Ellis’ “bad” game; Warriors Want Revenge on Lakers; David Lee Shut Down Blake Griffin

Monta Ellis described it as a bad night. He said it wasn’t because of the way the Clippers defended him. He just felt from the beginning it wouldn’t be his night.

ELLIS: “It was just one of those days. I know when my day is going to be good and when my day is going to be bad.”

Since when is 15 points and 11 assists bad?

I mean, it ain’t 46 points on 18-for-24 shooting. But Ellis still notched his 14th career double-double.
More important, once again, he stayed within the flow of the game. He wasn’t hogging, wasn’t forcing shots, wasn’t just looking for his. That’s two games in a row Ellis has been under control and in the flow.

DORELL WRIGHT: “I’m glad he’s tough on himself like that. That’s a good night for a lot of players. If he feels that was a tough game, then that’s a good thing.”


Stephen Curry quietly got dressed as the media waited to grill him. He had on all black everything – black shirt, black jeans, all black every thing – so the white cast he had on his ankle stood out. It wasn’t a cast, it was just enough tape to make it look like a cast at first glance.
Curry seemed to be thinking with his head and not his heart on the matter. Almost assuredly, he wants to try to play Sunday. It’s the Lakers. It’s in LA. You know he wants to play. But he said the wise thing to do might be to sit.

CURRY: “A lot of guys gave me advice about how long the season is and making sure its 100 percent. Since we don’t play until Wednesday, maybe that would be a smart thing to miss Sunday and have almost a full week and get it right before our long road trip out east. So it all depends on how I feel (Saturday) and go from there.

If Curry can’t play, that leaves head coach Keith Smart with a point guard by committee approach. My guess is that Ellis will start at point guard and Reggie Williams will start at shooting guard. And Dorell Wright will run some at shooting guard. I doubt if anyone else gets a crack. Maybe Charlie Bell.

SMART: “Reggie for sure. Monta slides over. We’ll try Point-Dorell. Point-Biedrens, then we’ll move on down the list. We can only play who we’ve got.”

Seriously doubt if Smart throws Jeremy Lin out there against one of the league’s best defenses on the road. Although he did say Lin was making progress in practice, and thought he did well in his late-game minutes Friday, his NBA debut.
One bit of growth Smart pointed out was that Lin is to the point where he is calling the plays on his own and not looking to Smart to tell him what play to call. That shows a command of the playbook and increasing confidence.

SMART: “We’re baby spooning him.”


Wright was 6-for-7 from 3-point range, tying his career high. He was finding his spots on the floor and he didn’t miss when he got the looks. He finished with 24 points, a game-high, on 9-for-12 shooting.

WRIGHT: “I was open. I had to capitalize.”

Smart said he wants Wright to do even more, including post-up and pass out of the post. Wright said he knows it’s in his game. It’s just a matter of dusting off the cob webs, since he hasn’t used other parts of his game in so long.

WRIGHT: “I’m very comfortable. … I’m loving it. I’m glad I’m not second-guessing myself like I used to. It’s not that I don’t have it, I’ve just got to remember how to do it. It’s been a long time.”


Ellis said the Warriors have a bone to pick with the Lakers, and they look forward to Sunday’s game.

ELLIS: “We owe them one for that preseason game.”

Ellis is speaking of the preseason finale in which the Lakers edged the Warriors in overtime. Golden State did not have Stephen Curry, who had sprained his ankle the previous night. And Ellis played 53 minutes, and Reggie Williams played like 49.
It might be déjà vu all over again.


David Lee shut down Blake Griffin. What was that about he can’t play defense?

Too soon?
OK, Lee is hardly ready to be named All-Defense third team. But he gets credit for the job he did on Blake Griffin. Many expected Griffin to dominate, and after the first quarter (7 points, five rebounds) it looked as if he would.
But Griffin went scoreless in the second and third quarters (he hardly played in the second quarter). He needed 14 shots for his 14 points. His 10 rebounds weren’t enough to keep the Warriors from winning the battle of the boards by 6.
Lee stuck to the game plan, which was to push Griffin out of the key and make him get all his buckets out of post-ups. When he’s finishing and in transition and racking up putbacks, he is much more dangerous. Griffin doesn’t have a dangerous post-game yet, and his midrange jumper needs work.

LEE: “My number one thing was — if he scored a couple of times in the post, you give him credit – stopping him in transition and from killing us on the offensive glass. We were able to do that tonight.”

Marcus Thompson

  • WetLunGz

    Another great game and it was made better by the fact that we DID play good interior d, espeicially Lee. I hope he proves me n a lot of other people wrong about his defense….also the help d looked much much much better tonight. Did anybody else feel it was a little ridiculous Lin got such loud cheers every time he touched the ball? Why don’t we do that every time any warrior touches the ball? But if I gotta deal with that in order to watch the warriors win, while playing good ball, I can live that…go warriors! BEAT LA

  • some guy

    I bet Lin is regretting his decision to sign with the home town team. The cheers border on the ridiculous and is probably embarrassing for him.

    Just have to add. Media has been salivating over Ellis and Lee, but the guy that has won both games is Curry. Both of the big runs in the 1st 2 game that put the dubs ahead for good were initiated by his scoring and dishing. Curry is still a liability one on one defensively and while he does rotate and play team defense correctly, he’s limited by his size and strength, but he’s crucial on offense.

  • petaluman

    Lin will probably continue to get attention disproportionate to his production for awhile. Bear in mind, though, that yesterday was Asian Heritage Night. Why shouldn’t the crowd show Jeremy some extra support, as the only Asian on the floor?

  • squirmy wormy

    A refreshing change in Oakland from top to bottom. I really think this team can push for the 8 seed, and they actually have pieces to build around, and a soon to be owner who knows that he needs to add more. This could be the beginning of some good basketball by the Bay. Great work, as always Marcus.

  • David Lee did not shut down Blake Griffin. Even Jim Barnett was talking about a team defensive plan the coaches told him about- one they executed to keep Griffin away from the hoop. When Griffin got Lee on him, he clocked him. Hard.

  • Dan Martinez still has a job with Rowell I see.

  • Sleepy Freud

    Chris Cohen:

    With the W’s looking like a good team. Your posts have been rendered moot and boarderline pathetic. Time for you to go troll else where.

  • Last night was Chris Cohan’s 479th win as owner last night. Making money left and right. Keep buying tickets, suckers!

  • Petaluman- the crowd chants “We Want Lin!” at all/various points during ANY game regardless of circus promotions, etc. LOTS of fans derisively mock Curry’s constant turnovers with “Put in Lin!” and “Win for the Win!” I enjoy it. It’s like 120 points Big Mac night or The Great Manute Bol (RIP) shooting 3 pointers in laughers back in the day.

    Nellie Ball Circus here to stay.

    Take the spin and sit on it.

  • Lin for the Win!

  • Marcus, I love this format you’ve found to present the interview quotes. Your information and analysis is #1 in the bay in my book.

  • TownLove

    Cant see how we beat the Lakers at full strength let alone with out Curry.

  • WetLunGz

    Id d wright plays as good as he did on Friday…abd dlee keeps up the good defense…we cud steal this game from la…it’ll help if monta can go 30 n 10 wit r or 5 stls…

  • brandonbeard

    SOme of you need to get off the Griffin band wagon. All he does is Dunk hard, and when ur that big, you should, but we we’re able to see many issues with his game and he has to work on those things. He is a nice player to have in the post but offensively David Lee is the total package, sorry!

  • WetLunGz

    Xamn that was an ugly game last night….I kno we were missing curry but we still could’ve played better than that….david lee…I hope he never plays that bad in a W uni ever again, especially on anight when we need him taq step it up and help make up for not having curry…jeremy lin played pretty good too last night, hopefully he doesn’t feel too much pressure from fans and he takes his time to develope into a solid backup pg for us…biedrins lookd decent on offense but him and lee both were bad on boards…..we have to play better than this on the roas especially against top tier teams that we hope to be joining in the playoffs…hopefully curry comes back and helps us out on weds….ill wud love ta be 3-0 on games I’ve been to so far this yr…

  • WetLunGz


    Even his teamates think its ridiculous…will see how bbad it is tonight when he finally gets in the game….LET’S GO WARRIOS and not just Lin!!!

  • WetLunGz

    Anybody home? Marcus? Warrior fans? Anybody? What happened to the daily post in here from last season? This used to be a very lively blog….