Biedrins Experiencing Déjà vu; Curry Needs Thera Flu; Dorell Wright Makes Jim Barnett a Genius

Andris Biedrins is getting frustrated with the lack of progress in his left ankle, which has forced him out of the last six games, including Wednesday’s game at Atlanta. Like David Lee and Stephen Curry before him, Biedrins is stuck battling against his desire to play and his need to be healthy.

His ankle is still swollen and painful. He hasn’t been able to do anything on it, as of Tuesday. Before the team’s flight Tuesday, Biedrins received his second PRP shot — an injection of concentrated platelets, cell fragments, to aid in his ankles recover. He is supposed to sit out for 48 hours after the shot, so he can’t test his ankle again until Thursday. Unless he sees drastic improvement on Thursday, enough to practice, I wouldn’t expect him in Friday’s game at Charlotte, either.

BIEDRINS: “I know it’s nothing major. It’s an ankle. But still. I mean, I want to play all the time. I missed so much last year. Now this injury is taking a little bit longer than we thought. It’s just frustrating.”

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Ellis Caught in a Lie; Warriors Running Again; Udoh ‘Moving Up Fast’

Here was the question to Monta Ellis after the Christmas Day game:

“What are you thinking when the crowd is chanting “M!-V!-P!”?

Ellis’ answer:

“When I’m on the free throw line, I don’t hear anything. I’m in my own l’il ol’ zone. I just want to win, that’s it.”

Wait. If you don’t hear anything, how do you know the MVP chants came when you were on the free throw line? Busted.

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Request From Father and Promotion Too Much For Stephen Silas to Pass Up

UPDATED: At about 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, Warriors assistant coach Stephen Silas got a call from his father. His daid, NBA great and veteran head coach Paul Silas, had just accepted the job as interim head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. But he wasn’t calling to share the news.

STEPHEN SILAS: “He said he wanted me to come with him and ‘I couldn’t do it without you.’ And it wasn’t like it used to be – I can’t do it without you because I need (my son) around. Now it’s, ‘I can’t do it without you because of good of a coach you are.’ That feels good to hear your dad say that. It’s hard to turn that down.”
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Biedrins and Curry Out for Saturday’s Game

The sprained left ankle center Andris Biedrins sustained in Thursday’s practice is bad enough for him to not play at Portland tomorrow. Biedrins did not travel with the team. Point guard Stephen Curry did travel with the team. He was hoping to return to action Saturday, but his sprained right ankle will keep him out at least another game.

That probably means Acie Law will start again and Reggie Williams will be a primary option on offense (it worked against Minnesota, right?). I would expect Dan Gadzuric or Lou Amundson to start at center, but Saturday might be the first time we get to see rookie Ekep Udoh play extended minutes.

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Warriors Posting Up; What to do with Reggie; Ellis on Edge

Tonight’s game in Utah is the first in a series of games in which the Warriors will face teams that play inside out. The Jazz, Timberwolves, Blazers and Rockets – the Warriors’ next five opponents – all have solid-to-really good big men who anchor their offense. (I might be reaching a bit by including LaMarcus Aldridge in the bunch, but he’s certainly capable.)

The Warriors of old would have tried to run these teams out of the gym. But Keith Smart’s Warriors are looking to take a different approach. Forward David Lee said, starting tonight vs. Utah, the Warriors were going to go inside more.

LEE: “You’re going to start seeing more of that. We worked on it (a lot) in practice.”

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Don’t Expect Curry Back Soon; Warriors to Sign Acie Law; D-Lee Still Having Bleeders

Stephen Curry’s right ankle hadn’t been much of an issue for weeks. But Wednesday’s injury proved it wasn’t fully healed. Now he’s paying the price.

Curry had what he calls a phantom ankle injury. He rolled his ankle without stepping on anything. He had the ball on the right wing and tried to stop on a dime and dribble to his right, and his right ankled rolled over.

It was his fourth time this season rolling the same ankle. He did it once Oct. 19 against the Lakers in San Diego. He did it again in the opener vs. Houston on Oct. 27. He did it again when Eric Gordon crossed him up … sorry, when he tripped over Blake Griffin’s shoe lace … on Oct. 29. That time, he didn’t return to the game and sat out the next two contests.

He came back with the ankle no not 100 percent, but he wore a protective brace, a restrictive, metal contraption that Curry couldn’t stand. He took it off in the middle of the road game at Toronto on Nov. 8. (He lightly tweaked his ankle in that game, but it turned out to be minor) and gradually became less of a concern. But the way he injured it proves his ankle never fully healed. The ligaments weren’t strong enough to hold in his ankle on sharp cuts like that.

X-rays were negative for a fracture. His He his right foot was in a protective boot. He was scheduled for an MRI on Thursday afternoon. The likelihood is that Curry will be out as long as it takes for the ankle to get fully healed.

LEE: “It’s just tough. To continually keep rolling it like that, it might be something he has to sit out for a while and get it back strengthened. Because I’m no doctor but I don’t think its very good for you when you keep rolling it over and over. That can’t be good for you.”

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Amundson’s Finger Survives; Vlad-Rad Explains; DWright Hitting the Boards

Warriors forward Lou Amundson was relieved after the game. Finally.
After missing all of training camp with a back injury, and missing the first 20 games of the season with a broken right index finger, he finally returned to action.
His conditioning isn’t up to par. He played 17 minutes. He had four points and two rebounds. He had two blocks, though, and they were based mostly off his timing and vision, which is a good sign.

AMUNDSON: “It’s just good to get that first one out of the way.”

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