, as evidenced by the relentless plea from fans to sign him.

Even a plea to the new owner.

The Warriors need a point guard after trading C.J. Watson to the Chicago Bulls. Lin, who is more of a tweener than a true point guard, is going to get his chance to fill that void. The Warriors are probably comfortable with adding an inexperienced player at point guard because guard Monta Ellis will serve as the back-up point.

Still, don’t be surprised if the Warriors still pick up a cheap vet at point guard and give  Lin time develop without any pressure.

Lin is really an undersized shooting guard. But he has some skills that, with developing, could make him a pretty effective point guard. The likelihood is that his chances at lasting in the league are linked to his ability to play point.

Marcus Thompson

  • Hoorah! 50 win season coming. Ok, 40!

  • A’s in 2010

    Nice move. He played John Wall well in Vegas. Low risk, this could end up being a steal.

  • dew

    Hahaha SWEET!!!!!! Asian Brian Scalabrine! finally a Taiwanese person in the NBA…i’m so happy I could possibly shed a tear through my Taiwanese eyes… that is if men cried.

  • Jay

    Good Move!!!!!!

  • John Starks

    All for it! Jeremy Lin represent! The fans will go nuts for this guy. He will get the full force of Dubfan support. Considering the Asian population in the Bay Area, he may even overtake Curry and Ellis in jersey sales.

    OK, Lacob. I gotta start giving you some credit. Nice move, buddy.

  • Jay

    Oh I almost forgot…David Lee dislocated his finger in the first thirty minutes of his first Team USA practice. The Curse continues…..

  • Mullin Fan

    Can he play??? Is this simply a marketing move by front office to sell tickets. If he was from Minnesota and his name was Jeremy Lynn would the fans be excited about the signing.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North


    kenny will email lacob 2 ax him 2 sign tolliver and make sure never ever 2 bring back thunder…. mascots suck

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • Silverstreak

    Yess! The new owners are all over this. In my view, letting go of CJ Watson was a step back then we take two steps forward! This makes sense. I’m in a loss for words.

  • jscrilla

    WHATS UP NOW Gunn High School. You might make the top 10 list of schools but who do you have in da Association? BAMMMMMMM EAT IT!

  • Jeremy

    This team might sniff 30 wins now!

  • “Lin is really an undersized shooting guard.”

    That’s what everyone said about Curry. Obviously, Nellie feels differently.

  • Tony Hicks

    Funny he played summer league for the Mavs – on the highlight reel (and I don’t mean to go overboard here -it was the Ivy League) but when he pushed the ball through traffic he looked a little like Jason Kidd. If nothing else, he looks fearless and strong. I even saw him post up nicely. He seems to play bigger than he is.

  • dan

    holy smoke !!!! Lacob signed off on this deal?

  • Son of Ahmed

    Nellie has nothing to do with this methinks, and Marcus is right. His game is more 2 than 1. Was at the game where Lin played against Wall. Surprised by his athleticism and impact on the game. Don’t know if it will work at the next level, but I like the signing for the terms that are being reported.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Tony Hicks,

    re: “He seems to play bigger than he is.”

    I had the same impression seeing him in video and live in Vegas. He looks longer than 6’3″, and he plays longer. His ceiling, imo, is John Barry, who had a nice supporting role on the 90’s Kings.

  • Willy

    Wow, Warriors fans sure get excited easily.

  • Willy

    Mullin #7,


  • infamous w’s

    #7 and #18, you guys have unwittingly setup the next voices of doubt that Lin must overcome – whether this was marketing or a bball move. Scouts have been wrong at every level and there are plenty of real basketball people have said he can play at a high level. Jim Calhoun said he coulda been D1. After seeing Randle and the other Cal guards play I think it would have been very likely Jlin could have helped Stanford to a Pac-10 title if they saw past their limited thinking.

  • infamous w’s

    instead of D1 I meant Big East

  • Come on

    Why? He should go to the Lakers if he wants to see playoff action (or have a chance to win a ring without doing much). Hes a project for now…

  • Steve

    Mullin Fan and Willy #7 and #18, could Azubuike play? Could Morrow play? How about CJ Watson and Tolliver, could they play? Scouts for the Warriors have done a great job finding undrafted players that can get it done in the NBA. That said, my money says yes, Lin can play.

  • Dave

    I’m so happy. Great move by the Warriors. Not a huge transaction, but a smart one. C.J. was a nice, but probably won’t improve much more in his career. Lin has a chance to be great.

  • Noyze

    If anyone doubts Lin can play, check him out against Wall in the Summer League. I know summer league doesn’t prove anything, but i think we can agree he deserves to start his career in the NBA, and not the NBDL.


  • robert rowell

    since when is an ivy league grad considered “underdog?” you gotta be kidding, right? you gotta $100K+ piece of paper with “HARVARD” stamped on it, friend, watch the whole white world open for you.

    sign iverson. quit fooling around with the scrap at the bottom of the barrel.

  • John Starks

    Iverson will need social security and/or hip replacement by December. Jeremy Lin deserves a chance, especially if they can get him on the cheap. He’s got game and his presence alone will create a bigger buzz than Iverson would here in the Bay Area.

  • Hook Mitchell

    Props to Jeremy Lin.

    I’m familar with the whole Asian pride thing that follows him.

    I’m Cambodian from WEST OAKLAND.
    but am a Jeremy Lin hater.
    (only because I feel I should have been first one to make it to the league. )

    all that said. Bruh do got game.

    He don’t hoop. He play BASKETBALL and is good at it.

    Smart player.
    Court IQ is comparable to Steph Curry but won’t be able to make half the plats curry can.

    You can’t go wrong with a player that knows/understand the game.

    He will make plays. But will also get ABUSED out there.

    I’m sure he can handle it.

    He been proving everyone wrong ever since he touched a hoop rock and stepped on the court.

    For the record. I’m a Jeremy Lin HATER.
    Only out of spite and jealosy.

    I’d score on him all day. He can’t hold me.

    I do wish him the best of luck tho.

  • Hook Mitchell

    Oh yeah.

    Just a side note.

    I predict a Guber funded movie/biography/story about Jeremy Lin and his “rise to the top despite many Asian sterotypes”

    A movie that may rival “The Blind Side”

    Just my two cents.

    Take it for what it’s worth…

    two cents to be exact.

  • Gunner

    Just a PR move. This is to get the interest up in the Asian community.

    The way they gave away so many players for nothing, instead of keeping them, shows that they will run it like Cohan did.

    Control salaries and make PR moves that draw fans > building a winning team.

    They know fans will keep going despite losing. They just need to make a PR move once in a while to keep interest

  • linlin

    I’ll buy his first jersey

  • Lin was a very good college baller. He should have been drafted. This is a smart pick up by the Warriors.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    He showed up that midget Randall from Cal state.

  • now a warrior fan

    Based on Jeremy Lin basketball IQ. he can be a future Steve Nash or Tony Parker

  • FoReal

    You’re right Gunner, it’s a great PR move, but one that’s deserved. Signing a player for less than Patrick O’Bryant who’s shown he already can hang with this year’s #1 pick… It’s seriously a no-brainer. How soon can I get my Lin jersey?

    This has been a great offseason. We lost some fan favorites in Randolph, Turiaf, Buike, and CJ, but I think we’re still a better team going forward with the guys we have. We’ll finally get some rebounds with David Lee and Curry is going to be a star this year.

  • Life Long Dubs Fan

    To call this just a PR move isn’t giving Lin the credit he’s due. He’s continually performed at the highest level of basketball – high school, college.

    Just because he graduated from an Ivy League school doesn’t mean he’s not an underdog. As noted, an Asian American player is a rarity in the NBA. Despite leading his high school to a state championship and being Div II HS player of the year, he still wasn’t offered an NCAA Div I spot. Lin went on to Harvard, outplayed those players who were drafted & then showed up John Wall in summer league. He’s not a fluke.

    Don’t cut Lin short, he’s worked hard to get where he is. He’s had to put up with racial slurs during his games in college and overwhelming doubt about his game – because of his last name and the way he looks.

    Whatever color this guy is, he can play. Let’s at least recognize that.

  • ArmChair GM

    Ummm, the reality is that both Dallas and the Lakers(who last time I checked were the World Champs)were both interested in Lin.

    If you watched the Summer League, he held his own and made plays against the number one pick in the draft, John Wall.

    There’s a saying that ‘Misery loves company.’ Some of you ‘fans’ are so pessimistic about every little thing. But if the Lakers had picked Lin, these same people would be up in arms saying that the Warriors missed out on a good, smart, homegrown talent, who is fearless on the basketball court, and has tons of potential.

    Stop being hypocrites. It’s time to ‘Believe’ again or go root for somebody else.

  • TownLove

    Gonna miss CJ and Morrow. They were both fun to watch. Oh Well.

  • OliverS

    gonna love this new kid in town.. go go.. warrior.. go go.. jeremy lin

  • PhillyJ

    Man, bunch of J-Lin haters in here. I’d much rather have Lin than “Jeremy Lynn” as #7 pointed out. We know the success the Warriors have had with slow, white dudes: Murphy, Dunleavy, Fuller.

    J-Lin can flat out play. He’ll ball on Derek Fisher, Beno Udrih, Steve Blake, and all the other backup PGs in the West.

  • Dancing Bear

    Good move. Go Warriors!!!! Can’t wait to watch Lin and Curry play.

  • HankT

    Jeremy Lin is not taiwanese. His parents even said they are Chinese that settled in taiwan. there’s no such ethnicity as “taiwanese.” And Jeremy Lin said he’s an American of Chinese descent.

  • DL

    @Gunner – It is a PR move to a certain extent but a very good and calculated one. It is one that if it works out, everyone will benefit. Jeremy Lin will be playing his hometown team, in front of friends and family.

    The Warriors get great marking opportunities to Jeremy’s family and friends, in addition to the Asian community. Plus, it’s a low cost, low risk and high reward for the Warriors.

    However, I sense that you have a negative take. I believe the Warriors are going to try and give Jeremy Lin a shot to play. This isn’t a sign him and let him go thing. If that was the case, Asian fans wouldn’t care at all.

  • Steve

    Article from before the draft on Lin, including some good video clips.


  • Steve
  • Gunner

    I might sound pessimistic but I am an Asian American and I am excited about the addition of Lin as well.

    BUT… if you thought our defense sucked last year, hang on tight because this year will blow your minds off:

    – rotation of Curry + Ellis + Lin at guard
    – Dorrell Wright (plays some D but can’t score) + Reg Williams (plays no D)
    – David Lee (productive but doesn’t play D)
    – Biedrins with Turiaf gone

    Downgrade defensively at all 5 spots…

    I am thinking about opponent PPG of 120 (we were 112.4 last year)!

  • RolePlayer

    If Lin wasn’t Asian-American would we be more proud of a home grown product, who led an underdog high school team to the division 2 championship over a southern california powerhouse. Even though he was named california state player of the year, he wasn’t offered a scholarship, went to harvard and had one of the greatest careers ever in their school’s basketball history, still didn’t get drafted. He got his one shot with Dallas’ summerleague and shined when he went against Goliath in John Wall, the #1 pick of the draft and more than held his own. He eventually choose to return home, if he wasn’t Asian American, wouldn’t his story of a local underdog getting his shot with the big boys get all our support?

  • WarriorDragon

    Jeremy Lin is Steve Nash. He plays better defense than Nash, toss the dimes like Nash, but Nash is a better shooter.

  • Earl Monroe

    For all those Asian hoop fans, the Warriors also had another Chinese player in summer camp in the 60;s he was the last man cut by Alex Hannum, incredible
    player by the name of Norman Owyang, range to 30 feet shot with both the left and right hand and could make hook shots with either hand from 15 feet.
    Pound for pound I have never seen a better player than him, and I got to see him play when he was much older.

  • Earl Monroe

    If Watson was a point guard in the Nelson system then for sure Lim can be a point guard, Watson is overrated a product of the Nelson system where he was allowed to shoot whenever he felt like it.
    Nice guy though

  • Earl Monroe

    Jeremy Lynn is the son of Loretta Lynn-

  • Walt Frazier

    Earl Monroe, played against Norman Owyang in the 60’s – he had a hook shot like Jerry Lucas and could shoot it from the deep corner.

    As for Lin, let’s take perspective, if they sign him it will be a rookie minimum like $500k. Remember we paid Mikey Moore $2 million for about 3-4 useless games, Raja Bell maybe the same for 1-2 games, and Brandon Wright about $5 million for 5 games. This is a cheap chance. As for playing, I saw him drop 40 on UConn and 30 on Boston College, so he has some game. Can’t see him as good as Nash, but, possibly a Steve Blake.

  • Walt Frazier

    Pandering is drafting guys like Todd Fuller in the first round at #6 before picks like Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady. Pandering is paying $11 million per year for Biedrins who shoots the ugliest free throw this side of Shaq and is too weak to bump a true Big out of lane.

  • Rockets’ Red Glare

    # WarriorDragon Says:
    July 21st, 2010 at 7:02 am

    Jeremy Lin is Steve Nash. He plays better defense than Nash, toss the dimes like Nash, but Nash is a better shooter.

    Nash can finish anywhere on the court… except from above the rim. With some polishing, unlike Nash, J Lin’s gonna be able to finish anywhere on the court!

  • Tdubb

    I spoke to Lin’s former coach from the SF Pro Am League last night. He thinks Bay Area fans will be pleasantly surprised. The coach said the skill set is there to play in the NBA.

    He said Lin’s challenge will be to fight being timid at times. He said Lin would take a backseat to more aggressive players on the floor at times even when Lin was the obvious better player but he thought that was more just basketball maturity.

    As a backup, I see Lin game being like Udrich in Phoenix. We saw what he did in the playoffs after two years.

  • Paul

    This is exactly the type of player the Warriors need as their back up pg. Already loving the Lacob regime.

  • Abe Sanders

    I wonder which jersey is going to sell more. Lee’s or Lin’s?

  • deano

    I do like the Lin signing, but I recall that Anthony Randolph was the star of that year’s Las Vegas Summer League. As is often said, it’s only Summer League.

  • Sleepy in Hollow

    Wow! Absolute home run in the PR department! If this was all Riley then he might have saved his job, but I suspect Lacob has his fingerprints all over this. With 4 open spots on the roster this is a genius move: 1)fan base (especially Asian and their $$$) enthusiasm for local product signing. 2) cash in on this year’s Summer League hype on an undrafted player. 3) potential for great story if J Lin is productive role player. 4) almost guarantees Oracle sell-outs.

    Still leaves roster spots to mine Summer League standouts or D-League for bigs and another guard while retaining expirings and exemptions for bigger fish down the road.

  • DKnight007

    I have said plenty comments of substance….you need pull your head out of your ass and pay attention…you delusional loser Warrior fan and realize the team is going through a FIRE SALE!

    Do you know what a FIRE SALE is moron?

  • DKnight007

    I have said plenty of comments with plenty of substance….you need pull your head out of your ass and pay attention…you delusional loser Warrior fan and realize the team is going through a FIRE SALE!

    Say it…FIRE SALE!

  • DKnight007


    I have said plenty of comments with plenty of substance….you need pull your head out of your ass and pay attention…you delusional loser Warrior fan and realize the team is going through a FIRE SALE!

    Say it…FIRE SALE!

  • DKnight007

    Earl Monroe Says:
    July 21st, 2010 at 7:59 am
    If Watson was a point guard in the Nelson system then for sure Lim can be a point guard, Watson is overrated a product of the Nelson system where he was allowed to shoot whenever he felt like it.
    Nice guy though

    Wow….another delusional kool aid drinking Warrior fan huh?

  • DKnight007

    WarriorDragon Says:
    July 21st, 2010 at 7:02 am
    Jeremy Lin is Steve Nash. He plays better defense than Nash, toss the dimes like Nash, but Nash is a better shooter.

    Wake up from Dream Land buddy! LOL

  • Q

    Congrats to Jeremy Lin! Shows that if you continue to follow your dreams it will pay off. I think we need to not over hype him and give him some time to develop. Could be a solid backup PG for years to come.

    Also, love that the Warriors aren’t committing to long term contracts for role players. Hopefully we can pull off a trade with our expirings at the Feb deadline or sign a FA next year.

  • Earl Monroe

    #42 no one said Lim was going to be a star… you are reading way too much into it bro, just that Watson is overrated especially by the Warriors.
    Dknight007 you sound an awful lot like CC

  • Earl Monroe

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha if you are not CC you are related

  • Boycott_CC
  • Willy

    Not a hater here. Happy for the local guy but want some bigger changes to happen for GSWs than just the signing of an undrafted player.

    I know when someone is appealing to my basal instincts. Can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing as an owner or GM. Smart move. I just hope it’s not the only move?

    Know what I’m sayin?

    P.S. I guess I’ll carry the small smirk with me for a few hours of knowing that both L.A. and Dallas wanted to sign him and lost. But we are talking about an undrafted player here. I’m not pulling out the champagne yet.

  • Chris Webber

    This has the making of a great movie.

    David “Bruce” Lee and Jeremy shao-Lin in Kung Fu Hustle 2 – Dawn of the Cohanator

  • ArmChair GM


    Man that’s a beautiful, inspirational story about this Lin kid and his family. I already have tremendous respect for him and his family. I’m rooting for him 1 hundred percent, and I’m sure the whole league will be too soon.

    Yes he’s undrafted, but the bottom line is that he has skills, straight up! His coaches, scouts, and obviously thr Mavericks and the Lakers all said the same thing.

    This kid has been overlooked because he’s Asian. Well I say it’s time for this kid to get the true shine that he deserves.

  • WarriorDragon

    OK.. Jeremy Lin is a “poor man” Steve Nash. GS got the backup PG. Now, I was thinking the backup SG is taken care of, Charlie Bell is a defensive SG with no offense, Reggie Williams is a offensive SG with no defense. I just cannot understand why SG cannot put their offense/defense game together. There is a serious lack of talent in the NBA league.

  • jack meyhoffer

    worth a shot no contract is bad in the nba
    played good against u conn
    develops a shot might be a good player someday
    better story though
    just from interviews you really hope and pull for the guy seems like a good Christian kid

  • Oakland fan

    This guy won’t make opening day roster

  • Marques8

    Mike Dunleavy Sr. should be remembered as the guy who passed over Jason Kidd and Grant Hill in order to sign Glenn Robinson. If you don’t remember, the first two play defense and make plays for other people. The third, well let’s just say he’s out of the league. Dunleavy seems to have more talent for buddying up to owners than for running franchises or coaching teams. For those who think he would be a real improvement over Nellie, you are living in a dreamworld. His offense is boring, mostly isolation plays. He works out players by playing horse with them, and he has shown no great talent for assessing players. If he has anything to do with the Warriors, disenchantment will return. Remember, he was last a Clipper.

  • Jeremy

    Now… can they just please resign Chris Hunter already? No one wants to see Dan Gadzuric actually on the floor……… right?

  • Q

    Why is Robert Rowell giving interviews for the Warriors? If Lacob and Guber really want to show fans it will be a different era, the first thing they need to do is FIRE ROWELL. Otherwise, it will be more of the same. Also, please don’t hire Dunleavy, there have to be better options out there.

  • Linyo

    now YAO MING!!!!!!!!!

  • WarriorDragon

    GS still wheeling and dealing. The sale won’t be finalize until 30-90 days. It would be training camp time. Why is Lee getting David Woods old number 10. LOL… please have David Lee change his number!

  • WarriorDragon

    I like the rumor Chris Paul trade to GS. Chris Paul to GS for Monta Ellis, maybe package more players. Hornets will “punish” Chris Paul by trading him to GS.

  • WarriorDragon

    Chris Paul and Okafor is a good deal for GS. Both players won’t go to a winner. They be in the cellar team trying to make the playoffs in the west.

  • WarriorDragon

    I predict GSW season tickets sales increase by 30% in 2010/2011 season.

  • Land of the Rizing Dubz

    Shaolin Warrior, bring it! And death to opposing teams that come into the Temple that is Oracle!

  • it shows how hard work pays off when this kid was in high school he was a pretty good player he worked and worked and now it has paid off for the young man. A great story for every kid that has a dream of becoming a nba player that it can be done peace.

  • i’m from the bay area and i’m also asian. its exciting to have jeremy play for the warriors especially when he grew up cheering for the team as a child. this is truly a dream come true for him and is a monumental step for asian americans. go jeremy!

  • HOW DARE YOU DELETE MY COMMENT. Great censorship you could have here