Warriors May Want Carmelo Bad Enough to Not Require Extension

Good news and bad news. 

Bad news first? My vacation is over. Back on the grind. No more chilling, playing with the 3 year old all day.

Good news: Warriors won’t hold back in their pursuit of Carmelo Anthony. Not that it’s going to land the perennial all-star. But a couple insiders have told me the Warriors are willing to trade for Carmelo even if he doesn’t sign an extension.

No matter how you cut it, the odds are against the Warriors. Denver has better options, and Carmelo has more desirable destinations than Golden State. Still, the Warriors are pushing all their chips in, holding only point guard Stephen Curry back. And there is a shift in the stance.

Previously, general manager Larry Riley has been against giving up the farm for stars who won’t re-sign. So either he’s changed his stance or he’s been overruled, if sources can be believed. Joe Lacob said he wasn’t the type to sit around and do nothing.

No formal offer has been tendered, one source said, though it is understood Denver can have just about whomever they want not named Curry. But teams usually want young talent and draft picks in return. The Warriors don’t really have either one.

They can’t trade their 2011 pick because they’ve already sent 2012 to New Jersey in that Marcus Williams deal. The NBA doesn’t allow teams to trade their first-rounder two years in a row. So the next time the Warriors can trade their first-round pick is 2014, unless they trade for someone else’s first-rounder.

The attractive young talent, other than Curry, consists of Reggie Wiliams, Ekpe Udoh and Jeremy Lin. (You might be able to count Brandan Wright as young talent considering the lack of miles on him). I’m going to go out on a limb and say that is not the caliber of return the Nuggets are looking for.

That leaves the Warriors hoping a package including center Andris Biedrins and/or Monta Ellis is enough. Which it won’t be, by the time Chicago and New Jersey and others are done offering. 

Is that a risk worth taking, trading the farm, and probably taking back a bad contract, to get Carmelo without an extension? If he walks, the Warriors would have lots of cap room. But is that worth it?

It’s all just conversation because the Warriors aren’t getting Melo. (Now, Andre Iguodala might be another story …)

Marcus Thompson

  • Eeqmcsq

    MT2 – Good to see an article by you again!

  • ArmChair GM

    How bout Monta, B Wright and Ekpe Udoh for Carmelo?

  • ArmChair GM

    Starting 5 could be Curry, Williams, Carmelo, Lee, Biedrins.

    Doing all that and not getting an extension is kinda scary though.

  • J Canseco

    If they’re not getting him, why have the conversation?

  • GSWTrader

    Ellis, Wright, Radmanovic and Gadzuric for Carmelo and JR Smith (who they also want to trade)…leaves the warriors with Curry, D Wright, Carmelo, Lee and Biedrins…with JR Smith off the bench as 6th man.

  • A’s in 2010

    It might be easier to trade Biedrins for expiring contracts and trying to just sign Melo next offseason.

  • ArmChair GM

    My last two points didn’t go through. Did I say something wrong???

  • ArmChair GM

    The conversation is being had because there is a possibility. But nobody wants to get their hopes up. Nothing that big has happened to the Warriors since the 70′s, and no one wants to be let down if it doesn’t happen.

  • deano

    MT: For all of the reasons you cite that Denver will not trade Melo to GSW, it would be a disaster for GSW if Denver did.

  • Skeetdanut

    1st Marcus where tha hell u been man?

  • http://feltbot.com/ feltbot

    I’m getting the sense that Philadelphia may be dangling Evan Turner rather than Iggy. Why would Melo want to enter a rebuilding project? A Melo Iggy pairing could make some noise. Another subplot: Evan Turner was surprisingly bustular in the LV summer league.

    I don’t see the Warriors landing Melo without involving either Biedrins or Monta, in what would probably have to be a three team deal. I don’t see Denver, or any team for that matter, being interested in Reggie Williams, Udoh and particularly Lin in return for a major talent. Those players are still unproven and have a lot of doubters.

    It kind of makes sense that the Ws wouldn’t require Melo to sign an extension, because what is the downside if he walks? They will be well under the cap going into the lockout, and after the lockout ends they will be prime players for the next available superstar, and for the first time in recent history a real ability to attract one. For these reasons:

    1) With pick and roll partner David Lee in the fold, this season will be Stephen Curry’s REAL coming out party as a superstar NBA point guard.

    2) Joe Lacob will have a great relationship with NBA agents, and be able to convince them and their clients that he’s all about winning a championship.

    3) Lacob will have had the opportunity to put a good successor to Nellie in place; and

    4) The Bay Area, and the Warriors fans.

  • MWLX

    Delighted you’re back, Marcus, but perhaps a tad rusty. A story about what we won’t get is kinda light compared with a story about what we might get. I’d like to hear more about Iguodala and how we could get him without losing Lee, Ellis and/or Curry. That would be something.

  • Smitty

    No way…We’re finally getting a roster with a bit of depth,fielding a better team, and want want to give up the farm for a guy who might not even re-sign? Hell No!! Melo is a black hole on offense and I want to see some team ball this year. Screw this deal.

  • Steve

    Exactly the reason why the deal for Lee was so devastating. Warriors have lost their ability for a real star. A package starting with Randolph, Monte and Turiaf would open some eyes – and we wouldn’t be sitting on a max deal (Lee) which will handicap us for years.
    Grade of first deal under new ownership: D+

  • statsman

    The 1st rounder owed to the Nets might be surrendered in 2012, 2013, or 2014. So, the earliest 1st round pick the Warriors can trade right now is their 2016 #1. Maybe they can arrange a future 1st round pick to be two years after the pick to the Nets is surrendered. Something tells me there might be some restriction within the CBA to prevent that.

  • Smith

    I would definitely like to see Ellis play one more season for the warriors before they decide on trading him. I like Ellis, and he claims that he changed. Im sure the W’s will be doing much better this season.

  • A’s in 2010

    (Now, Andre Iguodala might be another story …)

    oh, such a tease!!!

  • John Starks

    How about we stop talking craziness like trading Biedrins AND Monta for one year of Melo? That trade gets you no closer to earning a playoff spot, especially since we’d only have one year to do it. He’s walkin’ after one year – do not trade Monta for that…

  • jsl

    Felty: Nice post.

  • Chris Gatling’s Soul

    welcome back MT! ever notice how much more respect an MT post gets over a TK post? I’m just sayin’.

    seriously, what do you know MT, i know you got something brewin? I for one am not a fan of landing Melo, Iggy sounds so much better just for the fact that he can play some D, while filling it up at the same time.

    Not sure if he’s even on the market though. Can’t wait for the season to start.

  • Ken

    I like the idea of a serious height upgrade by trading Ellis for Iguodala, and going with:

    Curry / Iguodala / Radmanovic / Lee / Biedrins

    (Somehow W fans seem to be unaware that Vlad was injured when he arrived, and played that way the whole season. Note that Phil Jackson started Vlad in ALL 21 playoff games, including all 7 games of the NBA Finals. Kobe and Magic Johnson made personal appeals to Vlad to get him to sign with the Lakers. He is only 29 years old.)

  • A’s in 2010
  • robert rowell

    curry, andris and gad, for melo and lawson works on the trade machine… do it!



  • slamdunk

    Nice to see that Lacob is interested in Carmelo, because the roster right now looks like Curry,Lee, Ellis and a bunch of backup players. Unfortunately this roster is not going to impress Denver enough to trade Melo here, and why would Melo want to come to a doormat anyway? Iguodala would be an improvement, but it will be hard to make a trade when the cupboard is bare and the best player to offer is Reggie Williams. Riley has already shipped out all the trading chips just to get one player(Lee), and he has blown the draft pick on another injured player. Yeah, let’s keep Riley around for another 50 loss season.

  • TownLove

    I clicked on this link on accident. I was actually trying to click the Raider Bloog and there is a new posts. Go figure.

    …… Anyway its a no brainer. If you have an opportunity to get a top 5 player you go all in wit the chips.

    Lets talk about something more interesting. Like Curry winning a Gold Medal or Monta coming back early workin hard. He looks like he has something to prove.

  • dew

    AI9 would be a much preferred trade than getting carmelo’s services for one year. I’d gladly part with monta and/or beans for iguodala.

  • tom

    Here comes a trade where the Warriors look to be in the driver’s seat and everyone wants to give away the store to get Melo? If you must make the trade, Ellis + Radmanovic matches for sallary & isn’t nearly the mis-match in talent for Denver that most teams get for A PLAYER WHO HAS DEMANDED A TRADE!!!!

    Teams NEVER get full value under these conditions, as the Warriors have learned over and over and over again.

  • ArmChair GM

    # tom Says:
    September 21st, 2010 at 12:24 am

    Here comes a trade where the Warriors look to be in the driver’s seat and everyone wants to give away the store to get Melo? If you must make the trade, Ellis + Radmanovic matches for sallary & isn’t nearly the mis-match in talent for Denver that most teams get for A PLAYER WHO HAS DEMANDED A TRADE!!!!

    Teams NEVER get full value under these conditions, as the Warriors have learned over and over and over again.

    I agree. Good post.

  • ArmChair GM

    Rowell are you seriously suggesting trading Curry?!?

    If so, that’s why you won’t be the President much longer.

  • meir34

    Marcus they can use Udoh who is the same as a lotto first round pick even injured. Say just drop his value a few spots. And the Warriors, losing Curry as the key young guy on a rookie scale like Denver wants/needs can allow us to include taking Billups and his likely two year contract off their hands.

    Curry+BW (another former lotto player perhaps worth a late first pick to Denver or to a 3rd party)_VR and
    Rad’s expiring contracts comes close. Getting a first that we can use somewhere does it straight out.

    The key is we remove Billup’ big contract besides Melo’s and they get a good young rookie guy in Curry another former lotto player in BW and either Udoh or move him for a first to give Denver. It works to the 25% of Melo and Billups’ contract. And, of course it would presuppose an extended Melo.

    This is a variation of the situation described on Fanhouse and the Billups move is the key difference. And the resulting team of Billups, Ellis, Melo, Lee and Biedrins would be vastly better than what we now have. Imgagine with Melo and Ellis both drawing double teams what that could open up!!! Either one of the two gets open or Billups or Lee have easy looks.

  • meir34

    Arm chair, the key to a successful offer to Denver for a resigned Melo is to use low priced Rookie scale guys and expiring contracts. They are weighted down now with Nene, Martn (though in an expiring contract, he’s not currently available to play), Billups and Smith. They don’t want big long term contract guys and have made that clear. Facts are if we are to be players for Melo we’ll have to use Curry, at 2.8 mill much as that hurts. NJ is offering their #3 pick Favors for that reason. Other teams their budding young budding stars. But Melo is a superstar, the sixth highest vote getter of 122 NBA sports writers and announcers for MVP this year. Billups was again an all star, but he’s 34. Yet his contract expires in two years and we’d have 13 mill to get another pg.

    Just imagine Billups, Ellis, Melo, Lee and AB. Waaaay better team than we now have and likely with the future tweaks as Billups retires and Kobe gets old, one of the ones vying for the big ring!! Melo and Ellis both draw double teams and that opens an enormous number of possibilities and should give Lee a lot of opportunities.

  • meir34

    11 Feltbot. No surprise there. Turner is a #2 pick (compare to Curry at #7 or maybe #4 or 5 if he was in this draft)and at the rookie scale. Iggy is a big bucks ltc guy. One fits their needs one doesn’t. It’s not a matter of getting equal level guys at this time. Can’t match Melo anyway. But to give Denver the tools to rebuild.

    BTW.Even with oft injured Martin and Nene, Denver won 53 games in each of the past two years. Year befoe last they were picked BEHIND us in the also rans. Melo is a superstar and clutch player.

    Does anyone at all doubt that if Melo were in this or the last draft that he’d go #1? Curry wouldn’t. Curry has a very nice future, but this is Carmelo Anthony for G-d’s sake. And the last of the big superstars.

  • ArmChair GM

    The Dubs ain’t trading Curry. That’s just a reality. That kid is the future. They’ve made it abundantly clear that he ain’t goin nowhere.

    But hey…stranger things have happened.

  • ArmChair GM

    I don’t support a Curry trade. Especially if Melo ain’t signing a long term extension with us.

    You risk losing Curry for one year of Carmelo’s services.

    13 million in the future doesn’t guarantee that you’re gonna get a point guard with Curry’s talent.

    You keep Curry and Lee, offer anybody else on the roster including Monta, Beans, Wright, Rads,etc.

    Like, Tom said earlier…Anthony is forcing Denver’s hand. If they don’t make a move now, he walks after the season and Denver gets nothing.

    If Anthony leaves Denver this season, and doesn’t sign an extension with his new team, then we try to get him next year.

    But I’m tired of watching the Warriors trade away their young players to watch them become stars on other teams…

    i.e. Webber, Jamison, Arenas,

  • meir34

    No one. REPEAT No one is talkiing about giving up Curry or Evan Turner or D. Favors or any other real good high lotto player for an unextended Melo. Get that notion out of your head.

    That’s a given everywhere. So cross out your “especially” in the first sentence and then consider it.

    And while you are getting reality checkes, Armchair, if Melo goes the distance and becomes a FA which the odds are huge he won’t, since Denver would have to be idiots to go that route, we can’t and won’t be players. Then it’s cash money for him and that means going way into tax land. Like if you go over the tax threshold by 15 mill to sign him, first of all you pay and additional 15 mill in taxes, just that year, more later, and then you no longer share in the tax pool that gets divided by the teams that were under the threshold. Meaning the real cost of Melo would then be about his 17 1/2 mill contracted, plus about 25 mill from the taxes and lost pool sharing or he’d be the most expensive player in the history of the league at 42 1/2 million for the first year and going up after that.

    Teams way under the cap are the ones that could bid for him then, like NJ. Those won’t incur the taxes. Furthermore if he resigns he can get a better deal under current rules than if he just goes somewhere as a free agent with a max contract.

    So bottom line, if we don’t do a deal now to Feb trading deadline we are OUT of the running. PERIOD. No possibility otherwise. You want him you make a better offer than the competition. Right now rumors have several teams offering their 2,3 and 4 draft picks of this year and some from last as the key young stud still on a rookie contract. Some like NJ are offering in addition the expiring contracts made up not of a Gadzuric and Vlad Rad but a currently performing guy like Troy Murphy.

    We don’t use Curry we simply aren’t players in this game. But we can be serious players by going for both Melo and Billups, giving Denver their greatest flexibility even if Troy Murphy has a good year.

  • meir34

    And Marcus are you sure we “couldn’t” get Melo. Or is it we “won’t” part with Curry to get him and Billups?

    Because we’d clearly be a MUCH better team doing the deal than the predicted also ran we won’t otherwise.

    If we don’t go for him, seriously, which does mean Curry, and I’m convinced that would be a bad mistake, then I’m all for trying to upgrade from D. Wright (ugh), at shooting forward. Even apart from the fact that he’s missed half his games over his six year period–just what we need after last year, he’s an under 7 ppg lifetime player. Even projecting health and improvement, it’s hard to see us going far with him as our shooting forward, better D notwithstanding. But how would you propose gettin Iggy wiithout weakening our core to do it? Do you think Philly would move him just for expiring contracts? If we move AB and don’t replace him where are we? Using Lee again out of position and weakening our low post again. If we use Monta, we lost our offensive threat that draws double teams. Where’s the gain, and where’s the gain for Philly, who would then have Turner and Monta vying for shooting guard?

    I could only see this happening if Philly did what we’d then have shown not to have the balls for, i.e., trade their young stud Turner to get Melo and they might need our expiring contract guys to do it. A long shot. How else do you see it happening?

  • ArmChair GM

    I hear your argument man, but I repeat…

    Curry ain’t going nowhere.

  • meir34

    31, none of those guys brought back a superstar like Melo not even mentioning Billups in the deal.

    Furthermore, you might add Partrick O’Bryant, Ike Diogu, Hughes, etc. as good or lotto players who DIDN’T pan out. You can’t run from making trades that figure to improve your team just because of fear a young guy will get better.

    It’s like never selling a stock because it might go up after you sold. In fact, exactly the same.

    We have no superstars and one Eastern Conference all star. Here’s an all star PLUS a super star and it would transform our team. You don’t figure to get that kind of an asset without paying a nice price for it. It’s still well worth it. Just ask yourself, which team you’d rather have,

    Billups, Ellis, Melo, Lee and AB or
    Curry, Ellis, D. Wright, Lee and AB.

    And when Billups retires or he is traded as an expiring contract down the road a short piece, we will have his 13-14 million salary freed to pickup players, which may include a pg, or maybe even the original Monta as pg might work and we’d have more free money for a good 2 guard. Lot’s of possibilities. We’d be MUCH better now and likely even more better in the future. Right away we’d go from where are we picked, just above Minny in the basement of the West, according to ESPN, to a serious contender to make it to the Conference Finals. And when Kobe, now 32 ages, we’d be one of the ones vying as heir apparent. Or maybe we can hope that by then we’ll have a team ready to compete for 8th playoff spot then 1 and out like most of those.

    As the bible says, Therefore, Choose Life. It’s all about choices. But if you are afraid the stock you sold will rise and simply sit on your hands, you deserve what you get.

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  • meir34

    ARmChair, I realize you and Marcus may be right and our new owners might not be willing to move a fan favorite. That too is part of reality. Though Lacob has spoken of making a big splash move, and he did something of the sort in Boston after he bought in-recall they gutted their team and brought in KG, and Ray Allen and Rashid,Rondo, etc. So we know he has the plan in mind.

    I’d say right now Curry, as good as he is, is very over hyped. Apart from the hype he’s got a beautiful stroke, a quick release, is a clever player, in setting his own screens and when under the basket. He never draws double teams. Has a weak power drive and consequently gets few kick out assists, and very bad number in terms of getting to the line. On D he is slow and got burned badly by the speedy pgs like Brooks, Collison and Beoubois. So others will have to always cover for him on Ding those kind of guys. He’s got court vision and is a good passer yet he was unable to turn those into good assist to turnover numbers-where he’s the lowest of the top rookie pgs. He also had trouble dribbling under presses. He’s still only a second year player, still promising and though has 3 years of college ball behind him, that some of the other rookie pgs didn’t have while doing some would say as well or better, He had similar turnover problems in college where they used him as a shooting guard. So improvement in those areas aren’t certain. If he does become all he can it will be from hard work like Mully, because like Mully he’s behind the Jennings, Beaubois, Collisons and some would say even JRUE, in speed and athelticism. He is a hard worker though. I love his work ethic. I can see him becoming a nice pg, like Miller or Bibby, it’s a push to bring up Nash. Downside he’ll always find a nice role spot with his outside shot and smarts. In short a very good young player. Well worth his 7 pick.

    But we are talking Carmelo Anthony. Clearly would be the No. 1 pick if he’d been in this draft. Sixth in the voting for MVP of the entire league, to put it into perspective. And Billups several times in a row all star, though winding down his career, still a nice fit if Curry does get traded. And he played well ahead of Curry on Team USA this summer.

  • Hook Mitchell

    Trade curry for a one year rent a player superstar???

    No thanks…

  • GSWTruth

    OK. Interesting conversation.

    In my opinion, Carmelo will NOT be joing an eastern conference team. Why would he? I’m not in the locker room butmy guess is Melo is not satisfied with loosing in the first/second round of the playoffs every year or barely making it. The east has a young Orlando team missing one or two pieces, the Celtics who are still relevant, Chicago and some expansion team in Miami I keep hearing about. Let’s be real, The Nets are not contenders and won’t be for a while. Not with all of that talen and with so many players from the west that went east this offseason. The west now has … the Lakers. And that’s it. OKC? I’ll give you that, but that makes two relevant playoff teams rather than the 4-5 beasts in the east. So that reduces his options to Western Conference Teams. I think the Warriors have a good shot. I personally would look towards getting Iggy as his D is better but let’s not forget that Curry just won gold with the guy in the FIBA worlds. They have a relationship and a common goal of winning it all. Much better option. Besides, if you look at the way this team is being built it is being built as a TEAM. No wonder, look where Lacob comes from in Boston. In order for this team to be effective Curry needs the ball in his hands, just like Rondo does. Melo doesn’t afford that. With that said, if get him for one season and prove we can play, then let him go, Lacob would have bought some time building a culture of winning and saving money for the following season. I don’t see us being afraid of the luxury tax moving forward because that’s what it takes to win, maybe Melo works out and we resign him. But truthfully, Iggy is more desireable. He plays when he hates, just competed to help win the FIBA worlds and is a stronger defender.

    Two years ago I would have loved getting Melo, but now the team looks like it has a direction Iggy looks like a better pick. And if you work the ESPN trade machine a 3-team deal with GSW/Denver/Philly has all types of goodies for all sides.

    One more thing, why would Denver need Curry if it has Ty Lawson. I know Curry is better, but again, Melo is DEMANDING a trade. Teams never get full value at that point.

  • meir34

    Hook, as Sam Amico in Fan House pointed out everyone understands that the deals being offered are for a re-signed (to the extension) Melo. NO ONE, no one is talking about him for 1 year save for the hint by Marcus above.


    Not sure why but the beat reporters seem to be ignoring the Melo deal altogether or setting up a straw soldier like, I’m surprised, Marcus is doing above. BTW, Welcome back Marcus. I hope you go back to the actual interviewing of principals rather than this kind of stuff, as you did with Lacob. Congratulations on that, btw. That’s the sort of story than can separate you from the other beat writers, or fantasy gossip guys like your buddy Tim K.

  • Jet Set Dave

    The offer we should put on the table is:

    Monta + Reggie + BW or Udoh + Vlad and the right to swap 1st round picks with us in 2011 and 2013, or the 2014 1st draft for Melo and Affalo.

    That’s about it.

    If they want AB, I would consider taking JR Smith and Birdman and letting them keep Affalo.

    These are solid proposals that give them youth depth and the opportunity to rebuild with youth and talent.

    Otherwise, let’s hope he goes east.

    He has to re-up to make such a deal.

  • Hook Mitchell


    Even with an extension. I’d be hesitant to trade curry.

    I know melo is a big name. But we all know he wants to go back east. Atleast that’s what wifey La La wants. I just don’t think he’d be happy here.

    Curry on the other hand is a true pro. Not for sure, but doubt he’d get into off court trouble.
    He was raised around the game. He knows how to act and how not to act.
    He is s true role model for all in inner city youth in Oakland and all around the bay.

    Plus on top of that he is a solid PG with damn near unlimited potential.

    I see his game as Jason Kidd mixed with Reggie Miller minus the height/length.
    No joke. His upside is scary.

  • meir34

    Hook, what is scary is that you see Jason plus Miller in Curry? Jason played one year at Cal then as a rookie had 7.7 assists on a Better than 2-1 assist to turnover ration. Where do you see even the tiniest comparison between Jason then and Curry even with 3 years of college under his belt??? If so I wouldn’t do it either. But to me that is a huge joke of a post. Why not see Bob Cousy in him because they both had the behind the back pass?

    Curry was dead last bubble player on team usa, selected in part because his brother is going to Duke this year. He stunk and only played garbage minutes and did nothing then. His clutch +- was lowest of all the rookies who played any time at all this year. His getting to the line was pathetic and by far the worst of the rookie pgs. I still like his sweet stroke and a few clever moves. His steals are nice. He is a weak power driver and got beat by every speedy pg he saw all year. He’s slow. Jason was known as a guy to build a franchise around even while in high school where he was scouted by nearly every pro team-even before his one year of college. Whatever has Curry done, please cite stats not just words, to make that comparison. Hype isn’t floor play. Melo has moved up on the all pro lists each year. He was the sixth highest vote getter for MVP this year and all the starters are greats. First guy on the second team all pro, already. And Billups, though maybe only a couple of years, his contract, left in the tank is right now hugely better than Curry. He was a cog on the Team USA squad that Curry was a garbage joke on.

    Quite a difference between being a promising second year player and being the sixth highest vote getter in the entire league’s MVP voting, wouldn’t you say?

  • meir34

    Didn’t you see Jennings burn him in that 55 pt game against us? Or Collison run circles around him. Brooks too? He simply is slow and has to be compensated for on D against speedy pgs. On Team USA his stated role was to be a shooter for situations when the other teams, a la European style, went behind their man on screens. He flopped at that even.

    Which is not to say he won’t become a long time good NBA player. But for Billups and Melo re-signed?? Might well happen that we pass on this but it would be a horrible decision by Lacob and Melo is the last of the superstars to be available. And the others who “might” come up are Deron and CPIII, both at Curry’s position. So you are happy with what we have? The team ESPN picks to only beat Minny in the entire West?

    All just to keep Cury?

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    look kenny seagle has champion caramello amfeny 4 a long time…. yes there are some downsides in his game but he his a money mofo when’s crunch time no????

    but this is getting pretty stoopid now…. time 2 cut off this talk…. @ lease theres sense 2 stamp curry “off limits.”

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • Hook Mitchell

    Bruh. You make good points. I don’t have fancy stats or links. I just noted them two players for two simple reasons. Jason Kidd as the way he sees the floor. Both on offense and defense. And Reggie miller because of his shhotong ability and moxy.

    Yeah he got slow foot speed. Collison was too fast AND strong for him to handle.
    (I’m so glad he in the east now)

    Jennings was in the ZONE that night. No one played any defense.
    That was just plain embarassing.

    Deron Williams in my opinion is the best PG in the NBA today.
    He does it all. Score. Pass. Rebound. Sticky defender. Plus on top of that he is big strong fast and quick. Not to mention smart.

    Don’t blow my curry comparison out of proportion.

    Just needed to name a complete floor general PG then another guy with a Stupid jumpshot.

    Kidd been playing PG all his life. His size sets him apart from other good/great players. Puts him in elite category.

    Curry still learning PG. In the job training.

    I would understand the trade. But my heart ain’t in it.

    I’m also the guy that wanted to keep Anthony Randolph over a legit 20pt 10reb guy in David Lee. Would have much rather traded our lottery pick instead of AR.

    Sorry I ain’t got no numbers/stats/links for you.
    I just go by my eyes.
    I know I don’t have perfect vision. (it’s all opinion. Mines and yours)

    but hindsight is always 20/20.

  • jscrilla

    Haa haaa! The Warriors will get Carmelo Anthony and Felbot isnt Bob Fitzgeralds lap dog.