Biedrins and Curry Out for Saturday’s Game

The sprained left ankle center Andris Biedrins sustained in Thursday’s practice is bad enough for him to not play at Portland tomorrow. Biedrins did not travel with the team. Point guard Stephen Curry did travel with the team. He was hoping to return to action Saturday, but his sprained right ankle will keep him out at least another game.

That probably means Acie Law will start again and Reggie Williams will be a primary option on offense (it worked against Minnesota, right?). I would expect Dan Gadzuric or Lou Amundson to start at center, but Saturday might be the first time we get to see rookie Ekep Udoh play extended minutes.

Curry did not practice. Saturday will be his fourth consecutive game missed. Sitting out Saturday’s game will give him 11 days of rest before Monday’s contest against Houston. (I still say, he should sit out until the Christmas game. But that’s just my humble opinion.)

Fortunately for the Warriors, they have more depth on the frontline than in the backcourt. Amundson, Gadzuric, even starting power forward David Lee can play center. The Warriors may need all of them as Portland has a pretty sizeable frontline. That’s why this might be the perfect opportunity for Udoh. So far, he’s played one short stint in each of his first three games.

Marcus Thompson

  • JFish

    What’s up with Brandan Wright, how come he’s been day to day since November 23. There is word, he doesn’t want to talk about it. Do the Warriors have a comment? Is the back being treated? Has it been diagnosed? Second Opinion? Why all the secrecy?

  • Mac

    Ummm this just in…..B. Wright is weak….

  • I believe the Warriors are holding him back so they can trade him soon.

  • HoopsFan

    Warriors nostalgia in today’s mega-trade: Otis Smith and some great players who were drafted by the Dubs but succeeded elsewhere – Arenas, J-Rich, Pietrus, Vince Carter.

    What if…

  • Sume

    warriors fan, living with dashed hopes and pain, we need an overhaul, including a new coach – one with a whole new system that includes a pick and role.

  • deano

    As I recall, Otis Smith was hired by GSW to help new players adjust to the NBA. At the time, Smith’s position was unique in the NBA. His first rookies were First Round picks Jason Richardson and Troy Murphy and Second Round pick Gilbert Arenas. Nice draft, but ultimately squandered.

  • W’s in 2010

    Larry Riley is becoming a joke. ‘Let’s wait and see what we got with Udoh’… they don’t even play him. Blame ‘injuries’ every year. How about getting less injury prone players? ‘Let’s see what we do the next 20 games’? I’m watching a team lose 90% of their games.

  • Mac

    We need to win the lottery…and get a superstar..not a Joe Smith pick either….Everyone talks about OKC but let’s face it …it wasn’t hard to say we’ll take Durant#2….would everybody be talking about them otherwise….the spurs have been great for years….they won the lottery and grabbed Duncan…players matter much more than coaches in this league..

  • Harp’s Dubs

    This team is going nowhere quickly. With a flurry of recent trades, we need to step up and start dealing. We need players with high basketball IQs, so I give you these two moves:
    -Monta and Charlie Bell (rarely used, still has another year on his contract) to Chicago for Luol Deng and Kurt Thomas (last year of contract and would be a helluva tutor for Udoh).
    -Andris Biedrins and (weak-ass) Brandan Wright for Andre Iguodala.

    Our GSWarriors:
    PG – Curry/Law/Lin
    SG – Iguodala/Reggie Williams
    SF – Deng/Dorell Wright/Radmanovic
    PF/C – Lee/Udoh/Gadzuric/Amundson/Thomas

    Granted, there’s not a true center in that PF/C mix, but I’d take a combo of those guys with David Lee if we had Curry, Iggy and Luol starting with Williams and Wright coming off the bench.

    Chicago does it to form the best backcourt in the NBA, with firepower still at the 3 (Korver/Brewer).
    Philly does it for size up front, less money pay-out and to pave the way for Evan Turner to get meaningful minutes.

  • DoseOfReality

    I am giving a season update on the situation with the gsw. We are looking at a team that still doesn’t buckle down and play fundamental team defense. They all have the ability to play defense, however it is all about attitude and mentality and being able to get a body on the opposition without just expecting to jump and get a rebound. It doesn’t work that way, plus the majority of their players are light and skinny…ie. ellis, curry, monta, biedrins, dorell wright. Let’s now talk about their low post presence. This would be David Lee and him only. They are paying the other guy 9million per year to have absolutely no offensive game whatsoever, and they put David Lee outside the paint constantly to set screens because he is the only big low post scoring threat that has the ability to find the open man. This brings me to the guards. Curry is not nearly the finisher ellis is because he can’t explode to the bucked and finish not nearly as well as the upper echelon of point guards. Plus both aren’t even point guards to begin with so this makes it extra tough to establish a halfcourt game during clutch time. This then brings me to the ultimate problem. In the clutch 4th quarter time of the game , the opposition pays no attention to the warriors inside game therefore putting all the pressure on an already tired and exhausted group of guards. This then produces ineffective shot selections and ultimately failure