Since Landing a Player Isn’t Working, the Warriors Hunting For Picks

No, the Warriors were not involved in the Carmelo Anthony deal. You’ve figured that out by now.

They are involved in the sense that their second-round picks are involved. But the New York Knicks got those from the Warriors in the David Lee trade, sources confirmed. The Warriors aren’t getting any players out of the Anthony deal.

So what are the Warriors working on?

General manager Larry Riley, I keep hearing, is determined to get something for the $17 million in expiring contracts he has in his wallet. He may not be able to cash in all of them, but the goal is not to let them go to waste. The funny part is, the Warriors finally have an owner that is willing to use the expiring contracts, instead of letting them come off the books and save the money, but now they’re worth nothing.

So Riley is rummaging the market looking for something. The chances of the Warriors getting a difference maker is slim to none. The chances of them getting a smaller piece they like isn’t looking too good. (No, they don’t want Troy Murphy). Teams want some players in addition to those expirings — namely point guard Stephen Curry — or they want the Warriors to take an undesirable contract.

So what’s left? Draft picks. Multiple sources have told me the Warriors are trying hard to at least get a draft pick.

It’s not looking too good, at this point, in terms of a first-round pick. Golden State may have to settle for a few second-round picks. For example, New Orleans has interest in forward Brandan Wright, but the Warriors don’t really like anything on their bench. Problem is, the Hornets’ first-round pick belongs to Portland. Even if they had it, it’s unlikely the any team is coughing up a first-round draft pick for Wright.

Golden State already has a 2011 first-round pick that they cannot trade (because 2012 is going to New Jersey in that Marcus Williams deal). And they have two second-round picks in 2011 (one from Chicago in C.J. Watson deal and one from Nets in Anthony Morrow deal). But the Warriors don’t have any picks in 2012 (first-rounder is top-7 protected), as their second-rounder is now in Denver via New York.

Marcus Thompson

  • jacadocious

    What do you think about D. Gallinari? Can the Dubs get him?

  • J Canseco

    One of the main differences between GS and a team like San Antonio is draft quality. The Warriors have been terrible, especially in the first round. Hopefully they can get some second rounders that are worth something over the next few years, and actually build a franchise. The Warriors did well in the D-League recently but two of those key finds left for NY. Scouting and careful draft selection will turn the franchise around. Udoh was a nice pick so hopefully the tide has turned.

  • wfan

    I thought the New Jersey pick is only if it’s not in the first 55 picks of the draft, which is highly unlikely given New Jersey’s performance. If not, the pick simply disappears. Am I wrong?

  • deano

    GSW’s current roster is doing relatively well, despite the lack of a center who is either an offensive force or a defensive presence — let alone both.

    The only deal that I can forsee as being both helpful and possible is a trade of Biedrins to Portland for Camby. The Blazers should have third round Playoff aspirations; but because of injuries to Camby and Przybilla, they have no one to back up Aldridge at center.

    If no deals are made, maybe Biedrins will feel relieved and get comfortable on the floor. Maybe he continues, and furthers, his recent improvement in energy and production. Always the maybes with GSW.

  • J Canseco

    No team in their right mind would take Biedrins at this point. GSW are stuck with the decision they made.

  • W’s in 2010

    We have no 2ndR picks in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 to trade. Yeah, I’d say there is a need to add some 2ndRounders.

  • d

    The Warriors need to look at young C’s with upside. They need to be talking to the Bulls about Asik and the Jazz about Fesenko. That is about the most we can hope for at this point. We aren’t getting Nene, probably will swing and wiff on Perkins, and I don’t want Yao.

  • jclay09

    If B Wright is only going to net a 2nd rounder, it makes much more sense to keep him and his rights and sign and trade him in the offseason.

    At least then he could potentially help the Warriors on a playoff push.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Monta to the Sixers for Andre Iguodala.
    Dorell Wright and Biedrins to the Clippers for Chris Kaman.
    BWright to the Hornets for Marcus Thornton.

    PG – Curry/Law/Lin
    SG – Reggie Williams/Marcus Thornton
    SF – Iguodala/Radmanovic
    PF – Lee/Udoh/Amundson
    C – Kaman/Gadzuric

    This off-season, when RadGad come off the books, we upgrade at the shooting guard or move Iggy to the 2 and get a 3. I really like a core of Curry, Iguodala, David Lee and Chris Kaman.

  • Don

    Not many 2nd rounders turn into players (Monta excepted). Good to have them but that’s not much. We need 1’s, but how is the issue. i have faith in Lacob that he will go all out if there is someone we want but might not happen at trade deadline

  • ACC


    Don’t forget Gilbert Arenas…he was a 2nd rd draft too!

  • How about Marcus Camby? There are rumors that Portland is shopping him. He and Nene are two players the Warriors should be doing everything they can to land.

    But does Joe Lacob really want to make the playoffs this year? I can think of several reasons why he might not…

  • Gswfan24

    Brandan Wright for Terrance Williams or Courtney Lee in Houston, if the Warriors can’t get big then they need to get another guard with size that can play defense!

  • W’s in 2010

    C M.Gasol; D.Jordan; H.Whiteside
    PF D.Blair; Big Baby; C.Landry
    SF L.Fields; MBah-A-Moute; C.Douglas-Roberts
    SG M.Thornton; C.Budinger; S.Young
    PG R.Sessions; G.Dragic; M.Chalmers

    Check it out, I just built a team of 2ndR picks drafted just in the last 4 years. Does anyone still not value 2ndR picks?

  • jclay09

    @ #13

    2nd rounders definitely have value, but B Wright could net a 2nd rounder in the offseason too. If Amundson, Bell, or Gadzuric could be had for a 2nd rounder by all means… they provide virtually zero to the current team.

    And don’t forget Paul Milsap too on that team.

  • Ezlolo

    @#8 you must not be a real Warrior fan. ANdre I for Monta. Ur crazy. Never. AI is not on ME’s level. Not even close. DW & Beans to Clips for Kaman? Who is Kaman? What is he doing now?

    This team is playing good. Tonight is big against Boston. Real Warrior fans want to see the old Beans cone back in A warrior jersey, not another teams. DW is the comeback player of year. You closet Clips or Anaheim Kings should go root for them.

  • Brian F

    Since were talking 2nd rounders then we must add the likes of Carlos Boozer, Memhet Okur, Luis Scola, Manu Ginobili, Trevor Ariza, Brandon Bass, Kyle Korver, etc. The list goes on and on. So to #9, please, stop with the “2nd rounders have no value” talk. I’d take any of those guys right now.

  • dubfan

    I hear that Denver is not done trading. And with their pick up of Timofey Mozgav, who was said to be a key piece of the whole deal with the Knicks, perhaps Nene is on the block? Personally, I never even heard of Mozgav, but as he was being portrayed as a coveted part of the whole package, it appears that Denver is re-tooling their whole team, basically, so maybe they want to go with a younger center like Mozgav, but want experience to back him up (like Beidrins, who is actually even younger than Mozgav, but more experienced in the league). How about Beidrins, B. Wright for Nene? It works on the trade machine, anyhow…I’d like to throw Gadzuric in too, but it would involve having to get another player from Denver due to salaries. Galinari would be nice, but I doubt it…Harrington is more likely, but NO THANK YOU!!!

  • dew

    Terrance Williams wants to play. Why not let him. He is a big strong 2-3 who can defend, is athletic, vicious rim attacker, and fills one of the needs the weak Warrior bench has.

  • jacadocious

    @17, yeah! T Will, is a beast! Get him off Hou. bench!

  • I really hope the Warriors do trade B. Wright to a team that will let him play. It will be another warrior to go on and do good things. Over these last few years I look @ the coaching staff and see that there is no one to really work with the big men on the team. This off season if B. Wright go into the weight room and tone up a little, get stronger he can be a better player, this young kid can play the game, he needs more schooling and playing time, not going to happen sitting on the bench.

    The Warriors and draft picks- LOL

    We have proven time after time we don’t have a clue
    when it comes to draft picks.Rielly is part of the clueless group but it goes back much longer than Rielly although I think he had his hands all over our latest blunder.When its time for the Warriors to pick the rest of the league stops and listens for comedy hour.With the first pick Golden State takes ?