With Stitches and IV removed; David Lee to Begin Light Conditioning Work

Warriors released the following update on forward David Lee. Sounds like he won’t be joining the team on the current road trip, which he said was a best-case scenario. But it is looking as if he will make his more reasonable return goal of Tuesday vs. San Antonio.



Warriors forward David Lee has been given clearance by doctors to resume light conditioning work after having the stitches removed from his injured left arm and the PICC-line (a peripherally inserted central catheter for IV’s) removed from his right arm.

Lee, who remains in Oakland and is working out at the team’s practice facility with Director of Athletic Development Mark Grabow, will be re-examined on Friday.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    Happy Thanksgiving Marcus. David please hurry back. We will be very thankful

  • deano

    Ironically, David Lee’s worth to GSW has been proven as much by his injury absence as by his pre-injury presence. The same comparison adds proof to the wisdom of Larry Riley’s trade with the Knicks. (Earlier proof was provided by the non-performance in NYC of the players Riley traded to the Knicks).

    I am hoping for noticeable improvement in the Warriors’ play with Lee’s return sometime next week, followed by Louis Amundson’s entry a few weeks later. When Ekpe Udoh finally joins the team (January?), we will finally see the fullness of Riley’s efforts this past summer. Then it will be February, and time to trade the expiring contracts of Radmanovich and Gadzuric for someone who can really contribute.

    There is a lot to look forward to at GSW this season, both on and off the court. Ah, fresh air at last.

  • beil

    yeah rite Lee wont be back until maybe next month. Every time they give us a date on when he’ll be back just think 2 or 3 more weeks. Its always that way with the Warriors even in the past.

  • Its Official:

    Dorrell Wright is a bum. He is TERRIBLE. He was the single-handed reason the Warriors did not win tonight’s game against Memphis. Andris Beidrins had the game of his life.. Curry and Ellis played great. Jeff Adriens played well.. but Dorrell Wright showed exactly why Miami only allowed him to play spot up shooter and defensive specialist.

    They did it because he’s not any good at basketball.

    Time to dump this chump. He’s garbage, and I’m sick of watching him bumble away his team’s chances at earning victories.