Midseason Grades Time. You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

About time for me to dole out grades for the first half. Tonight’s game vs. Indiana marks game No. 41. But unless someone does something ridiculous, you pretty much know where everyone stands. One thing’s easy. Nobody’s jumping from a D to a B with one game.

I do know one thing. Monta Ellis is the only sure A.

I am wavering on most, between one grade or another. It will take some analysis, and maybe a little molecular gastronomy. I’m open to hearing other opinions. Namely yours.

Has Andris Biedrins played his way to a D the last couple games?

Has Udoh done enough work to deserve a grade?

Should David Lee be graded on what he’s done or what he should be doing for his $80 million contract?

Would love your thoughts.


Monta Ellis -

Stephen Curry -

Dorell Wright -

David Lee -

Andris Biedrins -

Reggie Williams -

Vladimir Radmanovic -

Acie Law -

Lou Amundson -

Dan Gadzuric -

Ekpe Udoh -

Brandan Wright -

Charlie Bell -

Jeremy Lin -


Keith Smart -

Larry Riley -

Joe Lacob -

Marcus Thompson

  • GSW Truth


    Monta Ellis – A (for you stat freaks, he’s putting up similar numbers that Kobe did in that 04-05 campaign but will get his team to a better record at the end of the season. He is an elite off-guard and all-star and may even win the scoring title).

    Stephen Curry – INC. : He has regressed AFTER competing on a USA team where the majority or starters have jumped to all star status. Then again he never started on team USA, that should have been a sign then. Curry is underpeforming and the better Ellis gets the less Curry is needed. He will not be able to guard any of the elite points in the NBA and we need defense at the point of attack. I love him, but he’s JJ Redick, not a starting point guard.

    Dorell Wright – A : he has improved his game and proven coachable and versatile. he should part of the core

    David Lee – C : I’m not convinced he is the answer at the 4 spot. I would prefer a LaMarcus Aldrige (even before he starting his explosion). We need a lenghty offensive threat at the 4 that can defend Gasol/Bosh/Amare/Garnett (WHY DID WE GET RID OF RANDOLPH!!!!)

    Andris Biedrins – F : this is basketball, if you don’t want to shoot, get off of the floor.

    Reggie Williams – B- : still inconsistant and makes some strange decisions with the ball, needs more confidence in his skillset, all he needs to do is score

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C+ : backed up his rant with performance, but this is still Vlad Rad, the space cadet

    Acie Law – INC but servicable

    Lou Amundson – B : high energy guy, great bench player, needs to stay healthy but should be part of the core

    Dan Gadzuric – INC

    Ekpe Udoh – B : has shown a great sense of getting to the ball and forcing the defense to respect him in given an open lane or while in the paint

    Brandan Wright – C- : if you didn’t watch the Indiana game, B.Wright had a breakout performance. he was aggressive and made play after play, it was a joy to watch. BUT…if you have an employee who is late everyday do you reward him when he is on time once?

    Charlie Bell – INC

    Jeremy Lin – The Jeremy Lin experiment is over


    Keith Smart – C+ : he’s trying, but needs better personnel

    Larry Riley – G

    Joe Lacob – INC : his first exam is Feb. 24th

  • dubfan

    No point in giving more letter grades, ad nauseum…this appears to have been done enough here. I would have to agree with MWLX, #43, regarding David Lee. The Warriors were 1-7 without him in the lineup. Have to figure they’d have won 1/2 those games with him…this would make their record 21-20 instead of 18-23. Then, throw in about 10 games where he was basically playing one-handed, and they’d probably have won maybe a couple more there too, and then their record would be 23-18, instead of 18-23. Then we’d be talking about how they are exceeding expectations. A lot of this is due to David Lee. I love his game…yeah, I’d like to see him bust out a 25 or 30 pt., 20 rebound game every now and then, but his professionalism, his overall game, his steadiness, his passing – from me no complaints at all. This team is headed up (if they can stay healthy), not down, and I think WILL contend to the end for a playoff spot.

  • efrain

    great try marcus, but really freakin lazy work. What you couldn’t think of anything to write? this is some grade school shit, having the fans post grades. get off your ass and have the balls to tell the truth like T Kawakami. Dude your such a homer your blog is weak and your pedestrian at best as a sportswriter. Your one of the primary reasons bay area sports journalism is a joke.

  • dickv

    Warriors need to trade some of those expiring contracts for some ball players. I have always liked Joakihm Noah… I see a trade for Gadzuric/ radmonovic/ b wright for Noah & deng…

    warriors would be a force; Bulls have cap space to go after a player like Melo

  • Drunk

    Phuck the grades.

  • jclay09

    lol… Dick V yes if the Warriors traded a bunch of crap for the Noah and Deng who both start for one of the best teams in basketball then yes the Warriors would definitely be a force. If they traded for Dwight Howard and LeBron James they would be better too.

    If the Bulls won’t move Noah for Carmelo Anthony, they ain’t movin him for Gadzuric, Radmanovic, and the Ghost of Brandon Wright.

  • TwoBuckChuck

    Monta Ellis – (A-) Improved 3pt. range, but I cannot give a one dimensional player a perfect grade.

    Stephen Curry – (B-) Although not 100% healthy.

    Dorell Wright – (A+) Excellent surprise. Clearly worked on his game, bulked up.. made me a believer.

    David Lee – (C+) Although not 100% healthy.

    Andris Biedrins – (F) Stinking it up all season, regressing – nearly untradeable at this point.

    Reggie Williams – (B-) Inconsistent at times.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – (B+) Anything from Vlad is a plus – has come up big at times.

    Acie Law – (C+) Was a big Acie fan in college, hasn’t panned out. Average backup pg.

    Lou Amundson – (B) Solid, although rarely in. Should be getting more of Beans minutes.

    Dan Gadzuric – (A) Not good, but has played hard. Although limited, plays up to every ounce of his capability every game.

    Ekpe Udoh – (A-) Improving by the game, clearly has some skills, needs more PT.

    Brandan Wright – (C-) Why in God’s name in Brandan still 210 pounds? Get this guy a freakn ShakeWeight! The only guy to constantly get injured before coming back from injury.

    Charlie Bell – (N/A) Retired years ago, has yet to tell anyone.

    Jeremy Lin – (C) Is Acie Law really much better than J Lin?


    Keith Smart – (C) Decent job considering talent. Very questionable substitutions.

    Larry Riley – (B) Nothing great, nothing terrible. Has to make a move before trade deadline.

    Joe Lacob – (A) Has said all the right things. Him an Riley have a tough decision to make regarding Monta/Curry/Beans over the next few weeks.

  • Bill

    is anyone else growing weary of Bob Fitzgerald constantly telling us how great the players on the other team are? in a blatant attempt to move himself as far away as he can from being called a homer, he seems to be auditioning for a Bob Costas-like spot on some obnoxious vanilla network where they can’t even pronounce the names of the players accurately…he’s a good broadcaster but he works for Golden State, not the enemy….and if I hear Pau Gasol groan/yell one more time and get a call for it I’m going to find a way to throw an ice cream bar at Joey Crawford and Tony Brothers and all the other incompetent refs…some of these refs are barely shaving, and they’ve got testicles like lima beans….sick and tired of Fitz telling us who the great refs are…there are No great refs….Bennett Salvatore, Bob Delaney? Gimme a break….vindictiveness is what they’re good at….look at the latest NBA stats, guys, Monta is never never never going to get to the line when he is 100 free throws behind some of the talent in the top ten of scoring….it’s not heartbreaking, it’s painful…and for the same east coast bias reasons he will Not make the all star team….
    screw Melo and Duncan!

  • Bill

    one more rant….if I was playing and Ginobli ran into me on a shot with his knee, like he did Biedrins, I’d grab his knee in both hands and tip him over in a somersault and then step on his ugly face….he’s a dirty dirty player…but then Biedrins is a wimp…so fat chance of us ever intimidating anybody….best moment of the season or at least one of them?? when Lee took a flagrant on the punk Mo Williams…I loved it…that was the kind of hardnosed basketball I grew up with….without that, we’ll never make playoffs…