Wright Black Eye; Monta the Floor General; Gadzuric Gets the Game Ball

Dorell Wright’s right eye didn’t turn out to be as bad as it originally looked. It was puffy, and more smoke gray than black. He said it was because he has good skin. But if he shoots like that with one puffy eye, the Warriors should probably have Jeff Adrien elbow him before every game.

Wright was 9-for-12 from 3-point range. He was 5-for-5 in the third quarter, when the Warriors stepped on the gas and separated from Minnesota. He broke the franchise record of 8 threes held by guard Jason Richardson, who was 8 of 13 on March 29, 2007 against Phoenix.

Wright’s previous career-high was six 3-pointers in a game. His 30 points was also a career-high.

WRIGHT: “Those guys were just finding me. Monta, Steph and D-Lee, they cause so much attention that when they kick the ball out to me, I’m wide open. I’m just stepping in and taking rhythm shots.”

It isn’t the swollen eye that helped Wright. The difference actually seems to be Lee. It’s no coincidence that Wright had been struggling from the free throw line, and the first game Lee returns to the lineup, Wright gets his shot going again.

Wright was 6 of 32 from 3-point range (18.75 percent) during Lee’s eight-game absence. Including Saturday, Wright is now 34 of 60 from 3-point range (57 percent) with Lee in the lineup.

The breakout shooting performance was needed for Wright, who had been in a drought. He was 2-for-11 in Friday’s loss to Memphis, making him 16-for-53 from the field (30.2 percent) over a four-game stretch.
Wright is 34-for-60 from behind the arc (57 percent) with forward David Lee in the lineup. He is 6-for-32 from behind the arc (18.8 percent) without Lee playing.

Even Lee confessed to his role in Wright’s career night.

LEE: “I thought I got Dorell a couple of early threes, open ones. And once you find your rhythm early as a shooter, it makes things a lot easier. He found his rhythm and had a great game.”


The Warriors came into Saturday’s game averaging 21.6 assists per game. That means just over 55 percent of their baskets, on average, are assisted.
Saturday, the Warriors had 26 assists on 40 baskets. That means 65 percent of their baskets were assisted on – significantly less one-on-one offense and more ball movement.

SMART: “They all wanted to win a game and I think all of them were trying to do it themselves. Tonight I think they allowed the ball to be moved a little bit so guys could get the right open shot by penetration or draw-and-kick. And, of course, its obvious with Dave Lee coming back into the fold that he’s a big facilitator. I said he does more for our team than just points and rebounds. He communicates on both sides of the ball and he moves the ball when the ball stops in one place.”

A big part of that was Monta Ellis, who finished with 10 assists. He did a lot of the orchestrating, a lot of setting up his teammates. As was the case against Memphis, he wasn’t just driving to score and finding guys as a bailout. He was creating shots for others, driving one way with the purpose of drawing the defender to set up the pass. He was surveying the court from the perimeter, seeing all the options, instead of just putting his head down and beating his man. He even passed out of traps, which he normally just blows by using his speed.

Ellis has 18 assists in his last two games. He now has eight games in his career with double-digit assists, two this season.


Keith Smart gave the game ball to Dan Gadzuric.

Gadzuric didn’t start, as he had done the past three games. But he gave the Warriors 18 minutes off the bench, 12 of them critical.
He started the second half because Biedrins picked up his fourth foul in the final seconds of the second quarter. Gadzuric played well enough for Smart to keep him in the game the entire third quarter.

Gadzuric scored all eight of his points – two dunks, a lay-up and a funny-looking little one-handed pull-up from about seven feet — during a 20-5 Warriors’ run that turned a one-point deficit into an 80-66 advantage.

SMART: “He didn’t play the first half, but he was ready to play. That’s what I’m searching for, guys that I can count on off the bench who’s ready to give me 100 percent effort. You knew if he was going to give me effort, something positive was going to happen. … He did what he was supposed to do as a guy coming off the bench.”

Marcus Thompson

  • deano

    Marcus: Thanks for letting us know what a difference David Lee makes, from the coaches and players’ perspective. Even if BWight, Amundson and Udoh were healthy, I do not think that any of them could replace Lee’s offense or passing. (Nice trade, Riley). Can we also credit Lee for Radmanovic’s DNPCD, or has Keith Smart simply awakened from his inexplicable infatuation with the Serbian Sloth? Looking forward, let’s see if Lee’s presence can lead to wins against the quality teams coming up on the schedule.

  • Hurry. Trade him before he turns back into a pumpkin.
    Wolves among league worst on opponent three point shooting (made/attempted/percentage).

    I want Richardson back.

  • Jai

    Yea Dorrell had a big game, but I’m more concerned with the Pg spot. Who is the PG? Clearly Monta wants the job. He’s always handling the ball as his 10 assists will attest. It seems Curry wants it but can’t handle the position. Too many TO’s, especially in crunch time, streak shooting, poor defense, and foul trouble. If this is another lottery year and Curry contiues to play like this, they should trade him in a pkg for Melo. Sorry Dorrell 9 3’s is nice, but Melo is nicer

  • Great post jai.
    They should trade Curry for Carmelo NOW.

  • bill

    I really like Curry, but i think his slow lateral quickness on defense and lack of strength in fighting thru screens will always be a glaring problem especially as he will be counted to guard the quickest player with the ball(ie. the opposing teams PG). He is consistently going to have a problem in the league keeping the opposing teams PG in front of him.

    With that being said, i would have to think really hard about a trade of Curry and D. Wright+B. Wright+Radmanovic for Carmelo/Arfallo and Denver’s Young PG(his name escapes me right now).

    You would now have a well balanced 4 man rotation backcourt of Monta/Denver’s young PG/Afrallo and R. Williams. They would be good offensively and defensively.

  • G.O.

    Jai and Chris Cohan;
    Monta has 1 game of 10 ast; and you act like he is Magic Johnson.Assists; Monta 5.1, Curry 5.8: turnovers; Monta 2.9; Curry 2.8; ast/to ratio; Monta 1.72; Curry 2.07; efficiency rating; Monta 26.3; Curry 29.46; Curry is getting more assists in 6 less minutes per game. Is that you; Meir34 ??? With the Curry/ Melo trade crap again?

  • joke

    G.O. owned Meir34, Jai, and Cc and Bill in this thread.

  • indyboo

    Why do my comments never make it on this site?

  • dubfan

    Really…have to agree with G.O. – Curry is averaging 20 points a game (on nearly 50% shooting) and almost 6 assists. How many teams in the league do you think wouldn’t mind having that kind of production out of a 2nd year point guard? And he is not going to get worse, but better. 11 assists per game from the backcourt? Nothing wrong with that either – seems to me a better option than only one guy capable of passing the ball, or creating opportunities for other players.

    Until this team is complete, and we see how they can do, I wouldn’t change a thing. And yes, by that time, it may be too late for THIS season, but that might be a very good team as is. While the injury “curse” seems to have struck again, one must think that this is still an anomaly and not a permanent situation.

  • garrett

    I jope this momentum rolls into the game vs the spurs. Dan gadzuric was agood pickup for a low price. A melo trade only benefits the nuggets that’s why were not involved in those talks and hopefully never will be. Cleary some don’t understand that if melo came to bay it would only be the rest of the season and he doesn’t want come here in the first place. We gotta stick to our guns until we can get some backup for steph and monta. One thing is for sure monta and steph are trying to figure it out and with lee back I don’t think it will be long. Call me crazy but I feel an upset comin on

  • Laughable Curry hype from a completely desperate, lost Warriors management and fan base. Kid’s a Grade A moron with a ball in his hands or a defensive assignment in front of him (briefly).

  • indyboo777

    Cohan..It’s gonna be great watching u eat crow this season. Meanwhile, Curry is already in the Hall of Fame, drafted 7th, has a Gold Medal, set NCAA and NBA records, and recognized by most as one of the leagues premier guards..Not to mention the moron leads ALL sophomore players (wow has it only been 2 years). We’ll take it. Keep hating..clearly your comments are moronic and could merely be intended to be antagonistic. Is it so bad to want to see the Warriors win?

  • G.O.

    What no answer to the responses to your clueless response. Just another clueless post. Curry a moron; well most of the other teams in the NBA,team USA, and Bob Knight must be very stupid ? OR is it U ???
    I; and I would think; most other posters on this site would have our money on YOU.

  • bil comment . totally correct

    Finally a warrior fan that knows the game. Curry is a real solid player but if you examine his game, he is not that special. There are so many good to great point guard play in the league that it makes Curry look very average. Westbrook, Brooks, williams, paul, wall, felton, rondo, nash, parker, all varying in ages….simply put Curry is expendable/trade worthy. The asset that he lacks is strength, his body type just is not suited for gaining much strength and his ability to rise to get off a shot lacks when compared to the many elite point guards. We can trade him with biedrins and and maybe another player to get a Carmelo Anthony if for some reason he would like to go to GSW. He produce great numbers, however look at what all those other guards to and they get in less foul trouble. Reality is that you can’t have to midget guards in the backcourt to try and defend tall athletic counterparts. One has to go!!!!! and certainly it can’t be Monta

  • Mac

    Just my 2 cents…..For how good Curry looks sometimes……..His turnovers are horrible and he is always in foul trouble….you can tell he wants to play D….but for a guy who plays PG he shouldn’t be fouling that much….and there weak fouls….I’m sorry I like the story about Jeremy Lin a local kid….but there are better options not playing in the NBA right now….plus he seems to get Dunleavy level respect from the refs…not good news for a guy that drives to the hoop so much….Tell me why we traded Belinelli again for nothing….I like D. Wright but he plays like a guy who plays well when he’s hot…but also can take bad shots…and looks tentative at times..David Lee is just solid….Ellis has been great but when his shot isn’t falling he sulks…and still makes the bone head play like fouling a guy at half court with 4 seconds on the clock before the half….Biedrins is unfortunately never going to really get better then he is now….a good rebounder…solid defender…but can only give you 30 mins if your lucky…and is an offensive liability with his FT shooting limited range….might as well have Reggie Evans for 4 mill less……Everybody talks about Melo or Iggy…thats not happening….but Tayshaun Prince would help this team out a lot…also on the wish list Kendrick Perkins for the right price…..These are two pieces that would add 10 wins to the team….both FA’s at the end of the year….And Finally Kevin Love would be perfect to play with Monta rebounding and the long outlet pass…he’s 2 years from FA…its unrealistic to get him but we can dream….in closing how weak is B. Wright…I’ve never seen a guy out so often with the flu…He needs to play the 3 he’ll never be a 4…..but he still plays like a wide eyed rookie in year 4…..WHat’s your take Marcus?….

  • robert rowell

    curry is struggling. he is wildly inconsistent and incredibly prone to foul trouble. at least a few of those fouls, night in and night out, are bonehead plays. he’s still developing at the position and still learning the NBA game. he clearly didn’t have this kind of competition night in and night out at Davidson and he rode a lot of pine in the worlds over the summer.

    the coaches need to make sure that he is prepared every night and understands the offensive gameplan. too many nights during this bout of losing i’m having vivid flashbacks to DAN’s offense. i mean, 15 seconds of dribbling and then a dorrell wright iso? serious?

    consistency will come in time, but i’d like to see him more prepared and focused come gametime.

  • Pucky

    Gave up watching NBA years ago…turned on Warriors/Sun toward end and was reminded why I don’t watch anymore…offials are SO bad in NBA…always bias toward better team…players rarely decide game…last 3 minutes takes 20 minutes…NBA has become a joke…worst yet…it’s boring!

  • jm95054

    Agreed on Curry. Way too inconsistent and I’m not a big fan of his dribbling skills at all. He has a natural knack for passing though. I’m sure he will grow.

    How about that Monta? Beast mode.

  • player

    I was listening to bob fitzgerald excuse his way again. Yes we heard yet again ….they don’t have all their players….yes you are correct bob….however, having 2 midget guards will never help you win or be a serious contender in the nba. Steph Curry can’t finish and gets his stuff throw with all that finess floaters. He gets bulldogged on defense as well…..bob you are in another fantasy world and stop blaming injuries…this is about two midget guards……jrich easily toyed with them at the end of the game and put a fork in the as he nailed that jumpshot on ellis….this is the story of the warriors…midget ball

  • Curry is a nice third or fourth option on a good team.
    He has not intensity on defense and makes weak effort to stay in front of his opponent.He is not someone who is the cornerstone of a team.He will never be a good defender and he does not finish like Monta.

    I would package him now with whoever the Nuggets wanted and bring Carmelo here for all to see.Only problem is he would not sign a long-term deal here unless we show we have some other pieces to the puzzle.

    When are the new Owners going to dump that midget Fitz and get Barnett are real partner.I think Rick Barry should be the guy.You would learn more from him in one quarter than bob would give you in a season

  • gsw_hoops

    Hi Marcus: Thanks for all the recent updates. I thought the team has played games this week (though maybe not based on the lack of effort).