Team Chemistry Paying Off; Vlad Doesn’t Give a Bleep; JLin Gives DWright the Business

I’m not big on the whole team chemistry thing. To me, it’s more than a tad overrated.

Sometimes, it does matter. It did for the We Believe squad, because it had to overcome some stuff and the players needed to believe in each other and play for each other. But usually, winning teams have good chemistry because they’re losing winning, and losing teams have bad chemistry because their winning losing.

The Warriors have good team chemistry. But they didn’t start 6-2 because they had good chemistry (more like a good schedule) and they didn’t lose 10 of the next 12 because that chemistry went bad. It sounds heart-warming, but it’s overrated.

However. Today, watching them practice, and especially after practice, I have to admit their team chemistry could be playing a larger part than I’d like to admit. I could see how chemistry matters to this team. They have lost three straight, and eight of nine. They are about to play the hottest team in the league, followed by the team with the best record in the West (both on the road), followed by arguably the most top-heavy team in the league talent-wise. But you would never know it from practice.

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