JLin, Gadzuric Coming Back; Warriors Make Sure About Law’s Wrist; David Lee is Like A Steak?

Jeremy Lin will be recalled from the NBA Development League tomorrow and will join the team in New Orleans.

Lin will be available for Wednesday’s game for New Orleans. GM Larry Riley is calling him up because he’s gotten quite a bit of playing time with Reno and he’s looked pretty good in their eyes. Riley saw him in person once.

RILEY: “He played pretty good. He’s played four games and we got what we wanted. He’s gotten minutes and worked on his shooting a little bit and is playing with confidence.”

In four games, two starts, Lin averaged 18 points (a team-high) on 52.3 percent shooting in 26.8 minutes. He also made 4 of 10 from 3-point range and averaged 4 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 3.5 turnovers. He took 28 free throws (making 22) in four games.

Lin will likely go back to Reno. If Acie Law is healthy, there will be no minutes for Lin on the Warriors, save for the occasional garbage time run or extreme foul trouble. Riley said he wants him to get a good 20 to 30 games with extending playing time this season. If not with the Warriors, then it has to be with Reno. So, chances are he will be sent back down at some point. The Warriors can do that two more times this season.

While he’s here, they will now get to look at his progress up close. He can do some work with the assistant coaches, who can evaluate him and give him more to work on. Riley pointed out that it will be good for Lin, a hoop junkie, to get to watch Chris Paul up close. Plus, Lin will almost assuredly get a bit of motivation from being back with the big team.


Lin was expected to stay in Reno a little bit longer. But Riley called him up because of the uncertainty surrounding Acie Law, who flew to New York to see a specialist about his ailing right wrist.

Law is in transit right now, from New York to Orlando. I talked to him while he was in a cab to the airport. He said his flight arrives at 5:30 Orlando time. With traffic, he should be able to get to Amway Center at about 6 p.m. Tip-off is at 7 p.m.

He was cleared to play, but he does have an issue with his right wrist, which he injured at Utah on Dec. 13. His wrist has been taped since then, and he said he has no problem playing through the pain. Law said the specialist said he couldn’t do more damage to it, but he may have a slight tear. For now, it is officially listed as a sprained right wrist.

Law said he can play and wants to play. The Warriors were the ones who insisted Law gets his wrist checked out. All contracts become guaranteed on Jan. 10. So before they lock him up for the year, Riley wanted to be sure he would be able to play. They didn’t want Law to play until Jan. 11 and then have surgery and be lost for the season.

Riley said he does want to keep Law around. Smart  does, too. He’s locked Law in as Curry’s back-up for the immediate future and created a rotation to get Law about 15 minutes a night.


Check out how head coach Keith Smart described David Lee’s fall Saturday. (Lee fell hard on his back in Saturday’s loss at Miami.)

SMART: “It was like a steak fell out the sky.”

Lee was still walking gingerly at Monday’s shootaround, although he was getting around much better than he was after the Miami game. But Smart said this is a different beast. Since the back impacts the whole body, Smart said he expects Lee to miss tonight’s game. He sounded like he preferred Lee sit out and be ready for Wednesday and the following home stand.

If he does miss tonight, that will be nine missed games for Lee this season. He missed one game in each of the previous three seasons.

Marcus Thompson

  • Kick Out

    Steak! That’s Dwight Howards favorite food Lee should sit this one out or he’ll be eaten alive.

  • W’s in 2010

    Lin and Law are barely NBA players. Meanwhile, Riley is gonna cut Carney, currently our best 3P shooter.

  • ryguy

    carney is not our best 3p thats a joke he takes 3’s when he should be driving for a better shot.

  • jclay09

    Calling Carney the team’s best 3P shooter is fool’s gold. He has never shot anywhere close to this high a % from 3 in his career and his current season to date % is based off 37 attempts. He’s routinely out of position or getting beat on D, or turning the ball over and taking ill-advised jumpers on offense. His best asset is his leaping ability but it’s virtually useless because he’s not strong enough nor does he have the anticipation skills to be a good rebounder, and he can’t dribble well enough to get to the basket unless it’s a fast break. He is truly awful.

    I can’t wait for the day he is no longer a Warrior and I can forget he ever was once a Warrior.

  • BrandanWRightback

    Well we just saw last night despite the blowout end result, That without david lee and who cares about biedrins that even a rook udoh and a never used brandon wright controlled the game and helped establish the half time lead. This is called length and having a nose for the ball. Look how easy it is for brandan wright to make put backs and jumpers. He scores more points in 5 minute spurts then biedrins gets in an entire game. Wise up warrior staff, we don’t know what you are looking at, but your talent is right before your eyes. BRANDAN WRIGHT NEEDS PLAYING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bucky

    What’s the point of calling up Lin? He won’t get any minutes anyways. Let him stay in D-League a little longer and develop his outside shot. He needs meaningful minutes in games, not to ride the bench.

  • garrett

    Lin’s numbers are impressive I want too see if he can bring that game back into NBA play. Dont get it twisted Law was a great college player, he still holds a lot of records @ texas A&M and is part of the last team to beat KU(longest winning streak in NCAA) at their home.
    That said he has long way to go. I like what carney did but the dubs need a real backup for d wright. Good players are on the way, who else is riley gonna bring in?

  • rew

    I like Jeremy Lin, he has a lot of ability. He was too nervous in the minutes he’s played so far for the Warriors. He needs to just settle down; he shoots well, passes well, has good quickness, and he’s got a high b-ball IQ. I’m glad they are bringing him back.

  • dw

    Still not good enough. Sorry. Hope Lin has progressed
    but we need a game changer. Just some hope for a game changer at least. These guys aren’t thinking big. Id rather hear an article about what Guber is up to at this point.

  • tle

    there no comparison between ac and lin….lin hand down way better overall player…..

  • Trueblood

    Agreed Dw……Any team relying on Law, Lin, or Carney is not going to do anything in the West anytime soon. At least Carney and Law are legit NBA players. Why is the team investing so much in Lin other than to sell tix? Do they really think he’s a future, what, backup PG, wow?? So really this is not much of a debate IMHO. I’m still trying to understand why we let go of Watson (if we need backup PG) and Adriens (if we need backup PF)? Unless this all adds up to a significant trade its just another Warrior mystery added to the many like O”Bryant, Beli, Crawford, Kosta, Randolph, BWright, and so on and so on.

  • Bill

    And the beat goes on…..we might as well have Sonny and Cher coming off the bench if their names are Law, Lin, Brandan Wright, Gadzuric, Admundson or God…Radmanovic….Radmanovic plays not even matador defense…I’ve seen fire hydrants move their legs better and jump higher…I don’t CARE if he hit the big 3 against the Kings…he has to go….and mark my words by March Curry will run out of gas because of all the international play and the wear and tear on his ankle…best story of the year is Dorell Wright and the Warriors need to cut bait with Biedrins who will never be a threat to score and depends on quickness he no longer cares to show or may be blamed on the ankle and the stomach muscle problem of last year…..play Udoh, get him minutes because this is another season that does not bring us the playoffs….remember when Baron and the rest were here even then we just barely squeaked in….yeah We Believe was wonderful, but it was a mirage….

    and if Riley doesn’t have the testicles to complain to the league about the lack of calls and the virtually two to one ratio of fouls going against us, then somebody ought to…who hired this clown? worse yet, who wants to keep him? atrocious!

  • tim Says

    Warriors Udoh proves that he can play and if you keith smart ever played brandan wright, he would realize that he might actually have 3 lost post go to guys along with david lee. Please do not play andris biedrins. Ever watch the warriors when the do win in the 4th quarter….it has nothing to do with the play of biedrins….you know the guy that makes 9 million per year to do nothing

  • TheTactitioner

    Brandon Wright is the key to the upside of this franchise. If he doesn’t play it shows they still are being influenced by Dumb Small Ball of Nelson era despite a more balanced team now, never really working the ball inside on a consistent basis with a power game, especially for the second string, and thereby preventing this team from reaching its potential — i.e. making it to the playoffs and beyond. Keith Smart has a vestige of Nelson in his thinking, and it could make all of the difference on the upside. The owners, who have spend $400 million should keep this in mind. They have a .475-.500 team now, but with a dominant Wright off the bench, who can score consistently inside, they can go to .500 to .525 this year, and beyond in coming years. This is a crucial decision for the Warriors who have amassed a number of so-so 2nd team big men.

  • mac

    I can’t agree more about Lin…I’ll admit I originally thought good move from his summer league performance…but now he looks scared…and unfortunately gets Dunleavy respect from the refs…which means he can get hammered at will…not good for your confidence..As for Biedrins…thank you…he’s never in for the win..and has digressed..Baron made him look a lot better…but even in his career year he only played 30mpg….I don’t think he has much potential to get better…and he lacks that nightly swagger a center needs to dominate..and in his case thats just D and rebounding…he also isn’t far behind Lin in regards to ref respect…

  • BrandanWrightPostMoves

    Yet another incident last game against the clippers where brandan wright gets in the game and scores immediately making a jumper and a post move. Yet we still hear on radio that they need to establish a low post scoring presence. Maybe if you played him for any meaningful minutes he would show you that he’s the best one they have besides lee and possibly a future good player in Udoh. This is really a problem and as a warrior fan we need to hammer the point home that this team is wasting its talent. ONCE AGAIN………ANDRIS BIEDRINS PLAYS 25 MINUTES AGAINST THE CLIPPERS AND HAS 000000000000……BRANDON WRIGHT SCORES 6 …….IN ONLY 8 MINUTES……GET A CLUE AND WAKE UP COACH…..PLAY BRANDAN WRIGHT….IT’S GETTING RIDICULOUS…..TRADE BIEDRINS…JUST GET HIM OFF THE TEAM!!!!!!! SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE AND AMDIT HE’S A 9MILLION DOLLAR MISTAKE AND LET HIM GO

  • jillmodesto

    Keith Smart has no clue on how or when to substitute.
    He absolutely had the don nelson syndrome. The other night for example, vladrad was on fire and then he puts in Biedrins. Wow, are you serious? This is bringing back pain and suffering to those that watched nelly sabotage the team with nonsense coaching decisions. You don’t need to justify or feel that you have to put in a player just because he’s supposed to be a main cog of your team when you grossly overpaid and overvalued his non-talent. Just play the guys that are doing well at the time and stop messing up the momentum of the team. There’s a guy coaching the USF Dons named Rex Walters that with limited talent… uses a bunch of his players and is able to coach like a winner

  • gdubs

    The callers are now starting to flow in with the play of andris biedrins and still the fitzgerald guy keeps making excuses and downplaying his bad play. He keeps referring to number that biedrins had produced 4yrs ago which are highly due to the great players that once played with him. Also, during the time he had that one good stat year….yet again ….review the tapes bob…..i guarantee you he had no effect on the game in crunch time….which is the entire complaint about him……they don’t need him….he’s not a good player……just admint that you are entirely wrong and stop talking about how they miss his rebounding…cuz wehn the won this year …they won without him

  • joeyp

    law sucks, develop lin and work on his athleticism, shooting, quickness and decision making. i like how he plays just needs more time