Stephen Curry Meets New Owners Today

I caught up with Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, who is in Las Vegas for Team USA training camp. Curry has a good chance of making team as one of the most consistent shooters in camp. If he does, he will play in the World Championships in Turkey next month. The last Warrior to represent the U.S. was Chris Mullin on the Dream Team.

I got his opinion on various Warriors topics. He did say he is supposed to meet with new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber on Friday at a Team USA function. He said he hasn’t heard from them yet, but looks forward to talking with him. Tried to find out if he would suggest any front-office moves, but he wouldn’t bite. Anyway, Curry’s take on a few things …

How is the Team USA experience so far?

A lot of fun. The talent out here is ridiculous. I’m just trying to find what my role is and learn the system on the go. It’s a great experience. They need somebody who can shoot the ball, so I’m going to try to provide that.

Are you more confident you can make the team after a few days of camp?

I came out here with the expectation of making the team, so I am not more confident. I didn’t come out here with the mindset of I’ma practice for a few days and then see you later.

What do you think about the Warriors’ continued problems with injuries?

I don’t know what to say about the curse of the logo, man. It’s kind of crazy. David Lee’s first practice as a Warrior, he gets hurt. Thankfully his won’t last until training camp or anything. I think it definitely hurts to have Ekpe out for so long, especially with it being his first year. But I think we’ll be all right once we figure out all the pieces that are left to fill our roster.

What do you say to fans worried you might get hurt playing internationally?

Anytime you suit up, even if I’m working out, there’s going to be a risk. I guess it is more of a risk if I’m overseas playing full-competition games in the summer time. But I think the risk is definitely worth it just based on what I’m going to get out of it, playing at this level in the summer time instead of just working out. So I would tell everybody I think I’m going to be a lot better player. I’m taking care of my body. I’m not an above-the-rim guy anyway. You don’t get hurt on the 3-point line.

What do you think of the moves your team has made?

I kind of have two separate emotions. You see all these moves with guys that I’ve built relationships with this year. We’ve had our ups-and-downs together through such a long year, especially all the young guys. To see C.J. and Morrow, Ronny and Randolph and all those guys leave, it’s kind of tough. On the other side, you add David Lee, an All-Star who will definitely help our team out. Dorell Wright can guard the three spot like we didn’t have last year at all. So I’m happy that we’re trying to make moves to get our team in the right spot. I know they had a lot of expectations to sign C.J. and Ant back. But it was one of those things where they deserved a lot of money and they got it.

You more confident you and Monta can succeed as backcourt?

Definitely. We had our ups and downs this year trying to play together. I told him before we left that the chemistry we had toward the end of the year was solid and hopefully the summer doesn’t kill that. Adding David Lee as another threat to our starting lineup will hopefully get us where we want to be. Monta, we all know how talented he is and how much he wants to win. So as long as we all come back healthy and ready in training camp, I think we’ll be fine.

Feeling the pressure of being the franchise guy yet?

I’m just going out there playing and whatever my role is on the team, I’m going to take it. It’s not me trying to be the man on the team or trying to be the face of the Warriors or anything like that. It takes more than one person to win. I know there were a lot of talks that I was the only one that wasn’t up to be traded or anything like that, which may be true. But that is not going to last if come into training camp behind. even the last thing on my mind. I’m just going out there to play with the lineup we have and do what I do.

What do you think of the new owners?

For them to spend that much money on the franchise means they’re dedicated. Hopefully they’ve got more in the tank, that they have ideas and a direction for where they want to go with the team. It’s a lot to spend $450 million on a team. Hopefully, they’re involved and real personable with the team. I think they have some experience — with Lacob being part of the Celtics — and they understand that how great a fan base the Bay Area is and what kind of team and market we can have if everything falls into place. So I’m looking forward to meeting them and seeing what kind of direction they have for us.

In five years, we’ll make (their money) back for them. Watch.

Marcus Thompson

  • AQ

    Everything sounds good, the key thing is for monta and Curry to build up chemistry this season in order to have a successful season.

  • pboss

    Wasn’t Hardaway on on Dream Team 2 w/ Nellie as the coach?

  • unoit

    the only chemistry we need is get rid of scotch lovin nellie

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Here’s how the conversation will go:
    Guber: Well, Steph…
    Lacob: Hey Pete, just shut up, sign the checks and start working on your next great sports movie, “Linsanity – from PA to the NBA”.
    Lacob: OK, Steph…
    Curry: Did you hear Dennis Scott’s new nickname for me? “Spicy”, as in “spicy curry.” What do you think?
    Lacob: Pretty lame, kid, but if you like it, I’m all for it. So, in order to keep you from pulling a Chris Paul and having the best fans in the world turn their back on new ownership, what can I, er we, do to make you happy?
    Curry: I actually like what’s happened at the power forward spot. Lee will be a beast on pick and rolls and when Udoh’s healthy, he’ll be a nice lock and lob partner.
    Let’s be honest, Monta’s a stud, but two 6’3″ guards in the backcourt ain’t gonna fly. I’ve been playing this past week with a guy who would be a heckuva backcourt mate: Andre Igoudala. Dude can score, handle for his size, can play the two and the three, but most importantly can defend so that he can provide some help for me when I get torched.
    Dorrell Wright’s a nice pick-up, but definitely not a starter at small forward. How about sending Biedrins and BWright (dude will never be healthy as long as he’s with us) to ATL for Marvin Williams and Zaza Pachulia? That way, we’ve got a good, young versatile athlete in Marvin Williams who can defend and stroke the 3 at the SF spot and a huge guy (6’11” and 265) in Pachulia at center who can actually make a free throw.
    Lacob: Anything else?
    Curry: Yeah, man, re-sign both Tolliver and Hunter. Those are both good dudes, play hard and can be had cheaply. We also really need a better back-up PG than the Lin kid. Can we sign a solid veteran to can run the squad while I’m on the bench, someone like Earl Watson?
    Lacob: What about the center position, Steph?
    Curry: This year, I think we’re a little stuck, but Gadzuric can run and Pachulia can bang, so I think we’ll be OK. Anyway, I think Lee will probably get some minutes there as well. In the summer of 2011, use the money from the expiring contracts of RadGad and get a legit center. So, our team looks like this to start traning camp:

    PG – Me/Earl Watson/Lin
    SG – Igoudala/Reggie Williams/Bell
    SF – Marvin Williams/D. Wright/Radmanovic
    PF – Lee/Tolliver/Udoh
    C – Pachulia/Gadzuric/Hunter

    Lacob: Anything else?
    Curry: Fire Nelson and bring in Brian Shaw. Fire Larry Riley and bring in Kevin Pritchard. Thanks guys, gotta get back to Team USA now. See you in Turkey!!!

  • Chris Webber

    Curry will make the team. Curry is coach K’s ultimate wet dream of a player.

  • jack meyhoffer

    harps that lineup would be nice

  • todd nizzle

    curry is a lock because he’s just that damn good already – also coach k will build good will the curry family..he’ll be coaching steph’s younger brother this fall

  • haastheman

    If he does or doesn’t make the team, this experience will do wonders for Curry. Getting to spend this much time with All-Star NBA players, picking their minds and seeing how they prepare will elevate Curry’s game to the next level. I’m almost hoping he doesn’t make the team, the last thing the warriors can afford is Curry going down with an injury. Hater ass Monta might try to Tanya Harding him.

  • BigTimeJB

    has Monte just never rec’d an invite for Team USA? Or he likes to spend his summers away from basketball. I know he’s getting married,,but Randolph last year practices with Team USA and this year we have two more players. Why not Monte?

  • Earl Monroe

    Curry is a special person and player anyone else would have handled last year
    very differently. Positiveness is always better than negativity

  • jsl

    Terrific work, MT, just terrific.

    Very good Q’s; even better answers.

    Hope we get a report on the “meeting.” I’ve never liked Guber much — and don’t think he’s really done anything in about 20 years — but Lacob looks to be just about perfect for us: smart, savvy, knows — and loves — bball, and has a soupcon of experience with the Celts ownership. (You might want to ask him how that sale is going.)

    Anyway, very nice stuff. Keep it up, please.

  • Sleepy Freud

    He will be an all star this year and will clearly show he is better than ‘Reke ” I have no jumper” Evans.

  • A’s in 2010

    Anyone rooting for Curry not to make the team because of the injury risk is selfish prick. We are a team that consistantly gets no representation around the league as far as All-Stars, the Olympics… we need Curry to make the team. Have some pride.

  • Land of the Rizing Dubz

    How about Curry Rice? Nah, that would only work in Japan, where that’s a favorite among the kidz. Okay then, instead of Spicy, how about just plain Spice? And when he drives through the lane for a layup, the announcer can go “…CURRY THROUGH THE LANE FOR A LAYUP…GOOD!!! S-P-I-C-E A-N-D D-I-C-E!!!”



  • Blake

    Harp’s Dubs-Biedrins and Wright for Pachulia and Williams?

    You are insane. Biedrins is already a far better and more valuable player than Pachulia. He’s a starter while Pachulia is not.

    And Marvin Williams is the definition of average at the SF position. He doesn’t do anything particularly well, but he also isn’t horrible. His contract on the other hand is.

  • Blake

    Curry’s answers were impressive. He shows a tremendous feel for where the team is, where it is going. He is special. Monta Ellis could never give an interview like this.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Blake: We don’t know what Biedrins’ or Wright’s health status will be. If we can get a big-bodied healthy center and a small forward who can do the things we need (2-way player), we do it. Williams’s contract is better than Biedrins’ and Pachulia’s is very good. I’d love to see Curry with Williams and Iguodala on the wings. David Lee’s going to be a stud for us and a trio of Zaza, Gadzuric and Hunter could defend the paint and rebound – no need for them to score.

  • pick -n- roll

    Harps the trades you put in Curry’s mouth does not make the team better.

  • Leftshot

    Every time I hear Curry talk I’m so glad he’s a Warrior. What an outstanding young man. In Curry, Lee and Lin the Warriors have picked up three smart and high character guys, not to mention we know two of the three can really play.

    My hope is that Curry and Lin form a bond. I think Curry can be a real help to Lin’s development, and I suspect he’s a guy that would do so.

  • Jay

    Betta hope Curry gets cut cause he will get hurt if he goes overseas. If I was the new owners I would call coach K and ask him to make Curry one of his cuts. Curry has already gone thru several practices with the ALL Stars so he already has that valuable experience he can use. I was thankful that he turned the ball over at the end of the game. That, and the fact that he won’t play point before D Rose or Rondo, hopefully will keep Steph off the roster and safe for the upcoming season

  • DKnight007

    Lets see so far…

    Dubs have lost Morrow,(2nd best shooter on team) Azbuke, (great versatile bench player and spot starter) Randolph, ( young versatile athletic big man, with great upside) CJ Watson,( another solid backup PG and spot starter) and Turiaf,(energetic role player off the bench)

    Warriors replace them with an overrated PF who can’t play one on one defense in Lee and a bench player who has not offensive game in Wright….and a reach feel good player in Lin?? The number 1 pick Udoh is out for 6 months also!

    Yep…as of now…this Warrior team is going to be WORSE than last years version at least as of now!

  • A’s in 2010

    Steph says making the USA team would be the greatest accomplishment of his life, to date. Anyone not rooting for Curry to make the team just doesn’t get it.

  • Jeremy

    ESPN lists Curry as a lock to make the team already. I love that in Year 2 he’s already locking up a spot on the National team over guys like Evans and Rose. Him, Ellis, and Lee together is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

    The starting five will be better this year with Lee and Wright instead of Maggette and Tolliver. Need to find a way to get rid of Beidrins still, but few players in the league have less trade value.

    Sign Chris Hunter yesterday. He could be had for probably the league minimum, knows the playbook, does everything at center reasonably well, and has good chemistry with Curry and Ellis. Not to mention he’s much better than Gadzuric and Beidrins can’t stay on the court… he is no brainer signing for the end of the bench.

    Sign Roger Mason Jr to replace Morrow. The bench needs another shooter off the bench, especially since Williams is going to have to play a lot of SF.

  • DKnight007

    Lets see so far…

    Dubs have lost Morrow,(2nd best shooter on team) Azbuke, (great versatile bench player and spot starter) Randolph, ( young versatile athletic big man, with great upside) CJ Watson,( another solid backup PG and spot starter) and Turiaf,(energetic role player off the bench)

    Warriors replace them with an overrated PF who can’t play one on one defense in Lee and a bench player who has no offensive game in D Wright….and a reach feel good player in Lin?? The number 1 pick Udoh is out for 6 months also!

    Yep…as of now…this Warrior team is going to be WORSE than last years version at least as of now!

  • SEL

    Tim Hardaway missed a couple world games due to injury or lockout, he later did play in the 2000 olympics. I think he was still given a gold medal for the year he was injured. But yes it has been a long time a Warrior was on team USA.

  • robert rowell

    curry looked like he put on maybe ten pounds this offseason already, how did he look in person mt2?

    not sure why some of you praise curry by trashing monta. pretty silly imho. curry has been terrific, but i can’t for the life of me see how that puts the stink on monta. my only explanation is that because monta doesn’t shuck and jive the way you want, talk the way you want, act the way you want you gotta hate, call him a thug, stupid, etc.

    #25, they don’t look any better than last year, that’s for sure. but it’s hard to take a no talent roster and flip it for one with talent in a single offseason, especially with the ‘tards that run the front office.

    “it’s the curse of the logo.” truer words haven’t been spoken.

  • Billy B

    Small ball bradah! who cares if the bigs are injured. we need PGs and SGs and Forwards here… Nellie’s whisky will fuel the small ball.

  • fillmoe mike

    I agree great interview marcus…….

    Also I don’t understand all the monta hate either robert rowell.hopefully monta does not get traded…but who knows what the new owners want to do..

    I feel like we have a more efficient and smarter team than we did last year…so that makes us a better team….I still think we need either a energy guy or athletic 3 or 4…