Stephen Curry: “There’s No (Injury) Curse”

Message from Stephen Curry to Warriors fans worried he is the latest victim of the Warriors’ injury curse: 

“I’ll be fine.”

Curry sprained his left ankle during a Team USA practice. He went up for a rebound and landing on a teammate’s foot. It was initially called “mild” but still was cause for concern among Warrior fans, considering Curry is the starting point guard and part of the franchise core.

Doctors told him there is no structural damage to the  ligaments or tendons in his left ankle. Curry’s sprained ankle, he promises, is really just a mild sprained ankle. So much so, he’s going to continue his pursuit of making the national team for the World Championships. He said if he thought the injury would linger, he would leave Team USA to make sure he’s healthy for the season.

He said he is hoping to play in Saturday’s game vs. Lithuania in Spain, though it all depends on how his ankle feels. He is presumed to be in a battle with Clippers guard Eric Gordon for the 12th and final roster spot for the World Championships, w hich starts Aug. 28 in Turkey.

CURRY: “There’s no curse. When you play hard every possession on the court, things happen. Every team has its string of injuries. Last year was ours. That’s it.”

Marcus Thompson

  • jsl

    Good stuff, MT. Looks like the id will be just fine. Great attitude, too.

  • Claudia Castillo

    Tough guy. Hope he gets better. Need him for the season. He deserves to make the USA team! Ahhh, he’s so cool! =) Can’t wait to watch the 10-11 season.

  • TownLove

    Curry, give it up and get ready for the season. October will be here B4 you know it.

  • MWLX

    I like his attitude. Stay positive. Let’s hope it’s contagious with his W teammates.

  • Hook Mitchell

    Landing on someone foot sucks.

    Let’s hope it really is just minor.

    Last year when Anthony Randolph landed on someones foot after jumping to block a shot, that put him out for the rest of the year !!!

  • rigged

    Oh yeah there is this curse of injuries but also BAD LUCK. This is the Warriors. Don’t you forget that Steph.

  • fillmoe mike

    I say let him play…….the warriors have no curse…..

  • A’s in 2010

    Curry isn’t gonna miss any time. Lee will be ready before training camp. If we were still cursed their injuring would be alot worse. Things already looking up?

  • Hook Mitchell

    Curry officially makes team USA roster.

    I’m happy for him.

    Great experience.

    Let’s see how much better he’ll perform with superior talent as teamates

  • Billy B

    Steph – confident and got his swag. Go win one for the US.

  • His ankle doesnt seem to effect him at all.. He’s out there on D getting aggressive, playing in a much faster paste FIBA league gettn more experience workn out everyday with all these gr8 players.. Steph cant go wrong long as he stays healthy.. We are soo gonna ready for the nxt season.. Warriors.. Its a great time out..

  • Billy B

    MT3 – Is Carmelo an option for the W’s given he wants out? Monta for Melo would be good.



    David Lee

    for your base 3 starting players

  • Tom

    Carmelo said he liked David Lee’s game before the Knicks let him go. It would be a major coup if the Warriors got Melo to play with David Lee and Walsh of the Knicks let Lee go so he could get “Stoudemire to attract players” which he hasn’t been able to attract anyone yet. Go Warriors.

  • Tom

    Knicks get Stoudemire and lose Lee. Stoudemire attracts nobody.

    Warriors get Lee and attract Melo.

    That would be some major ownage if it happened.

  • Cranky Teacher

    GREAT news from Monta:


    Unless is just trying to drive up his trade value, lol.

  • WetLunGz

    Where u at Marcus? Missing some big warriors news….

  • Usually Lurking

    Where’s MT2?

  • Eric

    No curse huh? Curry still is having ankle problems – should never have played over the summer.