Warriors Open Preseason Sked Oct. 8

Oct.8 vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Oct. 10: vs. Sacramento

Oct. 12: at Sacramento

Oct. 16: at Portland

Oct. 18: vs. Portland

Oct. 19: at Phoenix

Oct. 21: vs. LA Lakers at San Diego Sports Arena

Oct. 22: vs. LA Lakers at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario

Marcus Thompson

  • Hook Mitchell

    Who is our backup PF?

    Brandon Wright and Radmanovic don’t count.

    Sounds silly but yea, at this point I’d take Joe Smith over pargo.

    What did we offer Anthony Tolliver for him to choose twolves over the warriors ?!?!

  • A’s in 2010

    I HOPE they televise all the games, preseason games included. There really is no reason why a team in our market can’t have all the games televised. C’mon Lacob, make it happen.

  • DKnight007



  • rigged

    Joe Lacob said it so.


  • Hook Mitchell

    Joe Lacob said ownership is not willing to go over the luxury tax.

    But then concedes that most of the playoff teams regulary go over the luxury tax.

    What exactly does that mean?!?!?

    I’m not sure.

    My translation = give fans false hope/look as if we’re trying with a semi commitment to win as long as we don’t lose money.

  • Hook Mitchell

    Joe Lacob = we want to win. Just not at any/all cost.

    Business before Pleasure. In this case basketball.

    That’s how he made it in life.

    Why would he change now?

    It’s been working for him.