Ellis is Day to Day with Lower Back Strain

The results are in from guard Monta Ellis’ examination. He had an X-Ray and CT scan and was diagnosed with a strained lower back.
He is leaving Toronto to rejoin the team today in New York. He is officially listed as day-to-day, which if accurate is a lot sooner than it appeared he would be out on Monday.
Ellis took a nasty spill late in the fourth quarter. He went up for a lay-up with two hands and, after colliding with a Raptors player in the air, landed awkwardly and wrenched his back.

Marcus Thompson

  • dubfan

    Compared to the sight of him laying there and simply not moving at all, this is relatively amazing…it was a scary moment; always is when any athlete is laying down and just not moving. Certainly hope he is not out long.

  • Garrett

    I want to see what Coach Smart will do with Monta against New York. Monta will probably want to play a lot of minutes but..after facing Tony Douglas and Raymond Felton , Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings are on the horizon. I think Smart will cautioulsy limit Monta and maybe even Curry to something reasonable. I expect another Lin appearance as well as Reggie at point guard and Carney as the 2 guard..i guess Charlie Bell can come too…

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Thank goodness! Get well soon Monta! You are playing amazingly!

  • playoffbound

    Whew!!! Wipping forehead…

  • Ewok

    A long time ago, i predicted Monta Ellis is the next Iverson. Probably even more..

    I was criticized in this board which was ok because i was confident with my prediction.

    Look what is happening now. Monta has become an elite player. Even Phil Jackson observed it. Iverson himself said in a past interview that Monta is going to be better than him.

    Just a thought.

  • Does anybody think Curry is a little too laid back?

    I think they need him to also be aggressive with his scoring.

  • Dubfan

    Hard to disagree. He’s an amazing talent.

  • MontaFans

    Before seeing Monta, I thought Barbosa was quickest player in NBA… Sorry Barbosa u will have to take a back seat in this category now 🙂

  • ringo

    I am glad on this news coz Monta (league’s top scorer) is really needed esp. on this roadtrip. Be good to see Randolp, Buke, and Turiaf.

  • deano

    The back spasms that immobilized Monta must have been severe. those muscles need ice and rest for at least a couple of days. I really hope that Monta does not suit up tonight, or for the rest of this road trip. At the season’s end, GSW will probably be more than three games out of the Playoffs. Even if Monta plays, there is no guarantee that GSW wins the next three games; and, I think that the Warriors have a good shot of beating the Knicks and Bucks without him.