Live chat with Marcus Thompson II here on Monday, Feb. 14 at noon

Join our Warriors beat writer Marcus Thompson II on Monday, Feb. 14 at noon for a live chat to discuss Golden State’s trade possibilities and other team-related issues.

Jon Becker

  • Incredible

    I won’t be around during the deadline, but I sure hope we do something to improve- even if it’s just exchanging expirings for a dependable back up. A defensive-minded guard, athletic wing, or defensive-minded beast to back up the 5 spot would all be great.

    If we can’t any good players at all, maybe we can just trade our Beans for someone’s expirings to give us some flexibility in the offseason to sign his replacement- Gasol, Nene?

  • Drew

    get Dalembert now

  • Earl Monroe

    I was not involved in the chat but I like Marcus’s candor

  • Ewok

    I am happy with the present Warriors.

    I know they are not translating the “W’s”yet and that will take a lot of opportunities to materialize but the chemistry is growing. I have yet to hear any issues with the team except for one incident with Charlie Bell.

    The disappointing factor in the Warriors right now is Andris Biedrins, especially for the money he is getting. Comparing the ’07 Biedrins with the present one is like Night and Day. Biedrins is not mentally tough. Amundson is. If only Biedrins has Amundson’s mental approach in every game, then the team will be about 5 to 7 more wins at this juncture. Biedrins clearly doesnt want to be a part of the offensive scheme of the game and is simply content with rebounding. You can tell he is not even trying to make a name for himself amid the opportunities he is getting. Too bad he is talented but mentally, he is too soft. He wants to be led and not lead.

    I also don’t buy the idea that Curry and Ellis are too small for the backcourt.

    Anyone ever complained of the tandem of Dumars and Thomas back in the day?

    The bonding of these two is simply contagious. It will positively spawn to other teammates for sure.

    If Defense is the issue, then they will have to address it if they want to play together, as simple as that, and they will. Just because they are smaller in size, doesnt mean they can’t figure out how to defend or limit bigger guys. They will have to figure out. In fairness to them, they are not stoppers, but they are more of troubleshooters and creators of opportunities, especially on the break.

    What the team needs is to do good in the draft. Perry Jones can be the guy we are looking for, Sullinger is another. We get these guys, we will be competitive for the playoffs.

  • W’s in 2010

    Biedrins is so frustrating. The 2 pt/4 reb games playing 24 mins, come on. ANYBODY can replace his production, he is the weakest link on this team.