Curry’s “phantom” ankle injury; David Lee-Andris Biedrins Beef

Point guard Stephen Curry, after re-spraining his ankle in Wednesday night’s win over the Houston Rockets, is listed as day-to-day with a mild right ankle sprain. So you know what that means? No practice.

Curry said he took a couple of steps back by re-aggravating his ankle injury, so he will rest it and ice it in preparation for Friday’s game vs. the Clippers. But is this all part of his plan to get out of practicing?

CURRY: “I don’t want to start this trend. I definitely want to be ready for the games. I want to practice. But it doesn’t help to keep phantom rolling my ankle every game. I’ma have to stop that.”

Obviously, Curry was joking about faking an ankle injury so he can skip practice. But Curry hasn’t practiced since spraining his right ankle last Thursday in San Diego. But Keith Smart said he wasn’t worried about his point guard and captain missing practice.

SMART: “He still does something to keep his heart rate up. He’s just got to get out and shoot. We have all types of apparatuses to get his heart rate up … the conditioning part I think is going to help him. We don’t want him cutting, we don’t want him landing on someone’s foot and have to miss some games because of that. We have ways of keeping a guy actively engaged.”

Curry’s ankle will need the rest because the likelihood is that Clippers point guard Baron Davis will post him up, as usual. And Curry won’t get an influx of help. The Warriors, Curry said, would much rather take their chances of Baron taking over the game down low. What they don’t want is for the defense to react to help Curry and open up passing lanes and open shots for Baron’s teammates.

That means Curry might spend a lot of time locked up with beareded dude in the paint.


Center Andris Biedrins is as happy as I’ve ever seen him. He has every reason to be.

He’s healthy, finally. He has help rebounding the ball in the form of David Lee, not leaving him to contend with an entire frontine on his own. And, he’s being factored into the offense.

Head coach Keith Smart ran the first play of the season through Biedrins. And, shortly afterward, even after the first one didn’t result in a basket, Smart posted Biedrins up again. He dropped in a turnaround hook.

BIEDRINS: “I talked to coach. I told him I’ll only play if I get the first shot.”

SMART: “I said, ‘You’re probably right.’ … Gotta keep your big man happy.”

Biedrins, now being serous, said it does help him to get a shot or two early. He said early touches help him get a rhythm. Certainly, it aids his psyche knowing that he’s involved in the offense and not just an extra on that end of the court.

BIEDRINS: “Coach Keith wants me to get a feel for the ball. He knows what I need and he’s doing it.”

There is one thing bothering Biedrins. His name is David Lee.

Huh? It looked as if the two worked well together Wednesday night. On the offensive end, Lee found Biedrins inside a couple of times. They both fed off each other on the boards. They looked like a tandem, right?

BIEDRINS: “That’s really weird because I don’t like him, but on the floor we get along really well. … They try to make us bond with each other, but it’s not working. But on the floor, you know, you forget those things and just work as a team.”

Yes, he’s kidding.

Marcus Thompson

  • Yulupan

    Andris a cut up? Who knew? Great article Marcus. One of your best. (Fix the “Phanton” typo in the title)

  • Not a doctor

    Maybe Curry should tape his ankles.

  • Pboss

    Nice one Marcus. I’m cautiously optimistic about this season. We haven’t seen guys have fun and enjoy each other for a few years now. It clearly makes a big difference.

    Now to the big problem…. your blog header! After having to deal w/ Big Al Harrington for a year after he left, now you’re stuck with the god awful old logo. That logo makes my stomach churn as it represents everything that has been wrong with the team during the Cohan area. Please, Please, Please get rid of it sooner than the last time. Bring on the new logo and they new era!

  • WetLunGz

    That was a great game last night! The crowd was awesome (I still don’t like the fact that jeremy lin gets such a loud ovation for not even being good enough to suit up , but other than that it was live last night). Of course it wasn’t all good last night. Our interior defense is really bad, david lee sat there and watched the rockets dunk it or lay it in his face. Didn’t jump or try n block ne thing till second quarter. But as bad as lee is on d, he dominates the boards….I felt like after every shot him n biedrins were attacking thwe boards, I can’t remember last time we had so many second chance points….another thing I noticed, I can’t remember us taking ne bad 3’s, carney of course missed 2 or 3 but he was open, and curry, monta, n d wright all hit sum nice ones…and did anybody notice that curry n monta weren’t the weakness on defense? They both played good..kevin martin wud not have had 20+ points if the refs weren’t trying to hand the game to houston….and how come lee guarded scola all game? I mean he ntorched us…why not throw dre on him and see if he can do ne better….I don’t expect a repeat performance tomoro night but I hope the game is just as exciting!

  • WetLunGz

    Marcus, ne chance carney might be taking minutes from reggie? He seems to be bigger, faster n more agressive, especially on defense. I’m jw cuz in the 2nd half reggie didn’t seem to play as much cuz carney was eating his minutes..

  • W’s in 2010

    Good win. Back up PG and another shotblocking big man are still needs for this team.

  • It’s all jokes and positivity in Oakland! Wins on the way! Buy tickets now! New Era!

    Wait… Cohan still owns the team?

  • FeatherRiverDan

    hopefully Curry has some tape leftover so we can use it to tape Brandan Wright and Vladimir legs together to keep both off the court during game time….