Fourth Returns on All-Star Balloting are in …

Someone has cracked the top 10 for the voting among West guards. Finally. He has been playing well, so it makes sense that his fans started to notice his play and give him a nod.No, he probably won’t make the team, but is says something that enough fans recognize his contributions to vote him among the likes of Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Manu Ginobili and Steve Nash.

Kudos to Kevin Martin.

No, Warriors guard Monta Ellis still is not top 10. Kobe leads the way with 1.7 million votes, followed by Chris Paul with 949K. They will be the starters. The Coaches pick the seven reserves: 2 guards, 2 forwards, a center, and two wild cards. The next two guards likely to get the call are Manu Ginobili and Deron Williams.  Hard to keep those dudes off with the way they’re playing and how they’re teams are doing.

That leaves the wild card spots. Considering the number of talented guards in the West, you figure at least one of those wild card spots would go to a guard. Certainly, there is no guarantee both will. Forward is pretty deep. It looks like Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony will start. That leaves the likes of Pau Gasol, Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki vying for the reserve spots. And the way they’re playing, you can’t rule out Blake Griffin and Kevin Love.

So, don’t be surprised if only three reserve guards make it. But who’s the third? Monta Ellis? Or Steve Nash? Or Russell Westbrook? Or is it Jason Kidd or Tony Parker? Even if there is a fouth guard taken, still no guarantee Monta will get it.

That’s why, at least Kevin Martin can tell his grandkids: “Back in 2011, your granddad got 266,037 votes. That was the 10th most in the league among west guards. Those Houston fans really love me.”

In all seriousness, I know Martin is benefitting from collateral love from being next to Yao Ming. I think it’ll be a good thing if Ellis doesn’t make it. He plays better with a chip on his shoulder. And I am one who believes, like Monta, numbers look much better when they lead to wins. I’m only pointing out this voting stuff because I know if and when Monta is not selected to an All-Star game, I will get flooded with emails, tweets and blog comments about how Monta got robbed and how the Warriors get no respect. My response will be: “Warriors fans didn’t even want him in, so why would the rest of the league?”

Marcus Thompson

  • W’s in 2010

    Who cares about Kevin Martin? He’s 700,000 votes behind Chris Paul for #2. The casual fan will always out-number Warrior fans so I think it’s unfair to put blame on us. I vote everyday online. We’ve had less home games than anybody and that could be another factor. Fact is guys like Kobe and Iverson in the past always lead the league in votes because of the casual fan.

  • dw

    Why is it important to me as a fan whether or not Monta makes the all star team. Congrads kid, you’re the best playerr on a bottom feeder team. If these guys win, Monta Steph and DLee would be on no question. I want the oranization to improve like Monta has an turn into an all star organization.

  • TownLove

    Whats the point in waisting time voting when there is no possible way he can catch Kobe or Chris Paul. Besides Monta needs to be more worried about that 8th playoff seed instead of playing in a glorified pickup game.

  • I totally agree, where is the Warrior nation? If BD couldn’t even get voted in when he was a Warrior why would anyone believe Monta would.

  • Reason

    The way I see the sequence, find ways to win regular season b-ball games, then find ways to win post season b-ball games, and the accolades will fall into your lap whether you want them or not.

  • Mike Aucksbigg

    Actually, I’d rather not risk Monta getting injured to play in a game that means nothing, especially if the fans won’t even know who he is.

    Sure, that would be a sign of general disrepect towards the Warriors, but how can we defend his right to go when the franchise has missed the playoff 16 out of 17 years? Like, we finally got somebody with good numbers and we think we have an All-Star?

    I personally think he should go, but look at if from anybody’s standpoint from outside the Bay Area. Nobody gives a damn about the Warriors except for Bay Area people. Why would they?

  • Bucky

    it’s absolutely pathetic that Monta is not in top 10 of guards.

  • NSD

    i like how everyone is giving crap to monta for being great on a “bad team”…but why is everyone ready to give a spot to nash?? has anyone SEEN phoenix’s record???

  • whoRu

    couple things, the ASG is a joke, but why would I want Monta to play in it? It’ll help him get some respect from the refs in terms of getting foul calls going his way. Other than that, there’s no other real reason why it should matter to him.

    And really, is Tim Duncan “all-star” worthy this season? Why are people even giving him any consideration. He’ll b a HOF’er for sure, but there’s other players that should be getting mentioned before him this season

  • robert rowell

    MT2 you just freaking nailed it with that last line. ‘cept you really could’ve said “Warriors fans didn’t even WANT HIM PERIOD…

    anybody still crying about trading him for mayo?

    as far as monta not getting in, it’s pretty obvious that the all star game isn’t a game that’s always played by the best statistical players–unless that stat is team wins–and being on a perennially bad team that has little direction and less talent it’s next to impossible to crack the rotation of near equally as good players (but certainly more well known).

  • W’s in 2010

    It’s the same spit, different year. People hoping our guy doesn’t make the AS game for their own selfish reasons. They don’t want him to get injured, they want him to play with a chip on his shoulder. JRich, Baron, Baron, Monta, Monta all get shut out year after year and you guys try to spin it like was a good thing. I sick and tired of this. How about hoping our guy gets some recognition for once? Have some pride, man.

  • Paul Teutel Sr.

    Let’s buy Kobe and Chris Paul each a Moped…

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    jason kidd has a great nba career

    but 2 think of him on the nba asg roster @ this stage of his career is RIDICULOUS

    esp if it keeps monta home

    but then again, derek jeter will prolly play the MLB ASG…. & his range = a 4′ diameter


  • Playoffbound

    It will be hard for Monta to get into the all star game, year in and year out, because there are Warriors a lot fans that don’t vote for Monta. Instead, they’d rather debate about Curry versus Monta. Though Monta is an elite talent, who continues to improve every year, there are a lot of fans that do not support him. Truth sucks!!!

  • Playoffbound

    The irony of the matter is, those fans that complain about Monta (who produces) are the ones that make excuses for Biedrins’s (who does not produce) deficiencies. So it seems, just from various blogs that I read.

  • W’s in 2010

    Saying Warrior fans are not voting for Monta is NOT true. 99% of Monta votes are from Warrior fans, nobody outside of Cali know who he is. That’s the problem, stop being so ignorant. Casual fans dominate these things.

  • Earl Monroe

    Marcus, I like that, reverse psychology to get Warrior fans to vote for Monta-you should have been a psychologist

  • Earl Monroe

    Anyway who cares? I never watch the all star game, sometimes I watch the dunk contest because its entertaining, the actual game? Now if they gave each winning player a million bucks we might actually have a real basketball game, maybe even
    a few thousands might do it.

  • Yoda

    I couldn’t care less about the All-Star game, but if I were voting I wouldn’t be voting for Monta anyway. He’s having a great year, but he’s flat out not one of the top five or six guards in the West.

    The fans shouldn’t have a say in it to begin with. They mostly don’t know a thing about the game.

  • Playoffbound

    W’s in 2010

    “99% of Monta votes are from Warrior fans…”

    99% out of how many fans possible? So for example, Monta’s votes maybe be 99% Warriors fans, but if 50 out of 100 fans did not vote, then that’s only 50% of POSSIBLE fans that voted. You can vote more than once. So for a sell out home crowd, Monta should have way more votes just from home fans alone. There are folks who make excuses for Biedrins’s deficiencies numerous times in blogs. There are folks who debate Monta versus Curry in blogs multiple times. Yet, they can’t click the mouse or text multiple times for Monta. Sad. Don’t be so naive!

    Where do you get that number anyways? I’ve asked around in various blogs and no one has voted for Monta. Heck, some fans still want to trade Monta.

  • meir34

    I don’t do text messages and tried to vote online four times, all four unsuccessful. I wonder if I went into another que because I deselected wanting offers from their 3rd party partners, but this isn’t a very good system,inmo.

    Last year Stern all but said that if Monta had another year like last one’s he’d be in this year. I, therefore, expect him to select Monta. Knowing even as I write this that Blake is the NOW Star. If the team were over 50% by then, it would be easier. But I’m hoping Lacob has more viorgish than Cohan did, hard to believe he wouldn’t. Or they might go for a flagging team’s star to build up attendance. It’s all so political, like the Academy Awards.

  • Playoffbound


    As big as a Monta fan you are, I figured you would have voted more than 4 times. Since the all star game is a popularity contest (you got guys that haven’t played that are voted in), I try to vote almost everyday. I’ve voted for Curry, Monta, Lee, and even Beans–though he drives me crazy. Nevertheless, I am a fan and I will support who we have.

    Bottom line, I feel that many Warriors fans don’t vote for Monta because they hate his game, and still holding grudges on his past mistakes. As I’ve said, these fans want to trade Monta.

  • meir34

    Playoff,try voting online it’s a killerdiller to get through. And I don’t want to give them permission to spam me with unwanted offers, etc. That’s like yeast in an oven.

    But I never vote more than once, it’s too much of a joke to play that game. Of course fan voting for the all star game has always been a joke. Much as I like David Lee, if he’d played last year for say Charlotte, no way he’d have made the Eastern All Star Game.

    And from my Fall trip to DC and Williamsburg, I wouldn’t have known the Warriors actually completed games or Monta existed. It was always scores not in and then not there the next day. Had to go online to find out if they really existed or if it was my West Coast imagination. For Monta I’m counting on the coaches or Stern.

  • Playoffbound


    I think the coaches will select Monta. Phil Jackson likes him and gave him praises, so there is hope that a Warrior will finally be an all star after so many years.

  • Wilson

    Monta is the third highest scorer in the league. Very good assist and steals totals. High shooting percentage (better than Kobe and Wade) including three pointers. The all-star game selections are largely political and whether he makes it or not doesn’t change the fact that he’s turned himself into a truly great player. That’s what matters to me.

  • fillmoe mike

    Monta is easily an all star based on his stats alone…he’s also an all star becuz he’s a highlight film..I mean I wud love to see monta play n an open court game with his skills n the open court….

    Also I don’t see the point in trying to trade monta ellis…if fans want to trade monta ellis then they are obviously dumb asses…

    Who trades the 3rd leading scorer n the league not even in his prime yet???