UPDATE: Lee is Flying to Bay Area for Surgery on Infected Elbow

UPDATE: David Lee is flying to the Bay Area today and will have surgery tonight on his left elbow. Dr. Frank Chen will perform the surgery at the Fremont Surgery Center to clean out the infected laceration. He is out for Saturday’s game at Milwaukee.

After cracking the teeth of New York Knicks forward Wilson Chandler with the inside of his left elbow, Lee’s health has gone down hill. He wrapped the gash with tape, three times over, and that didn’t stop the bleeding. He went to the emergency room the next morning and was pumped with antibiotics. Still, his left elbow was super swollen and discolored. He couldn’t even straighten it out.

As it turns out, according to sources, his elbow is infected after all and he is expected to miss two weeks — FoxSports.com’s Jeff Goodman first reported. He is definitely out for Saturday’s game at Milwaukee, I’m told.

The team hasn’t said officially how long Lee is out. Almost assuredly that will be determined after the surgery.

Marcus Thompson

  • Eeqmcsq

    Oops, I think you meant “Saturday’s” game, not Friday.

  • Kommon Senze

    Apparently, Wilson Chandler doesn’t do the best job of brushing his teeth. 😛 This is going to hurt the Warriors, whose lack of reliable bench depth was exposed a bit last night.

  • whoRu

    and the curse is still with us…

  • Flukster Dude Jr.

    Can the Warriors please get an exorcist or some type of priest to get rid of Cohan’s evil spirits in the locker room, team plane, training facility, and Oracle Arena? These injuries are ridiculous.

  • Michael

    This is VERY serious business especially if the infection spreads to the bone. I can’t believe how incompotent the so called medical professionals have from the trainer to the ER doc. Let’s hope David will be fine and back in uni before NY pays it’s visit.

  • dubfan

    The Warrior’s injury curse strikes again! Arrghh! I am not suprised. The human body does not like gashes made with teeth…lots of nasty bacteria when that happens. The irony is, that this one happened while Lee was doing exactly what he was brought here to do, and a freaky injury happens.

    Don’t a lot of players wear mouthguards? Don’t both Chandler and Lee wish that Chandler had been?

  • Frustration Sensation

    @ Dubfan

    i know i wish chandler had worn one. does anyone know how udoh and amundson are progressing with their injuries?

  • warrior beil

    well we all saw how well we play w/o Lee. We’re screwed….again.

  • Twinkie defense

    Those friggen NY trainer idiots – the human mouth is a vile place, how could they not be ultra-cleaning that would and shooting Lee up with antibiotics from the moment Wilson Chandler’s tooth got stuck in his elbow?

  • Paul

    last year, carl landry lost two teeth (they actually stuck in nowitzki’s elbow) while wearing a mouthguard. landry probably would have broken his jaw had he not had the mouthguard in.

  • Paul

    and i believe dallas was incredibly careful about infection. they cleaned his elbow out twice in the first day or two, if i recall correctly.

    fail for the warriors medical staff.

  • SpicyCurry

    the injury curse is smelling more and more of a terrible medical staff curse. even i knew they should have taken him back to clean that out asap. how do trained professionals not realize that when a dude loses two bloody teeth in your player’s bone, that calls for some sterilization?? i hope the first thing lacob does is spend some money on a training staff that knows what they’re doing.

  • Queef Smart

    Warriors need to fire their training and medical staff.

  • Damon

    Ah shucks, and the year had gotten off to such a good start. I was really struggling with rooting for a team that wins more than half their games anyway, it felt kind of uncomfortable after the last two years. Let’s hope Lee come back soon and is ready to rebound!

  • gary o

    Plese fire the whole warriors medical staff; IDIOTS.

  • J-Walk

    The trainer should be fired!!! From what I understand he didn’t have Lee’s injury cleaned and stitched by a doctor that night. Not to mention He should have been given I.V. antibiotics as soon as possible. The fact that they let him go to bed without that being done caused his elbow to become infected. It could have been stopped! How could the trainer not take a laceration by someones tooth more seriously. The human mouth is full of bacteria. This is an egregious mistake in judgement. HE SHOULD BE FIRED!! How can he be trusted to treat properly if he can’t get this basic treatment protocol right?! One that any basic e.m.t. would know.

  • G.O.

    From a season ticket holder; PLEASE FIRE the whole medical staff.I have had both hips replaced; and anytime I have dental work I MUST take antibiotics; are they that clueless?

  • Playoffbound


  • Briar

    Chandler must be very proud of his homegrown, ultra-lethal mouth germs.

  • gsw_hoop

    I would like to know what Mr. Saint Jean thinks of this. If he was still the GM, that trainer would be fired.

    GSJ is the best part of the Warriors. I am his biggest fan.

  • W’s in 2010

    You leave a rotten tooth in there, it got infected, good grief…

    Fire the trainer, asap.

  • J-Walk

    I’m still beside myself with the idiocy and complacency of the Warriors training staff. If this injury were properly treated Lee might have been able to play against Chicago and would be well on his way to healing right now. Instead he has to have surgery and is out. The Warriors are trying to build something right now and this really sets them back. FIRE THIS STUPID TRAINER WHO THOUGHT IT WAS OK NOT TO HAVE THIS LACERATION CLEANED AND STITCHED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT GAME!!!!!!

  • J Amend

    Hey Michael ….. the only thing about your claim about incompetent medical staff is your incompOtent spelling …. but it’s probably due to your girlfriend calling you impOtent !

  • Carlos

    THANK YOU. The trainer needs to be fired. This Warriors injury “CURSE” can’t just be bad luck.

    This is the most ridiculously obvious piece of evidence I have seen yet.

  • Dubfan

    Why don’t basketball teams employ DOCTORS full-time instead of “trainers”? Surely the investment of $200,000, or so would seem to be well worth the protection and well being of their multi-million dollar talent.

  • I have to admit I was flabbergasted to read the interviews Lee gave before he was treated. He should have been treated immediately. The danger of infection in these cases is well known.

    Not your field, Marcus, but there may be a real story in this…

  • Dubfan

    Can we please start playing Jeff Adrien NOW! And please stop playing Bradon Wrong and Vlad Bad!

  • WarriorsBigMenPlay

    Has anyone noticed that and realized that Andris Biedrins surprising quick start and monster rebounding comes when David Lee is playing. Look at the last 2 games the warriors have played without Lee….What in the world is Andris Biedrins doing out there….He’s completely ineffective. Even Dennis Rodman who was a notorious one dimensional rebounder would score 5-10 pts consistently.

    Barnett and Fitzgerald please get off Brandon Wright’s jock…..the reason he can’t get on a roll is because nelly never even played him and even now he’s not getting enough playing time to get any kind of rhythmn. If you do notice when he gets significant stretches of action…he’s scoring on put backs and grabbing boards…..which is way more that biedrins can ever do. ……Someone needs to send fitzgerald a message about biedrins last performance withlouth lee….a whopping 0 pts and 2 rebounds……..are you kidding me?

  • Bill

    Vlad Bad….LOVE IT….slow, stupid, lazy, settles for cannonballs from the next county…..please deal this albatross!

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