Warriors’ Signing of Pargo Hardly a Done Deal

As it turns out, the signing of free-agent combo guard Jannero Pargo is far from a guaranteed.

Back on July 27, I reported that the Warriors and Pargo had reached an agreement on a two-year deal for about $2.4 million. That was a Tuesday. The contract was expected to be signed at some point the next week. Still, no contract has been signed.

Sources are now telling me discussions are ongoing, but the Warriors are still in wait-and-see mode. Reading between the lines: Pargo is on the Warriors’ radar, but other players higher on their wish list are still available, and the Warriors aren’t going to lock up Pargo until they are out or the mix for the others.

The closer we get to training camp, the more prices drop. The Warriors are hoping that someone who was out of their price range falls to a price they can afford. One source said the Warriors, who are two players shy of the maximum 15, could go into camp with a roster spot open, staying available in case someone falls in their lap.

Another source said the Warriors want to add to the front line more than the backcourt. They want to see if they can somehow land a capable big man (such as Luis Amundson) at a good price.

But even if they do add a guard, the Warriors have their eye on a couple others in addition to Pargo, including Earl Watson.

Here is a list of some free agents still available

Guards: Earl Watson, Earl Boykins, Travis Diener, Bobby Brown, Rafer Alson

Big Men: Louis Amundson, Joe Smith, Earl Barron, Fabricio Oberto, Francisco Elson, Josh Boone

Marcus Thompson

  • Jeremy

    If they’re going guard, Earl Watson. If they’re going big man, (which they should) Chris Hunter.

  • A’s in 2010

    Earl Barron may be a nice, cheap pick up. He averaged 11.7 pts/11.0 rebs playing along side David Lee. It’s just 7 games but when bringing in a new guy its nice to know he CAN fit it here.


  • Jacob

    Agreed with Jeremy. I’d prefer Watson over Pargo. He manages the ball well. However, if we can get Amundson, I’d prefer him over Chris Hunter. I think he’s a better defender than Hunter.

  • Ewok

    I think Joe Smith still has descent game. I think he can still be a factor and a one-year contract would be a good move.

    Joe Smith still has offensive moves and a defensive presence.

  • Jordan

    @Jeremy: I agree about Earl Watson, but I think Lou Amundson would be a much better choice than Hunter.

  • WarriorKal

    There’s no way Joe Smith would be welcome back in Oakland. Unlike Chris Webber who was very productive in his first stint with the team, Joe was a bust. I think Tim Young would have a better shot at being on the team.

  • Mullin Fan

    Warriors should use Morrow trade exception with Phoenix and get Amundson. If not enough then get Josh Boone. He had a decent rookie year before Brook Lopez came along. Use remaining MLE excemption money on Watson. He has always torn up the Warriors if nothing else. That still leaves one roster spot for moves later on.

  • jsl

    Forget Pargo. That was a worthless ploy anyway. Amundson’s the guy they need right now.

  • chris porter

    no, not josh boone (not even as good as josh powell), and please not a worthless chucker like j.pargo, who shot the hornets out of the playoffs, and was mike james’d onto the bunch w/the bulls for his errant shot and lack of defence.. we already have monta for that! pargo is a terrible replacement for morrrow/watson. aye!

  • Bill

    they don’t need any of these bums…..ponytail boy? spare me….and Ewok by the way, although you are totally wrong about Joe Smith having any game left, it’s funny you write “descent” which means on the way down when you mean “decent…” see how spelling counts? can you spell bums and bum list? Travis Diener? My God, I could go around him and I’m 60!

  • dew

    Joe smith returning to the warriors after TOTALLY living up to his first overall pick by the Warriors would only serve as a symbol for how much the new ownership resembles the old. dumb.

  • A’s in 2010

    Earl Barron may be a nice, cheap pick up. He averaged 11.7 pts/11.0 rebs playing along side David Lee. It’s just 7 games but when bringing in a new guy its nice to know he CAN fit it here.


  • I hope they consider Kyle Weaver in place of Pargo. I love his defense. He could easily backup both guard spots and even play some SF if desperate since he’s so long and has size at 6′-6″. Needs to work on his shooting, but right now, he has the skills and size to compliment the guys we currently have.

  • Billy B

    Boykins all the way. Continue the small ball theme here….

  • cdm

    I’d much rather have Patty Mills (not resigned by Portland) than Pargo if we’re looking at guards?

  • Sleepy Freud

    Bring back Joe Smith and Playoffs here we come!

  • Sleepy Freud

    Bring back Joe Smith and Playoffs here we come!!!!!

  • jay

    sign Rodney Carney and Fabricio Oberto

  • brandonbeard

    Sign Chris Hunter. He is a good player! Solid at what he does!

  • Chris Mullin

    Just leave the 2 roster spots open and keep rotating the best of the best D-leagers until you get the right ones then sign them for the rest of the year. Seems to have worked for the warriors with R.W., A.T., K.A., C.H. and CJW. You will find hidden gems with very little cost and low risk.

  • oaktownlar

    Re: Pargo: I thought the idea was to get a vet point guard to back up Curry and maybe show him some tricks. But can’t the Dubs find one who is taller/bigger than either Curry or Ellis so he can at least lean on an opponent’s big guard when needed? Pargo has none of the above–and neither do any of the other guards listed above. Of all the available PG free agents, I think only Brevin Knight has the teaching PG chops–but is way too small and old to do the defensive duty. Time to deal?

  • Ultimate Warrior

    Just read that Rasheed Wallace was just released with the intent to retire. Why not convince him to be a Warrior. It would provide us with an experienced frontcourt presence to back up the 4 and 5 spots. It wouldn’t cost us much.

  • MullinsMagic

    Generic Fargo, that is the first player you are going to sign to start your era as new boss of the Golden State Warriors?… You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Jeremy

    I won’t be upset if Amundson, he’s a much better rebounder, but Hunter is probably much cheaper and still a very good back up center. Both are better than Beidrins or Gadzuric right now.

  • Take Josh Boone good defender and rebounder won a national championship at Uconn as a freshamn starter think he was a bad fit for the Nets they did not use him right

  • Take Josh Boone good defender and rebounder won a national championship at Uconn as a freshamn starter think he was a bad fit for the Nets they did not use him right

  • Tdubb

    Forget Pargo, Here are some things folks forget. The W’s have two expiring contracts which are both bigs Gazurich and Vlad. Trust and believe they will use them both by February. Hunter has size and proved last season he could play and played hurt most of the time he was here.

    Amundson played for the W’s summer league squad two years ago and the W’s did not invite him to camp. Phoenix picked him up. Either would be better than another under size shooting guard.

    Hunter is my choice, the money would be right and he would be an easy fit as a serviceable back up with more size! Amundson is a high energy PF that played center because he had to.

    The W’s will need size and a young BIG like Hunter who’s already comfortable here is a no brainer.

  • Lateral Spreewell

    Amundson sucks. I agree with Tdubb. Hunter would be a better choice at this point.

  • Randy

    Amundson!!! I like his game and he always hurts the Warriors.

  • Randy

    Jeremy, you’re crazy to write off Biedrins. He’s going to have a big year. I’d bet on it!

  • Wilson

    We wouldn’t be having this conversation if we hadn’t traded Jamal Crawford to Atlanta and others we let go(and perhaps, Jason Richardson now in Phoenix) I’m thicked off that The Warriors have graduated in finding great talent out of the D-league and then let them go. Old ownership, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Pargo? Not sure, or any of the prospects shown above, I agree with trying to lure Wallace out of Boston (considering our other alternatives)

  • Jim Gone Fishing

    Bring Hunter back. I liked the kid, and we’re not going far at this point anyway.

  • TDubb

    Hunter takes too many bad J’s.

    and “trust and believe”…ummm…yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. Been through too much crap witht this franchise to trust them to do anything for the fans.

  • Hook Mitchell

    I never wanted Pargo in the first place.

    What did we offer Anthony Tolliver for him to turn us down for the wolves???

    I’m not a chris hunter fan but would much rather add a Big man than a gaurd.

    Although I’d take Earl Watson in a heartbeat. We need BIGS.

    Who is our backup PF?

    Brandon wright and radmanovic does not count…

  • petaluman

    I believe the roster limit doesn’t kick in until the start of the regular season. Our big problem is the lack of ways we can get a more-than-minimum-deal player. We have a bit left of the MLE (2.3M?) and the BAE (2.2M), plus a couple of small TPEs. That means a lot of teams can outbid us on a straight signing. The TPEs and player-for-player trades require a trading partner.

    We could use more depth at PG, SF, and C. If we haven’t signed Pargo, we have (by my count) only 12 guaranteed contracts, and Lin’s would probably not cost much to buy out. Here’s a recent list of remaining FAs:


    A lot of these players would be happy to get a minimum deal, but the more desirable ones are sitting tight and hoping for more $ and more years. I think the Warriors 1st choice would be a trade, but we don’t have much to offer back. Rumor has it that we’re trying to avoid signing multi-year deals. Hopefully, this is not true. We have so little to offer dollars-wise, so an extra year might give us a bargaining advantage.

  • Duncan

    Earl Bonkins, bring him back to the Warriors

  • slamdunk

    It doesn’t really matter which of these less than game changing players they bring aboard, if we have to put up with another season of Nellie small ball, and watch him tank another 82 games, with Fitz telling us how young and promising the team is. It’s the same garbage as last season.

  • Doc

    Ewok, excuse me when did Joe Smith ever have decent game?

  • Marco

    Pargo? Joe freaking Smith? Are you serious? Slamdunk is right. Same old non-sense with the Warriors including Fitz who is full of himself. You have only 3 players for next year. Monta, David Lee, and Stephen Curry. So it will be 3 on 5 next year against good NBA teams. Maybe we can get Curry’s dad to come out and play with Joe Smith!! This new owner needs to bring in a new coach, a new GM, and a new broadcaster. If he does nothing, then you will have the same garbage as last season. Maybe Earl Boykins can play center for us too. I do not blame Biedrins for wanting to not play for Nelson for another year.

  • deano

    Oaktown Lar: Do you have a big, veteran PG in mind? At what cost?

  • jmc

    Wow, I think were so used to watching crappy centers/pf that people actually think hunter would be a good back up center. First he was hurt a lot of last year, why? Bcuz he is a center in a pf body. Also , his defense is not good, not much on post d or shot blocking . Tjeremy, there is no way chris hunter is better than biedrins…even a hurt biedrins shooting 16%ft. I think its been so long since we’ve watched a dominant big man play for us that maybe we’ve forgoten what one is. Hopefully david lee can show us..we shall c…oh and I could be dreaming but I would love to c josh smith in a w jersey

  • Wdat kind of Warrior fans are these ppl.. Pargo is a pure shooter who will knock down way more open shots than CJ did.. I think we shuld sign both Pargo and Hunter..

  • Dr. Jeff (W’s fan since 1970 !)

    Another vote for Hunter,the guy plays fairely rugged D,can defend the rim and board-get him! WE NEED BIGS LACOB,NOT A BOAT LOAD OF GUARDS !!!
    We already tried that routine with Nelly…IT DON’T WORK !!

  • Gunner

    I agree with Marco and Slamdunk. We are now talking whether we should get Pargo or Earl Watson, after letting Morrow and CJ walk for nothing? We let better players walk and get excited about signings of Pargo/Watson. How pathetic!

  • Touche Guevara

    I can’t believe you guys can muster any energy for these options. There’s not one of them that will make a difference. FA’s would be crazy to come here not knowing if Nelson is going to be retained.

    And Rasheed Wallace? Boston would take him back in a heartbeat if he didn’t honestly want to retire. He’s always considered the Warriors a joke anyhow. He has as low an opinion of the dubs as Charles Barkley. Gimme a break.

  • Matt

    if you use yahoo to look up stats for Jannero Pargo, it said that he is already on the warriors roster.

  • Jester

    Any word on the W’s getting Carmelo?

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