Does Post-Nellie Era Begin Now or Next Year?

New co-owner Joe Lacob just did an interview on KNBR with Ralph and Tom. One of the interesting tidbits in it was about what he’s going to do with the coach. But he has a bit of a a dilemma.
Lacob said what everybody else already knows: the Nellie era is done. And Lacob said in the interview that he wants a young coach in the new era (he listed Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks as an example). But the question he has to answer is when will the era end? Now? Or after this coming season?

What makes the decision difficult is that he can’t make the move until he becomes owner of the team, which he said he’s hoping to be officially by late  September. (Though, he said outgoing owner Chris Cohan has obliged him since the sale agreement. If he wanted Nelson gone, couldn’t he just tell Cohan to fire Nellie and hire the guy he wanted?) If that is when he gets ownership, that’s about the start of camp and a month before the season starts.

Is that too late to make a coaching change?

Lacob sounded like he wanted to make a run at the playoffs this year. A couple of players told me they would rather Nellie stay on this last year unless the Warriors can get a really good replacement. Is late September too late to get the coach of the future? Perhaps the only way a new coach is feasible at that point of the offseason is if the replacement is already identified and ready to go right away. If that coach is not already on a staff, he could even get started before the sale is official, at least with rounding up the staff he wants. That’s risky though.

If Lacob is not willing to do any under-the-table dealing, that means he would have to START the search in late September. That would be crazy.

On the flip side, why wait a year to do what you know has to be done? With the the young players in place, why not get to it right away?

Certainly, getting point guard Stephen Curry the coach he’s going to grow under in tow now is better than doing it later. Ditto to a lesser extent for the likes of Reggie Williams, Ekpe Udoh, and, yes, Jeremy Lin.

So which is the lesser of the two evils: potentially hurting the coming season by making a change too late? or postponing the start of the new era?

Marcus Thompson

  • CeAndra

    I dont that is a difficult task to do right now. We already made alot of players move to start a new era of type of players with certain skill sets. We know we want Nellie gone but its way that the new owner must do this task. First what good young, experienced and competitive coach available who can come in a turn this team around? that’s the question the owner must investigate to start a list of candidates for the job and prepare them to take the rein after this season.

  • WarriorD

    I have been back and forth with how I feel about Nellie, but basically from what I saw last season, the players (at least the ones left standing in the end) played FOR Nellie. They really came together with the few players they had playing and win or lose, they didn’t give up. If you look at past coaches we had, you can see players giving up on them.
    Why I think Nellie can be successful with this team this season.
    1. Injuries cost them the last season, not a playoff season but some sort of semblance of direction for a team for a season. The front line is already hurt, but hopefully we can at least keep the starters healthy.
    2. This team is a better rebounding team. Nellie’s roster was outrebounded because his best players weren’t the best rebounders. Now Lee is his best Forward and a great rebounder. With Turiaf gone and hopefully Biedrens healthy, Biedrens will help out on the boards and be back to double figures. Monta and Curry are both good rebounders for their size and position. Except for last season, the Warriors were never out of the top half of the league and even had some top 10 team rebounding teams in the last few years of the Nellie Era.
    3. There’s no more second guessing or much developing needed. The team always had young depth that never had a chance to develop. Now it’s pretty clear who needs to play. That’s what made Randolph a gift and a curse to me. Everyone wanted to see him play…but then he sometimes killed the team when he played, but they wanted him to play more. Now we have an actual core and no one should have the opportunity to second guess Nellie’s decisions. Would you rather see BWright developing in the game and take Lee out? Probably not. Regardless who plays the 3, this is the best starting 5 proven as players, we’ve had here for a while.
    4. Nellie can bring the most out of this team. What we have left is hard working guys that will play for Nellie and are made to play Nellie Ball. I don’t think keeping Nellie keeps the Cohan era alive…This team was built to run, built to pick-and-roll and has a hell of a point guard running things. That’s the formula of the signature Nellie Winning Teams and I’d like to see one more season of the Oracle Rocking. The next coach can be young and exciting, but not get the most out of his players the way Nellie does. Getting rid of Rowell will be a better indication of Killing the Cohan Era.

    My mind will change if we sign Devean George and he plays starter minutes or if Pargo plays over Curry.

  • http://www.clush.com ozfraud

    Keith smart ftw

  • Dave in LA

    POB…ok, you got me there. But both Foyle and Powell made contributions to their respective playoff team’s runs as back up beef. after they left the W’s. Yes…They could have helped in boards and interior D in spot minutes. Since we were getting killed already inside…why not at least make the attempt to adjust? Oh…That’s right…Nellie don’t need no stinking D (or bigs for that matter)

  • Twinkie defense

    People forget how close the Warriors were to upsetting the Jazz and advancing to the WCF. If not for a couple missed free throws things might’ve been different… and what business did that squad really have battling a clearly much better, bigger, and deeper Jazz team anyway? If the Warriors would’ve had Turiaf one season sooner everything might have been different. But to suggest that Adonal Foyle would have been the difference, or Patrick O’Bryant?! Sure, if we want to be swept instead of battling, that’s a difference.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Wow. All this cheer leading for a coach who has a below .500 record coaching the Warriors over 11 seasons. Hopefully Lacob has a different standard of excellence than some of the fans.

  • Dave in LA

    Thank you SOA!

  • Dave in LA

    And for the record…if you are within “a couple of missed free throws” of winning a series don’t you think a couple of more posessions due to better rebounding may have made a difference?

  • Twinkie defense

    No I think just not choking on the FTs would have sufficed.

    Did we want better rebounding, low post scoring and defense? Of course. Personally I would feel better about trotting out a smaller guy who can actually play basketball at the professional level than stiffs like Adonal and POB though – putting the chances of winning on the back of those two is a leap of faith I’d rather not make.

    Of course it’s an easy argument for the Nellie-haters to make though – what if? What if we had started the great Patrick O’Bryant? Undoubtably we would have won it all :lol:

    And Son of Ahmad, you can criticize Nellie’s winning percentage here, fair enough, but it’s a little disingenuous to do so outside of the context of the Warriors winning percentage without Nellie. I’m all for having a better coach, but somehow given what I’ve seen of the alternatives I have to say, gimme Nellie every day of the week, and twice on gameday.

    Not to mention, Nellie has done enough for this franchise over the years that he has earned the right to have one swan-song season where he is allowed to field more than 6 or 7 broken down players and D-Leaguers.

  • dan

    they should have won game 2 vs the jazz if JRich just made his FT

  • dan

    btw it is not cheerleading at all. Nellie should retire in my opinion b/c he is too old but attacking him and blaming him for Bioedrins problems were stoopid. Nellie helped make Biedrins and Monta. Nellie somehow convinced the coach killer named Baron Davis to become leader. Nellie somehow convinced that punk Jackson to play ball for the W’s. I could go on but let’s be real when you guys want to attack him.

    We all remember POB, Diogu, Belli etc… Nellie ruined them. Nellie did not develop them etc….just stoopid.

  • J-Walk

    Spirited arguments from both sides and I think both arguments have merrit. I would first argue that Nellie is not a toxic presence and by keeping him around you’re not keeping the Cohan era alive. The new owner in and of itself kills the Cohan era. Nellie can coach. People need to remember that. It sounds like the core players want him back. Which to me speaks more to his ability to win with this team than his record over the last two injury mared seasons.

    On the other hand I do get tired of the mad scientist approach with the constant shuffling of players in and out of the starting line-up. Inconsistant minutes to the bench players who have no identified roles. I too have league pass and one constant I see from teams that win is consistancy. Consistancy with the starters who know about how many minutes they are going to play and know when they are going to get their breaks. Consitancy with the bench players who know when they are going to come into the game, how many minutes they are going to play and what there role is when they are on the floor. To me that has been the biggest thing lacking with the Warriors over the past two seasons.

    With that said, I beleive that the Warriors for the first time since Nellie came back to coach this team have balance. Starting players with defined positions with a back-up for that postion. To me order and consitancy must be upheld in order for the Warriors to succeed. That would be my only stipulation to Nellie if I were the owner and was considering bringing him back for his last year. In the end I think #42 said it best. If you have identified who you want and he’s ready to go then make the change. If it’s an interview process, bring back Nellie and do some proper evaluation of the team and the potential coaches to make sure you get the right fit.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Twinkie Defense,

    I find it ironic that you are staunchly defending Nelson given the second word in your handle. ;-)

    Anyway, re: “And Son of Ahmad, you can criticize Nellie’s winning percentage here, fair enough, but it’s a little disingenuous to do so outside of the context of the Warriors winning percentage without Nellie. I’m all for having a better coach, but somehow given what I’ve seen of the alternatives I have to say, gimme Nellie every day of the week, and twice on gameday.”

    That comment typifies the shortsightedness of Warriors fans. (No offense intended.) We base our criteria of what good coaching is against the failed background of Warriors history. That’s exactly what I meant by “battered wife syndrome” a few posts ago. I’m not interested in how much better Nelson has been than other coaches who have coached the Warriors. And as a new ownership group comes in, they should be doing everything in their power to remove the stains of the past and start fresh with a team that wins.

    This is not very complicated. The new owners have said they are all about winning. Winning requires defense, rebounding, and low post play. Nelson’s teams have failed miserably in these areas. It’s time for change.

    When Nelson leaves, I too will have some fond memories of his successful moments with the team. But the record has been mixed, and the team needs to change its identity overnight once the take over becomes official.

  • Dave in LA

    Twinkie (59)
    Again…I give you POB. But re-read my post. I never espoused starting and giving huge minutes to Foyle OR Powell. Bring them in for spot minutes to clog the middle, grab a few boards and maybe get a block or two (plus the added benefit of not running out short rotation into the ground) and maybe we win that series. Use them like Van Gundy and P Jackson did in their playoff runs. No need to remake the basic construct of the team just adjust with b/ups as needed to get a specific result. That’s why they are called “in game adjustments.” Getting killed on the boards…adjust.

  • jsl

    My word! Is Twinkie the new Felty?

    Felty raves about Nelson’s work with guards. Well, fair enough, Felty, but that’s the problem: the Fat Man’s always playing four of ‘em, burning ‘em out (see, e.g. BD, Monta, Cancer Jack — who’s a two in a short three’s body, even Curry last year — tho he got a break till about January when Nelson realized, “Hey, this kid’s pretty good!”), and preaching “No D” year after year.

    Except for Dirk — who laughs at Nelson’s “No D” coaching now — can you name a non-guard he’s “developed” since Mullin (who, one might say, brought a lotta talent with him — as did Dirk; tho, like Coach Nelson, neither’s ever won anything in the NBA)?

  • dan

    please stop it. Coaches don’t develop players. Players either have it or they don’t. crazy garbage talks.

  • Dave in LA

    Dan (66)
    You’re right…Players typically at this level DO arrive with a lot of talent…BUT…a coach can seriously impede a players natural development and ultimate success with bad rotations, schemes, etc. A coache’s job is to design a situation and environment to maximize the talents he is surrounded by. You can have Lebron James…but if your strategy is designed and being called by Mike Brown you still lose!

  • Dre

    we got new ownership we might as well have new management. nellie i believe gets too much credit for last year, yes we had many injuries but so did a lot of other teams who had much better seasons than us (Portland being that team).

    dream scenario:
    GM: Kevin Pritchard or David Griffin (especially if Jerry West follows suit as an advisor for Griffin)
    Coach: Brian Shaw

    at the end I believe lacob keeps nellie and company the rest of the year.

  • Frank

    I can understand the sentiment to fire Nellie…however, the fact remains Lacob doesn’t own the team yet. When Nellie does go, I like the Brian Shaw idea a lot. He’s a bright guy, and having been associated with the Lakers, he understands what it takes to win. That in itself should do wonders for this team.

  • dan

    Dave in LA:

    then Randolph is too stoopid then because he did not listen to Nellie. If Randolph had listened or paid attention, he would be a better player today. Nellie did help Biedrins and Monta become better players by designing plays for them. Biedrins can not shoot so Nellie told him don’t shoot, just run the floor and rebound. Monta is not a PG so Nellie told him to run the floor and attack the basket.

    Nellie is not as stupid or crazy as some of you wanted to make him out to be. He “developed” Nash, did he not? Nash was a 3rd PG in Phoenix but Nellie saw something and had confidence in Nash by signing him to a big contract. Nellie also “developed” Dirk, right ? How about Timmy Hardaway or Mitch or Mullin ? People laughed when Nellie traded a fatso for a 18yo german named Dirk.

    Coaches typically do not develop players. they can help by simplying things but if players refuse to listen, there is nothing a coach can do.

    Doc Rivers was almost gone/fired when he has to play bunch of kids in Boston. Now Doc looks like a genius w/ the 3 tenors. Doc must be some kind of genius. NOT.

    You win with talent. Always.

  • http://mail.yahoo.com DubsFan

    Fire Nelson. Give Keith Smart a chance. Similar system but with more defense. If he works, then we have up & coming coach. If not, we look for someone else next summer.

  • Twinkie defense

    Exactly, talent wins. And the Warriors have come up on the short end of the stick, talent-wise, more often than not. I don’t think you can blame Nellie for that though – if anything, he’s been able to squeeze some admirable performances from players he pulled right off the scrap heap, and it’s not his fault that the lottery got us Mike Dunleavy instead of Yao Ming and Epke Udoh instead of John Wall.

    And while “development” is a crock, spotting talent is not, and there’s maybe no one with as good an eye for talent as Nellie.

    Nellie’s philosophy is to maximize a player’s strengths, and hide their weaknesses. For example, Randolph is a train wreck when he’s trying to dribble drive and take pull-up jumpers. Nellie told him to just get his rebounding right, just focus on that, and let’s go from there. While Randolph would disagree, because he prefers to showcase his own skills, I believe Nellie did the right thing – the thing that helps the team win – by insisting that before all else, AR4 grabs the damn board. In fact I was embarrassed for Randolph when I read that his high school coach could only get him to board when he told him he could be the point guard, but only after he pulled down a defensive board… and AR went out and pulled down 18. Sigh…

    It’s that kind of philosophy that enabled Monta and Biedrins to “develop.” Montgomery had Monta buried behind D-Fish (who Mullin had to trade just to get Monta some PT), and he also had Foyle inked in as the starter the summer before Nellie came on board, he wasn’t even going to give Biedrins the chance to compete for the spot. Thank god Nellie put Biedrins in there and gave Foyle a one-way ticket out of town.

    Hey, I’m all for getting a new coach in due time, which I think is next summer. But rushing to hire one now when most of the hiring has been done, and before you have a new GM in place or even been able to evaluate the full, healthy roster I say is exactly the kind of mistake that has plagued this franchise in the past. Time for an orderly evaluation and transition, not a panicky retreat from everything-Warriors.

  • Dave in LA

    We agree to disagree. And I do not disagree that Nellie has…in his 30 year career been able to do a good job spotting talent here and there. But you are citing long passed history. Here we sit in 2010, new owners, young, inexperienced team…and a coach who has publicly stated this is not the kind of team he wants at this point in his career. “I deserve a veteran team” I believe was his specific quote. Kinda like me telling everyone that the job I have is really not the job I want…but I’ll stay on to collect a paycheck regardless. I would not expect any new boss to think that my views are conducive to a positive, successful work environment. Would you?

  • Steve

    Don Nelson’s career coaching record as Warriors coach was 396-387 following the 2007-’08 season. Only the last two seasons when he had the best D-League team in the NBA to work with did his record slip below .500.

    Given the fact that the ONLY GREAT player the Warriors have had in the last 35 years (Rick Barry) played for them 35 years ago, it’s amazing that ANYONE could coach this mess-of-a-franchise for close to 1,000 games and win as many games as Nelli did. The guy deserves pats on the back, not kicks to the groin.

    I look around the league and I don’t see many coaches that inspire heaploads of confidence. The same guys keep getting hired and then fired, then re-hired again. And between head coaching gigs they’re either holding clipboards or talking into some microphone. Be careful what you wish for. The next Eric Mussellman could be coming to a theater near you.

  • dan

    What Nellie has done best throughout his career is turning a sh@@tty roster into a playoffs roster. He is one of better team builders and I count West, Petries among them.

    Nellie is too old for coaching but he is not an idiot. he may not care as much now because the team roster sux but he is not an idiot

    You think Mike Brown developed Lebron ? Yeah.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Player development? That’s what college is all about in my opinion.

    Professional development, now that’s another story. Guys in the league should be developing their game on their own and with the help of assistant coaches and consultants. That’s why they are called PROFESSIONAL athletes. In spite of all the stories we hear about knucklehead athletes in pro sports, most, I believe, live up their role as professionals.

    Where coaches come in is how they use the players. Do they get the best out of the player.

    Feltbot used the example of Don Nelson and Steve Nash. I think it is a good example, only I reach a much different conclusion. After being buried behind Jason Kidd and Kevin Johnson in Phoenix in his first two seasons, Nash emerged as a player in Dallas under Don Nelson. In his six years under Don Nelson in Dallas, Nash averaged 7.9 assists per game and 13.7 points per game. In his six years with Phoenix, he has averaged 10.9 assists per game and 17.0 points per game. It was not until he arrived in Pheonex that he won his two MVP awards. The Nash who played for Dallas was a different player than the one who played for Phoenix. The Suns Nash was a much better distributor as evidence by the significant jump in assist numbers (3 more per game, a 27% increase). I remember Nash in Dallas. I liked those teams, but would get frustrated by Nash calling his own number a little too much. A buddy of mine had the same gripe. This is a characteristic of most Nellie point guards. I loved Hardaway, but was frustrated by his proclivity to shoot the early 3, something Nelly seemed to promote. Same could be said for the ball pounding and ball chucking Baron Davis.

    Anyway, once Nash left Dallas, he emerged as the game’s best distributor since John Stockton. Though his point production went up, the assist numbers went up even more. He simply made better decisions with the ball.

    Nash developed in an MVP player after he left Dallas. It showed on the court, and the statistics back it up.

  • Al Oha

    You guys are arguing over Nellie’s abilities as a coach and comparing past results to present results.

    Then the Nellie-backers site the fact that he had only D-Leaguers and youth to play with as an excuse for his losing record the past two years.

    But, the point of fact, that is not discussed, is how did the W’s get to the point of such a dearth in talent that they were playing D-Leaguers and could barely put 5 guys on the court at times (remember Curry playing w/ 6 fouls).

    Nellie, the coach, could blame Nellie, the de-facto GM, for plenty of the talent downgrade swaps made over the last two years. BD, Barnes, Pietrus, AH, SJax, Crawford, yeah you could say they HAD to go, but what did they get in return? Did Nellie maximize their value? Or did he make it known publicly that they could be had for nothing, expiring bunk, and/or injured players that were later let go or they’re still carrying eating up capspace.

    Who was responsible for that roster of D-Leaguers and bunk playing with Curry and Monta?

  • Al Oha

    Nellie was partly responsible and likely more than that since HE was the BB consigliere to Rowell after throwing Mullin under the bus and installing Riley in as his hand puppet.

  • Al Oha


    Two words not in this coach’s vocabulary.
    He doesn’t practice it.
    He doesn’t preach it.
    He doesn’t demand it.
    He doesn’t get it.

    No wonder BD and SJax went off the deep end. No wonder Monta, one of THE MOST EFFICIENT SCORERS in the league two years ago, morphed into a selfish gunner.

    Stop him before he ruins Stephen Curry and/or Curry looks for his ticket out of the Bay Area.

  • MareR

    Nellie’s offense works. Nellie’s defense does not. If the Warriors hired a defensive specialist then this team would win a lot of games. The key, of course, is the transition game, both ways.

  • ComOn Cents

    Hey Gunner: Coach’s contract is guaranteed. Lacob is gonna pay him whether he fires him or not. Hiring a new guy now would only cost Lacob more than hiring the same guy later! A couple of month’s salary for a “new” young NBA head coach now would not really a factor in bringing in that new guy!
    Those of you who think Nellie is gonna tank the team are crazy. Nellie is all about having as many wins as possible when he retires. That is why he hired on for another 3(?) years when he did. He wants to win just never has enough healthy players to do so. I am not saying that he would have won a bunch of games with the players on the team last year but 40 or more was not unrealistic if he had a healthy team! I think most would agree with that estimate.
    Not sure if he should go or not. Have mixed feelings. To say that the players on the team now are of his doing doesn’t seem to make much sense to me, either. Mnaagement just traded all of those guys away or let them leave for peanuts. Do you think Nellie wants to spend another year losing? I really think the problems of the past few years generally fall on management, not coaching!
    Nellie came back and the Warriors won. We all seem to want to forget that FACT! Mullin left and they started to leak oil badly! Fault management, not coaching! And, don’t fault Nellie for Mullin’s leaving. Even if he wanted that to happen, the big boys upstairs did the deed!
    Also, please remember all those years in between Nellie’s coaching of the team. Wanna go back to that kind of team? Nellie brought excitement back to the Coliseum and, again, we just want to sweep that under the rug! It didn’t happen! Nellie is no good! Why won’t any one of you say that over the past 4-5 years we would have been better off without Nellie? You won’t because even with the outlandish things said in the many comments above mine, no one is stupid enough to try to perpetrate that lie on the world!!! Try to imagine Cohan and company rinning the team with a new coach every year or 2 instead of with Nellie in place. There would not be even the one playoff year without Nellie! Please, whether he stays or goes, stop rewriting history and give Nellie his due!!!

  • Al Oha

    We are.

    Both good and bad.

  • Fadein2Bolivian

    I heard David Lee tell Ralph and Tom that Chicago and Miami were also interested in him, but had to wait for Lebron, so I guess that shoots the hell out of the absurd theory that it was only the worst teams in the league who wanted him.

    It was also nice to hear officially from Lacob that he not only knew about the Lee deal, but liked it.

    All the incessant whining about how horrible the trade was to make before the new ownership took over was, as usual, misplaced and not too bright.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Fadein2Bolivian, #79

    Now that is something we can agree on! Looking forward to a few seasons with Lee.

  • Billy B

    After Nellie is long gone and the coaching carousel is in play with several coaches panning out, we will approach Nellie once again to try and save the Dubs. At that point, Nellie will be much older to save our buts.

    We’ve been down this road before. Best to do our due-dilligence and wait another year before letting Nelson go. You do a rush job and get a new coach now, we still will be short of the playoffs this year.

    It would have been interesting to see the Cavs have Nellie as their coach last year when they were out coached by Phil Jackson in the playoffs. The Cavs could have been a run and gun team and nightmare in matchups.

    I think Nellie makes a big, positive difference in any team barring the whisky.

  • Fadein2Bolivian

    Son #80,

    Sounds good. I don’t know if I can survive the next few months of waiting to see him and Curry play together.


  • Leftshot

    The smart thing is to get the guy you really want. That trumps everything else. If you can’t get the guy you want now, it would be crazy to commit to someone who’s not your guy.

    So if you can get your guy now, better earlier than later. If you can’t get your guy right away a little patience is warranted.

  • Sleepy Freud

    Keep Nellie for the next 10 years. He is the greatest coach in the history of the NBA. GO Warriors!

  • Sleepy Freud

    Keep Nellie for the next 10 years. He is the greatest coach in the history of the NBA. GO Warriors! NBA Chanps in 2011!

  • earl monroe

    No Sale, its not happening!
    I own you

  • WarriorDragon

    The players are the ones that’s gonna get GSW to the playoffs, not the coach, BB is a player’s game. Unlike football, it’s a coach game, so Nelson is really IRRELEVANT. I like the rumor of Antawn Jamison coming home, he can finish his career as a GSW SF. Give Jamison his No. 33 and GS get to the playoffs with 3 allstars in Curry, Lee, and Jamison.

  • WarriorDragon

    Udoh can game at center. Udoh play bigger than his size. Zo Mourning is 6’10 and dominant at center for the Hornets. It should be no problem. Lee and play center too, they both can flip flop in a game. Jamison is my type of player. He can beat the Lakers by himself. He prove it!

  • WarriorDragon

    Udoh can easily avg. double/double in the middle. Plus, GS get the shotblocker, Udoh is a lotto pick so we’d cannot SIT him this season. It’s a good frontline of Udoh, Lee, and Jamison. Cavs will have to give GS a unprotected 1st pick, or some sort of lotto protection up to top 10, anything lower will be GS pick.

  • earl monroe

    Jamison is not a star, neither is Lee, Curry has potential to be a star, Ellis could be a star if he would get realistic and
    stop saying he is better than LeBron. Oh yeah, Randolph could also be a star

  • WarriorDragon

    Jamison can easily go 20/10 at the SF position. Reggie Williams can play the SG. He’s 6’6 and BIG for a SG. GS will not have any problem putting up the points. Curry is a distributer when he decide not to shoot at times. It’s good that Curry and Lee made the allstar team as coaches picks. GSW knows Jamison game, so, it’s easy to make a trade for Jamison, the fans did not like the trade of Twan to the Mavs. It’s a Chris Mullin trade, he’s IRRELEVANT, this team will be competitive again. GSW will have a shot winning games.

  • RoyK

    Son of Ahmed, @26: Usually you are the voice of reason but on this one I can’t agree with your opinion that not firing Nelson for an (unknown) new coach shows a lack of …courage. This is not a matter of cajones but reason. First of all, is there a new Coach available that can step right in and produce results? It seems the first priority is settling on a GM with a vision that starts with the player personnel we have, our culture of losing, and sees a path that takes us 180 degrees to a culture of winning, and to establishing an Organization that will be a destination for good players that want to live in a beautiful place with beautiful weather and with a caring, professional, competent, cpnsistent organization that always competes and attracts other strong positive characters who are also good basketball players. It is going to take some time for this new GM to get the feel for his job. Maybe he knows the Coach that can work the dream, or maybe he has to wait for that personality to get free of other responsibilities. When the Gm has the Coach he wants, then its the time to can Nelson for all the reasons you give. As some of the other posters point out, many of the players aren’t opposed to giving Nelson a last chance. that’s good enough reason not to can him until we’re ready.

  • meir34

    You forgot another possibility. Nellie, who clearly has 0 or 1 season left, might just be as good as his honors including one of the ten best nba coaches of all time-voted by the nba national team media, and the best guy to bring the young guys along. And maybe the young guy is Smart and some transition in the middle of the season with the same system would be smoother than doing it now. Nellie has mucho experience bringing young pgs along, think Timmy Hardaway if you want one in the Nellie-Warrior era. And much experience in bringing young coaches along to replace himself, thing Avery Johnson and every one there knew he was doing just that.

    Local media and some fans are negative on Nellie. He also has little use for the local media, after some hatchet jobs on him done at the Spree-Webber time, and has said it’s more unfair and harder than even NY’s–your buddy Tim Kawakami of the current crop is no. 1 on his don’t talk to list, for obviously good reasons. In retaliation our local media, who rarely ever check sources-has bandwagoned to oust him.

    There are good reasons to start totally fresh and good to do it with him, as I spelled out or other ways. BTW, I want to thank you for going to the horse’s mouth with the interviews lately. You’ve moved to the top of the local beat writers in my book by recent interviews and the fairer tone. I will say with respect in general to the beat writers and local media, that Nellie will go down in the NBA history books for his most wins, his 3 times Coach of the Year and his one of the ten best of all time honor, while beat writers just fade away. Or maybe if they are good looking and charming they can get on ESPN and tell us all how no way Kobe will be back in Laker uniform in the Fall. An obvious knock on Ric B., who also did some hatchet jobs on Nellie, influenced by by the same sort of error that got him on the Kobe story–relying too much on acquaintanceships with players and not checking the stories with others. Anyway Nellie also gave us 5 playoffs and the only one in the entire Cohan era; the old goat might well be a very wise choice to start the season!!

  • rigged

    Yeah, right MEIR. Those were the days that Phil Jackson and Greg Popovic weren’t coaching yet.

  • rigged

    btw MEIR, Why are banned from TK’s blog?

  • http://www.over50match.com over50

    I would like to see Nelson stay on for this last year and see hwo the team does. The warriors have only been in the playoffs two times in the last 16 years and they were both under Nellie. One other time they just barely missed it with 48 wins. Look at what happened with the coaches in between Nellies two stints. Have people forgotten that already?

    The last two years stunk mostly because of youth and inguries. I like Nellie’s style of play and if they bring in some slow down coach who is inexperienced then Ellis, Curry, Lee and the others may be much less effective.

    Nellie has had great success at molding point guards such as Steve Nash and Tim Hardaway. Let him have one more year with Curry and then lets talk about a replacement.