Midseason Grades Time. You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

About time for me to dole out grades for the first half. Tonight’s game vs. Indiana marks game No. 41. But unless someone does something ridiculous, you pretty much know where everyone stands. One thing’s easy. Nobody’s jumping from a D to a B with one game.

I do know one thing. Monta Ellis is the only sure A.

I am wavering on most, between one grade or another. It will take some analysis, and maybe a little molecular gastronomy. I’m open to hearing other opinions. Namely yours.

Has Andris Biedrins played his way to a D the last couple games?

Has Udoh done enough work to deserve a grade?

Should David Lee be graded on what he’s done or what he should be doing for his $80 million contract?

Would love your thoughts.


Monta Ellis –

Stephen Curry –

Dorell Wright –

David Lee –

Andris Biedrins –

Reggie Williams –

Vladimir Radmanovic –

Acie Law –

Lou Amundson –

Dan Gadzuric –

Ekpe Udoh –

Brandan Wright –

Charlie Bell –

Jeremy Lin –


Keith Smart –

Larry Riley –

Joe Lacob –

Marcus Thompson

  • Kevin

    Monta – A+
    Steph – B-
    DWright – A
    DLee – B
    Biedrins – D
    Reggie – C-
    VladRad – C
    Acie – B-
    Lou – B
    Gadzuric – B+
    Ekpe – B
    BWright – F
    Bell – F
    JLin – C

    Smart – C
    Riley – C
    Lacob – B

  • Kick Out


    In the NBA, a passing grade is a B. “C’s” don’t get you to the playoffs. .

  • GS Mourner


    Monta Ellis – A

    Stephen Curry – C+

    Dorell Wright – B+

    David Lee – B-

    Andris Biedrins – C-

    Reggie Williams – B-

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C

    Acie Law – B-

    Lou Amundson – B

    Dan Gadzuric – D

    Ekpe Udoh – C-

    Brandan Wright – F

    Charlie Bell – F

    Jeremy Lin – D- (really, what’d we expect…)


    Keith Smart – B-

    Larry Riley – C+

    Joe Lacob – B

  • baller

    SC:C (soph slump or whatever u wanna call it)
    DW:A (can’t ask for more)
    DL:C+ (will get to B if he stays healthy)
    RW:B (still 1 of few reliable scorers on team)
    VR:A- (where has this shooting% been?)
    LA:D (injured and hasn’t been big part of rotation)
    DG:C (he is who he is)
    BW:F (jar jar binks sucks)
    Smart:B- (solid job most of the time)
    Lacob:N/A (gotta give him more time)

  • Mr Mully

    ME: A-
    SC: C+
    DW: B-
    DL: C
    AB: D
    RW: D
    VR: D
    AL: D
    LA: D
    DG: D-
    EU: Inc
    BW: Inc
    CB: Expelled
    JL: Inc
    Smart: C-
    Riley: D
    Lacob: Inc ( What has he done other than vouch for JL?)

  • Paul


    Monta Ellis – A. Only flaw is that he still has too many lapses in defensive judgment and effort. And when you have 3 D liabilities in one lineup (w/ Curry and Lee), it proves a team’s fatal flaw.

    Stephen Curry – C+. Could be any number of circumstances, but just haven’t seen the consistent burst this year. Like him a lot, but decision-making has to improve.

    Dorell Wright – B. Exceeded expectations. Superb outside shooting complement and upgrade in defense/rebounding. But man, guy needs a handle (guess if he had one, he wouldn’t have been available, but anyhow).

    David Lee – B-minus or C-plus, disregarding contract. When teamed w/ Biedrins, lineup is a major rebounding upgrade. Great for chemistry and generating offensive flow through passing/knowledge of game. Thought he’d be a bit better shooting, but that’s coming around. But he can’t defend anyone in the post, and he’s been beaten for some winnable rebounds lately, IMO.

    Andris Biedrins – C. Know everyone’s piling on him, and for justifiable reason. But just watch how bad the team is when he’s not in there. Only one who snares the tough rebounds, he defends the rim and one of only two true serviceable defenders on roster. He is what he is.

    Reggie Williams – C-minus to D-plus for body of work, but really starting to come around offensively. I think he’s even worse on D in terms of the effort/skill combo than Ellis or Curry, but his varied O game compensates.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – B-plus to A-minus. Would be the latter if not for his horrendous start. Man, he’s been clutch. Never thought I’d say that, much less think of him as a leader.

    Acie Law – C. Given some valuable minutes. Some impressive. Others not so spectacular. But he’s come off the street to fill a need.

    Lou Amundson – D. Really thought we’d get more out of him, post-injury. Not in terms of stats, just impact on the game. Probably my biggest disappointment relative to expectation.

    Dan Gadzuric – B. He’s done what he’s been asked to do when plugged into rotation. Do I want him starting? Heck no. But he’s helped more than he’s hurt.

    Ekpe Udoh – C. My expectations were in the cellar to begin with, full disclosure. He’s thicker and better able to handle physicality than my impression from college ball. Still skeptical he’ll ever be worth the value of the No. 6 overall pick. But he’ll have a 6-8 year career as a rotation guy if he learns how to rebound. Lord, was this draft awful.

    Brandan Wright – F. Not buying the degree of his injuries. I think he went into pouting mode and quit for a period of time. Still doesn’t rebound or display a presence other than shot-blocking.

    Charlie Bell – F, because he is eating a roster space, is nothing but a contract and a contract we’re unlikely to move because there aren’t any deals out there worth doing.

    Jeremy Lin – C. Feel he’s progressing fairly well. Problem is, his skill set isn’t anything we need or have a place for.


    Keith Smart – C. He’s made some good moves (confidence with Vlad when no one else had it, not afraid to bench a Monta or Curry when they aren’t doing as desired) and had some iffy ones (continued use of Ellis & others excessive minutes). Can’t say he’s been the difference one way or the other.

    Larry Riley – B. Don’t blame him at all for standing pat. No apparent players of upgrade value to this team on the market, IMO. Udoh was a safe pick, but don’t like getting reserve talent at No. 6. Sans Bell, a contract piece, think he filled out roster with some needed ingredients. Had a real beef with letting Morrow go, but there’s no spot for him in this lineup (or else have 4 defensive liabilities and 1 less rebounder). Truth be told, I’d rather him stand pat than make a trade for trade’s sake.

    Joe Lacob – Incomplete. Ownership’s first real decisions are yet to come.

  • Tyler

    Monta Ellis – A+. Improved efficiency and teamwork while still scoring 25 a night. Should (but won’t) be an All-Star.

    Stephen Curry – B. Hasn’t improved as much as I would have hoped in his soph. campaign, but perhaps due to injury. Needs to improved defense. B…for now.

    Dorell Wright – A+. Arguably the best value signing of the offseason, should be in the running for MIP. Far exceeded expectations.

    David Lee – B. Has been pretty much what was expected aside from the elbow injury. Would look a lot better if we had a real center capable of playing defense.

    Andris Biedrins – F. Just awful.

    Reggie Williams – B-. Inconsistent but when he’s on, he’s ON.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C. Hasn’t been great but hasn’t been a total zero. Plays way too many minutes.

    Acie Law – C-. Solid, but should really be a 3rd string PG, not a backup.

    Lou Amundson – B+. Good, cheap backup big man/energy player.

    Dan Gadzuric – D. Tall, 6 fouls. That’s about all.

    Ekpe Udoh – B-. Like what I’ve seen so far, but too small a sample size to really grade accurately.

    Brandan Wright – D. Still hasn’t been healthy or on the floor.

    Charlie Bell – Inc.

    Jeremy Lin – Inc.

    Keith Smart – C-. Bizarre rotations, team playing up or down to their level of competition. Need to see more consistency.

    Larry Riley – B-. Will go up substantially if he can get rid of Biedrins and get a competent starting C. DWright signing was brilliant, getting Lee for basically nothing was also a very good move. Udoh over Monroe brings it down.

    Joe Lacob – Inc. Still needs time to put his stamp on the team.

  • DELSOL650


    Monta Ellis – A for offense, C+/B for passing at times, C on Defense,

    Stephen Curry – A for offensive movement, B for shooting, C/D for defense, B for passing and looking for teammates

    Dorell Wright – B+ for offense, B for defense, C for sometimes only taking it outside. Not every shot needs a freaking pump fake, sometimes it actually helps the defense adjust and helps them with their timing.

    David Lee – C+ for effort with the injury, jury is somewhat still out, but D for inside scoring

    Andris Biedrins – D/F, over all disappointment, major.

    Reggie Williams – B+ offense, D defense, slow movement, not as athletic as you would want.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – fist 10-15 games F, C for the most part, good at times but also just as bad at the same time.

    Acie Law – C+ as a back up, don’t want him doing more.

    Lou Amundson – C+ good movement and energy, needs to finish better on the scoring end.

    Dan Gadzuric – C+ good attempts, but not just that athletic but brings good effort.

    Ekpe Udoh – INCOMPLETE, need to see more if Smart actually plays him.

    Brandan Wright – F, BUST

    Charlie Bell – F, waste of NBA Space.

    Jeremy Lin – D/C, good Defensive effort but hardly any offense. good marketing tool though.


    Keith Smart – F, bad plays, horrible game management and substitution methods.

    Larry Riley – C-, gotta prove us wrong hasn’t really done much to merit good grades nor bad. Still thinking big country nuff said.

    Joe Lacob – INCOMPLETE, I haven’t seen them do anything yet besides the talk………….

  • deano

    My grades are for the entire fist half, counting every game as a test, but giving a bit more weight to the last 10 games.

    ME – A
    SC – B
    DL – B+
    DL – B
    AB – D
    RW – C
    VR – B-
    AL – C
    LA – D
    DG – C-
    EU – C
    BW – F
    CB – F
    JL – C-

    KS – B+
    LR – B+
    JL – A

  • deano

    Oops. DW gets the B+, DL the B

  • whoRu

    SC:C (has shown no real progress – all of the other young players on the USA team have blown up, what happened to Curry)
    DL:B- (needs to start running the pick n roll/pop more often)
    JL:C (Has shown steady improvement, but not enough game time)
    Smart:C (needs to stay away from playing Small Ball, shown improvement the past 2 games for yanking Curry because of mental errors)


    Monta Ellis – A

    Stephen Curry – C+

    Dorell Wright – B+

    David Lee – B

    Andris Biedrins – D-

    Reggie Williams – C+

    Vladimir Radmanovic – B

    Acie Law – B

    Lou Amundson – C

    Dan Gadzuric – C-

    Ekpe Udoh – C

    Brandan Wright – (what’s worse than F?)

    Charlie Bell – see Wright, Brandan

    Jeremy Lin – D-


    Keith Smart – C-

    Larry Riley – C+

    Joe Lacob – Inc.

  • playdavidwood


    Monta Ellis – A

    Stephen Curry – C

    Dorell Wright – B

    David Lee – B+

    Andris Biedrins – F, he’s not living up to his potential and contract

    Reggie Williams – C+, can he be consistent?

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C, Phil got it right. he’s a space martian. you never know what you’ll get out of from Vlad Rad.

    Acie Law – C

    Lou Amundson – No Grade. Doesn’t play!

    Dan Gadzuric – C, decent. Often clumsy.

    Ekpe Udoh – No grade. Doesnt play!

    Brandan Wright – F

    Charlie Bell –

    Jeremy Lin – Needs to work on his game.


    Keith Smart – C

    Larry Riley – B. Nice pick ups with Lee and Wright. He’ll get an A depending on Feb trade.

    Joe Lacob – ????

  • Triple Dizzle


    Monta Ellis – A , Monta All Day

    Stephen Curry – B- , Taken a step back this year, needs to get back to last years game and stop with those and-1 slap fouls and one handed passes

    Dorell Wright – A-, Found money.

    David Lee – C+, Not worth the 80 mil contract, but he’s showing signs he’s getting closer the last 5+ games.

    Andris Biedrins – D-, wont give him a complete failure as he’s shown some progess as of late

    Reggie Williams – B-, Needs to sport those jeans and timberlands more often.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – B, My favorite martian been playing quality mins as of late.

    Acie Law – C, prefer when he drives and doesn’t settle for the jumper on offense.

    Lou Amundson – C-, decent energy off the bench but not much else

    Dan Gadzuric – C,

    Ekpe Udoh – B-, like the potential here, and his middle name is Friday.

    Brandan Wright – F-minus

    Charlie Bell – F, looks good in a suit i guess.

    Jeremy Lin – D-, wasnt ready to come up to the league.


    Keith Smart – C, doin what he can with what he got

    Larry Riley – B, not great but not terrible either.

    Joe Lacob – C-, still early but we’ll see how things play out.

  • Dore

    Paul’s write-up is solid. Disagree with Bidrins’ grade – I’d make it D- but good analysis overall. Thanks.

    I’d also give Lacob a D although granted insufficient info. But forcing Lin signing was bad move and if Dubs could have gotten Brian Shaw – perhaps better than Smart. Smart seems do be making better rotation and sub decisions lately but first 1/3 season left me scratching my head.

  • For the people that give Smart or Lacob a bad grade, I mean what are they supposed to do. The team is, what it is. You think Phil Jackson can coach this team to the playoffs? Or Mark Cuban and can somehow revamp the entire roster in 2 months? But, Riley definitely deserves a F for trading Randolph for Lee instead of Love

  • Reason

    Monta Ellis – A He deserves this grade if for nothing else, turning his attitude around. I can understand his defensive lapses because the poor guy is tired as heck. Way too many minutes for Mr. Ellis.

    Stephen Curry – B- He has shown a little improvement over last year in the turnover category but his decision making still needs work. Stop reaching!

    Dorell Wright – A- I have very little disappointment in who should be the most improved player of the year. He’s not an all-star but he has given the team much more than anyone expected. Stop reaching!

    David Lee – C+ Unfortunately, change of venue and injury have been his crown of thorns this year. We are only now beginning to see who David Lee is and that guy is still too slow for the Western Conference power forwards.

    Andris Biedrins – C- Andris is vastly improved over last year, but still hasn’t returned to the guy we saw glimpses of a couple of years ago. Injuries and headgames behind him should help in the second half.

    Reggie Williams – B- Still having a hard time finding his place, but I have a feeling he’s beginning to get it.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – A- Much improved over last year and brings fire off the bench. Fought through dumb fans booing and a nagging injury.

    Acie Law – C+ He’s a limited player and knows it, but I like his energy on the defensive end.

    Lou Amundson – C The injury has slowed Lou’s progress with the team, but we can see the energy he brings. Needs to finish better around the basket and work on the free throw shooting.

    Dan Gadzuric – C+ Brings energy and relief off the bench, takes up space and rebounds decently. Needs to finish better around the basket.

    Ekpe Udoh – B So much promise for a rookie in an injury plagued beginning. His grade is based on effort alone.

    Brandan Wright – C I feel bad for Brandan, he’s the odd man out.

    Charlie Bell – Incomplete

    Jeremy Lin – Incomplete


    Keith Smart – B+ Regardless of the record, I like the way the team is playing this year, much more so than last year. People harp about the rotations, but I understood them even if I didn’t always agree. It’s a feel out period for him too.

    Larry Riley – B He hasn’t done anything great and hasn’t done anything terrible.

    Joe Lacob – Incomplete

  • Bucky


    Monta Ellis: A-. He is an outstanding individual player, but he doesn’t really make those around him better. That’s why he gets the minus.
    Stephen Curry: C. Maybe it’s all due to his ankle, but he’s regressed this year. His defense is atrocious.
    Dorell Wright: A. Leading the league in 3s, most improved player.
    David Lee: B
    Andris Biedrins: D
    Reggie Williams: B
    Vladimir Radmanovic: C
    Acie Law: C
    Lou Amundson: C
    Dan Gadzuric: B
    Ekpe Udoh: B. Promising player. Give him more PT.
    Charlie Bell: D
    Jeremy Lin: C. Love his defensive intensity. I think the Ws are trying to make him a PG, but he plays his best as a SG.


    Keith Smart: D. He’s going to grind Monta to the ground. The team’s defense still sucks.
    Larry Riley: C.
    Joe Lacob: Inc

  • Kick Out

    The Warriors are at 17 and 23, that’s 42.5%. That’s a D at best.

  • wfan

    ME – A
    SC – C+ hideous on defense
    DW – B+
    DL – B He makes teammates better, particularly DW
    AB – D
    RW – C
    VR – B- Finally showing improvement
    AL – C Grade will go up if he stops trying 3’s
    LA – C
    DG – C At least he hustles
    EU – Inc. Great potential, but needs more playing time
    BW – F
    CB – F
    JL – Inc. Smart should give him a consistent 10 mins.

    KS – B- Good morale, but some really questionable game management
    LR – B DW was great signing; DL was good trade
    JL – Inc. Great attitude, but have to wait until team makes a move. Smart that he’s not rushing to make a move just out of panic.

  • S Vu


    Monta Ellis – A

    Stephen Curry – C+

    Dorell Wright – B+

    David Lee – B-

    Andris Biedrins – D+

    Reggie Williams – C

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C-

    Acie Law – C+

    Lou Amundson – C

    Dan Gadzuric – D+

    Ekpe Udoh – C

    Brandan Wright – F

    Charlie Bell – F

    Jeremy Lin – D-


    Keith Smart – C

    Larry Riley – B-

    Joe Lacob – C

  • Kyle


    Monta Ellis – A- (upgraded to A when the team starts winning more)

    Stephen Curry – B-/C+ (unbelievably bad defender, poor decision maker, still has that sweet J and a great attitude while still only in his second year)

    Dorell Wright – B+ (his defense is solid but not nearly what it was hyped to be over the summer; gotta love that found offense, especially the reliable 3)

    David Lee – B- (the jumper’s coming around, he’s a great passer and a great energy / team guy; needs to rebound better and continue to make the 12-footers)

    Andris Biedrins – D (last couple games have been encourage but what do you say about your starting center who makes $9 million a year who really hasn’t had a positive impact the entire season)

    Reggie Williams – B (figuring out Smart and vice versa, love his contributions off the bench and his D is improving [but how could it not?])

    Vladimir Radmanovic – B (found money, he’s been playing well on both ends the last month or so; seems like he could be a valuable extra piece for a contending team with his play and expiring contract)

    Acie Law – B+ (love his new game; great D, good/decent job running the point, seems like the right backup PG for this team)

    Lou Amundson – B (he is who we thought he is; great hustle, solid D, good rebounding, not much else)

    Dan Gadzuric – B- (see Lou and remove some athleticism)

    Ekpe Udoh – B+ (I like his demeanor and energy, showing some good signs offensively with passing and the J, needs to rebound much, much better while continuing to be a shot-blocking / defensive presence)

    Brandan Wright – F (why is this guy still on the team?)

    Charlie Bell – n/a (he’s basically a coach at this point)

    Jeremy Lin – B (surprisingly good defense, solid ball handling, needs to improve on his J and setting up fellow players. you know, he needs to become a PG)


    Keith Smart – B- (took a while to get the rotation going and the sloppy turnover-filled play has to reflect on him in part, right? also, we’re ready for more defense though it’s not his fault he’s been given players who are not very good individual defenders. also like the team chemistry and dynamic which he should get some credit for)

    Larry Riley – B- (lack of overall talent is mostly his fault, right? David Lee was overpaid and cost us AR, but solid additions with the non-star player additions like D Wright, Lou, Law and Williams)

    Joe Lacob – n/a (what has he done other than sign Lin up, who’s likely a year or two from being a regular solid contributor? time to prove you’re good at this ownership thing)

  • JustPuked

    At minimum, to do damage in the playoffs, the team needs at least one A level player in the post and one A level player at the point/wing.*

    We’re STILL missing an A player in the post.

    Monta is the lone A player at the point/wing.

    Until we have an A player in the post, management gets at most a D.

    The goal isn’t to be mediocre, the goal is to win.

    *That’s the bare minimum. Obviously it takes a team effort, and there are multiple combinations that can achieve success. You can always find one or two examples of teams doing it another way and everyone’s welcome to disagree. That withstanding, without a quality big and a quality point/wing, we’re just treading water. David Lee for all his good points hasn’t been an A level player for the Warriors. But he and DW have done enough to keep me from giving Riley and the owner/management an F. Barely.


    Monta Ellis: (A) He’s doing everything he can to will the Warriors into contention. And, he’s sharing the ball.

    Stephen Curry: (B-) His big problem is that expectations have always been too high for him. That being said, still has lots of improvement to do and needs to be more consistent across the board

    Dorell Wright: (A-) How can you not be impressed by what Dorell Wright has done this year. Many nights, he’s the second scorer taking some pressure of Curry to be that guy. One of the best free agent pick-ups by far

    David Lee: (C+) Again, expectations were really high but it’s tough to gauge what kind of player Lee is or can be on the Warriors. Has had some good nights but not nearly the rebounding beast he was promoted as being

    Andris Biedrins: (D-) If not for those last couple of games, Biedrins would be failing. Maybe a change of scenery is needed

    Reggie Williams: (C+) Again, has done enough lately to show his potential value for this team. Pretty one-dimensional so far but I think that’s what he was brought in for

    Vladimir Radmanovic: (C) I can finally see how important he can be. When he’s hitting his shots, he is a potential match-up nightmare for other teams. Too bad, he’s among the most likely to be traded

    Acie Law: (D+) Serviceable but barely. Law has shown that the Warriors need a real back-up point guard.

    Lou Amundson: (D) Injuries and lack of quality minutes make it tough to judge but I expected more of a contribution the first half of the year

    Dan Gadzuric: (C) Speaking of expectations, I thought Gadzuric was much more of a stiff than he actually is. He’s still not that good but he is much better than I thought.

    Ekpe Udoh: (INC) I really want to see what he can do. I’ve seen enough to believe he can contribute but I’m not convinced yet that Greg Monroe wouldn’t have been a better pick for the Warriors

    Brandan Wright: (F-) The face of the worst Warriors trade in over a decade. Wright is just plain wrong

    Charlie Bell: (F) He has enough NBA experience that I thought he would contribute more than he has. Too bad – but if he’s packaged in a good trade then he’s worth it

    Jeremy Lin: (F borderline INC) How can you not have some expectations with Lin. Too much hype was the problem but Lin looked WAY over his head every time he stepped on the court. Hopefully the D League will help this guy come the second half


    Keith Smart: (C) Going strictly by grades, he is average

    Larry Riley: (C-) Hasn’t really done much to show us anything, especially lately. David Lee is a big question mark but his grade will be greatly influenced by his next move

    Joe Lacob: (INC) His grace period is getting shorter by the minute

  • Gummy

    I’m going to be a bit more pessimistic.

    Monta Ellis – B+, still get a bit selfish at times with the ball, seems like he only passes when he has nowhere to go. 3rd most made points in the league, but anyone who shoots the ball as he does can also be where he is at. Dramatic improvement from last year though.
    Stephen Curry – B- He’s still iffy. I don’t know whether it’s the ankle or what, but he still make some rookie mistakes, need to move his legs better and work on his agility.
    Dorell Wright – B- He’s getting more consistent, which is definitely a positive sign. However, he seems to be a bit soft. Sure, he’s trying not to be a spot of jumper by creating his own shots, but whenever he tries, it just never seems like he gets anything good out of it. He usually just tries to get into the lane, then awkwardly stops and make an unproductive pass…or a running jumper.

    David Lee – B- I miss Randolf. David Lee is a solid player, but he just isn’t as fun to watch. Obviously he’s gives a bigger impact on the team than AR (or does he really?, but he has some flaws. For example, he’s more addicted to that 12 to 18 jumper than Bobby Brown on weed. He definitely needs to bang more.

    Andris Biedrins – C. This is a hard one. His numbers aren’t that great, especially not for a starter. However, many know that numbers aren’t everything. I believe he does have a presence on the team though. Whenever I see him on the court, the team usually does do better without him. Last time i saw him shoot a free throw, it wasn’t actually as bad as I remembered. Hopefully, that does give him more confidence.

    Reggie Williams – C+. Not too shabby. He seems to have less confidence than Beans though. Off topic, but we could move him and make DW a 6th man, then somehow try to get Iggy.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C+. Very sloppy start. I could have played better than him haha. But he just all of a sudden just exploded overnight. One of the more consistent players on the floor lately.
    Acie Law – C. He has to stop shooting the ball. Lay ups are fine, but I hate to see him go for a jump shot, especially at the 3 pt line.
    Lou Amundson – C.Good energy. Placement not so much. It’s rare to see him have a nice finish though.
    Dan Gadzuric – C+. Very consistent. He does his job well. A decent player as a back up. Minutes muncher.
    Ekpe Udoh – C-.Showed some flashes on what he can do. He can post and has a good offensive mind set. I don’t need to comment on his rebounding.
    Brandan Wright – Well, he’s pretty much gone. Not much room for him. I hope he does well on another team.
    Charlie Bell – He should just make sandwiches for the team during half time. A 4.5 million dollar sandwich maker.
    Jeremy Lin – Over hyped much?


    Keith Smart – C.Well, he’s getting more wins than Nelson, but that could just mean that this year has more depth and better players. His rotations are hard to watch at times. WAY WAY over play the starters. The couple of times I see the Warriors are winning by a huge lead on he 4th, he still puts monta on the floor after playing full minutes. Trying too hard to impress/keep his job.

    Larry Riley – B. Obviously, it was AR or Lee. No way the W’s could have kept both. I think he made the better choice by picking Lee. AR would have been fun, but then Im sure his impact wouldnt be as big as Lee, despite Lee’s passive playing style.

    Joe Lacob – Still waiting for that big ”wow” that I anticipated in September/October.

  • Gummy

    I think my ratings are fair. If everyone was getting A’s and B’s for our starters, the team wouldn’t be under .500

  • mac

    Curry_-C too many turnovers and ticky tack fouls

    Biedrins–D Lack of confidence is no excuse (he’s a 6yr vet)

    Lee–B solid and smart play, has been a great passer, before the freak injury he was playing very well…also were paying 10 mill this year…the last 3 years of his contract are what’s bad..but let’s see where NBA inflation goes

    D wright–B great value needs to drive more

    Williams–B has been good, hope we can retain him

    Udoh– to be continued, just needs minutes

    Riley–B cleared cap space for next year, Lee and Wright were solid pick ups and he was right on AR

  • Matt

    Agree with just about everything “Paul” has to say
    You can tell he watches the game, he doesn’t just read the box scores! Well done

  • W’s in 2010

    People who think Curry has regressed need compare his stats to last year. I think the problem with Warrior fans are your expectations for Curry are WAY too high.

    Monta is the best player but he doesn’t deserve an A because he still can’t guard. He’s atrocious on the defensive side of the ball. I wish he concentrate on staying in front of his man instead of o’laying trying to get the steal from behind. What the heck is that anyway? That’s awful defense.

  • robert rowell


    Monta Ellis – A- playing absolutely out of his mind, the only night in night out consistent player on this team.

    Stephen Curry – C – sometimes plays like he’s taken 2 hits of blotter, sometimes seems to attempt to care about the game. abused every night on D. i think we’re seeing a kid struggle bc he is not able to dominate the ball like he was used to in college.

    Dorell Wright – B – a nice find, but getting super star minutes and taking 20+ shots a game too often. how many times have we seen him dribble drive and chuck up a contested brick? consistently abused on D.

    David Lee – C – grading hard here because of his contract. he’s simply not playing up to it. abused every night on D.

    Andris Biedrins – F – this guy just leveled out about three years ago and hasn’t shown anything since. can’t seem to learn how to shoot free throws. can’t seem to learn to put together a handful of offensive moves. when fans call him having a good night 6 points and 9 boards, that, my friends is pathetic.

    Reggie Williams – C – wildly inconsistent on a team whose MO is inconsistency. he has a dream role; come off the bench and score, but yet he either seems to forget that or him and curry are on the blotter acid together. not a great defender.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C – he’s never been a consistent player, but one that rides waves of confidence and troughs of inexplicable bad play.

    Acie Law – C – i can’t believe this guy is even in the Association. what’s worse is that he gets PT for the team i love. a terrible shooter, yet guys always seem to find him open and he tees up a brick.

    Lou Amundson – C – good energy guy, has hands like stone. Smart has not figured out how and when to play him.

    Dan Gadzuric – B – i dumped on this guy all year, but he is what he is. he gives effort, 100% of it, which is more than curry and wright give on most nights.

    Ekpe Udoh – INC – seems talented enough to play, but doesn’t play much. i can only guess that he’s not quite ready.

    Brandan Wright – F – not much to say here, dude stinks.

    Charlie Bell – F – see above.

    Jeremy Lin – INC – a player who probably doesn’t belong in the Association, meanwhile allen iverson couldn’t get a deal. WTF?


    Keith Smart – C – his rotations (or lack thereof) are puzzling. playing monta so many minutes is just ridiculous. his coddling of Goose grasps at insanity. the team struggles to make adjustments, looks absolutely lost any time the opposing team plays a zone. nellie could have gotten this team to 17 wins by now and it would have been more interesting.

    Larry Riley – F – another guy who doesn’t belong in the Association. this team has no backup point and yet he “solved” the problem by signing Lin. and then “solved” it again by bringing in ACIE. this franchise worked hard at bringing in overlooked talent and developing them into solid role players (watson, az, morrow) and he lets them all walk. no wonder our bench sucks. has pieces to make moves to improve the team, yet seems incapable of doing so.

    Joe Lacob – C – talks a lot while the W’s were winning, then disappears when they plummet. reminds me of someone who used to own the team. so far, he’s offered us the same old Warrior garbage. this team isn’t even as entertaining as past suckage ones. we have pieces to make moves — using his words — but he seems content to not make any moves. his hiring of smart and signing of Lin, two moves he did approve, don’t say much for his b-ball acumen.

  • Steve

    Monta Ellis-A Hard to say anything negative about Monta. Has a burning desire to compete and be a winner. His attitude change following his marriage, child, and just simply maturing with age has put him over the top.

    Curry-B Great shooter and will only get better. The people who criticize his defense, or the defense of ANY big minutes NBA guard hasn’t watched much pro hoops over the years. These guys are all about scoring and ball distribution, not defense. Interior defense from the bigs is the key to making the guards look better defensively. The Lester Conners of the NBA are all part time bench players. Love Curry’s attitude. A team guy from day 1.

    D Wright-B Does a lot of things well, but nothing great. Needs to improve his basketball IQ. Still young and should get better.

    D Lee-B+ Leader and valuable commodity for a winning team. His contributions are both obvious and hidden. Freakish injury was a huge setback for both him and the team. His offensive numbers should continue to climb with his return to full health.

    Biedrins-C Amazingly, after all these years, still a project. Has started to show glimpses of an inside offensive game (righty and lefty hooks), and thanks to Mark Price has started to lose that insane free throw hitch he’s always had. Would love to see him play more physical even though “finesse” has always been his middle name.

    Vlad Rad-B+ Has developed into a valuable player off the bench. Plays some D, rebounds, and is an offensive threat from anywhere on the court. Will definitely draw interest from contenders as the trade deadline approaches.

    R Williams-C Nothing more than an “OK player” for my money. Sporadic outside shooting has turned him into a volume scorer. Would rather have kept CJ Watson.

    L Amundson-D+ Has zero offensive game and his free throw shooting is worse than abysmal. Would rather have kept Anthony Tolliver.

    A Law-C+ Shoots too many 3’s but otherwise has been an adequate backup.

    E Udoh-C Still too early to accurately evaluate but I’m guessing he’s another Joe Smith. Unfortunately, the Warriors have had too many Joe Smith’s in their history by the Bay.

    B Wright-Inc I still have no idea what this kid can or can’t do. Has never played enough meaningful minutes to get a read one way or the other. If he ever develops into a good player it’ll apparently be for some other team.

    J Lin-D+ Close to an incomplete grade due to his lack of minutes, but has shown brief spurts of ability. Needs time but my guess is he’ll eventually be a decent NBA player.

    D Gadzuric-C- Plays hard and……plays hard. At least more physical than Biedrins.

    C Bell-F Charlie who?

    K Smart-C+ IMO, has done little to encourage talk of any long term stay as Warriors’ head coach. Expect “bigger name” coach to be calling the shots in the near future.

    L Riley-B Like Lee and D Wright, but the bench is a definite weakness that needs fixing pronto. Tough to grade not knowing Lacob’s involvement in GM’s decision-making.

    J Lacob-A The “A” is for simply buying the team and mercifully ending the Cohan era. The next year or two will give everyone a better idea on what lies ahead.

  • Sorry if this induces spontaneous projectile vomiting, but who was it who, in the words of Monta Ellis himself, “allowed me to be Monta Ellis.” Who was it who taught Stephen Curry to be Stephen Curry?

    And who was it who had the acumen and the vision to bring Stephen Curry, Vlad Rad, David Lee and Dorell Wright to the Warriors?

    Hint: it wasn’t the guy who signed Lou Amundson and Jeremy Lin.

    Marcus, you’ve left the man most responsible for this season’s playoff run off your list.

  • Greg438

    Monta: A-. Offensively, he’s the best shooting guard in the NBA not named Kobe or Wade. Plays solid D for his size (and the number of minutes he plays). Needs to push his teammates to keep focused.

    Curry: B-. Most of his stats have improved over last year. His defense is still weak and, IMO, it looks even worse because teams now focus on exploiting it.

    D. Wright: B-. Along with Monta, a decent defender night in and night out. On offense, he makes solid passes, can be a great shooter, and is smart enough to pass when his shots aren’t falling.

    D. Lee: C. His defense and post game are both worse than I imagined (or ever could have imagined), but he nicely manages to score and facillitate scoring through assists and screens. Has a tendency to play small in big games (e.g., Lakers, Spurs).

    A. Biedrins: D-. Nice guy who hasn’t scored in double figures once this year and doesn’t try to pick up fouls. He wouldn’t make most of the foul shots, but it would help put other teams in the penalty and their bigs on the bench. And, if he’s not going to score, he has to pull 12-15 boards a night (which he doesn’t do).

    A. Law: C. Basically plays like a lesser C.J. Watson; a better defender than Curry, doesn’t turn the ball over excessively; can struggls to get his own shot or get the offense going, especially when Monta is on the bench.

    Vlad Rad: C. Horrible the first quarter of the season; pretty impressive the second quarter.

    D. Grad: C-. Doesn’t add much most games.

    B. Wright: C- Nice guy; See, D. Grad.

    L. Amundson: D. High energy; can’t catch a bounce pass in the lane and score to save his life.

    E. Udoh: B. Not bad for a rookie who missed so much time. Sadly, he still has the best post moves of all the big men and is the best post defender. Needs to rebound.

    R. Williams: C. See, Acie Law.

    C. Bell: F. Complaining about being surprised to get into a game? Heck, he should be surprised.

    J. Lin: D. Nice guy, pesky defender; can’t get his shot off in the NBA.

    K. Smart: B. Have to give him great credit for getting guys to understand “team,” and coming up with some semblance of a rotation. Needs to turn a mass of poor individual defenders into a decent defensive team. Good luck with that.

    L. Riley: D. Nice draft picks the last two years. Letting C.J. Watson go, basically for peanuts, was a mistake. The D. Lee trade is an oddity at this point; it’s an upgrade over the previous PFs, but too much $$ to add a poor defender to a team rife with poor defenders. At best, the current squad can be a low-seed playoff team, but the leap from that to a team that can seriously compete in the playoffs is huge. Not sure, ask anyone who has played for the Phoenix Suns in the last decade.

    J. Lacob: Inc.

  • coltraning

    Monta Ellis – Has to be an A. 3rd leading scorer in league, astonishing every night, and has truly improved as a team player and readjusted his attitude with Curry.

    Stephen Curry – B. Love the kid, but STOP THE MORON FOULS! He consistently has the best Plus Minus on the floor, but sometimes seems a little dream-world like. Still he is only 22, and has great gifts.

    Dorell Wright – B +…the best surprise of the year on the team.

    David Lee – Can’t blame him for the awful elbow injury, so a B for him, probably up to an A by the end of the year. Surprised at what a good passer he is.

    Andris Biedrins – Oh God, an F is what I want to give, but a D-. He is perhaps the most defensively challenged and overrated center in the league. Had one great game, but seems allergic to the ball on offense…

    Reggie Williams – C
    Not as impressive as last year, but then again, he is actually playing within a structured system.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – a C. If Curry has the best plus minus on the team, Vlad has among the worst. Has played significantly better the last few weeks, though.

    Acie Law – C+ (generous grade). Dude doesn;t make a lot of mistakes, but the difference in offensive flow when he is out there compared to Curry is amazing. Acie also has a really poor plus minus, mainly because he is offensively challenged.

    Lou Amundson – Eh, C-…nothing special

    Dan Gadzuric – D Gadzuric commits a foul every 2 minutes and is even less gifted offensively than Biedrins, if that is possible

    Ekpe Udoh – B+ this kid has really impressed. he is smart,has shown real court skill, our best shot blocker, and surprising offensive skills. His biggest problem is the coach shows him no love.

    Brandan Wright – Incomplete…even less love than Udoh, though he looked very good tonight against the Pacers.

    Charlie Bell – F – nuff said

    Jeremy Lin – F…an embarrassment. Not ready for the league. That may change, but he was here to sell tickets to the Asian community, and it was pathetic to hear people screaming for someone who had no business on the court. That could change, but not an NBA player right now


    Keith Smart – C or C+…I am really perplexed at his coaching decisions esp. his bromance with Vlad, his jerking around of Udoh, his overuse of Monta, by not sitting him for the last minute of a quarter, the break and a minute or two into the next one. (is that so hard to get – it’s only like every other coach in the league knows you steal a few extra minutes by resting your star around the quarter break?) and now the latest, benching Curry, our best facilitator by far for up to 12 minutes and then being surprised when he is out of rhythm to come back in. On the plus side, ther actually is an offensive structure and ball movement, commitment to rebounding and defense, and he manages to correct his players without humiliating them.

    Larry Riley – A
    Have to give it up to him. Great move to get rid of Maggette, nice draft of Udoh, terrific pickup of Wright, and David Lee is easily trumping Randolph/Turiaf/Azu in New York.

    Joe Lacob – Incomplete, but if he supported and endorsed Riley’s moves, nice one there…because the deal took so long, hard to say. Depends if he manages to use the cap room and expiring contracts for something good. Everyone says we need a better center, and that is very very true, but that may be much harder to get, since there truly are very few decent centers in the NBA. More likely to get, and we could really use, a sharpshooter off the bench ala Morrow, since our bench is very offensively challenged.

  • GradingGdubs

    After tonight’s game Monta Ellis A+ grade baby!!!!!

    Brandan Wright A+ as well. Let’s face it….Brandan Wright when given a chance to show his true ability has shown that length; nose for the ball; and quickness to rebounds; all combined with minutes equates to a player that has much more upswing than any low post player other than lee gsw can ever imagine. The play against Idiana at the end of the game was keyed by Brandan Wright able to switch out on defense and cause more havoc with his length. It was obvious we had no answer to the size and athletic ability of granger and that was offset with wright’s extending out and regrouping to get key rebounds down the stretch.


  • Mr. B

    Simple grades to the ones who are relevant to be given a grade.

    Monta – A

    Dorrel – B
    David Lee – C (Average and as expected)

    Curry – D (Expected more from Curry who is talented and 1 year experience)

    Biedrins – F (Cut or Trade). Waste of height and cap space. Ran out of coaches to
    blame after Nellie left.

    Keith Smart – B

    Ws – C (need to get a bruising big man. Not necessarily a scorer)

  • Sume

    #11 thanks for the good laugh – on Gadzuric, see Lou and remove some athleticism. That was good and true!

  • Beiber Cleaver

    Monta Ellis – A+ Brings it every night

    Stephen Curry – C+ Too many turnovers and ankle injury set him back

    Dorell Wright – B Solid player

    David Lee – C Minus the freak injury. Good floor leader and can hit the mid range. Horrible defender.

    Andris Biedrins – D- Needs to grow a pair and go back to being Goose.

    Reggie Williams – C Has really regressed this season. He too needs to grow a pair and needs to assert himself.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C Surprised me with his play so far. If anything. He’s got more balls than most of the players.

    Acie Law – C He is what he is. A bench / role player

    Lou Amundson – C- Another injured player. Not much upside, but not a bad signing.

    Dan Gadzuric – C- When he’s in. He is somewhat effective. Didnt know he had a jumpshot. Hot wife too.

    Ekpe Udoh – Inc. He’s a rookie and plays sparingly.

    Brandan Wright – Inc. He too hasnt played enough to be evaluated. Played good last night in the 4th.

    Charlie Bell – Inc. Havent seen him play before and he wasnt impressive when he has been on the floor, but he doesnt deserve a grade while wearing a suit.

    Jeremy Lin – Inc. He’s a rookie and plays sparingly.

  • Beiber Cleaver

    Forgot the front office.


    Keith Smart – D- His substitution patterns are strange and he doesnt have moxie to yell at refs for bad calls and players for bad plays.

    Larry Riley – D- Hasnt done much to improve the roster except potential cap room.

    Joe Lacob – Incl. He should be evaluated after a full season.

  • Gizzm

    CURRY – C+
    ELLIS – B+
    DWRIGHT – B-
    LEE – B
    LAW – C-
    VLAD – C
    UDOH- C+
    GADZ- D
    LOU – D+
    LIN – C-

    Nobody gets an “A” on a team playing .400 ball. Sorry, Monta.

  • jclay09


    Monta Ellis – B+ Very close to star status. Needs to continue to not just be the unstoppable scoring machine he is but also continue to make others around him better. Also needs to gamble less on steals, stay between his man and the basket, and be quicker with the help defense. Would benefit from some more consistent rest.

    Stephen Curry – C- Has regressed slightly this season and just looks out of sorts. His defense is atrocious, and he makes the sort of mental mistakes that typically come with exhaustion. The touch fouls HAVE to stop. Needs to take next summer off from competitive basketball and get his legs. Still an elite shooter and a core part of the team

    Dorell Wright – A Should be top 3 in Most Improved Player Award and not sure how much more the team could expect from him on offense. Defensively he’s been OK, but could improve. Only thing that’s keeping him from an A+

    David Lee – C+ His attitude, ball movement, and rebounding have been essential to this team and now that he’s fully recovered from the elbow injury he’s turned into a shot maker again. When he’s nailing the 15-18 ft jumper the team is tough to stop. Defensively he’s been pretty bad, but with some better positioning early on.

    Andris Biedrins – D Up until the last couple weeks he’s been his typical (for the last 2 years) horrific self, but recently has started to find the aggressiveness that made him so important to the We Believe team. He needs to play with more balance on defense to avoid the ridiculous foul trouble and on offense quit being afraid of the free throw line. Go in and slam the ball instead of the soft layups.

    Reggie Williams – D+ Was expected to be more of a scoring threat and up until recently has been a matador on defense. Still a solid player on offense and capable of filling in for stretches but must improve his ability to stay with his man, fight through screens, and playing help defense.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C First month, the grade was an F but something sparked him (maybe playing for a new contract?) and since the shot in the Sac game he’s been pretty effective off the bench. His size and shooting have created mismatches the Warriors have been able to exploit.

    Acie Law – B Been a very solid backup PG, not sure how much more can be expected. Not a very good shooter but has shown the ability to make the right read more often than not. He’s the best guard defender on the team and when he’s making shots the Warriors look extremely deep.

    Lou Amundson/Dan Gadzuric – D+ Two big bruising big men who’s main attributes are size and energy. Both play well at times, and both play like scrubs at times. Can’t expect much more from them.

    Ekpe Udoh – B- The grade is based solely on what he’s done since returning from injury, otherwise it’d be a D. Has good post moves, an unblockable hook shot, hits free throws, and has the ability to hit the elbow jumper. On defense his timing on blocks is sensational, plays terrific help defense, and boxes out with routine. Like to see him grab more rebounds but his box outs are giving his teammates the ball many times so it’s not as big an issue as it appears. Just needs time to refine his instincts. Being that he’s already the best interior defender on the team and a capable offensive threat, there is no reason he shouldn’t be seeing 20 min on the floor a night.

    Brandan Wright – Inc Shown flashes, but got hurt (again) and is rarely played. Both parties looking forward to parting ways.

    Charlie Bell – F Awful season. Only on the team because owners are too cheap to buy him out and use the roster space for someone useful.

    Jeremy Lin – C As good as can be expected, but still not very good. Should stay in the D-League as long as possible.


    Keith Smart – B- Has done a good job of enabling the chemistry that has developed amongst this team and has done a decent job at holding players accountable for their defensive miscues. Now that the team is fully healthy (for once) he’s got them making waves in the conference albeit minor ones at this point. Needs to get Udoh on the floor and trust him even against veterans. Also needs to better manage Monta’s and Dorrell’s minutes despite there being no one to really back them up.

    Larry Riley – B As unexpected as could be. I thought Nelly’s cronie was another terrible GM a la St Jean and Twardzik but has actually been quite good. David Lee for a bunch of scrubs, drafted Udoh when most weren’t sure he belonged there… So far he hasn’t made any moves that have back fired. The one glaring mistake is letting Raja Bell walk. The team needs a wing defender like him and he wanted to play here. Next step: Moving the expiring contracts for useful pieces to support the core 5 of Monta, Curry, Wright, Lee, and Udoh.

    Joe Lacob – Inc Lots of talk and little action. He’s not Cohan which is a bonus but signing Lin was a Cohan-like marketing move and he’s kept Rowell around. If I was forced to give a grade it’d be an F based on those two decisions.

    Overall- C

    It’s tough to expect much more of them as a group with so little talent on the bench and a roster so stock full with offensively focused players, and they’ve played exactly to expectations. It’s on Lacob/Guber/Riley now to go out and find interior and exterior defenders who won’t hurt them offensively and will mesh well with the core 5. They’ve begun to establish continuity on the roster and on the staff, they have an unguaradable player, now they need to supplement that with defensive studs who can make open shots. Only then will we see what kind of damage all this offensive firepower could really do vs the other elite teams in the conference.

  • Earl Monroe

    I am thinking what you are thinking marcus- lets make this pass fail

  • MWLX

    I give all of you graders a collective C minus. Too many ridiculous grades and comments, particularly about David Lee. It would be nice if most of the people on this blog knew even half as much about basketball as Lee knows about how to play it.

  • Earl Monroe

    Lots of teachers up in this here blog

  • Earl Monroe

    you make the playoffs you pass, you don’t you fail

  • Todd


    Monta Ellis – A- (Better team defense gets A+)

    Stephen Curry – C+ Defense would get him a B. Maybe he should come off the bench for the team? Two small guards not cutting it against elite.

    Dorell Wright – B+ who knew?

    David Lee – B- (If he could play one on one defense and get a more boards and shots when it counted, he would be graded higher)

    Andris Biedrins – D- (as of late better, but for dear God be consistent for once).

    Reggie Williams – C- does he know how to play defense, better than curry though.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C+ solid, hopefully stays consistent.

    Acie Law – C? eh, who cares

    Lou Amundson – C- bench player Not the energy guy I thought we were getting. Can’t hit a free throw either.

    Dan Gadzuric – eh, does it matter?

    Ekpe Udoh – C+ Wish we could see him more since were not going to the playoffs.

    Brandan Wright – Brandon who?

    Charlie Bell – F Why is he here?

    Jeremy Lin – D He’s not really part of the warriors now is he. Stay in D league get better


    Keith Smart – D+ get a solid rotation and stick with it. Get Udoh some playing time.

    Larry Riley – D- Rebuilding or going for it? Which is it? do you have a plan? The plan now aint working change it. On the other hand you haven’t messed anything up (that happens when you don’t do anything).

    Joe Lacob – F all talk, what have you done? What changes have you made? New coach (Nellie was going)? New trainer (he quit, and um, who cares)? David Lee wasn’t really on you. So um, nothing.

  • Tim1234


    Monta Ellis -A+ One the most exciting players in the league.

    Stephen Curry – C Regressed under Smart’s weird offensive system. Nellie’s idea of taking the first good shot avoids a lot of turnovers. Trying to develop a low post game without low post players is kinda dumb. Like milking a cow to get coffee.

    Dorell Wright – A- Doesn’t know what to do on the fast break and it is clear KS is not teaching him or he isn’t learning.

    David Lee – C A five million a year man making the big bucks. He gets some hard rebounds but splits the easy ones with AB and both their totals are down from their peak.

    Andris Biedrins – F Not clear why the regression, can’t blame Nellie now. Doesn’t have Davis to get it to him a foot from the rim.

    Reggie Williams – C Again the overpassing and slow tempo isn’t his game. Shooting before he turns it over is the best advice ever given to him. Why should he pass, the guy is a scorer.

    Vladimir Radmanovic -B Vlad the second coming.

    Acie Law – C Capable against lessor talents so far but fails against the big boys.

    Lou Amundson – D A nine minute a game guy forced to play more.

    Dan Gadzuric -C Nice hustle at times but trading Magetti for this guy and Bell?

    Ekpe Udoh – C Seems hopeful.

    Brandan Wright – D Looks to have great potential. One of the worst trades of all time. The ultimate gamer and team player JR for this poor soul.

    Charlie Bell -In Nellie’s dog house.

    Jeremy Lin – Sent to the minors to work on his fast ball.


    Keith Smart – F Give me Nellie and this team has 7 more wins and is 10 times as exciting. Were fans chanting “Montgomery” in one game? Slowing the tempo and not going two for one at the end of quarters lowers the score but that does not mean better D.

    Larry Riley – F Firing Nellie? The Magetti trade? Letting Morrow and Tolliver walk. Why would you sign a 38 percent free throw shooting center when you already have AB?

    Joe Lacob – F Bring back Cohen.

  • soulsnaps

    Monta Ellis – A Still finding ways to improve his game every season.

    Stephen Curry – B

    Dorell Wright – A

    David Lee – B

    Andris Biedrins – D

    Reggie Williams – B-

    Vladimir Radmanovic – B

    Acie Law – C+ Usually solid enough to give starters a breather, and that’s what he’s there for.

    Lou Amundson – INC

    Dan Gadzuric – B- I really wasn’t expecting anything

    Ekpe Udoh – INC

    Brandan Wright – D

    Charlie Bell – F

    Jeremy Lin – D


    Keith Smart – C+/B-

    Larry Riley – C

    Joe Lacob – INC I’d like to see him work with a full off season.

  • FourSeasons

    Monta Ellis – A

    Stephen Curry – B

    Dorell Wright – C

    David Lee – C

    Andris Biedrins – F

    Reggie Williams – B

    Vladimir Radmanovic – B

    Acie Law – C

    Lou Amundson – C

    Dan Gadzuric – C

    Ekpe Udoh – C

    Brandan Wright – F

    Charlie Bell – F

    Jeremy Lin – C


    Keith Smart – C

    Larry Riley – B

    Joe Lacob – F

  • mango

    when will one of you sports writers call out keith smart on his bs with brandon wright. smart brings him in every 15 games, and he plays well, as he did against indiana. then smart will bench him again, even though everyone watching commented on his positive contributions, even the new owner. you give him an f for what? not playing? i can see an f for his injury prone condition, but someone please tell me why he doesn’t get minutes, and gadz plays. unbelievable, and no one asks smart any questions regarding this issue at his pressers.

  • GSW Truth


    Monta Ellis – A (for you stat freaks, he’s putting up similar numbers that Kobe did in that 04-05 campaign but will get his team to a better record at the end of the season. He is an elite off-guard and all-star and may even win the scoring title).

    Stephen Curry – INC. : He has regressed AFTER competing on a USA team where the majority or starters have jumped to all star status. Then again he never started on team USA, that should have been a sign then. Curry is underpeforming and the better Ellis gets the less Curry is needed. He will not be able to guard any of the elite points in the NBA and we need defense at the point of attack. I love him, but he’s JJ Redick, not a starting point guard.

    Dorell Wright – A : he has improved his game and proven coachable and versatile. he should part of the core

    David Lee – C : I’m not convinced he is the answer at the 4 spot. I would prefer a LaMarcus Aldrige (even before he starting his explosion). We need a lenghty offensive threat at the 4 that can defend Gasol/Bosh/Amare/Garnett (WHY DID WE GET RID OF RANDOLPH!!!!)

    Andris Biedrins – F : this is basketball, if you don’t want to shoot, get off of the floor.

    Reggie Williams – B- : still inconsistant and makes some strange decisions with the ball, needs more confidence in his skillset, all he needs to do is score

    Vladimir Radmanovic – C+ : backed up his rant with performance, but this is still Vlad Rad, the space cadet

    Acie Law – INC but servicable

    Lou Amundson – B : high energy guy, great bench player, needs to stay healthy but should be part of the core

    Dan Gadzuric – INC

    Ekpe Udoh – B : has shown a great sense of getting to the ball and forcing the defense to respect him in given an open lane or while in the paint

    Brandan Wright – C- : if you didn’t watch the Indiana game, B.Wright had a breakout performance. he was aggressive and made play after play, it was a joy to watch. BUT…if you have an employee who is late everyday do you reward him when he is on time once?

    Charlie Bell – INC

    Jeremy Lin – The Jeremy Lin experiment is over


    Keith Smart – C+ : he’s trying, but needs better personnel

    Larry Riley – G

    Joe Lacob – INC : his first exam is Feb. 24th

  • dubfan

    No point in giving more letter grades, ad nauseum…this appears to have been done enough here. I would have to agree with MWLX, #43, regarding David Lee. The Warriors were 1-7 without him in the lineup. Have to figure they’d have won 1/2 those games with him…this would make their record 21-20 instead of 18-23. Then, throw in about 10 games where he was basically playing one-handed, and they’d probably have won maybe a couple more there too, and then their record would be 23-18, instead of 18-23. Then we’d be talking about how they are exceeding expectations. A lot of this is due to David Lee. I love his game…yeah, I’d like to see him bust out a 25 or 30 pt., 20 rebound game every now and then, but his professionalism, his overall game, his steadiness, his passing – from me no complaints at all. This team is headed up (if they can stay healthy), not down, and I think WILL contend to the end for a playoff spot.

  • efrain

    great try marcus, but really freakin lazy work. What you couldn’t think of anything to write? this is some grade school shit, having the fans post grades. get off your ass and have the balls to tell the truth like T Kawakami. Dude your such a homer your blog is weak and your pedestrian at best as a sportswriter. Your one of the primary reasons bay area sports journalism is a joke.

  • dickv

    Warriors need to trade some of those expiring contracts for some ball players. I have always liked Joakihm Noah… I see a trade for Gadzuric/ radmonovic/ b wright for Noah & deng…

    warriors would be a force; Bulls have cap space to go after a player like Melo

  • Drunk

    Phuck the grades.

  • jclay09

    lol… Dick V yes if the Warriors traded a bunch of crap for the Noah and Deng who both start for one of the best teams in basketball then yes the Warriors would definitely be a force. If they traded for Dwight Howard and LeBron James they would be better too.

    If the Bulls won’t move Noah for Carmelo Anthony, they ain’t movin him for Gadzuric, Radmanovic, and the Ghost of Brandon Wright.

  • TwoBuckChuck

    Monta Ellis – (A-) Improved 3pt. range, but I cannot give a one dimensional player a perfect grade.

    Stephen Curry – (B-) Although not 100% healthy.

    Dorell Wright – (A+) Excellent surprise. Clearly worked on his game, bulked up.. made me a believer.

    David Lee – (C+) Although not 100% healthy.

    Andris Biedrins – (F) Stinking it up all season, regressing – nearly untradeable at this point.

    Reggie Williams – (B-) Inconsistent at times.

    Vladimir Radmanovic – (B+) Anything from Vlad is a plus – has come up big at times.

    Acie Law – (C+) Was a big Acie fan in college, hasn’t panned out. Average backup pg.

    Lou Amundson – (B) Solid, although rarely in. Should be getting more of Beans minutes.

    Dan Gadzuric – (A) Not good, but has played hard. Although limited, plays up to every ounce of his capability every game.

    Ekpe Udoh – (A-) Improving by the game, clearly has some skills, needs more PT.

    Brandan Wright – (C-) Why in God’s name in Brandan still 210 pounds? Get this guy a freakn ShakeWeight! The only guy to constantly get injured before coming back from injury.

    Charlie Bell – (N/A) Retired years ago, has yet to tell anyone.

    Jeremy Lin – (C) Is Acie Law really much better than J Lin?


    Keith Smart – (C) Decent job considering talent. Very questionable substitutions.

    Larry Riley – (B) Nothing great, nothing terrible. Has to make a move before trade deadline.

    Joe Lacob – (A) Has said all the right things. Him an Riley have a tough decision to make regarding Monta/Curry/Beans over the next few weeks.

  • Bill

    is anyone else growing weary of Bob Fitzgerald constantly telling us how great the players on the other team are? in a blatant attempt to move himself as far away as he can from being called a homer, he seems to be auditioning for a Bob Costas-like spot on some obnoxious vanilla network where they can’t even pronounce the names of the players accurately…he’s a good broadcaster but he works for Golden State, not the enemy….and if I hear Pau Gasol groan/yell one more time and get a call for it I’m going to find a way to throw an ice cream bar at Joey Crawford and Tony Brothers and all the other incompetent refs…some of these refs are barely shaving, and they’ve got testicles like lima beans….sick and tired of Fitz telling us who the great refs are…there are No great refs….Bennett Salvatore, Bob Delaney? Gimme a break….vindictiveness is what they’re good at….look at the latest NBA stats, guys, Monta is never never never going to get to the line when he is 100 free throws behind some of the talent in the top ten of scoring….it’s not heartbreaking, it’s painful…and for the same east coast bias reasons he will Not make the all star team….
    screw Melo and Duncan!

  • Bill

    one more rant….if I was playing and Ginobli ran into me on a shot with his knee, like he did Biedrins, I’d grab his knee in both hands and tip him over in a somersault and then step on his ugly face….he’s a dirty dirty player…but then Biedrins is a wimp…so fat chance of us ever intimidating anybody….best moment of the season or at least one of them?? when Lee took a flagrant on the punk Mo Williams…I loved it…that was the kind of hardnosed basketball I grew up with….without that, we’ll never make playoffs…