Wright Black Eye; Monta the Floor General; Gadzuric Gets the Game Ball

Dorell Wright’s right eye didn’t turn out to be as bad as it originally looked. It was puffy, and more smoke gray than black. He said it was because he has good skin. But if he shoots like that with one puffy eye, the Warriors should probably have Jeff Adrien elbow him before every game.

Wright was 9-for-12 from 3-point range. He was 5-for-5 in the third quarter, when the Warriors stepped on the gas and separated from Minnesota. He broke the franchise record of 8 threes held by guard Jason Richardson, who was 8 of 13 on March 29, 2007 against Phoenix.

Wright’s previous career-high was six 3-pointers in a game. His 30 points was also a career-high.

WRIGHT: “Those guys were just finding me. Monta, Steph and D-Lee, they cause so much attention that when they kick the ball out to me, I’m wide open. I’m just stepping in and taking rhythm shots.”

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David Lee Waxes Poetic on his Conditioning; His Role in Andris’ Career Game; and Cake

Here is the pregame transcript from David Lee. He was up beat and elated to be back. But he was either lacking confidence or sandbagging, because he made sure to set the bar low …

How was he flight here?
Not a very fun Thanksgiving or me. Didn’t get a chance to hang out at Monta’s house with the rest of the guys, get some good cooking. But my girl cooked for me in San Francisco. I had two of the days that day. But, at the end of the day, getting ready for it. Looking forward to playing tonight.

How does it feel?
It doesn’t feel great right now but it feels good enough that I can go try to contribute what I can tonight rather than watching it on TV. Its no fun watching us drop games so I want to get in there and contribute what I can, whether that means 35 minutes and I have 20 and 10 or that means 15 minutes and I’m able to just contribute. I won’t know how I feel until I get out there. But I’m willing to sacrifice that for the team. I want to get out and contribute anyway I can.

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Did Smart’s Gamble Hurt or Help?; The Dominance of Jeff Adrien; Dorell’s Shiner

Leave it to Andris Biedrins to provide perspective.

The obvious question after the Warriors 116-111 loss after the game was why did head coach Keith Smart leave the three players who were playing the best  – guards Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, and center Andris Biedrins – on the bench for so long to start the fourth quarter. But Biedrins had already found a bright side to his long stint on the bench with Ellis and Curry.

BIEDRINS: “It was nice to talk to them, see what’s up with them. (laughs) Monta was telling me about Memphis and everything in the city.”

Ellis, Biedrins and Curry three started the fourth quarter on the bench, which was a risky endeavor considering the Warriors entered the quarter down 87-82. Smart started the fourth quarter with an unusual lineup: undrafted rookie guard Jeremy Lin, underafted rookie forward Jeff Adrien, swingman Reggie Williams and forward Vladimir Radmanovic, and small forward Dorell Wright. With Wright having a rough shooting night – 1-for-6 with 7 points through three quarters – this lineup figured to have trouble scoring. And they did.

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With Stitches and IV removed; David Lee to Begin Light Conditioning Work

Warriors released the following update on forward David Lee. Sounds like he won’t be joining the team on the current road trip, which he said was a best-case scenario. But it is looking as if he will make his more reasonable return goal of Tuesday vs. San Antonio.



Warriors forward David Lee has been given clearance by doctors to resume light conditioning work after having the stitches removed from his injured left arm and the PICC-line (a peripherally inserted central catheter for IV’s) removed from his right arm.

Lee, who remains in Oakland and is working out at the team’s practice facility with Director of Athletic Development Mark Grabow, will be re-examined on Friday.


The Warriors’ Biggest Hack Award; Dorell Makes Some Shots; David Lee Bakes???

Keith Smart emerged from the locker room Wednesday to the awaiting press. You could tell he knew what he was going to be asked about it, because he answered it before he was even asked. The post-game interview started with the usual soft ball, asking him his impressions of the game. His answer, after a deep breath:

SMART: “Well, I’d like to say a few things, but I can’t communicate (about what’s) down at the bottom of that stat sheet.”

He went on to talk about how another slow start had them playing catch-up all game. Again. He went on to talk about how un-smart play down the stretch cost them a chance to steal a game against a vulnerable Houston squad. Then, he was asked the question he’d already tried to answer. He dodged it again.

SMART: “Well, I can’t comment there. You guys just look at the bottom of the sheet and I’ll move on from there.”

It’s not quite at the bottom of the sheet, but what he was referring to was the free throws. Houston finished 39 of 51 from the line. The Warriors finished 12 of 18.

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David Lee Speaks for First Time Since Surgery

Sorry I didn’t post this yestereday. It was good stuff, but it took forever to transcribe. I’m still not done. Will add rest later. I should just forward the file to TK so he could knock it out in like 15 minutes.

By way of intro, I can tell you his left elbow is heavily wrapped but the swelling is obviously way down. I saw it in Chicago and it was huge, and I heard it got bigger. The part I can see wasn’t discolored, though I didn’t see around the wound like last time. He still moves it very little and doesn’t straighten it at all. His right arm has the IV hook-up inside it. He took off his shirt and showed us. Normally, they would stick a needle in his arm then hook up the IV machine and give him antibiotics that way. But for convenience sake — not sure how convenient it feels — they just left some type of needle in his arm with the connections for the IV bag sticking out. His right arm basically looked like the back of a DVD.

Because of the IV thing and the infected right elbow, he can’t shower unless he wraps both arms tightly with Saran Wrap so no water can get in. Because Lee is a bachelor, he has to come to the Warriors’ facility to shower so the trainers can wrap his arms for him.

Without further ado, your starting power forward, David Lee …

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Warriors Trying to Combat Slow Starts

Warriors head coach Keith Smart said he operates under an assumption that every player is already up to play. He hasn’t spent time trying to get guys ready because he is of the mind that the excitement and energy of getting ready to play an NBA game is enough to get his players going.

But after the Warriors struggled again to get off to a good start, he sounded open to changing that mindset. He may even use some of his halftime speeches, which seem to work so well, in his pregame talk.

SMART: “I always assume that any man alive loves to get ready for a game. I wouldn’t think you need it to start a game. Maybe I have to try that and see what happens. There’s no adjustments you can make to start the game. You’ve got to wait until the game takes place.”

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