Request From Father and Promotion Too Much For Stephen Silas to Pass Up

UPDATED: At about 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, Warriors assistant coach Stephen Silas got a call from his father. His daid, NBA great and veteran head coach Paul Silas, had just accepted the job as interim head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. But he wasn’t calling to share the news.

STEPHEN SILAS: “He said he wanted me to come with him and ‘I couldn’t do it without you.’ And it wasn’t like it used to be – I can’t do it without you because I need (my son) around. Now it’s, ‘I can’t do it without you because of good of a coach you are.’ That feels good to hear your dad say that. It’s hard to turn that down.”
Silas, who was brought on by head coach Don Nelson in 2006, said he thought long and hard about turning it down. He said he prayed, sought advice of close friends and family, even talked to Warriors general manager Larry Riley and head coach Keith Smart.

In the end, Silas couldn’t pass it up. Not only does he get to be with his father but he also gets a promotion. Silas will be the top assistant in Charlotte (also, a team source said Silas “will be taken care of” in some capacity for next season even if his father doesn’t stick around).  He was No. 2 on the Warriors’ bench and his contract expired in July. He hadn’t been approached about an extension. So, Silas had to weigh the options quickly. By Thursday night, he was on a flight to Charlotte.

SMART: “You can’t replace the person. You can catch someone else up on what they need to do from a technical standpoint. But you can’t replace the relationships that are built, you can’t replace the personality.”

The Warriors are currently in search of a coach to fill Silas’ shoes. Smart said the team had a few people in mind.
Silas said he was happy with the Warriors and he wouldn’t have left it were not his father on the other end.

SILAS: “I enjoy working for Keith. I like what he’s doing, the way he does things, the input I have. Working for one of my best friends is cool. Plus, the relationships I have, especially with Monta and Steph, that is going to be hard to walk away from.”

Smart gave Silas quite a bit of responsibility. He helped Smart with the offensive scheme and worked all of the guards. Silas’ visit and work with guard Monta Ellis this past offseason has been credited for part of the reason for Ellis’ improvements as a player and leader.

Silas works with undrafted rookie guard Jeremy Lin before and after every practice, and Lin sits next to Silas every game to pick the coach’s brain. He did the same with point guard Stephen Curry last season.

CURRY: “That was my go-to assistant coach. To watch film with, study my game, I always went to him. He was my workout coach personally. It’s tough because this was a come-out-of-nowhere thing.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Ekim

    This is not good for the Warriors. What’s next, Del asks Steph to the Bobcats?

  • Sleepy Freud

    I’m available and very qualified. Just ask my friends at GSOM!

  • Ekim

    Freud: I think it’s the Bobcats that need the psychiatrist or you can make a career with Big Cuz in Sac.

  • aceyen

    GSW should get Larry Brown as GM.

  • Stephen Silas surely missed the warm fuzzy feeling he had while coaching former W’s SG Stephen Jackson.

  • Mac

    I’ve watched Silas at practice….he rebounds the ball and passes it to shooter’s….what effect does he have on the team…..none….He’s the son of a coach and NBA Vet….It’s similar to Lacob’s son in the front office…he wouldn’t have the job without his dad…and let’s face it….if he’s been a part of this club for 5 years….the returns haven’t been good…..

  • Yoda

    Oh yeah, we want the guy who insisted on taking Augustin over Brook Lopez as our GM. That would be brilliant.

    Mac, stop acting like you know something. Shootaround is not practice.

  • earl monroe

    This makes no difference whatsoever, he seems like a great individual and person, but assistants in this league have very little to do with the final outcomes of games.
    It first and foremost about the players then maybe the head coach and lastly a bit about the trainers and medical staff, then the assistants.

    If you got no heart to play defense all the film watching in this world is not going to help, recognizing tendencies may help a bit but in the end if you don’t have the horses you are going to loose the race most of the times.

  • FeatherRiverDan

    just the first coach to jump ship…..hell i would have too….

  • Waddams

    Smart said it best, x’s and o’s are always there to be drawn, but when you lose a quality person, it hurts. Monta Ellis’ growth has been phenomenal and he appears to be improving still in his 6th year. Stephen Silas, this fan will miss you. Best of luck in the future.

  • Mac

    Last time I checked Rod Higgins is the Bobcats Gm…so he didn’t make that Augstin pick……Or maybe YODA is just acting like he knows something….Gm’s usually have final say on the picks…as for the Bobacats I would venture to say MJ has his say too..that being said I don’t want Larry Brown as our GM…

  • Dave

    His daid?