Warriors Agree with Jannero Pargo on Two-Year Dal

The Warriors, according to agent Mark Bartelstein, have reached an agreement with free agent guard Jannero Pargo.
The 6-foot-1, 185-pound combo guard gets a two-year deal at the veteran minimum, which is $1.14 million for him this season ($1.27 million next season). Pargo, 30, is entering his eighth season. He played scarcely for Chicago last season, averaging 5.5 points in 13.2 minutes.
Pargo gives the Warriors a veteran point guard who can score, which is what they lost when they signed and traded C.J. Watson to Chicago. Pargo will compete with Jeremy Lin for minutes behind starter Stephen Curry. Pargo’s presence give the Warriors some reliability at the position while Lin develops.
Pargo’s best years came during a two-season stretch with New Orleans. He was a vital bench player for the Chris Paul-led Hornets, averaging 9.2 in 2006-07 and 8.1 points in 2007-08. He spent 2008-09 overseas.

Marcus Thompson

  • kishorea

    This is an incredibly good pickup, Pargo’s been solid everywhere he’s been and is a good guy. I like this signing a lot. Honestly Riley has impressed me somewhat this offseason with his moxie. Many of the moves he’s made have been solid. Now we just need a good backup 5 man and this team is much better than last year.

  • Jeremy

    Playoffs a virtual lock after this move.

    Sign Chris Hunter

  • Fierce South

    Pargo doesn’t inspire confidence. I watched Pargo last year in several games while he was with the Bulls. He looked more like a 3rd string point guard than a primary back up.

    Pargo’s shooting accuracy was pathetic and his playmaking skills were subpar. He’s also undersized. Let’s hope that Lin eventually beats out Pargo for back up minutes.

  • Csagustin

    Not a bad move i guess. Bit why 2 yr deal?

  • Patrick

    I had heard a couple weeks back that the Monta trade for OJ Mayo & a player to be named (Maybe Thabeet) was being discussed again with the Grizzlies. Could this move be a precursor to that move. We need a backup C, which Thabeet could be, and if we got OJ, we would need another pg to back up Curry because he is far more of a two guard than a PG. That would make this signing make that much more sense. We will have to see. Monta has not been around all summer and just bought a mansion within 15 miles of the Memphis Grizzlies arena, so I have been waiting for awhile to hear that this deal will get done… even if I am not 100% for it.

  • WallyWagon11

    This is a great signing! Warriors are a lock for the 7th seed and shock the world in the playoffs!

  • DKnight007

    Hmmm lets see so far…

    Dubs have lost Morrow,(2nd best shooter on team) Azbuke, (great versatile bench player and spot starter) Randolph, ( young versatile athletic big man, with great upside) CJ Watson,( another solid backup PG and spot starter) and Turiaf,(energetic role player off the bench)

    Warriors replace them with an overrated PF who can’t play one on one defense in Lee and a bench player who has no offensive game in D Wright….and a reach feel good player in Lin and another lousy 11th or 12 the man in Pargo….plus The number 1 pick Udoh is out for at least 6 months also?

    Yep…as of now…this Warrior team is going to be WORSE than last years version at least as of now!

  • DKnight007

    Jeremy Says:
    July 27th, 2010 at 1:57 pm
    Playoffs a virtual lock after this move.

    Sign Chris Hunter

    LMAO! Yeah….riiiiiiiight….

  • Ricky Rich

    Seriously. This organization is all about pinching pennies. It’s pathetic. Why let go Morrow and CJ to get Pargo. This is unreal. We have a stable of midget guards. We might as well have just picked up Jerome Randle from Cal. He shoots better than Pargo and they are basically the same size.

  • Csagustin

    Why 2 year deal?

  • Fadein2Bolivian


    Was that the first time you’ve ever seen him play?

    Riley’s good moves continue. Stay healthy, everyone.

  • otis

    A solid pick-up I suppose.
    We needed someone. Thing is it’s better if we’re an eight man rotation with
    Reggie, BWright, and Rad, our main guys off the bench.
    Pargo can give us ten tough minutes a night and he’ll work out fine.

  • pboss

    they need a shooter. Someone has to hit 3’s besides Curry

  • joe cote

    capital P, capital U.

    can’t shoot. http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/p/pargoja01.html

    30 years old… definitely not an asset and for 2 years?

    I would’ve preferred taking a risk on a younger PG, like Mustafa Shakur, then hire another journeyman with no future.

  • Hook Mitchell

    I don’t get this move.

    I’d be much more cmfortable if we gave Tolliver 3yrs $5million.

    We need PF/C.

    Udoh out 6months. Brandon wright got one shoulder and will
    never be healthy.

    I’d be more pleased if we sign the corpse of Stromile Swift !!!

  • Silverstreak

    Let’s not be short-sighted. The full roster should be judged in 2011-2012 season. At that time, new ownership would have put their stamp on it.
    Yeah, I’m good with getting rid of CJ and Morrow this season and being in position under the cap to sign a premiere FA in Carmelo next season. We already have a flyer on Lin (potential)We needed a vet PG behind Curry. We got it now. Good move.

  • MrMean13

    Ya’ll need to chill on LAST YEAR’S team! Did we make the playoffs? So stop crying about Morrow and CJ and let’s move forward with the new ownership. We are Warriors fans, we’re gonna follow em and love em nonetheless..and havent we already all these years? Just waiting for someone to cry about the loss of David Wood. GSW Fo Life!

  • Hey, they needed someone experienced to play point behind Curry. Pargo is minimum pay, less expensive than CJ and will split time with Lin. Not an exciting move but it makes sense.

  • Billy B

    Small Ball!! Chris Paul is now available. Would trade Beans and Udoh for Chris Paul.

    No brainer…

  • haastheman

    I get the move, it made sense, but it’s nothing to get excited about. In the same token, it’s not a move that you should be mad at either, we’re just filling out our roster

  • Csagustin

    We shoulda signed shanon brown instead

  • Hook Mitchell

    I understand filling out the roster.

    Just would rather fill it out with a big body or two since udoh and bwright are hurt.

    Name our backup PF to David lee if udoh and bwright aren’t playing.

    Does radmanovic count?

  • jscrilla

    Man. It just keeps getting better.

  • Don

    Looks like a good deal to me. Pargo probably demanded 2 year deal but really doesn’t matter. Still a small amount and it will be an expiring contract so can be moved, even at trade deadline as filler. This gives added depth at pg with a veteran instead of a D league guy and is cheap. If the new owners are serious, going over the salary cap is a lock anyhow, probably next year when we can sign a free agent to a max deal so this $1m or so is a rounding difference. Check out the playoff team salaries, they all go over the cap. With the exception of losing Azubuike, all the moves are positive. i can guarantee we will be better than last year, no doubt. i can dream of Curry and Lee running endless pick and rolls with lee dunking or curry draining wide open jumpers. Clearly we will also add another big to finish off our roster, stay tuned.

  • DW

    At Least Pargo is better than Marcus Williams or Acie Law. If Lin can’t beat him out than Obviously Lin AINT NBA MATERIAL!!

  • Bleep

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the team get a discount from the league on veterans signed for the minimum?

    This is a 12th man, people. We shouldn’t expect an all star. And there still will be one more signing for a backup big, I’m sure.

  • Sleepy Freud

    All the crying over mediocre talent that got us 26 wins. If you fill your roster with secondary guys making $3-5M per then you can not sign the big studs. Time to stop overpaying medicore players like Morrow and Watson. The warriors finally have a clue, and most of you frekaing idiots do not!

  • Silverstreak

    Moves aren’t done! Damn. Still room for two bigs on the roster.

  • Silverstreak

    Let’s put this another way. Morrow + Azbuke + Randolph + CJ Watson + Turiaf + Maggette = 26 wins. You keep doing what you’ve always done and you get more of the same; A collection of mediocre talent kept under the pretext of ‘Potential’. I jumped off that ship a while ago!

  • Hook Mitchell

    Atleast Pargo is better than Marcus Williams and Acie Law???

    We’d better hope so.

    I actually hope Pargo gets less minutes than those previous two.

    And I second the notion if Lin can’t beat out pargo he ain’t NBA material.

    However most coaches will prefer to play a vet PG over a unknown rookie tweener PG.

    With that said I’d rather see Lin on the court over Pargo.

  • lobo

    let’s talk players…SILVERSTREAK 30 hit the nail on the head…last years crew was a 26 win team…is that what we all want to see again??? as much as i dislike fatboy as a coach i am somewhat enthused by a low ego high energy hard working group. if they can stay lets say twice as healthy as last year something entertaining might happen…oh by the way kudos to riley…he is proving to many that he has the ability to be a good gm

  • NeedALacobomy

    Watson, Tolliver, Amundson all much better than Pargo. Riley must go.

  • Damon

    now let’s go get Lou A and call it a day.

  • earl monroe

    hmmmmmm? This team is still rebuilding, lets just get on with the young guy, stop pretending that one player here and one veteran there will make a difference

  • BuyerBeware

    I like this move…

    I don’t know why some people are complaining: what’s done is done and we have the roster we got.

    We needed a backup veteran PG and Pargo is solid. He may not be a pure PG, but he can be a two-way player… Yes, he can play defense…

    I would have liked the Warriors to consider picking up Acie Law again since I liked his game for an uptempo team and he did play pretty good post defense against bigger players…

    Otherwise, let’s move on and hopefully get a backup 5/4 in trade because I tell ya: there is nothing in the FA market right now. I mean seriously, Josh Boone? I would prefer one of the Collins twins as we need someone who can rebound AND shoot freethrows…

  • William Dela Torre Sr.

    Hey guys, dont panic. To be a good team you have to surround your young players with a veteran players. Look at the Lakers and Celtics? For me, I have a feeling that we are positioning ourselves for next summer.

  • deano

    I was hoping for a lot more than Lin and Pargo to backup Curry. With that back-up, whoever coaches GSW next season will be motivated to overplay Curry. If Curry is injured or worn down, the Warriors will be in real trouble.

  • DJ ILLusive

    I would’ve like to see them sign Earl Watson instead. He would’ve been a better fit IMHO. He has the leadership qualities the Dubs need in a veteran backup PG who can make the occasional shot and is also an excellent assist man.
    Do you know if the Warriors were at least pursuing him?

  • Kobe Bryant

    I remember when he was on my team. The kid likes to chuck up 3-pointers. Not much of a point guard, though.

  • jmc

    …have To all these ppl saying watson/buke/randolph/turiaf only won us 26 games..have u tried to think how many games they would’ve won without those guys?turiaf led team in blocks playing only half season.buke didn’t even play when he did he was balling…cj and morrow were the two hardest playing guys one the team lst season…personally I’m gonna miss morrows deadly 3 (who’s gonna make 3s for us other than curry this season?) Turiaf and randolph deadly blocking tandem(until teams figured out pump fakes against randolph worked everytime) cj is replaceable and so is buke but morrow is one of the best perimeter shooters in the game…and randolph and turiaf arfe only two defensive post players we had last season….it’ll b interesting to c who steps up in the paint and plays defense…ne ways the asregument that those key role players only won 2y games is bs…those were guys put forth the most effort…and won us more games than they lost for us….

  • eric


    like who? Ws didn’t have enough to trade for ramon sessions and i sure as heck don’t want marcus williams/acie law back. imo, pargo was vastly underrated when he was with NO and lin is definitely an interesting prospect.

  • earl monroe

    Earl Watson would have been a way better option than Pargo

  • Gunner

    Nice! They now have 4 undersized guards!

  • brandonbeard

    Chris Hunter needs to stay with the team